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Tourist Places in Nellore

This ancient city of Nellore predated the Chola Empire's dominion over the southern region of India. Since then, the city has had numerous ups and downs, and with Indian independence, it has grown to become the fourth-largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, it keeps expanding politically and financially. Visitors will find plenty of surprises at Nellore. Many people think that Nellore is just another well-known location as a pilgrimage destination, but you'll see and have a very special experience there.

The city of Nellore is well-known for its numerous contributions. It is situated along the Bay of Bengal's southeast shore. Nellore, which various dynasties have ruled, has witnessed important advancements in trade and art. The evidence for its commitment to literature and art back to primordial times emphasizes its rich cultural history. Here are the top 15 Nellore attractions you should not skip when visiting.

1. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

Tourist Places in Nellore

It is one of the oldest temples in the town and was built on the southern bank of the Penna River, about 3 kilometres from the heart of Nellore. Due to the legend that the sage Kasyapa conducted a Yagna here, the temple has a unique history and significance. After the Yagna was completed, Shri Vishnu came in front of him. In light of this, throughout the 7th and 8th centuries, The Pallavi King constructed a temple here. Inside the temple is a 9-foot-long statue of Ranganatha that depicts him reclining and is on display. The names of the Lord are written here on the exterior walls, and the idol stands facing the Pennar River.

The temple, regarded as the oldest in the region and draws a sizable number of devotees, is of considerable religious significance. The temple is renowned for its superb carving and lovely architecture. It keeps seven gold pots ornamented with enormous mirrors within the temple's boundaries. The complex's Addala Mandapam, or minor hall, is renowned for its beautiful inlay work. The beautiful sculpture on the enormous walls and doors of the temple serves as evidence of the previous era's superior architectural design. You will be mesmerized by the main entrance's 29-meter height and its seven gold "kalasams."

2. Narasimhaswamy Temple

Tourist Places in Nellore

The Narasimhaswamy Temple, devoted to Lord Vishnu, is located 13 km from the Nellore city centre. In this, Lord Vishnu is revered as his fourth incarnation. The location, also known as Sri Vedagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple, is the subject of various urban legends. While the Kondi Kasuli Hundi is thought to heal those who poisonous snakes and scorpions have bitten, the Santhana Vriksha, located on the grounds of the temple, is claimed to bestow children to childless couples. Above the main temple is a much smaller shrine dedicated to Adi Lakshmi that can be seen. If you're going to Nellore, stop by this temple.

3. Penchalakona Temple

Tourist Places in Nellore

The distance between Penchalakona Temple and Nellore Railway Station is 15 kilometres. The two most important temples in this region are Vedagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and Mahalakshmi. These beautiful temples are the best places to spend quiet time with family and loved ones. The temple is located adjacent to a waterfall. The environment is breathtaking, and the water is immaculately clear. You can trek up the hills to the waterfall and stop by the water ponds after spending some time at the temple. If you are devout and appreciate the outdoors, this is your place.

4. Bara Shaheed Dargah

Tourist Places in Nellore

A mausoleum called Bara Shaheed Dargah is situated quite close to the water in Sulurpet, Nellore District. The location was created in memory of 12 martyrs. Most people think that when they come to pay their respects, all of their wishes come true.

The Dargah is beautiful to see, especially during the three-day Rottela Panduga celebration during the month of Moharram. During Amavasya, it is also encouraged to spend a night here.

5. Mypadu Beach

Tourist Places in Nellore

On India's west coast is Mypadu Beach, a captivating beach with crystal-clear water and golden-brown sand. It is situated on the spectacular Bay of Bengal's coast, around 25 kilometres from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. One can sit in the sand or stroll across the beach while reflecting on life or simply taking in the scenery.

Mypadu Beach is ideal for sunbathing, but you must first take early-morning and late-night walks in the fresh air while watching the sunrise or the sunset if you want to cross this place off your list of places to visit. Despite being less crowded than many other commercialized beaches in India, the beach is frequently visited by tourists and local fishermen because of its breathtaking views and picturesque surroundings.

