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17 Best Tourist Places in Banaras

One of the most significant Hindu pilgrimage destinations is Varanasi, a city on the banks of the Ganges River in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, a lot of individuals come here to be freed and purified. One of Hinduism's seven holiest towns is Varanasi, a popular tourist attraction. Any visitor who comes here feels extremely light after arriving and fortunate after visiting the pilgrimage sites nearby. Varanasi draws millions of tourists annually from the Ghats and other well-known locations, in addition to its several enormous temples. Not only Indian travelers but also international tourists adore this religious site.

History of Banaras

Banaras, also referred to as Kashi or Varanasi, is the world's oldest surviving city and is, therefore, a very special destination for pilgrims and tourists. This city, which sits on the banks of the Ganges River, is a significant center for mythology, literature, and the arts. This city's beginnings may be traced to the time (more than 2500 years ago) when Lord Shiva wedded Goddess Parvati and made it his home. Following this, the Aryans arrived, settled in the city, and began dealing in goods, including silk, muslin, ivory, and fragrances. This city went through a catastrophic period during the Afghan invasion and Muslim administration, during which many temples were demolished. But under the rule of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, this location recovered its splendor.

1. Dashashwamedh Ghat

Tourist Places in Banaras

There are many major ghat on the Ganges in Varanasi; Dashashwamedh Ghat is a significant location noted for its spirituality. According to legend, Lord Brahma conducted the Dasa Ashwamedha Yagya, during which he sacrificed 10 horses. Varanasi's most popular tourist destination is Dashashwamedh because it is a beautiful holy site with numerous different ceremonies. The Ganga Aarti, which is done at this ghat every evening and is attended by thousands of people daily, is the most renowned. Observing this aarti of Gangaji is a truly unique experience in and of itself that words cannot adequately express.

2. Assi Ghat

Tourist Places in Banaras

Another such sacred and beautiful site is Assi Ghat, which is 7 kilometers from Varanasi Railway Station. Here, visitors pay devotion to Lord Shiva by worshipping a sizable Shiva Linga housed beneath a peepal tree. Assi Ghat's location at the confluence of the Assi and Ganga Rivers demonstrates how old Kashi is. Assi Ghat, one of the most prominent holy sites, must be seen if you travel to Varanasi. Varanasi is the most beautiful city in the nation because of the captivating aarti vista from this ghat. In the evening, many students of BHU come here who play guitar, sing songs, or make beautiful scenic paintings.

3. Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Tourist Places in Banaras

It is regarded as Banaras's most notable and renowned temple and by some as the most significant temple in the whole nation. Let us inform you that this temple has a history that dates back more than 3,500 years. One of the 12 Jyotirlingas, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, is visited by tens of thousands of people each year. Many followers think that seeing the Shivling cleanses the soul and sets one on enlightenment. We think this is the best site to begin your trip to Banaras.

4. Sarnath

Tourist Places in Banaras

There is a lot of calm and peace in the area. One of the holiest locations in the nation, it is highly revered by Buddhists. Numerous Buddhist stupas, museums, and excavation sites may be found around the city. In addition, you may also explore the temple and other tranquil areas of the location. You may visit this location and return the same day, it is only 10 kilometers from Varanasi. It is a popular destination for visitors and followers of Buddhism. This is the site of Lord Buddha's first speech and also has architectural wonders. The Chaukhandi Stupa, Ashoka Pillar, Thai Temple, Tibetan Temple, Archaeological Museum, and Buddha Purnima Festival in Sarnath are well-known attractions.

5. Chunar Fort

Tourist Places in Banaras

About 23 kilometres southwest of Varanasi, in the Uttar Pradesh district of Mirzapur, is where you'll find the Chunar Fort. The oldest known history of Chunar Fort may be linked to Babur's reign as the Mughal emperor in the 16th century. Some of his troops' graves may still be found here. The gods allegedly bless this fort. If you are heading to Varanasi, you may see this fort in a relatively short period.

6. Durga Temple

Tourist Places in Banaras

One of Varanasi's most important temples, Durga Temple, is the holy place where goddess Durga is worshipped. This temple was constructed in the 18th century by a Bengali Maharani and painted red with ocher. It is stated about this temple that the idol of Goddess Durga within did not require construction; rather, it materialized on its own. There is also a kind in this temple known as Durga temple, and the same name knows the whole area. Do not forget to visit this magnificent temple if you travel to Varanasi.

