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Number Names 100 to 200


When a child starts understanding its surroundings, people, and language and observing everything, it comes across as "numbers." Numbers revolve around our lives or are considered an integral part of our everyday life. Before getting up early morning to late at night going to bed, numbers are all around us. Even time is everything, recognized from numbers (we all see time in the clock having numbers). The numbers format is familiar to us. It's an ancient gift to us.

Number Names 100 to 200

Mathematics revolves around numbers, or there is no mathematics without numbers, so number is the soul of mathematics. The number starts from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, on, up to infinity. Math is a game of numbers that are put together with rules and regulations, and a new number with a valid value emerges. In mathematics, we have categorized numbers on different parameters like even & odd numbers, composite & prime numbers, rational & irrational numbers, integers, whole numbers, decimal numbers, fractions, and real numbers.


"Number is an arithmetic value that can be expressed by using a symbol, figure, or word presenting a quantity of a thing as a number. Counting and calculations are baseless without numbers."

"A number is a single entity that develops multiple entities by joining the same or another number with a proper rule or in a number system."


Number names refer to writing numbers in words. Writing numbers in 0,1,2,3,4..... is termed numeric form, but writing these in words is called number names. For example, 0=zero, 1= one, 2= two, and many more. Number names 100 to 200 are numbers in words from 100 to 200, through which children/students learn counting from 100 to 200.

History of Numbers

Before numbers existed, early humans counted their animals and everyday objects and worked by craving tally marks into bones, walls, or stones. One straight line stands for one, and the fifth mark was scored through to help keep track. But this system is suitable for only small numbers and doesn't work well with large counting. For example, writing the number 10243 with tally marks is complex. It takes lots of time and effort to indicate them with marking.

But with the development of civilization, different ways of writing down numbers came up, including Greek, Hebrew, and Egyptian numerals considered extensions of tally marks. Larger values are represented using various symbols, as a coiled rope represents 100, and a water lily in the Ancient Egyptian system represents 1000. These ancient Egyptian symbols can be repeated as many times as per requirement and can be added together to get a new number, such as by showing 4 coiled roped, we can represent 400. But still, large numbers can't be written with this method.

One common thing in writing these early number systems is that someone must write down many symbols to represent a single number and create a new symbol for each more significant number. But in the positional system, the same symbol can be reused by assigning different symbol values based on the position in the sequence. Different civilizations, such as the Chinese, Babylonians, and Aztecs, developed their positional notation independently.

Indian mathematicians revealed their hard work (around the 7th century) by developing a decimal or base ten positional system where any number can be represented with only ten unique symbols. These were spread into Europe over the next few centuries by Arab merchants, scholars, and conquerors in their journey. The development of the number 0 makes writing down the number more straightforward and more accessible for everyone to understand. Before 0, distinguishing between numbers 53 and 503 or 13 and 130 took a lot of work. Further, time is everything to us and its concept of 60 minutes and 60 seconds is based on the base 60 system invented by Babylonians.

The number system is taken for granted in this modern world, as children don't care about the best way of recording numbers. They make their answers according to their skills and verify that answer is correct. Children now choose their method.

How to Write Number Names?

  • Before learning the number names from 100 to 200, children learn about numbers names 1 to 9 in words because these are the base of the whole number system. Stress is given to learning the spelling of numbers 1 to 9. According to the place values system, 1 to 9 is called once. These are also considered as one digit.
  • After 9, the number 10 comes, placed at the tens place, and called the least number at the tens place. These are called 2-digit numbers.
  • For example, 15 = 5 is at once place and 1 is at tens place
  • If one more number is added, it will be placed in the hundredth place. These are termed as 3 digit number
  • Let's take a number
Hundredth Tenth once
155 1 5 5

Once place = 5 (1)
Tens place = 5 (10)
Hundreds place = 1 (100)

  • Number names (100-200) start when two digit number 99 is added with 1
    99 + 1= 100
    100 +1 = 101, and so on.....

