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7 Best Tourist Places in Srikakulam

Andhra Pradesh, which is one of the most populous and fastest-growing states of India, has tons of tourist attractions, and Srikakulam, which is also present in Andhra Pradesh, is counted as one of the best cities for tourists to visit. Srikakulam is a perfect place for all those visitors who are seeking rejuvenation, exploration, and peace, and it is counted among those tourist spots of India which have been home to several alluring destinations. This city also has several beach towns, as Srikakulam is a coastal district, and this northernmost district of Andhra Pradesh is just a couple of hours away from Vizag. This city has a cultural conundrum that is a beauty to behold, and it is a classical tourist place that has much more than just history and pilgrimage. Tourists can reach Srikakulam by Rail or Road at their convenience, and all these modes available make getting here comfortable and easy. This article talks about all such tourist destinations in this district and provides a brief description of all of them.

(1) Budhiti

Tourist Places in Srikakulam

Budhiti, which is famous for bell-metal and brass handicrafts, is a popular handicraft town in Srikakulam, and this tourist attraction is registered as a geographical indication handicraft from Andhra Pradesh. A trip to this tourist attraction warrants addition to the curio collection of the tourists and this alloy craftsmanship of this place is highly prized by art collectors because it bears a signature style. Tourists who love to collect and are highly interested in handicraft items and art cannot afford to miss visiting this tourist attraction while having a trip to Srikakulam. All the visitors can go and interact with the native craftsman of this place before finalizing a masterpiece for themselves, and they can also purchase handicrafts from here to gift to someone special.

(2) Ponduru

Tourist Places in Srikakulam

Tourists who are Khadi lovers and highly enthusiastic about the classical Indian Khadi Art should visit this tourist attraction of Srikakulam because Ponduru is famous all over India among Khadi lovers. A very popular saying about this place is that when Mahatma Gandhi visited this tourist place, he was surprised at the fineness of the Khadi produced here, and impressed by the Khadi's quality, he always preferred Khadi from Ponduru. Not just that, many Khadi producers, even in today's time, use Khadi produced here as a preferred choice material for both western and Indian wear. It is not less than art that tourists can see in the production of fine Ponduru Khadi, and its production includes a long sequence of meticulous processes to produce cloth from cotton, and all of these processes are performed by hand. Tourists, who are visiting Ponduru, get a chance to buy the world-famous Khadi directly from the weavers and have a sample of this masterpiece.

(3) Baruva

Tourist Places in Srikakulam

One of the most popular tourist destinations of Srikakulam, Baruva, which is positioned 224 KMs away from Vizag, is a beautiful hamlet of thick plantations of coconut trees and lush green paddy fields, and it was a seaport for the British in yesteryears. The Sri Kotilingeswara Swamy temple, which is a scene of natural beauty, is also present in this tourist place, and this temple inspires contentment and Spirituality among all the visitors and devotees. All the visitors, who are coming to this place, cannot afford to miss visiting the coir industry and the coconut nursery presents here. The Janardhana Swamy temple, where all the Lord Krishna devotees can be seen in huge numbers, is another major attraction of this tourist place, and anyone who believes in Spirituality and follows Lord Krishna definitely visits this temple once in their life. There are many popular accommodations available for visitors, and one can also opt to stay at the APTDC Resorts by the sea which also offers good accommodations for tourists.

(4) Telineelapuram

Tourist Places in Srikakulam

Telineelapuram is a perfect tourist attraction for all those visitors who are nature lovers and very enthusiastic to see different life forms, and it is positioned on the eastal coast of the city. Telineelapuram, which is positioned in Ichchapuram (this is a Mandal headquarter of Srikakulam), is most popular among tourists for its Bird Sanctuary, which attracts visitors from all over India, and this bird sanctuary attracts a different type of migratory birds from as far away as Siberia. Winter is a perfect time for the tourists to visit this tourist attraction as the time up till winter is good for some avid birding, and also during winters, one can spot that many foreigners, who have come here to watch rare birds, such as Painted Storks, Pelicans, and many others. Watching all these rare species of birds laying eggs and breeding in this bird sanctuary (which also becomes their home) is truly a delightful and beautiful view for all the visitors, and therefore, missing this place while having a trip to Srikakulam is not affordable at any cost.

(5) Kalingapatnam Beach

Tourist Places in Srikakulam

Kalingapatnam Beach, which was restricted as a port under British rule, is a quaint historical place that was discovered by western merchants. After discovering this beach, Western Merchants started using this beach for trade in clothes, perfumes, and other goods, which were exported from Singapore and Malaysia until 1958. British also built a testament of lighthouse long ago, and apart from being a restricted port or trading port, this beach is also a testimony to much of our history. A shrine dedicated to Madeena Baba, a Buddhist stupa- Salihundam, and the Kalingapatnam Beach are some other major attractions present in this tourist place, and this holy place was constructed by Nawab Anwaruddin in 1118 AD. Tourists who are visiting Kalingapatnam Beach can explore the dense cocoa plantation found here.

(6) Srikurmam

Tourist Places in Srikakulam

Srikurmam, which is one of the oldest historic sites in Srikakulam city, dates back to the 2nd century AD, and it is positioned only 121 KMs away from the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. One unique thing about this temple is that the fossil of an actual tortoise is the presiding deity of the Yoga Narsimha Swamy Temple, which is also present here. The mandapam of this temple, which has over 200 pillars, is alluring to tourists from all over the world, and architecture enthusiasts, who visit this temple, also get thrilled with the mandapam. Each part of this temple is a masterpiece of art in itself, which makes this temple or this tourist attraction most popular among tourists visiting Srikakulam.

(7) Arasavalli

Tourist Places in Srikakulam

The fabled Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple, which is popularly known as the Sun Temple of Andhra Pradesh, is present right here in Arasavalli, which is only 118 KMs away from Vizag, and devotees can come here by public or private road transport. The fabled Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple is known to be the only sun temple of India where rituals and prayers continued uninterrupted since it was constructed as this tourist attraction centuries ago, and this marvel tourist place was built by the Kalinga rulers of Odisha. Many devotees, followers, and history & Spirituality enthusiastic visitors line up inside and outside the temple to witness the divine sight, and the sun rays directly fall on the deity on auspicious Ratha Sapthami, which is the most distinctive feature of the temple architecture. This alone feature is enough to allure tourists, especially those who are devoted to the God of the Sun, from all over India, but the temple architecture is also so beautiful and perfect that architecture enthusiasts and history lovers come to visit this temple from all over the world.

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