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13 Best Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

The city of Dharmapuri is situated in Tamil Nadu, India. This beautiful and small city is near the neighbouring state of Karnataka; it is highly recognised for its natural beauty and nearby locations. Numerous tourist attractions in the city are reowned. Apart from this, many people come here from Bangalore and Chennai because Dharmapuri is practically between the two cities. The Cholas, Rashtrakutas, and Pandyas are a few of the historic kingdoms controlling Dharmapuri. Here is the list of top tourist places in Dharmapuri

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

Roman Catholic cathedral, known as Sacred Heart Cathedral, is situated in Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri area. The Church is dedicated to the Roman Catholic Diocese and has a rich cultural history. This is a fantastic achievement of which you should feel proud. The visitors who come here to pray to God for their wishes to come true know about this church well from around the state. This Church differs from other churches in the flowers used for Christmas and New Year's celebrations. In addition to this, church leaders participate in a variety of social and cultural events. Several activities are also carried out inside the church buildings to better the lives of the poor. In terms of spiritual matters, the Church is fantastic.

2. CSI Zion Church

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

There is a general perception that the city's whole religious establishment has historical significance and is known worldwide. However, there have been a few exceptions, including the CSI Zion Church in the Tamil Nadu region of Dharmapuri. The fact that millions of visitors travel here to catch a view of the church and Jesus and Mother Marry shows that this Church is highly auspicious. But it's important to remember that this church also serves other functions. Due to its social activities, the Church has glory throughout the state. Officials from the Church perform the social work necessary for one to evolve into a successful e human being. The services offered by this Church have helped a lot of low-income families.

3. Kottai Kovil

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Kottai Kovil is located on the northern border of the well-known religious district of Dharmapuri. There is a widespread misconception that this location appeared in the Hindu legend Ramayana. Numerous devotees flock here to worship the deity because of the location's significant religious importance. The deities at this temple are thought to be very strong and always grant the wish of people who ask for favours. Lord Shiva is the main deity worshipped at this temple. People visit the temple from around the state and neighbouring states. In addition, various pictures and sculptures carved into the temple's grounds provide a stunning perspective of the entire area. The hanging pillars are one of the highlights of the Kottai Kovil temple.

4. Hanuman Theertha

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri district has a well-known location called Hanuman Theertham. Because of its close ties to the Ramayana, this location is considered to be particularly lucky. It is 10 kilometers away from the location of Uthanagarai, which belongs to the Tirthagiriswarar Temple. Anyone making a pilgrimage to Tirthamalai must also visit this location. Thousands of people visit this location yearly to picnic and set up camp, making it a popular picnic destination. The temple is located on the banks of the Dakshin Pennar River. According to Hindu legend, Lord Hanuman is said to have thrown away a container of Ganges water here. The area has a stream; the rock is where the water comes out. The water is particularly sweet; indeed, it has never dried up here, although the river has done so several times.

5. Chenraya Perumal Temple

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

In the whole state of Tamil Nadu, Chenraya Perumal Temple is regarded as one of the luckiest temples. It is situated in the Dharampuri district. It is an oval-shaped fort, and the locals think this temple served as the ancient capital of the Adhyamana and Tagodur dynasties. The monarchs of the Raya dynasty, Krishna Deva Raya and Raisala, are credited with building this temple. The outside temple is surrounded by a large mandapam, while the inner temple is perched on a level platform. Thirteenth-century artwork line the walls of the temple's interior hollow. Visitors should visit the temple in the spring since the locals believe this is a highly favorable season. In addition, the area is near a bus line regularly used by buses from all over the state.

6. Karimangalam

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

In Tamil Nadu's Dharmapuri district, there is a small place called Karimangalam. Although small, this town has a significant historical significance in Tamil culture. Among all the areas in the district, the city is regarded as one of the luckiest. The municipal officials preserve several magnificent temples in the area. The era of Purana can be traced back to the city's origins, which have a long history. As a result of several well-known authors using the location's name in numerous religious books, the location is very significant to Tamil culture. The city also gave birth to too many revered sadhus and sages. Even in April and May, the weather is pleasurable and relaxed throughout the year. Thousands of worshippers travel to this city's temples to obtain the deity's blessings.

7. Mettur

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

One of the giant dams in the whole Tamil Nadu state is Mettur. It is situated in the district of Dharmapuri. It is situated along the Kaveri River in a gorge. The Kaveri River flows quickly. According to reports, the district's largest source of electricity supply is this dam. The area of Mettur, where this dam is located, is well-known for its religious significance. The location is along a corridor that provides inexpensive bus and private vehicle services to other state regions. Adi Perukku is the most prominent celebration celebrated in the region every year. The Stanley Reservoir is another name for Mettur Dam among the state's residents. Mettur Dam contains two hydroelectric power units.

