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Top 10 Machine Learning Courses in 2021

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are among the most recent and booming technologies affecting the majority of industries. It is one of the most well-known and energizing fields of software engineering that is arising step by step. Search engines, chatbots, spam filtering, fraud detection, etc., are a few most astonishing instances of how ML is making human's existence smoother. Because of its notoriety and expanding requests among organizations, individuals are becoming more amped up for this innovation and meaning to learn it. If you additionally have any desire to realize this innovation without joining any college and don't have any desire to burn through loads of cash, then it is conceivable.

There are a number of fantastic online courses in machine learning, some of which are completely free and others that cost money. Some well-known platforms, such as EdX, Coursera, and Udemy, provide certification and online courses. These courses are shown by prestigious individuals from the best colleges. You can undoubtedly gain these courses on the web and can get to them from anyplace. A few courses are free; notwithstanding, to take the confirmation, you could have to pay. These certification courses assist in learning the fundamentals of machine learning, applying them to projects, and becoming an expert in ML.

In this subject, we are giving a rundown of the best AI courses. Some of these classes are simple to start, while others may require more advanced knowledge.

Top 10 Machine Learning Courses in 2021
  1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng/ Machine Learning Course by Stanford University (Coursera's best course)
  2. Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity (FREE)
  3. Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science (Udemy best course)
  4. Machine Learning Crash Course - Google AI
  5. Machine Learning Courses-EdX
  6. Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders -
  7. Introduction to Machine Learning by Datacamp
  8. Machine Learning Specialization by Coursera
  9. Machine Learning by Python
  10. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

1. Machine Learning by Andrew Ng/ Machine Learning Course by Stanford University (Coursera's best course)

Truly outstanding and well-known seminars on AI on the Web is a course by Andrew Ng on Coursera. The course is presented by Stanford College on the Coursera stage. This course is organized and instructed by Andrew Ng, the incredibly famous' master, Stanford Teacher, and prime supporter of Coursera. Around 4,330,425 people around the world have taken this course, and the average rating is 4.9 out of 5.

This course assists with understanding and become familiar with the hypothesis behind compelling AI procedures with useful execution.

This course not just gives hypothetical information on AI methods yet additionally show how to apply these strategies basically without anyone else.

In this course, after completing each topic, you will be tested, and after the competition, the course final score will be given. In this course, you will get a detailed description of the mathematics behind each ML algorithm.

Time to complete the Course: Approx. 55 Hours

Level: Beginner


Ratings: 4.9/5

Cost: Free to Audit, Paid Certification.

Key Highlights of Course

You will get Silicon Valley's best practices in innovation in the field of Machine Learning and AI.

  • Beginning with Introduction (Supervised and Unsupervised Learning), the Course Structure covers basic to advanced topics such as Linear Regression with One Variable, Linear Algebra Review, Logistic Regression, Regularization, and Neural Networks: Portrayal, AI Framework Plan, and so on.
  • Skills in logistic regression and artificial neural networks are important to acquire. Additionally, you will get figure out how to execute your own brain network for digit acknowledgment.
  • Practical application of various algorithms and instruction on how to use them in a variety of fields, including the development of intelligent robots (perception, control), the comprehension of text (web search, anti-spam), computer vision, medical informatics, audio, database mining, and other fields.
  • You can learn complete courses from anywhere at any time online.

2. Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity (FREE)

This course is one of the top courses of Machine learning that provides theoretical and practical concepts of machine learning. One of the best things about this course is that this course is taught by Sebastian, a man behind self-driving cars.

The course structure and way of representation makes machine learning even more interesting to learn. Along with the concepts of ML, it also provides programming knowledge of Python.

This course is freely available to learn, but no certification will be awarded.

Key Highlights of Course

  • The course involves interactive quizzes that enable you to enhance your knowledge of the topics covered.
  • Join the student support community to exchange ideas and clarify doubts.
  • It has a big community that any student can join to share his ideas and ask a doubtful question.
  • Anyone can learn it from anywhere at their convenience.
  • Each enrolled student can get a one-on-one mentor, which means personal career coaching is provided along with access to the student community.

3. Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science (Udemy best course)

This machine learning course by Udemy is one of the best machine learning courses. This course helps you to learn about machine learning algorithms. You can learn ML in Python and R from two Data Science experts. This is a hands-on course and includes a lot of code examples for you to practice. Students enrolled in the courses are 799,851.

Time to complete the Course: Approx. 45 Hours

Level: Beginner


Ratings: 4.5/5

Cost: Paid Course and Certification

Key Highlights of Course

  • Great tutorial to get started with the topic with little or no prior experience.
  • The Course structure contains different topics that start from Data Preprocessing, Regression, Clustering, Association Rule Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Dimensionality Reduction, and other important concepts.
  • You will get lifetime access to the course once purchased and accessible on mobile & tv.
  • A detailed explanation of each topic with theory as well as practical.
  • This course is available in both Python and R programming languages. You can also download templates and use them in your ML projects.

4. Machine Learning Crash Course - Google AI

AI Intense training is given by Google computer based intelligence instruction, which is a free stage to find out about computer based intelligence and AI key ideas. But this course is best for people who want to learn ML concepts quickly and want to learn the fundamentals of important ML concepts, which could take several hours. However, if you are just starting out and have no prior knowledge of ML, linear algebra, statistics, etc., then you might find it difficult to learn this course.

This intensive lesson incorporates hypothetical video addresses, commonsense activities, true models, and involved functional execution of models. This course is educated by Google specialists who make sense of various key ideas of AI.

Time to complete the Course: Approx. 15 Hours

Pre-requisites: Python Programming knowledge, must be comfortable with linear equations, graphs of functions, histograms, and statistical means.

Cost: Free

Provider: Google AI

The Course structure has topics that start from Machine Learning Basics, and cover Generalization, Training and Test Sets, Representation, Logistic Regression, Classification, neural Networks, Embedding, ML Engineering.

Key highlights, of course.

  • Interactive Video lectures with real-world Case studies.
  • Visualization of Algorithm in action.
  • Lectures on key ML concepts by Google Researchers.
  • Covers the basics of ML in the best way and fast pace.
  • The course is structured in a straightforward way, which you can learn at your own pace and pre-knowledge.

5. Machine Learning Courses-EdX

EdX is one of the most incredible stages to learn various courses and advancements facilitated by various famous Colleges like Harvard, Columbia, and so forth., all over the world. You can investigate the top seminars on AI, Information Science, simulated intelligence, and furthermore different advancements. There are numerous courses offered by world-class institutions for each technology. Other than courses, it additionally gives Online Graduate degree program, Miniature Expert's Program, and so on.

When you conduct a search for the Machine Learning Program, you will receive search results for various courses, the majority of which are free to audit but require payment in order to obtain a certificate. A few famous seminars on Information Science and AI are Information Science from Harvard, Man-made consciousness from Columbia, Python Information Science from IBM, AI from Texas, and Information Science from Microsoft, among a large group of different courses. On each course, the timing is unique, and the mode is on the web.

Cost: Free to audit, Paid certification.

Provider: EdX platform collaboration with renowned institutions.

Duration: Approx. 9-12 weeks

Key Highlights of the Course

  • One can freely audit the course on Machine learning and also on other technology from renowned institutions.
  • Explore the different courses and make a strong and deep understanding of that.
  • Video lectures with theory and practical implementations and knowledge check.
  • Also, get subtitles for each lecture.
  • Course may archive after some time if you don't upgrade it.

6. Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders - is perhaps of the best entrance that give seminars on points that go under man-made consciousness and AI. This portal focuses on developing various courses to help you get started in the AI field.

Each course is organized so that it covers all ideas without any preparation and spotlights on advancing by doing. You can choose the course that is right for you based on your level of education-beginner or advanced. Thus, in the event that you are significant about getting everything rolling around here, this will be the least demanding way is to choose a course from here. " Prologue to AI for coders" centers around the useful execution of every calculation without any preparation.