This lovely beach, under the management of the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC), appeals to thrill-seekers and ocean enthusiasts. It is a great spot to unwind and get in touch with nature even though no strenuous activities exist. You will undoubtedly return here after just one trip.

You may reach one of Andhra Pradesh's most serene and lovely beaches by driving for 30 to 40 minutes. A shrine is located close to the beach. So, after visiting the temple, travellers come to this beach for an incredible view of the sun. A stroll in the ankle- or shin-deep water while holding hands with your beloved one will be a wonderful experience because of the peace, the soothing sound of the water, the cold wind, and the surroundings.

6. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Nellore

The Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is situated along the East Coast in the Nellore District, around 20 kilometres from Pulicat Lake. Numerous endangered bird species have made their breeding grounds at this sanctuary noteworthy. The distance between Chennai and the bird sanctuary is about 50 kilometres, making both cities fairly accessible.

The Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary in the Nellore District, which is renowned for being one of the most important pelican habitats in Southeast Asia, is every bird watcher's wish to come true. This captivating sanctuary spans a total area of about 459 hectares and is situated not far from the village of Nelapattu.

Along with being an important location for spot-billed pelican nesting, the sanctuary is also home to important plant communities like Barringtonia swamp forests and southern dry evergreen scrub. Besides the spot-billed pelican, other species that breed at the sanctuary include the white ibis, openbill stork, night heron, and small cormorant.

The Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is home to 189 birds, 50 of which are migratory. The Indian government designated it as a sanctuary in the year 1997. Common teal, shoveler, Spot-billed duck, grey heron, black-winged stilt, and garganey gadwall are some of the migratory species that belong to this group. The months of October and March, which are one of the best seasons for bird watching, are the perfect time to visit Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary. Since most rare bird species come here to lay their eggs, the seashore areas are the greatest places to observe them.

This is the ideal time for you to explore and see the more than 12,000 kinds of birds that come here to migrate from other nations. So come here to take some great nature photos with your cameras and binoculars.

7. Pulicat Lake

Tourist Places in Nellore

Another bird refuge in addition to Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary is Pulicat Lake, which is 20 kilometres away. Additionally, with an estimated 12,000 distinct species, it is one of the best areas to see migratory birds. At the same time that it is celebrated in Nellapattu Sanctuary, the flamingo festival is also observed here.

Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are both home to Pulicat Lake. Stretched over more than 400 square kilometres of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh is covered by Pulicat lake. Bird watchers will find pleasure at the picturesque lake. Egrets, terns, and many other migrating species are drawn to the lake, designated a bird sanctuary in 1976. After Orissa's Chilka Lake, it is the second-largest saltwater lagoon. A patch of land called Sriharikota Island separates it from the Bay of Bengal.

Pulicat Lake is a widely-liked option for travellers looking for a picnic place due to the overall peacefulness and tranquillity of the area, the number of migratory birds and the lake's ambience. The lake is a well-liked spot for birdwatchers because it draws a variety of unusual migratory bird species during the majority of the year. You could take a boat tour of the lake. Waterfowl, pelicans, herons, and flamingos are a few famous bird species that may be found here. The best option is to take a boat tour on the lake by renting one from a fisherman for as little as 500 Rupees.

8. Ramalingeswara Temple

Tourist Places in Nellore

This temple, also known as Ramathirdham, is situated 30 kilometres from Nellore City. In this temple, Lord Shiva and Goddess Kamakshamma are the presiding deities. However, worshippers also go to the temple to honour Lord Vigneswara and Subhramanya. The temple, constructed long before the British era, is a wonderful example of ancient architecture. The temple, which is quickly reachable from Vellore through a state route, must be seen at least once.

9. Paturu

Tourist Places in Nellore

A village called Paturu is well known for its hand-woven saree and other handcraft enterprises. The town is at the centre of a triangle made up of Kovuru, Damarmadugu, and Kovuru. The legendary Telugu poet Tikkanna Somayaji was born in the village of Paturu, which has a special place in history. He passed away here, where he spent the majority of his life. Kovuru is 4 kilometres from Paturu, which is 10 kilometres from Nellore. Hyderabad, the state's capital, is 354 kilometres distant.

