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Best Secure Operating System

Security is a very important thing today, including the operating system, and it is a difficult or even controversial subject to examine. Only operating systems with no external links are secure. They will inevitably have some form of vulnerability or flaw that may be exploited, just like any other operating system. Any network OS may be detected if its settings are used carefully, without exception.

In this article, you will learn about the best secure operating system with their features. The topmost secure operating systems are as follows:

  1. Qubes Operating System
  2. OpenBSD Operating System
  3. Whonix Operating System
  4. TAILS Operating System
  5. Debian Operating System
  6. Linux
  7. Kali Linux
  8. Blackarch Operating System
  9. Pure Operating System
  10. Elementary Operating System

Qubes Operating System

Best Secure Operating System

Qubes operating system is a desktop operating system that goals to provide security by isolating users. It is a highly secure open-source operating system designed for single-user devices. It uses Xen-based virtualization to describe computer programs into isolated virtual machines known as qubes. It provides various settings through the usage of virtualization.

Features of Qubes Operating System

There are various features of the Qubes Operating System. Some features of the Qubes Operating System are as follows:

  1. Qubes operating system allows isolated virtual machines (qubes) to share root files without compromising system security.
  2. Qubes may run on various operating systems at the same time, including Windows, Fedora, and Debian.
  3. Installed software is isolated by Qubes, making it appear as if it were installed on a different computational entity.
  4. It is easy to use two-factor authentication using the Qubes U2F proxy.


Best Secure Operating System

OpenBSD operating system is one of the most secure operating systems currently available. It operates on a multi-platform 4.4 BSD Unix-based operating system that is currently available. The Open BSD operating system was created by a group of volunteers at the University of California's Berkeley Software Distribution Center. It is preferred because of its policy of complete disclosure. It allows the Open BSD OS's developers to be entirely transparent about any security flaws they may have uncovered.

OpenBSD is becoming increasingly popular with experienced technical users due to its minimalistic and secure operating system, which focuses on enhancing the security of its operating system at the expense of user satisfaction. As a result, it is not an operating system for low-skilled end users unless you want to learn to code. Other advantages of the Open BSD OS include built-in cryptography, portability, accuracy, proactive security, compatibility, standardization, and a small system footprint.

Features of OpenBSD Operating System

There are various features of the OpenBSD Operating System. Some features of the OpenBSD Operating System are as follows:

  1. By default, OpenBSD disables all non-essential programs and daemons and reduces the risk of users encountering security concerns.
  2. It runs on the multi-platform 4.4BSD operating system, which is a Unix-based platform with strong security features.
  3. OpenBSD OS includes OpenSSH, which is cryptographic software for encrypting user data.

Whonix OS

Best Secure Operating System

Whonix is a secure and private operating system that reduces the risk of outside spies or attackers. It is based on Debian and Tor's open relay network software. These shields users against network spying while allowing them to use the system normally. One of Whonix's claims to fame is its security against malware and DNS intrusions, which are made nearly difficult so that the user's ID address remains secret.

Whonix comprises two virtual computers within the Debian base, which are a "Workstation" and a "Tor Gateway". Both virtual machines install the images on a user-supplied host OS, and Qubes, Linux KVM, and VirtualBox are compatible engines. All network connections are compelled to travel through the Workstation, which filters through Tor and routes them to the Internet. Applications are also not permitted to leave the Workstation.

It also includes various features, including instant messengers, Tor Browser, Tox, secure data transfer, Tor Messenger, encrypted email, and web server administration with Apache and a host of other software programs.

Features of Whonix Operating System

There are various features of the Whonix Operating System. Some features of the Whonix Operating System are as follows:

  1. The vanguard feature of Whonix protects users from third-party tracking and data traffic analysis.
  2. Whonix operating system prevents keystroke logging by malware residents on the users' system.
  3. Whonix sends all of its data across the Tor network, making it harder to discover users' IP addresses and whereabouts. The operating system is DNS, ICP, ISN, and CPU leakproof.


Best Secure Operating System

The TAILS operating system is a secure and portable operating system that uses the Tor network to protect users' online privacy while also assisting them in circumventing internet censorship. It is one of the most secure OS due to its flexibility.

The TAILS operating system was initially created for the Project Secure Whistleblowers in order to protect whistleblower's identities. Although, regular users may download and use the TAIL OS for free if they want to protect their privacy and data flow.

Features of TAILS Operating System

There are various features of the TAILS Operating System. Some features of the TAILS Operating System are as follows:

  1. It is a small operating system that can be downloaded and run the operating system from an SD card or other temporary storage device.
  2. TAILS installs and runs without using a third-party OS on a USB storage device.
  3. TAILS provides a series of secure tools for securely communicating and working on sensitive documents.
  4. Because of its compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems, the TAIL operating system may be used as a backup to your primary operating system. As a result, it may be an excellent complement to the most widely used Windows operating system.
  5. TAILS removes all traces of your activities when you shut down the system.

Debian OS

Best Secure Operating System

Debian is an operating system (OS) that is free to use. It is a variant of Linux. An OS is a set of programs and tools that enable your system to function. The kernel is the core of any OS. The kernel is an essential program on the computer, and it does all basic housekeeping and allows other applications to run. Debian is based on the Linux kernel, a completely free piece of software developed by Linus Torvalds and supported by (perhaps over 1000) individuals worldwide. The GNU project provides a substantial portion of the core tools that comprise the operating system, and these tools are also free.