7. Tulsi Manas Temple

Tourist Places in Banaras

One of Varanasi's most well-known temples is Tulsi Manas Mandir. Hindu poet-saint, reformer, and philosopher Goswami Tulsidas wrote the ancient Hindu epic Ramcharitmanas here in the 16th century, giving the shrine significant historical and cultural significance in the religion of Hinduism.

The Ramayana, one of the well-known Hindu epics, was first composed by the Sanskrit poet Valmiki between 500 and 100 BCE in the Sanskrit language. This epic was difficult for the average person to read because it was written in Sanskrit. The Ramayana was translated into the Awadhi dialect of Hindi in the 16th century by Goswami Tulsidas, who gave it the name Ramcharitmanas. On the site where Goswami Tulsidas authored the Ramcharitmanas, the Surka family erected a temple in 1964. The marble walls of the whole temple are inscribed with lines and representations of the Ramcharitmanas.

8. Alamgir Mosque in BanarasRa

Tourist Places in Banaras

Religious buildings' artistic displays draw in followers and provide a fantastic place to unwind. Therefore, beauty was given great consideration in addition to strength in any structure from the time of the ancient Indians until the Middle Ages.

Ancient structures still surviving today boast rich culture, art, and tradition in and of themselves. The Alamgir Mosque, situated on the Ganges banks, is one of these remarkable structures. Despite being a place of worship, this mosque has unrivalled artistic merit. This mosque, constructed during the Mughal Sultanate on the banks of the Ganges, exemplifies the excellent art of the time. The mosque was built with particular attention paid to the artistic side. Dharahara Masjid is another name for this mosque. The mosque's wall decorations of flowers and leaves are beautiful. The mosque's now-broken minarets were its most striking feature.

9. Ramnagar Fort & Museum

Tourist Places in Banaras

On the Ganges River's right bank sits the Ramnagar Fort and Museum. Raja Balwant Singh lived in this fort, and it was constructed during the 17th century as his royal home. The location of the author of Vedavyasa's meditations was Ramnagar. This location was first known as Vyas Kashi following his penance. The Ramlila festival is held at Ramnagar over these 31 days throughout September and October. The Ramnagar Museum boasts large pavilions, exquisitely carved balconies, and open courtyards. The Vidya Mandir stands in for the royal court and is the museum's most significant feature. This museum is home to a unique collection of historical artefacts, including ivory carvings, swords, antique weapons, and ancient clocks and armour. Visitors can come here to witness the royal families' car collection, arms and ammunition, jewellery, and clothes from the Middle Ages.

10. Chausath Yogini Temple

Tourist Places in Banaras

In Hindu religion, a large group of followers consistently visits this temple. Especially during Navratri, devotees congregate all day long. The devotees receive the benefit of virtue by receiving darshan of the image of Mahishasur Mardini and Maa Kali, idol established in the temple above Chausatti Ghat. One of the goddess's peeths is thought to be Chausatti. Though he was a devout man, King Divodas of Kashi reportedly disliked Lord Shiva. He once promised the gods that if Shiva left Kashi and disappeared, he would transform the city into a representation of heaven. The gods persuaded Lord Shiva to travel to Kailash and leave Kashi. Shiva then dispatched 64 Yoginis to Kashi after a few days. The Yoginis stayed in Kashi because they liked it so much. By the name Chausatti Mata, she is revered.

In the sixteenth century, Bengali King Pratapaditya ordered the construction of this ghat. Raja Digpatiya of Bengal repaired it again in the 18th century when it fell into disrepair. The Chausath Yogini temple of Jabalpur was recreated as a temple on top of the ghat.

11. Sankat Mochan Temple

Tourist Places in Banaras

This temple is situated south of Banaras, not far from the new Vishwanath temple and the Durga Mata Temple. This temple is a well renowned Hanuman Mandir, was constructed in the 19th century by. Given the large number of monkeys in the area, it is said that Tulsidas Ji first had a dream of Hanumanji here. Tulsidas Ji then built the Hanumanji idol here, naming it Sankat Mochan Mandir. Hanumanji has a unique blessing for anybody who visits this temple to see him since his name, "Sankat Mochan," means "the one who relieves sorrows."