Course Highlights

  • Each topic is explained in detail with the help of screenshots and examples.
  • You will get the complete guide for the configuration of software and getting started with the course.
  • It allows you to join the forum, where you can communicate with other learners and professionals and can help each other.
  • Models are trained with the library.
  • One of the great things about this course is that it is available for free, and other courses on this platform are also free.
  • Duration: Self-paced

7. Introduction to Machine Learning by Datacamp

Machine Learning Course with R by DataCamp is worth taking for those who are good in R programming language and Statistics.

One important prerequisite for this course is that you need to have knowledge of the R language. The course mainly focuses on providing useful knowledge on different machine learning techniques.

The course is designed in an interactive and interesting way and free for some content, however after some content, you need to pay for it.

The course involved mainly involved how does machine learning works, where to use ML algorithms, the difference between AI and machine learning, etc. It also involves information about machine learning models, deep learning, etc.

Course Highlights

  • Provide information about how machine learning work, Workflow of ML model, different steps to build a model, and also provides a comparison between different ML techniques.
  • Content is designed in an interactive way that makes learning simpler and fun.
  • Hands-on exercises.
  • The basic content of the course is available for free.

8. Machine Learning Specialization by Coursera

Coursera's Machine learning specialization is an advanced course that teaches you how to solve difficult problems that arise when using machine learning in real life. This course gives you a certificate obviously consummation subsequent to finishing the tasks and programming tasks of this course. This course is organized so that you can get the most extreme advantage of learning.

Since this is an advanced specialization course, you must be familiar with Python programming, machine learning, probability theory, linear algebra and calculus, and basic or intermediate knowledge of these subjects in order to enroll in and comprehend the material. Therefore, if you are just getting started with machine learning, it is recommended that you first brush up on your programming and math skills before enrolling in this course to complete your education.

Course Highlights

  • This course enables us to resolve various machine learning problems with complex input with the help of modern deep learning.
  • This course helps us to participate in various competitions using effective machine learning tools.
  • This course helps us to enhance hands-on experiences in Data exploration, preprocessing and feature engineering.
  • After completion of this course, you can perform Bayesian inference, understand Bayesian Neural Networks and Variational Autoencoders.
  • This course helps you to create agents for games and other environments using reinforcement learning methods.

9. Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning by Python is one of the great courses for beginners that mainly focuses on the Fundamentals of Machine Learning algorithms. The lectures are represented in a very interesting way that includes slide animations and a great explanation of algorithms.

The course mainly uses Python programming language to do the practical implementation of algorithms. With each topic, you will get a chance to practice the topics that you just learner on your own on Jupyter notebook.

Each notebook will enhance your knowledge and provide you with an understanding that how to use these algorithms with real-world data.

Provider: IBM, Cognitive Class

Price: Free to audit, Paid Certification

Course Highlights

  • Covers the fundamental concepts of Machine learning in a very intuitive way.
  • The Course contains topics such as Introduction to Machine Learning, Regression, Classification, Clustering, Recommender Systems, and
  • There is practical knowledge provided in the course for each algorithm.
  • For each algorithm, you will get to know its introduction, pros, cons, and where to use it in real-world situations.
  • Suitable for new learners to understand the broader context.
  • It will let you understand the purpose of machine learning and where it is being applied in the real world.

10. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp(Udemy)

One of the best top 10 courses in machine learning is Python for Data Science and Learning. This far-reaching course will show the way to utilize the Python programming language for breaking down the information, making perceptions, and strong ML calculations.

In addition to focusing on machine learning concepts, this course will also assist you in launching a career in data science.

Indeed, the Data Science position is the top-ranked one on Glassdoor, with an average salary of $120,000. Therefore, this course will be recommended if you really want to get a good start in the field of data science and machine learning.

Time to complete the Course: Approx. 45 Hours

Level: Beginner

Pre-requisites: Basics of Python

Ratings: 4.7/5

Cost: Paid Course and Certification

Course Highlights

  • Course start with Python crash course, so anyone can easily learn and understand each concept of this course.
  • Deep explanation of each concept throughout the complete course.
  • You will be provided with written notes that would be very helpful in learning.
  • It contains different exercises for practising each concept and also provide a solution to check your knowledge and enhance your confidence.

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