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What is Bharat Operating System??

Bharat OS is an Android open-source operating system that is mainly designed to be secure and powerful. Bharat OS or Bhar OS may be defined as an indigenous mobile-based operating system. It is safer for users and more concerned with user privacy. The Bharat Operating System was created with the awareness of the privacy issues that Indian citizens encounter when using iOS and Android in their country. The use of the operating systems that the nation's residents employ on their mobile devices has given rise to complaints on numerous occasions.

Many applications ask for permission to access users' data, which is the source of these concerns. In order to overcome these issues, the BharOS was created by an Indian startup called JandKops with the help of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.

What is Bharat Operating System

Why Bharat Operating System is developed??

Since global corporations like Google and others gather personal information on the public, the Indian government was in favour of creating a local operating system. Bharat OS, also known as BharOS, was created by IIT Madras. Its developers assert that it is significantly safer than our current operating system. In short, the company that created the Bhar OS is called JandK Operations. It is a private limited company that is non-profit and was founded with the assistance of the IIT Madras.

In what ways is BharOS distinct from Android?

Technically speaking, as they were created on the same foundation, the BharOS and Android operating systems are regarded to be quite similar. More specifically, the BharOS uses the same AOSP (Android Open Source Project) as the Android OS does. Additionally, there are similarities between the methodology and functionality of the BharatOS and Android operating systems. The main distinction between BharOS and Android is that it has been made free of the programs and services provided by Google.

Many users must have observed that Google automatically installs its applications on the smartphones and that these applications frequently capture crucial user data, often without the users' knowledge or permission. Such applications share the information they collect with any entities in the outside world. As a result, the preinstalled software has been removed from the BharartOS, making it safer for users.

Bharat Operating System Features:

The only reason for the BharOS creation was to give users security. Its developers have principally underlined this since it will give the indigenous privacy and security. Every user would enjoy having a smartphone with BharatOS's several fascinating features. The BharOS has several characteristics. The following list includes a few of BharatOS's features:

  1. The Bharat OS places a strong emphasis on user data privacy. In other terms, it indicates that the Bharat OS will not permit the installation of third-party software. We have seen a large number of third-party apps on the Google Play store. However, none of them could be installed on the Bharat OS.
  2. It will have its own play store, which will be called PASS, as a result of the privacy, as mentioned earlier feature. PASS stands for Private Applications Store Services in its entire form.
  3. Applications developed by PASS are said to meet organization security and privacy requirements.
  4. One of the best things about Bharat OS is that it doesn't come with preinstalled apps like Google Instead, it allows users to select safe-to-use apps from the PASS stores.
  5. Bharat Operating System and Android can receive NOTAs, also known as native over-the-air upgrades, which are downloaded to the device automatically.

How is the Bharat Operating System Installed?

The operating system's creators have not yet updated BharOS installation instructions. However, setting up a new operating system is a difficult operation that can harm businesses. Additionally, it's anticipated that this Operating System will only be available on new devices when it launches on a select number of them unavailable for all devices.

Although it is not anticipated that the general public will use the Bharat OS, Indian businesses that want the security of their data may use it.

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