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Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm

Initially, the flow of value is 0. Find some augmenting Path p and increase flow f on each edge of p by residual Capacity cf (p). When no augmenting path exists, flow f is a maximum flow.

 1. Initialize flow f to 0
 2. while there exists an augmenting path p
 3. do argument flow f along p
 4. Return f

 1. for each edge (u, v) ∈ E [G]
 2. do f [u, v] ← 0
 3. f [u, v] ← 0
 4. while there exists a path p from s to t in the residual network Gf.
 5. do cf (p)←min?{ Cf (u,v):(u,v)is on p}
 6. for each edge (u, v) in p
 7. do f [u, v] ← f [u, v] + cf  (p)
 8. f [u, v] ←-f[u,v]

Example: Each Directed Edge is labeled with capacity. Use the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm to find the maximum flow.

Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm

Solution: The left side of each part shows the residual network Gf with a shaded augmenting path p,and the right side of each part shows the net flow f.

Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm
Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm

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