8. Theerthamalai

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

Theerthamalai is a well-known tourist attraction located in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu, close to Harur. In addition, numerous people visit this location for picnics. Five springs emerge from a hillock's incline. One of these springs is where the temple got its name. The God revered at this location is Lord Shiva. Lord Theerthagirishwarar is the title given to Lord Shiva by the locals. The locals consider the area extremely sacred because they think anyone who bathes in the spring's holy waters is cleansed of whatever sins they may have committed. According to ancient Hindu legend, this is where Lord Rama is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva to seek forgiveness for his faults following his battle with thousands of demons in Lanka. The State Government offers a variety of bus services to this particular route.

9. Mount Carmel Church

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

Mount Carmel Church is one of the holiest sites in the whole of Tamil Nadu, which is located in the Dharmapuri district. The Church is steeped in tradition and has made significant contributions to Tamil Nadu's past. The Church is regarded as one of Tamil Nadu's most distinguished churches and is connected to the Vatican. However, there are also references to Hindu temples in the construction, suggesting an old Gothic building. People from all different religious backgrounds are said to be able to come to the Church to pray to the Lord there. Due to the Grotto festival's location in the Church, it is pretty well-known. The Church authorities hold the Grotto celebration on the second Friday after Easter, and participants come from around the neighborhood to participate.

10. Adhiyamankottai

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

One of the oldest forts in Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, is Adhiyamankottai. It is located in the state's Dharmapuri district. King Adhiyaman lived in the fort in his capital, which is now known as Dharmapuri. King Adhiyaman, one of the state's last seven benign rulers, was responsible for building the fort. In reality, the fort looks like a mud wall in a circle.

The location is among the top tourist destinations in the whole state. Locals believe that the lake across which the fort passes is extremely lucky. As several bus and private vehicle services connect the location with the rest of the state, one can visit this place easily and comfortably.

11. Hogenakkal Water Falls

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

Hogenakkal is located 46 kilometers from Dharmapuri at the Karnataka border. The Cauvery Torrent enters Tamil Nadu near Hogenakkal as a large river with flowing water that appears to be a natural fall. Hogenakkal, which means "Smoky Rocks" in Kannada, is the source of the name. When a river gushes onto a rock below, the smoke-like power of the water appears to be coming from the rocks.

At Hogenakal, the water extends four kilometres in all directions, making it feasible to travel on locally constructed dinghies. Hogenakal, surrounded by hills of varying heights, gives guests a unique atmosphere and rejuvenating relaxation. Additionally, one can take a bath at the falls. Locals oil massages are a unique experience. Hogenakal can be visited every day of the year as the water flows continuously. There are sufficient transportation options from Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri.

12. Subramanya Shiva Memorial

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

A site of historical importance in Dharmapuri is the Subramanya Shiva Memorial, a popular tourist destination. The memorial, which honours renowned Tamil Nadu's independence warrior Subramanya Shiva, is situated in the Papparapatti town of the Krishnagiri district. The first political prisoner from the Madras Presidency, Subramanya was born in 1884 and dedicated his life to the independence of his native India. The memorial built in his honor provides an overview of the life of the freedom warrior.

13. Crocodile Rehabilitation Centre

Tourist Places in Dharmapuri

The Dharmapuri District, next to Hogenakkal, is where the Crocodile Farm or Crocodile Rehabilitation and Research Center are situated. Crocodiles are hunted for their meat, bones, and skin, which have medicinal properties and are used to construct purses, bags, belts, and shoes. The number of crocodiles significantly fell as a result of hunting. So, in 1975, a rehabilitation facility was established here to help conserve this species. At this facility, species of the muggermachh are maintained. Here, more than 300 crocodiles have been looked after. The Forest Department of Tamil Nadu runs this institution.

How to Reach Dharmapuri

Dharmapuri is situated around 300 kilometres from Chennai and 141 kilometres from Bengaluru. Roads will connect the area between these two cities and other significant southern cities. Once at Dharmapuri, it is simple to use local transportation to explore the area.

By Flight: The closest airport to Dharmapuri is actually in Bengaluru. One of the busiest airports in the country, Bengaluru can be readily reached from practically everywhere in India. When you arrive at Bengaluru Airport, it will be simple to board one of the many public transportation options, including taxis and buses, which will take you to Dharmapuri.

By Train: The closest rail station to Dharmapuri, located around 141 kilometers away, is in Bengaluru. Bengaluru is one of the nation's foremost rail hubs, with excellent railway connections to other significant locations around the country. You may easily find buses, cabs, and a few other forms of transportation after you get to Bengaluru station that will take you to Dharmapuri.

By Bus: Major cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, and other significant towns in south India are connected to Dharmapuri by road. One may pick from a variety of choices, including both private and public buses, and the streets to Dharmapuri are in good condition. Buses that often run that are both AC and non-AC are further options.

Best Time to Visit Dharmapuri

March through May often have the highest temperatures in Dharmapuri, which average approximately 38 C. The months of December and February are cool, with the lovely weather continuing until the mercury drops to a cheery low of around 17 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the winter months would be the ideal time to visit Dharmapuri.

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