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Directory Implementation

There is the number of algorithms by using which, the directories can be implemented. However, the selection of an appropriate directory implementation algorithm may significantly affect the performance of the system.

The directory implementation algorithms are classified according to the data structure they are using. There are mainly two algorithms which are used in these days.

1. Linear List

In this algorithm, all the files in a directory are maintained as singly lined list. Each file contains the pointers to the data blocks which are assigned to it and the next file in the directory.


  1. When a new file is created, then the entire list is checked whether the new file name is matching to a existing file name or not. In case, it doesn't exist, the file can be created at the beginning or at the end. Therefore, searching for a unique name is a big concern because traversing the whole list takes time.
  2. The list needs to be traversed in case of every operation (creation, deletion, updating, etc) on the files therefore the systems become inefficient.

os directory implementation linear list

2. Hash Table

To overcome the drawbacks of singly linked list implementation of directories, there is an alternative approach that is hash table. This approach suggests to use hash table along with the linked lists.

A key-value pair for each file in the directory gets generated and stored in the hash table. The key can be determined by applying the hash function on the file name while the key points to the corresponding file stored in the directory.

Now, searching becomes efficient due to the fact that now, entire list will not be searched on every operating. Only hash table entries are checked using the key and if an entry found then the corresponding file will be fetched using the value.

os directory implementation hash table
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