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8 Best Tourist Places in Anaikattai

One of the most picturesque places in India's south is Anaikatti, Coimbatore. With its picturesque waterfalls and surrounding lush greenery, Anaikatti is a striking setting. It is located directly where Tamil Nadu and Kerala state borders meet.

The surroundings of Anaikatti are lovely, and the atmosphere is relatively calm?perfect conditions for tourists seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, because Coimbatore and Anaikatti are separated by only 30 kilometers, many people use it as a weekend retreat. If you want to spend time in nature, Anaikatti in Coimbatore is the ideal destination for vacations and weekend homes. This article contains all the necessary details about Anaikatti, Coimbatore, including its well-known tourist attractions and world-famous waterfalls.

This region is blessed with verdant slopes, gushing streams, thunderous waterfalls, and a wide variety of flora and wildlife, making it a natural habitat for wild elephants. In actuality, Anaikatti's name means "an elephant herd."

Even though Anaikatti is only 30 km from Coimbatore, the drive there is an adventure in and of itself. You may travel from Tamil Nadu to Kerala on curvy roads beside the stunning Western Ghats. You are equally entranced by the rivers and streams that line the path.

Tourist attractions in Anaikatti, Coimbatore, include wildlife viewing, beautiful hiking, and natural beauty. It is also the ideal location to appreciate the Western Ghats' ecological beauty. Due to these aspects and its proximity to other important areas, it is one of the most sought-after localities in Kerala.

1. Silent Valley: Legend of the Pandavas

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

The Silent Valley National Park is located in Kerala, around 35 kilometers from Anaikatti. It occupies an area of around 90 km in the Nilgiri hills, and a 148 km buffer zone surrounds it. This protected area is home to some rare plant and animal species and has some of India's untouched rainforests and valleys.

According to history, while the Pandavas were exiled and wandering the forests, they came to a verdant valley with a river winding through it. Even the feral animals appeared to be content and in harmony with them. They gave the river Kunthipuzha, named after their mother, and the forest Sairandhri Vanam, the forest of Sairandhri, after one of Draupadi's numerous monikers. The Silent Valley National Park is currently the name of this woodland.

The Pandavas are thought to have spent a significant amount of time in the Silent Valley, tucked away within the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve's centrepiece is The Silent Valley. This is a sight to behold and one of nature's most astoundingly magnificent wonderlands. Many endangered plant and animal species can be found in this protected area, which also has one of India's last remaining virgin rainforests.

After purchasing entry tickets at the Mukkali Visitor Center, visitors to the Silent Valley can access strong 4x4 jeeps that can make it up the inclining trail through the forest. Being on the first jeep is worth getting up early because the possibilities of seeing wild creatures are much better. The sounds of numerous birds and animals fill the forest during the safari, bringing you deeper into their world. The view of the entire valley is breathtaking from a tall watchtower perched atop a hill as you continue deeper into the forest. Kunthipuzha, a brilliantly green river flowing through deep ravines, can be followed from the top of the watchtower. One of those magical locations with more secrets than it discloses is Silent Valley. You won't believe that a location with such amazing beauty exists until you visit it.

2. Athirapally Waterfall

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

As one travels from Coimbatore to Anaikatti, in addition to the natural surroundings, many lovely water bodies can be found along the way.

The impressive Athirapally Waterfall is the perfect place to start if you're in Anaikatti, Coimbatore, and aren't sure where to go. Here, the sky is always overcast, and rain is virtually always in the forecast. You can leave early in the morning and travel on the highway toward Palakkad to get here.

Additionally, a park called Dream Land is located close to the waterfall. You can anticipate rain and clouds accompanying you the entire way, giving the area a monsoon-like feel. However, it would help if you diverted from the main roadway to visit this park, because there are so many churches along the way, the road becomes even more attractive.

As a result, the journey from Coimbatore to Anaikatti to the falls shouldn't be boring. Additionally, you will come across several breaks that will provide you with the necessary rest and energy to continue the adventure.

3. Siruvani Falls

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

The Siruvani falls, which are on the route from Coimbatore to Anaikatti, can be visited to enjoy the trek there from Coimbatore fully. It's not as well-known as Athirapally Falls, but it's still a fascinating tourist destination. Without including Siruvani Waterfall, any list of attractions in and near Coimbatore will be lacking. It provides a convenient rest area with beautiful surroundings. To offer travelers some time to stop and get the necessary relaxation, there are restrooms nearby.

4. Marudhamalai Temple

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

According to the Puranas, kings erected the stunning Marudhachalamurthy Temple during the Sangam era. Additionally, it states that the temple is the seventh house of Lord Murugan and is devoted to him. In contrast to other Murugan temples on the hills, this one is located on the east side of the Hill.

5. Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Nature History

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

A well-liked tourist destination in Anaikatti, Coimbatore, is the Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON). It occupies a 55-acre area on the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve's slopes. Here, scientists can study the area and its diverse flora and animals.

The Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON), situated near Anaikatti, is just one of the numerous results of his legacy. SACON has designed its buildings with the environment in mind. The campus also features a sizable library that is accessible to both visitors and students. It is a worthwhile trip for those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife. Additionally, it is the ideal location for photographers.

6. Mangarai

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

At first look, the small village of Mangarai, situated at the foot of Anaikatti, can seem unremarkable, but it stands out for its distinctive character. It retains a rustic appeal despite being surrounded by coconut palms and brick kilns. When visiting Mangarai, there are several attractions to look forward to.

