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11 Best Tourist Places in Maredumilli

One of the least well-known tourist sites in the Andhra Pradesh - Maredumilli is 90 km from Rajahmundry is the village of Maredumilli.

Due to its stunning, breathtaking views of nature, Maredumilli is an excellent location if you wish to have a vacation within natural setting.

It is a land with dense, deep woods, rolling plains, rivers, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. This location is popular with those who like picnics with their family and friends.

The place has thick woods and waterfalls, thus making 6:00 am to 10:00 pm the ideal window for travel. You may meld into the surrounding environment by trekking or strolling around the village. This environmentally friendly initiative was established to showcase nature's beauty.

The tribal groups of Valamuru, Somireddypalem, and Valmikipeta Vana Samraksha Samithi, in addition to the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, are in charge of managing it. The locals and tribal people in this village are kind and extend their welcome to guests. On the banks of the Valamuru River, close to the location of the battle between Vaali and Sugriva, you may also take pleasure in quiet nights at the jungle star camping.

Let us have a look at Top Tourist places in Maredumilli

1. Jalatharangini Waterfalls

When visiting Maredumilli, you really must see this waterfall. The distance to the Maredumilli bus stop is just 7 kilometers. It is in the East Godavari district, near the Rajahmundry-Badrachalam highway route. The water cascades to the ground between the rocks and the forest.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

This location promises to thrill the eyes of a nature enthusiast during the monsoons. It is even more stunning since all you can feel and see are the drops of crystal-clear water falling from the lush woodlands. All seasons are ideal for visiting the site with monsoons being the preferred choice. Walking 150 meters will take you about 30 minutes. The muddy and uneven terrain may make the trek challenging.

2. Amruthadhara Falls

Within 15 km of Maredumilli Bus Stand, in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, on the Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam Highway, lies the magnificent waterfall known as Amruthadhara.

This seasonally occurring waterfall is among the Maredumilli attractions visitors to Vizag must see. A forest and cliff-faced rocks surround Amruthadhara, built over a seasonal stream. Seeing this little waterfall come to life during the rain is a nature lover's pleasure.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

The waterfall is divided into two halves. Although it is uncomfortable to take a bath here, one can slide. One must descend a steep path for one km to reach the waterfalls from the entrance.

The falls can be visited in an hour. The trekking path is difficult and slippery. The waterfall is cared for by local tribes, who do so by building steps and putting out an accessible jungle path with side barrier supports. The space for automobile parking is more than sufficient.

3. Manyam Viewpoint

Manyam Viewpoint is located in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh near Maredumilli on the Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam Highway. Due to its location between the Amruthadhara and Jalatarangini waterfalls, it is one of Maredumilli's most popular attractions. Visitors may view the surrounding area and the breathtaking Maredumilli valleys from here.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

For the ease of the visitors, the tourist department developed a platform. Manyam Viewpoint in Maredumilli, with its sizable rhododendron trees, towering hills, and blooming sub-alpine flora and herbs, is one of the greatest places for nature enthusiasts. One may take some beautiful photos with the densely forested hills in the backdrop from this vantage point.

4. Sokuleru Vagu Viewpoint

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

In Andhra Pradesh's East Godavari district, Sokuleru Vagu's view is captivating on Bhadrachalam-Maredumilli Road. From here, tourists may see the Sokuleru Vagu flowing through the lush woods and picturesque hills of the Eastern Ghats in its whole. To make things easier for visitors, the tourist agency developed the platform. With the thickly forested hills in the background, one may take beautiful photos from this angle.

5. Rampa Waterfalls

Within the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh, 4 km from the hamlet of Rampachodavaram and 29 miles from Maredumilli, lies the spectacular waterfall known as Rampa Waterfalls.

It is a popular tourist destination in Maredumilli and one of the best waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh. The Rampachodavaram Falls cascade plunges from a height of around 50 feet. The Rampachodavaram hamlet is next to this coastal fall, the only one in Andhra Pradesh.

Swimming in this waterfall, encircled by many flora, is wonderfully rejuvenating. Both this waterfall and the one below it are constantly filled with water. Despite being hidden in dense vegetation, jeeps can reach the waterfall. Traveling through the dense bush is exciting. The inhabitants in the region maintain the road and the area surrounding the waterfall.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

There is a short distance from the entrance to the waterfall. The short hike is enjoyable by the numerous little waterfalls cascading down the stream as you ascend. Climbing will take 20 minutes to reach the main waterfall.

Sri Neelakanteswara, an ancient Shiva shrine, is next to the Rampachodavaram waterfalls. A dance festival, including the well-known tribal dance Vela, is conducted here on the day of Shivratri. This dance performance features gorgeous costumes for the performers.

6. Bhupathipalem Reservoir

Bhupathipalem Reservoir is an earthen dam in the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. The pace is 4km away from the Rampachodavaram Bus Stand and 21 Km from Maredumilli.