12. Bharat Mata Mandir

Tourist Places in Banaras

Shiv Prasad Gupta constructed this temple, part of the Kashi Vidyapeeth complex, and Mahatma Gandhi himself opened it. And many get here brimming up with feelings of loyalty. The map of India was carved out of marble and placed in this temple. The description of the locations of all these items on the map is fascinating in and of itself. In addition to this, you may read a lot more novels here. The Bharat Mata temple must be visited once whenever you are in Banaras; it is only 1 kilometre away and is reachable on foot.

13. Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Banaras

Varanasi is in the southeast, 70 kilometers from the Sanctuary. The two primary attractions in Chandraprabha Sanctuary are the Rajdari and Deodri waterfalls, with the most stunning Deodri waterfall. Its beauty is so exceptional that after just one viewing, anybody can recognize that the Deodar Waterfall has its unique feature, knowing that you would be shocked and confused. There is a pool in the center of the waterfall where, if you toss a stone into it, it will land on the other side of you and fall into the water.

14. Bharat Kala Bhavan

Tourist Places in Banaras

One of the largest institution of Asia is in the city of Varanasi Banaras Hindu University, houses Bharat Kala Bhawan, the museum constructed in 1920 by Padma Bhushan recipient Rai Krishandas.

There are Indian miniatures from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries in the greatest museum ever constructed in a university. When it comes to miniature paintings, Pothi Chitra is where the history of their evolution begins, and this collection includes 12000 different image types.

15. Banaras Silk Emporium

Tourist Places in Banaras

We want to inform you that Banaras Silk Emporium is one of the significant Varanasi Manufacturers and Wholesalers who are Exporters of Traditional Silk Sarees, Stoles, and Bed Covers if you are visiting Varanasi and want to buy the renowned Vanarasi sarees here. These retailers are renowned for their fair pricing and high calibre products. You must go to this store, which is on Cantonment Road if you want to get Banarasi silk sarees or other clothing.

16. New Vishwanath Temple

Tourist Places in Banaras

This stunning temple, one of Varanasi's most renowned, is a must-see. Tourists frequently visit this temple, which is inside the Banaras Hindu University. Its construction was started by the Birla family, a very successful group of Indian businesspeople. One of the beautiful things about the temple is that it is made up of seven individual temples that come together to make a larger religious complex rather than just one structure.

17. Godowlia Market

Tourist Places in Banaras

Shopping Junction The largest and busiest market in this area, Godowalia Market, is one of the Varanasi tourist attractions. You may get anything from everyday essentials to glass bangles and toys if you visit this market in Varanasi.

How to Reach Banaras

  • By Flight: There is an airport here called Lal Bahadur Shastri that is exceptionally well connected to other cities around the nation, from where you may take a journey to Varanasi if you wish to travel to Banaras by air.
  • By Train: Banaras Railway Station, Varanasi Junction, and Alava Mandadoh Station are the three railway stations in Varanasi. Additionally, these train hubs have good connections to major cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Madhura, Agra, Kolkata, Udaipur, and Jaipur, Patna, among others.
  • By Road: The country's major cities, including Delhi, Ayodhya, Lucknow, Agra, Mathura, and Jaipur, are all accessible from Varanasi. Every day, several private and public buses travel to Varanasi from various towns around the nation. You may also order a cab to Banaras if you prefer.

Local Food in Banaras

Tourist Places in Banaras

If you've come to Varanasi and want to learn about the greatest restaurants and things to do, then we'd like to let you know. The regional specialties of this city include Dum Aloo, Baati, Aloo-Tikki, and other mouthwatering foods. Famous desserts include Banarasi Kekand, Kachori, Pani Puri, Jalebi, and Rabri. Let us inform you that if you enjoy eating paan, you may sample the renowned paan of Banaras. The unique beverage available in Varanasi is the well-known Thandai, which also contains cannabis. In addition, there are several restaurants where you can eat a full dinner. If you also want to try something different from the typical fare, Banaras is home to some delectable street cuisine.

Best Time to Visit Banaras

If you're wondering when the ideal time is to visit Varanasi, I suggest you go between October and March if you wish to travel there. There is a good travel climate throughout these months. An annual five-day event called Ganga Mahotsav held in Varanasi in November draws many tourists.

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