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Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

In this article, you will learn about the best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros. But before discussing the best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros, you must know about the Ubuntu operating system.

What is an Ubuntu Operating System?

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Ubuntu OS is based on the Debian Linux distribution. It is an open-source OS that is free to use and is used on servers, PCs, IoT devices, and cloud computing. It was developed and designed by Canonical Ltd back in the year 2004.

It may also be used on cellphones and network servers. The Ubuntu OS is one of the most famous OS, and it is the most often used form of Linux-based OS in desktop installations.

The name 'Ubuntu' comes from a South African ideology that means "compassion toward others". It is well-known for its free service and also its simplicity level. The free OS is simple to use and understand and making it ideal for usage on desktop computers. The installation process of this OS is very easy, so most users use this operating system more than other distributions of Linux.

Ubuntu software launched in 2004 with a new distribution, and the operating system quickly gained popularity. It gained popularity every day, and it led to further improvement of the OS and became an important competitor in the market. Ubuntu gained a lot of popularity due to its user-friendly design, and its early start provided people a big push to choose their product over the others in the market. It is also said that Ubuntu CDs are provided free of charge to interested buyers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Ubuntu Operating System

There are various advantages and disadvantages of the Ubuntu Operating System. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Ubuntu are as follows:


  1. It is a free and open-source OS that you can use unlimited. It is not necessary to purchase a license to use it. However, if you want to use Windows or macOS, you will have to pay. Ubuntu's source code is also available to use for free.
  2. Ubuntu may be installed on various devices, including Macs, PCs, servers, virtual machines, etc. Ubuntu is used to host apps and websites in most cloud-based technology because it is free. It's also helpful for IoT devices and robotics.
  3. Ubuntu may be modified in a lot of different ways. You may modify the appearance and feel of the operating system to suit your tastes. You may also change the desktop screen, notifications enable/disable, font size, hiding/showing icons, icon size, changing themes, and many other customizations.
  4. Gnome extensions are now included with Ubuntu OS. Launching the extension window will show you how to show and hide icons on the desktop, app indicators, docker, etc. The Gnome extensions window may also be used to change the size of desktop icons.
  5. In Ubuntu, you don't need to install any firewall or antivirus software. The operating system handles virus prevention. The main developers constantly check for security flaws in the code, and they are quickly addressed.
  6. The command-line tool includes more functionality than MS-Dos. In Ubuntu, you may install and update apps using a command-line tool.


  1. There are fewer games available on the Ubuntu operating system. Because Ubuntu OS is not extensively used, most game developers prefer to create games for other popular operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS. Ubuntu's hardware drivers are also unsuitable for playing games.
  2. It isn't easy to install the applications in Ubuntu. Sometimes, the App Installer window does not install the programs. If you wish to install the software, you must utilize the command-line interface (CLI). Furthermore, some programs require third-party libraries, which are difficult to install for the average user.
  3. If you use Windows or Mac, Ubuntu will not be used to you. The user interfaces of Windows and Mac are far superior to Ubuntu's, and if you switch from another OS, you will not enjoy using Ubuntu.
  4. Other Linux distributions are lighter than Ubuntu, like Linux Mint. Ubuntu has greater system requirements and isn't very configurable. When compared to the Debian operating system, Ubuntu is less customizable. Ubuntu is also a Debian OS, so it has fewer customization options than other Debian systems.
  5. Ubuntu doesn't support an mp3 file. If you want to play mp3 files, you must first install third-party software.

Top Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Here, you will learn the best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros. There are various Ubuntu-based Linux distros. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Linux Mint
  2. Lubuntu
  3. Zorin OS
  4. Pop!_OS
  5. Kubuntu OS
  6. Nitrus OS
  7. Ubuntu Budgie
  8. KDE Neon
  9. Xubuntu
  10. Elementary OS
  11. Feren OS
  12. LXLE OS

Linux Mint

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Linux Mint is a popular OS that is based on Ubuntu. It is one of the oldest Ubuntu-based Linux versions. Since its initial release on August 27, 2006, Linux Mint has reigned supreme in the hearts and minds of users. Linux Mint OS is used by millions of people all over the world. One of the key reasons for Linux Mint's success is its clean and simple user interface. It comes in three flavors: MATE, XFCE, and Cinnamon desktop environments.

It includes various popular applications, such as the Firefox web browser, VLC media player, Thunderbird email client, LibreOffice suite, etc. Linux Mint distribution is popular among beginners since it is simple to use and makes the transition from Windows much easier.


Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Lubuntu OS is another important Ubuntu-based Linux distro. Lubuntu is a lightweight and fast Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. It gives a simple and user-friendly interface that will make any new user feel at ease. It is based on the LXDE/LXQT environment and comes pre-installed with several popular programs.

Lubuntu distribution is best suited for low-end hardware and memory machines, as it only takes a small number of resources to run smoothly. Lubuntu 20.10, which is based on Ubuntu 20.10, is the most recent version of this distribution. Lubuntu 20.04 LTS, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, offers improved stability and long-term support.

Zorin OS

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Zorin OS is another important Ubuntu-based Linux distro. It is a fast and secures Ubuntu-based Linux distro. It provides a simple user interface that makes it simple and easy to use. It has a similar appearance to Windows and Mac OS, which makes it a good alternative to both OS. Many people believe that Zorin is a great alternative to Windows, and they are correct; it makes it easier to migrate from Windows, even for new users.

