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Features of Blackberry 10 OS

The BlackBerry 10 operating system is used by all of the most recent BlackBerry handsets. Many customers have already experienced all of its benefits, and some are simply going to upgrade to the most recent Blackberry version. Blackberry OS is very new compared to other operating systems, and even after numerous updates, some users still struggle to understand all of the available functionality.

Features of Blackberry 10 OS

In this article, you will learn about the important features of the Blackberry OS. There are various important features of the Blackberry OS. Some of them are as follows:

1. Reading Mode

Many BlackBerry users frequently express their admiration for the BlackBerry 10 browser, particularly its reading mode capabilities. BlackBerry explored enables its readers to read articles, blog entries, news, and other content without being distracted by advertisements. You can now fully concentrate on the text, which makes reading a more delightful experience. In reading mode, you may also modify the font size, invert the colors to make the page more readable in the dark, and use the audio playback option to have the content read to you. Although, remember that not all websites provide a voice playback option.

2. Picture Password

BlackBerry developers developed a new technique for preventing illegal access to smartphones. Many people believe that finger scanning is the best approach to protect the content of a phone nowadays. However, there have been numerous claims on the Internet of people being able to unlock someone else's phone by sleeping with their finger on the sensor or utilizing fingerprints to determine a photo sequence.

Picture Password is really simple to use. All you have to do is move a digit to a certain location on the screen. In this scenario, the array of digits is produced at random each time, and the requested digit is transferred from a new location on the screen each time. Here's an added tip: instead of using your smartphone's default image preset, take a photo of yourself with many details.

3. Data Backup

People love their BlackBerry cellphones, but they value their data even more. It would be heartbreaking to lose many contacts, social network accounts, email addresses, passwords, and professional and personal documents. However, BlackBerry developers cared enough to implement a special backup tool called BlackBerry Protect, which ensures that your sensitive data is not permanently destroyed. It replicates all of your browser bookmarks, messages, contacts, and other data and keeps it in a cloud service that only you may access. You may also remotely wipe data from a misplaced smartphone to prevent criminals from using it.

4. Blackberry Hub

The BlackBerry Hub is another fantastic BlackBerry 10 feature. It is a location where you may view all of your alerts, including email, messaging, Twitter, Facebook, and others. In contrast to other operating systems, where the notification center is a list of notifications, you must go straight to the program to interact with them. BlackBerry smartphone users may access various applications without leaving the BlackBerry Hub, making message response time more efficient.

5. Add a shortcut to the home screen

You may have a favorite website that you visit frequently and don't want to open the browser every time. You can get immediate access to the site by adding a shortcut to your smartphone's main screen. It's also very simple and quick to do: click on the drop-down menu icon and choose "Add to Home Screen". Unfortunately, you may end up with a less-than-appealing icon, but in this case, simply utilize an app to design gorgeous icons.

6. Active Frames

Users can use Active Frames to access up to eight open apps on one screen easily. The functionality allows users to downsize open apps, reducing them to thumbnail-sized Active Frames, akin to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8's Live Tiles. First-party Blackberry 10 OS apps running as Active Frames like the native calendar and weather apps, will also get lives updates. However, an Active Frame will not be present in every application.

7. Photo and video stories

By default, the BlackBerry Story Maker function builds a "story" using your device's current media files. For some, "stories" appear to be a welcome addition to the smartphone's audiovisual capabilities, while others find them disturbing. If you wish to use this function, go to the options tab and turn it on. You can also provide the criteria that will be used to construct the stories, such as geographic location, date, etc.

8. Blackberry Flow

Blackberry 10 allows functions and apps to work together smoothly and allows you to do tasks quickly and easily. For example, you may tap on a meeting participant to see their most recent tweet or LinkedIn page. A keyboard that learns what words you use and how you use them and then presents them to you so you can type faster and more accurately.

9. Blackberry Remember

It brings together memos, tasks, and much more into a single interface. It allows you to organize and handle information on your device around projects or ideas by collecting content like webpages, images, papers, emails, and other files, and then assigning due dates, making tasks, and tracking progress like a to-do list. If you have a work account set up on your BlackBerry 10 device, your Microsoft Outlook Tasks will be wirelessly synced with BlackBerry.

10. Flow and Peek

The Blackberry 10 OS does not use "Back" buttons for multitasking. Instead, the Flow feature allows you to switch between applications, simply flipping them to the side with your finger. The Peek feature allows you to take a quick look at your messages and notifications without leaving your app and entering the Hub.

11. Word Suggestion

One of BlackBerry 10's primary features is word suggestion. It helps you increase typing speed, whether you use the Z-keyboard or a standard keyboard. The next word in the phrase will be presented in a tab above the keyboard during typing. Furthermore, the system can train and adapt to the user's style. If you type the first letters of a word, you will be presented with a word that you frequently use. Furthermore, the technology inserts commas and spaces automatically.

You will have to enter unfamiliar words into the system first manually. However, after a few attempts, it will learn to detect them and give solutions based on your writing style.

12. Blackberry Balance

It is another important feature of the BlackBerry 10 OS. It is aimed at those customers who use the same communicator for personal and professional purposes. BlackBerry Balance is a unique integrated technology that allows you to use the communicator while connecting to your business IT infrastructure and personal space.

BlackBerry Balance can help you achieve a balance between personal and professional life. Select a certain time for yourself to whom you fully disconnect the communicator's workspace to keep yourself from checking the email and other working requirements. You may bring up a menu from the top panel of the start window to temporarily disable your communicator's whole working area.

13. Blackberry 10 Browser

The Blackberry 10 OS has a new browser that is extremely fast and sets the industry standard for HTML5 functionality on smartphones. Zooming and scrolling are both fluid and responsive. The browser has a lot of advanced capabilities, such as supporting multiple tabs, private browsing, a reader mode, and integration with the platform for easy content sharing.

14. Time Shift Camera

One of the interesting features of BlackBerry 10 is the operating system's new TimeShift camera app, which takes various photos of a subject in one picture and then allows you to choose the best one. The Galaxy Note II has a Best Faces feature that operates a similar feature.

15. Keyword Shortcuts

It is another important feature of blackberry 10 OS. Users can develop their customized keyboard shortcuts in BlackBerry 10's operating system, which is very useful. The settings are so versatile that you may use a shortcut to open a message for a certain contact. If you want to use this feature, you go to Shortcuts and Speed Dialing in Settings to create new shortcuts. Following that, you'll need to either find a key that doesn't have a shortcut or alter one that already has a shortcut. You may also assign a key combination to type a specific symbol, word, or sentence, which comes in handy when sending emails.

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