On the Seethapalli Vagu, a hill stream and tributary of the Godavari River, a medium-sized irrigation project called the Bhupathipalem Reservoir Project was built. With the help of this project, 32 villages in the East Godavari district's Rampachodavaram & Gangavaram Mandals got access to potable water and irrigation systems for their 11,526 acres of tribal land.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

The area around the reservoir is covered in many pine and coniferous trees. A small island with submerged trees can be seen in the reservoir, with large mountains in the backdrop. Every turn around the lake provides a different vantage point of the surroundings. Parking is available for visitors who want to utilize the boating facility.

Only paddle boats are present. The waterways are calm and devoid of artificial boats, and the reflections of the mountains appear like a great natural mirror.

7. Polluru Waterfalls

Mothugudem waterfalls is a mesmerizing tourist spot. It is situated in Polluru village in the Telangana Khammam district's Chinturu Mandal. The waterfalls are 7 Kms away from Mothugudem, 36Kms from Chinturu, 65Kms from Maredumilli, and 102 from Bhadrachalam.

It is also known as Mothugudem Falls and Thadikevagu Falls, as it is situated in the Lakkavaram forest range in Bhadrachalam. This beautiful waterfall has several streams that flow in three stages.

Particularly on weekends, there are large groups of local and international tourists. The clear water of these falls makes bathing in it quite rejuvenating. However you can opt not to bathe and remain dry while the falls are completely submerged during a downpour. Another choice is to go for a walk around the adjacent woodland.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

Public transport provides access to the falls. However, tourists need to make their travel arrangements to visit this fantastic destination. Get on the bus in Bhadrachalam or Maredumilli bound for Mothugudem, then get out at Chinturu. From the entrance, a dirt road leads to the falls.

If you go, make sure to carry food because the area has very few amenities. A hotel is only available in the falls. Visitors must present identification at the police station to check in because this is an agency area.

8. Rajahmundry

An attractive city called Rajahmundry, formerly Rajamahendravaram, can be found in Andhra Pradesh along the Godavari River.
In terms of location it is 154 kilometers from Vijayawada, 207 kilometers from Vizag, 186 kilometers from Guntur, 64 kilometers from Kakinada, 151 kilometers from Machilipatnam, and 430 kilometers from Hyderabad.

It is of the most visited tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh and is frequently referred to as the "culture center" of the state. It is the birthplace of Telugu language script creator Adikavi Nannayya.

One of the top places you must visit while in Vizag is Rajahmundry. Rajahmundry, on the Indian subcontinent, is one of the oldest cities. Early monarchs of the region were members of the Eastern Chalukya family. In the eleventh century, it was built by the Chalukya king Rajaraja Narendra.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

In 1823, during the British rule era, it was once a portion of the Madras Presidency and changed its name to Rajahmundry District. Rajahmundry combines various features, such as beautiful scenery, historically significant buildings, historic temples, and adventurous tourist destinations, to create a unique, intriguing destination for all ages. One of the central Pushkara Ghats on the Godavari River is this one. Millions of worshippers bathe in the River Godavari at the holy convocation of Pushkaras, which is conducted every 12 years.

2015 was the last Pushkara. The Godavari Bridge, the Sir Arthur Cotton Museum, the Dowleswaram Barrage, the Kadiam Flower Nurseries, the Papikondalu, the Maredumilli Eco-Tourism, the Dindi, and the Pattiseema are just a few of the tourist destinations in the Rajahmundry region.

This area is well-known for Pulasa Fish, which is only available during the monsoon season, in addition to the temples and movie set locations around Godavari. Due to the abundance of temples in the city, Rajahmundry is primarily a destination for pilgrims.

Kotilingeswara Temple, Draksharamam Temple, Markandeya Temple, Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Temple, and Iskcon Temple/Gowthami Ghat are significant pilgrimage sites around Rajahmundry. Taking a boat excursion there is also well-known.

One of the top tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh is the Godavari riverboat trip that runs from Rajahmundry to Rajahmundry (via Papikondalu). A few domestic flights operate to the Rajahmundry Airport at Madhurapudi, located 17 km from the city, from Chennai, Madurai, Vijayawada, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Rajahmundry is well-connected to adjacent cities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by road and rail. It has trains from places like Kolkata, Bilaspur, Kochi, Kakinada, Nagercoil, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bilaspur, Trivandrum, etc. Also, the city contains four bus stops. The Morampudi Road is where you'll find the significant APSRTC Bus facility.

The other three bus stops are at Innispet at Kotipalli, Aryapuram at Gokavaram, and Kambalcheruvu at Kakinada. Bus routes to Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, Tirupathi, and Hyderabad are also available.

9. Bhadrachalam

Bhadrachalam, famous for the 17th-century Sri Rama Temple, is one of the prime tourist spots close to Hyderabad. A devotee named Kancherla Gopanna, Bhakta Ramadasu constructed the Lord Rama temple in the 17th century. The temple was constructed with the help of donations from the populace by Gopanna, who was the Tahsildar of Bhadrachalam.

