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Navigating The Hotel Star System

A lot of people often say that an 'XYZ' hotel is 3- star or 5-star, but very few people know the exact reason behind these numbers and on what basis these stars are given to hotels. It is important to know what makes a certain hotel a three-star and another a five-star. This article elaborates on the criteria and rules under which a hotel is given stars.

The most basic information regarding what it could mean when a hotel is given a 1-star or even a 5-star rating. To put it simply, a hotel is rated according to the services that it provides and the environment that it serves. Although there are other criteria, these two are the major ones. If a hotel is rated one star, then it may simply signify that the hotel is offering only the basic and necessary accommodations and limited resources. Whereas if a hotel is given a 5-star rating, it could be one of the most luxurious properties that are there in the world.

Navigating The Hotel Star System

How Do We Know If A Star Rating Is Correct?

The reason behind the invention of the star rating system was to measure and define the quality of hotels. People might wonder what living in a one-star hotel would feel like, and most of the time, they get an image of a dirty urine-smelling space where bad people live and illegal things take place, but that is not what it is. Also, people could imagine a five-star rating means "Oprah Winfrey stayed here and loved it," but that's not always the case. Also, a one-star rating does not generally mean that it is a dumpster where illegal things are done. It usually means that the hotel is no Paradise and just offers the bare minimum amenities and services.

How Are The Stars Determined?

For those who are wondering who gives adequate stars to the hotel, it is different in different countries. It varies from place to place. In Europe, the job of handing out star ratings to hotels of the local government agencies or independent organizations. The system of star rating differs in the US as they give stars to the hotel with the help of various different groups such as travel guide books, travel agencies, national consumer travel organizations and websites as well.

Navigating The Hotel Star System

By dividing the job between different groups, it is difficult to understand the mechanism and to make the situation more complex, each travel website available on the internet has its hotel star system. So, difficulty may arise as the same hotel, when checked on different sites, has different star ratings. It may be an ordinary 3-star hotel, but another website claims it to be a 5-star one. On the plus side, to simplify the whole process for the customers, websites provide a guide to their star rating system.

1. 1- Star Rating: The Bare Necessities

To put it simply, a one-star hotel is just someplace where one can take a rest for the night. A one-star hotel is generally owned by a single person. This kind of hotel comprises a modest room with just a bathroom and nothing else. There are generally no restaurants on the site of the hotel. However, people could always find one within walking distance.

One-star hotels don't offer any kind of special amenities or extra services. To put it in simpler words, these hotels won't provide nightly turndown devices with a glass of hot chocolate on the side of the bed. But, there is access to public transport, affordable meals and entertainment of some sort.

2. 2-Star Rating: A Few Extras

These kinds of hotels are not very different from the one-star ones but are usually a part of a larger chain than being individually owned hotels. The accommodations and services, however, are similar to the one-star hotels that are simple and basic.

Two-star hotel rooms include a phone and a television. These kinds of hotels also give an onsite restaurant service to their customers. They may also include a dining area and a daily housekeeping service. In most cases, the front desks are available 24 hours.

3. 3-Star Rating- A Level Up

When we add another star and the hotel becomes a 3-star, it is level up from the basic amenities that we were dealing with earlier. Typically, three-star hotels are a part of more prestigious, larger hotel chains like Marriott, Radisson, and so on. These hotels typically offer a greater range of services and amenities than one- and two-star lodgings, including a fitness centre, a pool, business services, an onsite restaurant, room service, meeting spaces, and valet services. The hotel rooms are bigger, have more modern furniture, and frequently come with upscale amenities like flat-screen TVs with extended cable. These hotels are situated near major expressways and highways and are mostly booked by business travellers.

4. 4-Star Rating: It's about upscale comfort

Navigating The Hotel Star System

Now comes the 4-star hotels, which are also known as superior hotels and are large, upscale establishments and are fully staffed. They come with tons of extra services. This kind of hotel has spacious rooms that are designed beautifully and stuffed with premium furnishings. These hotels touch perfection with luxurious touches like large and really comfortable beds and good quality bath products.

Four-star hotels provide a number of special services, including fine dining, multiple pools, a variety of cuisines on their onsite restaurants, hot tubs, great quality room service, high-class fitness centres and whatnot. They also offer valet parking and day spa service. The only reason why these kinds of hotels are not given a 5-star rating is that they are very upscale but not as luxurious as the 5-star ones. Four-star hotels are designed for higher-ass people, and they are affordable for that type of customer, whereas 5-star hotels are designed for famous personalities.

5. 5-Star Rating: The best among them all

Navigating The Hotel Star System

If we mention five-star hotels, we are talking about the space designed for rich people. Hotels are made in such a way that they fit the lifestyle of the rich and famous. These are the most luxurious hotels that are there in the world. They have anything and everything one can dream of having at a hotel. These hotels scream perfection with beautiful interiors, architectural works of art, and astonishing furniture.

If someone books a room in a 5-star hotel, they do not have to do a single work by themselves; the staff does it for them (except for the work of giving them the money for it). Most of the five-star hotels provide their customer with a personal butler that makes the work of the customer all the less. The services arrive within seconds of these hotels. The guest room in these hotels are massive and have everything with them that anyone could possibly ask for. They often include things like a personal Jacuzzi tub, a large screen Plasma TV with all possible movies and TV shows, a DVD player, high-speed internet access and very speedy room service. They also offer an onsite restaurant with a wide variety of cuisines to choose from; the food is of excellent quality, and they have fitness centres, heated pools, valet parking, tennis courts and even spa services for their customers. These hotels are like a dreamland with every possible wish fulfilled (of course, after the payment).

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt in the fact that the hotel star ratings that we see now and again may be vague, and the system starring the hotels may be confusing and arbitrary. But, in order to find the adequate hotel that suits all the expectations and is budget friendly at the same time, one needs to research a little and go through a number of long descriptions of hotels on various websites.

Navigating The Hotel Star System

Also, one should always try to know the opinion of the consumers by talking to those who have previously stayed in our selected hotels and also check the reviews that have been given by the public to the hotels. A number of travel websites include a section of public ratings in addition to their own, and these ratings are not biased generally and put forth a really apt and accurate insight into the hotel.

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