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Difference between CSS and CSS3

CSS works with HTML and provides a basic style and look to the website. CSS3 is the latest version of CSS. CSS3 provides JavaScript and mobile development features with additional features such as transitions, gradients, and more. In this section, we will discuss the differences between CSS and CSS3.

Some of the essential differences between CSS and CSS3 are:

Features CSS CSS3
Compatibility The primary purpose of CSS was to focus on formatting features. They have capabilities for positioning texts and objects.
CSS is backward compatible with CSS3.
When CSS3 code is written in CSS, it is invalid. CSS3 makes the Web Pages more attractive. It takes less time to create a page.
Design CSS does not support responsive design. CSS3 is the latest version and supports the responsive design.
Modules CSS is not divided into modules. CSS3 could split into modules.
Animation CSS cannot produce 3D animation and transformation. In CSS3, the animation and 3D transformations are used. Elements are moved across the screen with the assistance of JavaScript and flash. By using the elements, also be ready to change the size and color. All kinds of transformations and animations are performed by using CSS3.
Rounded corners and gradient When CSS3 was launched, the developers designed some images that looked like the rounded corners with the structures and backgrounds. Developers are designing a border and uploading the design to the server. In CSS3 the developer writes the code like:
round border {border-radius: 20px}.
They have not been sent by any server and perform any other activities. Gradients will also be set by using the code which is given below:
gradBG {Background:linear-gradient(red,black);}
Text Effects and Text Animations In CSS, animations are written in JavaScript and JQuery. It has not to design layer features and page elements. It had no special effects such as shadowing text, text animation, etc. In CSS3, the developer adds text-shadows to make it easy and effective. They add words for the visual effects of the break line and a comfortable fit inside the column. It changes the size and color of the text.
Capacity CSS is slower. CSS3 is faster than CSS.
Color CSS provides unique color schemas and standard color. CSS3 supports HSL RGBA, HSLA and the gradient colors.
Blocks Multi-column text blocks are defined in CSS3. CSS supports single text blocks.
Lists CSS allows a user to:
  1. It set different lists for ordered lists
  2. CSS set an image for a list item marker
  3. CSS add background colors to the list and list items.
Some list item markers are: list-style-type. These can be set circle, square, etc.
In CSS3, The list item has a counter and affected by counter increment and counter reset properties.
In CSS if we use list in CSS3 the 'display' property must have a list defined in it.
CSS3 cannot support a numbering system.
The list style image property enables an image is set against the style type marker.
It will set as inside the box or outside the box.

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