On the banks of the River Godavari, in the Khammam district of Telangana State, 39 kilometers separate Bhadrachalam from Kothagudem, 115 kilometers separate Bhadrachalam from Khammam, 178 kilometers separate Rajahmundry, 182 kilometers separate Vijayawada, 352 kilometers separate Vizag, and 312 kilometers separate Hyderabad.

However, the Golconda Sultans believed Gopanna had used public funds to construct the temple since they had been misled. He was held prisoner in Golconda Fort in a dungeon.

According to legend, Lord Rama appeared before the Sultan by magic and reimbursed Gopanna for his expenses before releasing him. Gopanna changed his name to Bhadrachala Ramadasu and wrote numerous Telugu songs glorifying Rama.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

The renowned Muslim poet and saint Kabirdas is also said to be intimately linked to this shrine. This is yet another well-liked destination that Hyderabad trip packages often include.

Numerous pilgrims from various regions of Telangana and AP states visit this holy place throughout the year because of the picturesque vistas the River Godavari provides. Most of the town's spiritual shrines are located along the banks of this holy river.

Nearby to the Temple is the Ushnagundam or Gundala. Parnasala, 35 km north of Bhadrachalam, is claimed to be the hermitage where the demon Ravana abducted Sita. Travelers can access activities, including boating, hiking, and trips to Papikondalu.

The three main festivals observed at Bhadrachalam temple are the 10-day Vaikunta Ekadashi (December/January), Sri Rama Navami (March/April), and Kartika Poornima.

The town draws tens of thousands of worshippers throughout these days. The vibrant Teppotsavam (boat festival) is a particular event on Vaikunta Ekadashi day. The idols of Lord Rama and Sita traveled along the Godavari River in the evening on a decked swan boat. The highlight of this celebration is the spectacular fireworks displays.

Bhadrachalam offers excellent lodging options supplied by several hotels dispersed around the area. The Rajahmundry Airport (185 kilometers from Bhadrachalam) only has a few weekly domestic flights from Chennai, Madurai, Vijayawada, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Bhadrachalam is 39 km from the closest railway station, Bhadrachalam Road (Kothagudem). It offers trains from Dornakal, Hyderabad, Sirpur, Manuguru, and Kazipet.

Kothagudem, Hyderabad, Khammam, Warangal, Kakinada, Vizianagaram, Karimnagar, Rajahmundry, and Nalgonda are just a few of the locations that Bhadrachalam is connected to.

Boats may go from Burgampad through the River Godavari to Bhadrachalam. In the post-monsoon season, boats are run between Bhadrachalam and Rajahmundry. The best time to visit Bhadrachalam is between October and March, even though the peak season is from March to April.

All the locations in Bhadrachalam may typically be visited in a single day.

10. Gudisa

There is just one road between Maredumilli and Gudisa, and it is flanked on both sides by woodlands and little streams of water. Since it is in good condition, riding on the road is simple. Gudisa Hill Ghat Road (6 km) and another 6 km beyond Pusiwada Village comprise the last 12 km, which will be challenging. You must do a few steps if you intend to camp in the gudisa to enhance your experience.

Try to get there around 4 pm to see the sunset. Due to its isolated location, there are no restaurants or stores nearby so you can carry your food for ease and convenience. However, there is a shop before the Gudisa Hill Ghat road where you can buy smokes (although they demand an extra cost of at most 5 Rupees), chocolate, cookies, water, and cold beverages. Nothing is on top, so you must bring your food and drink.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

Take some firewood at the Maredumilli Market before beginning your journey to Gudisa for the night's fire camp. If you have camping tents, no problem. If you still need to, you may rent tents from the stores in Maredumilli.

However, try to carry a Decathlon tent since local brands need to provide more protection from frigid winds when the temperature is so low.

11. Jungle Star

The Jungle Star Eco Camp is well situated, like an island encircled by water. On top of a hillside, there are around seven cottages accessible. There is only one bridge that can get you there. Visitors must walk a short distance and cross a bridge to get to the cottage, leaving their cars in the parking lot.

On request, a trek and campfire can be organized. The forest department of Andhra Pradesh looks after it. This jungle star nature camp offers its visitors a panoramic perspective because it is on a steep rise surrounded by dense forest, close to the "Pamuleru" creek. The environment is quiet.

Tourist Places in Maredumilli

You can get the food if you tell them in advance. The place is ideal for large families as the neighborhood area has a lot of family-friendly attractions.


Maredumilli, a magical jewel tucked away in the center of Andhra Pradesh, provides a mesmerizing fusion of the beauty of nature and cultural legacy. This tourist destination, surrounded by verdant woods and ornamented with stunning waterfalls, is heaven for lovers of the outdoors. Numerous activities may be enjoyed in the lush surroundings, like birding, boat trips, and walking.

Maredumilli, which embraces tribal customs, has a rich cultural tapestry and welcomes visitors to explore prehistoric rites and art. The mysterious Jalatarangini water pool and the flowing Rampachodavaram waterfalls make Maredumilli an ideal getaway for anyone seeking peace and adventure.

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