Number Names from 100 to 200

100 One hundred
101 One hundred one
102 One hundred two
103 One hundred three
104 One hundred four
105 One hundred five
106 One hundred six
107 One hundred seven
108 One hundred eight
109 One hundred nine
110 One hundred ten
111 One hundred eleven
112 One hundred twelve
113 One hundred thirteen
114 One hundred fourteen
115 One hundred fifteen
116 One hundred sixteen
117 One hundred seventeen
118 One hundred eighteen
119 One hundred nineteen
120 One hundred twenty
121 One hundred twenty-one
122 One hundred twenty-two
123 One hundred twenty-three
124 One hundred twenty-four
125 One hundred twenty-five
126 One hundred twenty-six
127 One hundred twenty-seven
128 One hundred twenty-eight
129 One hundred twenty-nine
130 One hundred thirty
131 One hundred thirty-one
132 One hundred thirty-two
133 One hundred thirty-three
134 One hundred thirty-four
135 One hundred thirty-five
136 One hundred thirty-six
137 One hundred thirty-seven
138 One hundred thirty-eight
139 One hundred thirty-nine
140 One hundred forty
141 One hundred forty-one
142 One hundred forty-two
143 One hundred forty-three
144 One hundred forty-four
145 One hundred forty-five
146 One hundred forty-six
147 One hundred forty-seven
148 One hundred forty-eight
149 One hundred forty-nine
150 One hundred fifty
151 One hundred fifty-one
152 One hundred fifty-two
153 One hundred fifty-three
154 One hundred fifty-four
155 One hundred fifty-five
156 One hundred fifty-six
157 One hundred fifty-seven
158 One hundred fifty-eight
159 One hundred fifty-nine
160 One hundred sixty
161 One hundred sixty-one
162 One hundred sixty-two
163 One hundred sixty-three
164 One hundred sixty-four
165 One hundred sixty-five
166 One hundred sixty-six
167 One hundred sixty-seven
168 One hundred sixty-eight
169 One hundred sixty-nine
170 One hundred seventy
171 One hundred seventy-one
172 One hundred seventy-two
173 One hundred seventy-three
174 One hundred seventy-four
175 One hundred seventy-five
176 One hundred seventy-six
177 One hundred seventy-seven
178 One hundred seventy-eight
179 One hundred seventy-nine
180 One hundred eighty
181 One hundred eighty-one
182 One hundred eighty-two
183 One hundred eighty-three
184 One hundred eighty-four
185 One hundred eighty-five
186 One hundred eighty-six
187 One hundred eighty-seven
188 One hundred eighty-eight
189 One hundred eight nine
190 One hundred ninety
191 One hundred ninety-one
192 One hundred ninety-two
193 One hundred ninety-three
194 One hundred ninety-four
195 One hundred ninety-five
196 One hundred ninety-six
197 One hundred ninety-seven
198 One hundred ninety-eight
199 One hundred ninety-nine
<200/td> Two Hundred

How are these Number Names Taught?

These number names are taught at an early stage/ age, i.e. when children are in K.G., 1st and 2nd class. During the learning phase of phonics, children are considered the right time to learn number names. The best ways to learn number names are activity-based learning, and some other methods are:

  • With number rhymes, children can learn number names
  • Playing number games like number puzzles and scrabble
  • Coloring and drawing of number names
  • You display number names in front of children everywhere, like watches, counting, vehicle number, lifts, house numbers, the number of things in the house, counting household items or eatables, etc.
  • They can counting numbers in their hands and fingers.

Number names 100 to 200 are not last in the number system. They can proceed to 300, 400, 500.....1000, 10,000, 100,000, and so on....but the learning pattern remains the same.

Some Questions Related to Numbers; 100-200

Q1: Write the number name of the following numbers.

a. 120 - ______________________________________

b. 145 - ______________________________________

c. 132 - ______________________________________

d. 154 - ______________________________________

e. 179 - ______________________________________

f. 197 - ______________________________________

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