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How to Convert 0.23 Into Fraction and Percentage

Converting decimals to fractions and percentages is a fundamental math skill useful in various fields of study, including science, engineering, and economics. If you have a decimal like 0.23, it's relatively easy to convert it to fractions and percentages. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to convert 0.23 to fractions and percentages.

How to Convert 0.23 Into Fraction and Percentage

Converting 0.23 into a Fraction:

To convert a decimal number to a fraction, we need to represent the values of the digits in the numerator and denominator using their respective place values. In the number 0.23 the digit 2 is in the tens and the digit 3 is in the hundreds.

Therefore, we can express 0.23 as follows:

How to Convert 0.23 Into Fraction and Percentage

We can find the least common multiple (LCM), which is 100, of the denominators 10 and 100 to simplify this fraction. We may then change the fractions so that they share a common denominator of 100:

How to Convert 0.23 Into Fraction and Percentage

Therefore, 0.23 can be written as the fraction 23/100.

Converting 0.23 into a Percentage:

To convert a decimal to a percentage, you need to express it as a fraction of 100, just like multiplying by 100%. 0.23 in decimal can be converted to percent by multiplying by 100.

So, expressed as a percentage, 0.23 is 23%. This can be written mathematically as

0.23×100% = 23%

Remember that the sign "%" stands for "per hundred," thus 23% is equivalent to 23 per 100 or 23 out of 100. Therefore, 0.23 is equal to 23% or 23 out of 100, or the same thing.


In summary, it is a rather simple process to convert a decimal such as 0.23 into a fraction and percentage. We may quickly change any decimal number into a fraction by knowing the place value of each digit. We can also change a given decimal into a percentage by multiplying it by 100 and adding the sign of the percentage. These fundamental mathematical techniques are necessary for tackling increasingly challenging issues in a variety of academic disciplines.

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