The Zorin Appearance program lets you modify Zorin's appearance to look like Windows or Mac OS. It is a trustworthy distribution that may be used for both home and business reasons. This Linux distribution is also one of the safest Ubuntu-based Linux versions available. It also comes with a Lite version that can be used on older systems.


Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Pop!_OS is another important Ubuntu-based Linux distro. Pop!_OS is a free and open-source Linux system that is based on Ubuntu. This distribution was specifically designed for System 76 desktops and laptops. It was created by software developers, administrators, and computer science specialists. It is a modern Linux distribution with an easy-to-use user interface.

Pop!_OS could be a great distribution for gaming or multitasking, which supports AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. The graphics processing unit (GPU) supports a more fluid workflow and speedier navigation. It also includes keyboard shortcuts and window tiling for a better end-user experience.

Kubuntu OS

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Kubuntu OS is another important Ubuntu-based Linux distro. Kubuntu is a lite version of Ubuntu that comes with the KDE Plasma desktop rather than the usual GNOME environment. KDE Plasma is a lightweight desktop environment that uses very little resources and does not affect the processor. As a result, system resources are freed up for usage by other processes. The final result is a more reliable and speedier system that allows you to do more.

KDE Plasma has a sleek and attractive appearance with many wallpapers and polished icons. Aside from the desktop layout, it is nearly identical to Ubuntu operating system in almost every way. It also comes with the inclusion of a suite of everyday software such as email, music, office, graphics, and photography applications.

Kubuntu uses the same versioning system like Ubuntu, and its most recent release is Kubuntu 20.04 LTS, which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Nitrus OS

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Nitrux OS is a completely Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. The KDE Plasma Desktop 5 environment powers Nitrux OS, and it also contains the NX Desktop and Firewall.

Some essential apps are pre-installed, including the office suite, music player, and Internet browser. The entire end-user experience with this distro is very nice, and it has a simple UI.

Ubuntu Budgie

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Ubuntu Budgie is another important Ubuntu-based Linux distro. Ubuntu Budgie combines the standard Ubuntu distribution, and it is the unique and streamlined budgie desktop. Its goal is to combine Budgie's elegance and simplicity with the stability and dependability of the regular Ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS is the latest release, and it is a flavor of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 LTS has various new features, including updated GNOME requirements, 4K resolution support, budgie-Nemo integration, and a new window shuffler.

KDE Neon

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

It is an Ubuntu-based distribution that includes the full KDE desktop environment. It is the KDE community's most recent release, and it is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. This KDE Neon distribution includes the most up-to-date tools that any modern computer user needs. It comes with default settings, but it is also very customizable. It's highly adaptable because it supports various hardware combinations, making it an effective option for gaming on Linux desktops.

It combines the aesthetics of Windows and macOS into a single package for enhanced effects and functionality. Nonetheless, Neon's USP is a portable cloud computer that works seamlessly on any smart device, from smartphones to televisions.


Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Xubuntu is another important Ubuntu-based Linux distro. Xubuntu is a performance-oriented Linux distribution like its Ubuntu-based competitors. It comes with a fully customizable XFCE desktop environment, which is the source of the distro's name.

This Xbunutu distribution comes with many software packages that are ready to use. Xubuntu remains the pinnacle of community-driven, open-source OS, with a steady execution designed for a wide range of applications ranging from document to image processing.

The most recent version of Xubuntu OS was Impish Indri, released in October 2021, and it will remain a stable version with backend support until June 2022.

Elementary OS

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Elementary OS is an Ubuntu LTS-based open-source Linux distribution. It is a fast and dependable distro with a strong emphasis on end-user experience and system security.

Elementary OS 5.1 Hera is the most current edition that includes a plethora of new features. The new version contains a completely redesigned login and lock screen, core program updates, desktop customizations, new methods for sideloading and installing programs, and system settings upgrades. Furthermore, Elementary OS has an AppCenter where you may download both free and paid programs.

Elementary OS includes a picture-in-picture mode, a multitasking mode, and a do not disturb setting. Parental controls are also offered to monitor Internet use, control screen time, and manage apps.

Feren OS

Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Feren OS is a free and open-source OS that is based on Ubuntu. It is a stable, robust, and secure Linux distribution that is useful for all types of users. Feren OS's desktop is distinctive in its own right, yet it is also very simple to use.

It is powered by the KDE Plasma Desktop, making it one of the lightest and most responsive Linux distributions available. It comes with all of the necessary software pre-installed, and you can add whatever apps you want from its app store if required.


Best Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

LXLE OS is a free and open-source OS based on Ubuntu. It is a feature-rich and fast Ubuntu variant that claims to be high on functionality but relatively low on resources. Its user interface is simple and easy to use, and it operates smoothly even on desktops with old graphics technology.

It also includes a large number of programs without overloading the basic system. LXLE offers a fast boot time and consistent performance, and it is advertised as another appropriate open-source option for Windows.

LXLE comes with many unique types of wallpaper and many additional add-ons and customization options that you can use to suit your need. It boots up quickly and performs well in general, and it also comes with additional PPAs for increased software availability. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


All these operating systems are Ubuntu-based Linux distros. All these operating systems have their features, advantages, and disadvantages. You may choose the best Ubuntu-based Linux distro according to your requirements.

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