Kaapi, their peculiar beverage, is unquestionably one of the trip's highlights. This special coffee is different from other cups of coffee because it combines ginger and sweet jaggery. The ideal ally is a hot platter of sundal or steamed legumes. It would help if you also took the opportunity to explore this hamlet's nature trails.

Within a few kilometers of the main check station, Mangarai provides three points of interest for the more daring. Right near the waterfalls and a dense forest is an Ayurvedic College. Another important site in Mangarai Village is the Anuvavi Subramanya Temple. Halfway up the neighboring Marudhamalai Hill, it is placed. This charming small temple is home to Subramanian, also known as Karthikeyan or Karthik, the son of Lord Shiva, and is accessible through a flight of steep stairs. The elderly could find it difficult to complete this brief, sharp climb.

Another attraction in Mangarai that everyone should see, regardless of their level of religiosity, is the Lalithambikai Temple. The temple is situated in the middle of a sizable open area and commands a view of the surrounding rural and forested areas. Peacock calls fill the air as small waterfalls in the distance outline the hills. Even though Mangarai is a small hamlet, it offers a lot of experiences and is ideal for a day trip in a rural setting.

7. Arshya Vidya Gurukulam

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

This ashram in Anaikatti is a must-visit location if you've always desired to study the Vedas, Upanishads, and other ancient Hindu scholarly books. The original intent of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam was to mimic the age-old "Gurukul" system of education. It is set up modern, with English serving as the main language of instruction. Established in 1990 by eminent scholar and Vedanta teacher Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati, he encouraged his students to study classical scholarly works beyond what modern textbooks teach. Students can live with a teacher to develop their chosen field of study and practice critical life skills. Learners can take yoga, Sanskrit, and many other traditional Indian subjects and lectures on Advaita Vedanta at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. The objective is to support followers as they set out on a quest to understand the mysteries of existence.

The Arsha Vidya Gurukulam offers a spiritual experience in Anaikatti and runs long-term and short-term programs for Indians and foreigners. A course typically lasts three years. During this time, students are instructed in the Bhagavad Gita, Vedic chanting, Upanishads, Vedanta, and other Hindu epics.

The Arshya Vidya Gurukula is the ideal destination for travellers looking for a spiritual encounter. You can thoroughly understand the Hindu Scriptures by reading the literary treasures available at this institution. You can take a spiritual holiday by enrolling in quick weekend courses in chanting and meditation.

The Swamiji thought that one of the various ways to commune with God was through Carnatic music. Therefore, regular Carnatic concerts are given in the ashram, particularly in November and December, which are a sensory delight for anyone who has never done so. In addition, you can attend their regular satsangs, which can help you discover your inner calling. The gurukulam is surrounded by deciduous trees and is close to Sterling Anaikatti. It is situated near the Anaikatti Main Road and is easily accessible. Even if you're not eager to enroll in a full-fledged course, spending just a few hours in this gurukulam will inspire quiet introspection and in-depth meditation, which are desperately required in today's busy lives.

8. Night Safari in Anaikatti

Tourist Places in Anaikattai

Anaikatti's most exhilarating activity is a 15-kilometre night-time drive into the neighboring woodland in a vehicle. Elephants and some of the smaller animals that reside in the nearby jungles frequent the nearby village of Agali, through which the jeep passes.

The area's farmland and orchards encircle the elephants' natural habitat. The stretch is full of countless hints that indicate the passage of these massive creatures if you look closely. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, closely interacting with wildlife is worthwhile. Since all animals are very prone to noise and the best way to observe them for a long time is by not disturbing them, it is advisable to be quiet during the night safari.

While elephants are typically the main "attraction" of a night safari, don't forget to take advantage of the opportunity to see mongooses, gaur, or Indian bison, as well as other animals. It's worth staying up for this exciting event that Sterling Anaikatti has planned.

How to Reach?

Numerous modes of transportation are available for the trip from Coimbatore to Anaikatti. The best route from Coimbatore to Anaikatti is via the fine section of road that spans the 30 km gap and offers breathtaking mountain views. Here are a few of the most widely used methods of getting to Anaikatti, Coimbatore.

1. By Air

The closest airport to Anaikatti, Coimbatore, is Coimbatore Airport. The distance to Anaikatti, Coimbatore, is roughly 38 kilometers. In addition, the trip from Coimbatore to Anaikatti takes roughly an hour.

2. By Bus

Buses operated by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation are often scheduled and offer a comfortable ride to Anaikatti. The average travel time between Coimbatore and Anaikatti is one hour.

3. By Train

Coimbatore Junction Railway Station is the closest railroad station to Anaikatti, Coimbatore. Anaikatti, Coimbatore, is 29.4 kilometers away.

Best Time to Visit

The winter season, which begins in December and lasts until February, is the finest time to visit Anaikatti, Coimbatore. Visit Anaikatti, Coimbatore, during the monsoon season, which runs from June to August, if you want to see beautiful greenery all around you.


Families and groups of friends can have a fantastic time together while on vacation at Anaikatti, Coimbatore. The trip from Coimbatore to Anaikatti is short and scenic, making it simple for you to get there. After that, you can plan your resort stay for a pleasant and relaxing stay with whomever you are visiting. Real estate investments and land ownership in the midst of nature are ideal in this location.

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