10. Kandaleru Dam

Tourist Places in Nellore

The Kandeleru Dam is located 65 kilometres from Nellore. On the Kandaleru River, a huge irrigation project was built. The project, which spans a 10 sq km area and has a 68 TMC water storage capacity, is the largest earthen dam ever built. As part of the Telugu Ganga project, this significant dam is in charge of providing Chennai with drinking water from the Srisailam reservoir on the Krishna River. It is well connected by a State Highway that runs via Rajampet and Rapur to connect Kadapa with Nellore. This river flows through Gudur from its source in the Velegonda hills. This location is popular with locals and tourists who travel an hour to get there since it is lovely with hills and trees.

11. Koduru Beach

Tourist Places in Nellore

Nellore has some stunning beaches. The Koduru Beach, 20 kilometres from Nellore, is another serene beach in the area, as Mypadu Beach has already shown. Since boating is permitted there on the weekends, it is one of the most popular beaches in and around Nellore. Near the ocean is a church known as Velankanni Matha Church. You are free to go there and pray as well. The surrounding eateries by the shore are popular with tourists because they serve delectable fish dishes and snacks. A great place to go on a Saturday evening to capture a breathtaking view.

12. Katepalli and Tupilipalem Beaches

Tourist Places in Nellore

Top attractions in Nellore include the magnificent Katepalli and Tupilipalem beaches. A 20-kilometre drive from Nellore, Katepalli Beach is regarded as Nellore's secret treasure. You may have a great relaxing time with friends and family and friends because this beach is still not too busy. Eighty kilometres separate Tupilipalem Beach from Nellore, a short distance away. To see the breathtaking sunrise and sunset at this beach, people are willing to travel an hour and a half from the city. The bridge constructed by the magenta farms is yet another area draw.

13. Venkatagiri Fort

Tourist Places in Nellore

The Venkatagiri Fort, which is 80 kilometres away from Nellore, is the next sight worth seeing in Nellore. It was constructed in the 17th century and exhibited the marvels of classic South Indian architecture. The thick forest surrounding this massive edifice only adds to its beauty. Indra Mahal is the name of the fort's front section. The exterior walls of this famous monument are adorned with serpentine carvings with a somewhat distinctive pattern.

This fort is among the most amazing spots to visit in Nellore. In the year 1775, the Recherla kings built the fort. The fort appears incredibly attractive because it is surrounded by thick forest. Cotton sarees woven using the Jamdani technique are well-known in Venkatagiri town. The fort's peaceful environment calms your mind, and its grandeur highlights its former significance in the power struggle. To get a panoramic perspective of Venkatagiri, climb to the top.

14. Jonnawada

Tourist Places in Nellore

All around India, pilgrims travel to Jonnawada. It is about 15 kilometres from Nellore. The more well-known of the two Kamakshi temples built here dates to the 12th century. Both Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy and Goddess Kamakshi have shrines here. Some of the temple's single-stone sections show the high level of craftsmanship that went into its construction. Every year, an elaborate 10-day event is observed.

15. Somasila Dam

Tourist Places in Nellore

In Andhra Pradesh's Nellore District, close to the village of Somasila in the Ananthasagaram Mandal, the Somasila Reservoir is being built across the river Pennar. The Srisailam reservoir, situated in the Krishna basin, can supply water to the reservoir via gravity. It is the largest storage reservoir in the basin of the Penna River. It intends to connect the reservoir with the Nagarjunasagar reservoir as part of the Indian Rivers Inter-link projects to increase the reservoir's water inflows. Somasila Dam can be found approximately 81 kilometres from Nellore, 118 kilometres from Kadapa, 219 kilometres from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and 388 kilometres from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Nearly 75 kilometres separate Somasila from Nellore along the road from Athrupalli to Podalakur. Most of the time, the road leading to Somasila is in good condition. Tourists are advised to visit the reservoir at Somasila. It is a location that is tranquil and secluded. Around 15 villages are located on the way to Somasila and should be visited there. The reservoir is accessible to the general public, and a hike around the surrounding mountains is advised. Visitors and locals come from far and wide to picnic at Somasila.

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