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One Billion in Crores

Are you the one who gets scared to see a big number? Yes, it is true that Students get frightened by large numbers but they should not be. Students must be able to recognize those huge numbers. Must be well equipped with knowledge about the principles for calculating high numbers. Numerous methods exist for identifying numbers. Two separate place value systems are the main topics which should be covered by students named "The Indian Place Value System" and "The International Place Value System".

To swiftly recognize huge numbers, students need to be familiar with both the Indian and international place value systems. Students must understand how to translate foreign numbers into Indian currency. Students must understand that different names are given to different numbers in the Indian and worldwide systems in order to succeed and score well in higher grades.

One Billion in Crores

So, here we are explaining what is a billion and a crore and how to convert billion in crores.

Let's begin!

What do you understand by the term Billion?

A billion, or 1,000,000,000, is an extremely big number (1 followed by nine zeroes). It is sometimes referred to as a "milliard" or "1 thousand million." It frequently refers to a huge sum of money, such as a billion dollars. Additionally, it may be used to denote a long period, as billions of years. 1 x 109 represents a billion in standard form. Given its size, the number is hard for us to understand. A billion may be compared to a cube that is approximately 111 miles on each side to help us visualize its size.

What do you understand by the term Crore?

In Indian mathematics, a crore serves as a unit of measurement. It is equal to ten million, or one hundred lakhs. The Indian figure "1,00,00,000" stands in for a crore. It is frequently used to calculate population, money, and other significant figures. For instance, India has a population of 130 crores or around 1.3 billion people.

The Sanskrit word koti, which means "ten million," is the root of the English word crore. In addition to numerous Southeast Asian nations, it is used in Bangladesh and Nepal. One crore is equivalent to 10,000,000 in the international system of units.

Billion to Crore

The place value of numbers in the numeral system is expressed differently in the international and Indian systems. This indicates that under the Indian system, digit place values follow a pattern of Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Ten Thousand, Lakhs, Ten Lakhs, Crores, the list goes on. The place values of digits in the international system are Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Ten Thousand, Hundred Thousand, Millions, Billions, etc. As a result, 1 billion is equal to 100 crores when converting a number from billion to crores.

That is, 1 billion equals 1,000,000,000 rupees.

Due to the fact that one lakh is equal to one hundred thousand rupees, one billion is equal to ten thousand lakhs.

Therefore, 100 crores is one billion.

For example, If you have 6 billion dollars then it simply means that you have 600 crore rupees.

Crore to Billion

We discussed how to change billions to crore in the previous portion. What happens, though, if we have to change 1 crore in billion? Let us find out.

We know that,

1 billion equals 1,000,000,000

And one crore is 1,00,00,000

Therefore, we can say that:

100 multiplied by one crore equals one Billion.


1 crore is 1/100 billion, or 0.01 billion.

Resultant, we conclude that 1 crore is equivalent to 0.01 Billion.

Few Examples

Example 1: Convert 2 billion into crores.

Solution: As we know, one Billion is hundred crores.

In mathematical terms,

1 billion = 100 crores

2 billion = 2 × 100 crores

Resultant, 2 billion is equal to 200 crores.

Example 2: How many crores are there in 5 billion?

Solution: As we know, one Billion is hundred crores.

In mathematical terms,

1 Billion = 100 crores

5 Billion = 5 × 100 crores

Resultant, 5 billion is equal to 500 crores.

Example 3: What is 10 billion in Indian Rupees?

Solution: A billion dollars is equivalent to 100 crores in Indian currency.

10 billion is therefore 10 X 100 crores or 1000 crores.

Therefore, 1000 crores are equal to 10 billion.

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