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MATLAB Introduction

  • MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory.
  • It is a computing environment, as like other IDEs developed to work with programming languages.
  • MATLAB is multi-paradigm. So, it can work with multiple types of programming approaches, such as Functional, Object-Oriented, Visual.
MATLAB Introduction
  • Besides an environment, MATLAB is also a programming language.
  • As its name contains the word Matrix, MATLAB does its' all computing based on mathematical matrices and arrays. MATLAB's all types of variables hold data in the form of the array only, let it be an integer type, character type or String type variable.
MATLAB Introduction
  • MATLAB is used in various disciplines of engineering, science, and economics.
MATLAB Introduction
  • MATLAB allows several types of tasks, such as manipulations with matrix, algorithm implementation, data, and functions plotting, and can interact with programs written in other programming languages.
MATLAB Introduction
  • MATLAB is a dynamic and weakly typed programming language.
  • MATLAB environment handles tasks of the declaration of the data type of the variables and provision for an appropriate amount of storage for the variables.

History of MATLAB

The development of the MATLAB started in the late 1970s by Cleve Moler, the chairman of the Computer Science department at the University of New Mexico. Cleve wanted to make his students able to use LINPACK & EISPACK (software libraries for numerical computing, written in FORTRAN), and without learning FORTRAN. In 1984, Cleve Moler with Jack Little & Steve Bangert rewrote MATLAB in C and founded MathWorks. These libraries were known as JACKPAC at that time, later these were revised in 2000 for matrix manipulation and named as LAPACK.

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