Debian is the way to go if you want a rock-solid stable system with many open-source goodies in its repository. It has another advantage is the ability to manage deb packages.

Features of Debian OS

There are various features of the Debian operating system. Some features of the Debian operating system are as follows:

  1. It has been tested. It has the same level of stability as many other distributions.
  2. It's quite old. Many good developers stuck with Debian, and the community is mature.
  3. APT is sufficient, and Debian has one of the most extensive software repositories.
  4. It is concerned with software freedom. Non-free software is split into its category within Debian repositories, and it is one of the few distributions that constantly use GNU/Linux in its name.


Best Secure Operating System

Linux is an open-source OS that has been around since the mid-1990s and may be tailored to your specific security needs. It's well-known for allowing developers to fix up any security flaws that hackers might exploit. It provides a stable, virus-free system, essentially eliminating the anxiety of needing to reinstall every year due to a malware-related failure.

It allows users to run the software, study how it works, and customize its settings. Linux comprises various components that work together to keep the system working like any other OS.

Features of Linux OS

There are various features of the Linux operating system. Some features of the Linux operating system are as follows:

  1. The only root account that may do all administrative operations is the user account. All other types of accounts have no rights outside of the files that they have the authorization to access.
  2. The System Firewall restricts incoming and outgoing network traffic by utilizing the Linux kernel's Netfilter framework.
  3. The number of resources that an application or account can consume in its operations is limited by resource allocation control.
  4. Software management is a repository of software files used to ensure that all system software is updated.
  5. The file permission feature controls how users access files and directories on a Linux OS. Users may or may not be able to read, write, or execute program files, depending on the sorts of permissions provided for file access.

Kali Linux

Best Secure Operating System

Kali Linux is an open-source operating system that is developed by Offensive Security for testing Linux distribution, penetration testing, network security assessments, and hacking. It makes it one of the most secure OS available today. The first open-source Android penetration testing for Nexus smartphones is included. The forensic mode is another excellent feature of the Kali OS.

It allows for the live boot of the OS from any bootable means for forensic trespassing into a computer system. It also contains all of the typical Linux benefits and tools. In terms of security tools, this OS has over 600 preloaded pen testing tools that are continuously updated and available for a variety of platforms, including ARM and VMware.

Features of Kali Linux

There are various features of the Kali Linux operating system. Some features of the Kali Linux operating system are as follows:

  1. Users may easily automate and customize the Kali Linux installation.
  2. It is possible to update it without downloading the latest version.
  3. Kali Linux comes with a meta-package, which is a set of toolsets that allow for easy customization and virtual environment configuration.
  4. Kali Linux offers full disc encryption, allowing users to encrypt USB sticks used for penetration testing.

Blackarch OS

Best Secure Operating System

BlackArch is one of the most secure Linux OS for security and penetration testing that is based on the Arch Linux OS. It comprises over 1600 tools and is considered by security researchers as the best distribution for performing Web and application-based security testing. In terms of tool diversity and ease of use, it is a formidable contender to Kali Linux and Backbox.

For security researchers, it is typically a lightweight add-on to Arch Linux. Arch Linux runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers, as well as ARM-based developer boards like the BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi. The toolset for the former is available in the Arch Linux unofficial user repository and may even be installed on the current version of Arch Linux.

Features of Blackarch OS

There are various features of the Blackarch operating system. Some features of the Blackarch operating system are as follows:

  1. The Window Manager is a program that handles several windows to help users complete more tasks in less time. Blackarch OS includes a number of desktop environments, including Openbox, Spectrum, dwm, Fluxbox, Awesome, and i3.
  2. It allows users to install tools that aren't part of its tool library.
  3. The operating system has various tools for a variety of objectives, such as opposing forensic efforts, steganography, encryption, etc.

Pure OS

Best Secure Operating System

Pure OS is a GNU/Linux distribution that focuses on privacy and security while using the GNOME desktop environment. PureBrowser is the default web browser in PureOS that is a privacy-focused variation of Firefox. DuckDuckGo is PureBrowser's default search engine.

Features of Pure OS

There are various features of the Pure operating system. Some features of the Pure operating system are as follows:

  1. The pure OS has a web browser built with Mozilla technology that provides privacy and security to users' data.
  2. It offers multi-layer protection for their resident data and data flow when users are online.
  3. The pure OS releases regular upgrades to its operating system and software, which include new features, stricter security controls, and bug patches.

Elementary OS

Best Secure Operating System

Elementary OS is another most secure operating system for windows and Mac OS. It is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It began as a theme and program package for Ubuntu before evolving into its Linux distribution. It inherits the Ubuntu OS's legacy and uses Ubuntu's software Center to manage packages.

It is known for being a quick, open, and privacy-conscious alternative to macOS and Windows with a simple yet efficient user interface, stunning themes, and wallpaper that serve as eye candy for users and one of the finest Linux operating systems for Linux beginners. It makes use of Epiphany as a web browser, Plank as a dock, Pantheon as a shell, Code, Gala as a windows manager, Pantheon Greeter-Session Manager, Geary as an email client, Pantheon Mail, Music Audio Player, and other operating system related applications.

The latest version of Elementary OS Hera 5.1 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and includes some new features, such as support for newer third-party apps, modern GTK themes, etc.

Features of Elementary OS

There are various features of the Elementary operating system. Some features of the Elementary OS are as follows:

  1. It provides better security to Windows and Mac OS.
  2. It has easy web integration.
  3. It has keyboard shortcuts.
  4. It has an open-ended structure.
  5. It provides transparent updates.

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