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Difference between Paging and Segmentation

Sr No. Paging Segmentation
1 Non-Contiguous memory allocation Non-contiguous memory allocation
2 Paging divides program into fixed size pages. Segmentation divides program into variable size segments.
3 OS is responsible Compiler is responsible.
4 Paging is faster than segmentation Segmentation is slower than paging
5 Paging is closer to Operating System Segmentation is closer to User
6 It suffers from internal fragmentation It suffers from external fragmentation
7 There is no external fragmentation There is no external fragmentation
8 Logical address is divided into page number and page offset Logical address is divided into segment number and segment offset
9 Page table is used to maintain the page information. Segment Table maintains the segment information
10 Page table entry has the frame number and some flag bits to represent details about pages. Segment table entry has the base address of the segment and some protection bits for the segments.

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