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11 Best Tourist places in Hubli

The second-largest city in Karnataka after Bangalore, Hubli serves as the region's commercial, industrial, technological, and educational hub. The word "Hubli" comes from the Kannada word "Hubballi," which signifies a creeper with flowers. The Chalukya period is when Hubli's historical beginnings can be traced. Rayara Hubli, Ileya Puravada Halli, and Puraballi were the previous names for the place. Rayara Hubli developed into a significant hub of cotton, saltpetre, and iron trade when the Vijayanagara Rayas were in power. Moving further, in this article, we will cover the tourist places in Hubli.

Top Tourist Places in Hubli

1. Glass House in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

You should visit the Indira Glass House to watch the renowned flower presentation. Indra Gandhi, a previous Indian prime minister, was also present for the establishment's inauguration. Important exhibits, conferences, and events are ideal to be held in this building. Lalbaug Garden in Bangalore and Indira Glass House are both comparable. Fields of lovely green grass and a skating rink are located here. In addition, the Indira Gandhi Glass House serves as a venue for honouring different people. In addition to going there, tourists may sign up for the Laughing Club, where they can laugh out loud for 30 minutes every morning. The task of preserving and enhancing the Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden has been delegated to the local government.

2. Nripatunga Betta in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

Tourists are advised to visit Nripatunga Betta, situated on the Unkal hills of Hubli. The view of the cities of Dharwad and Hubli is breathtaking when visitors arrive at this location. Amargo in the north and the airport in the west both have their whole landscapes visible to tourists. The Devi shrine on Nripatunga Betta is another option for them. This is the perfect location for anyone wishing to escape the city's bustle for a while. Since the Road was created here in 1974, it has gained popularity as a picnic location in the neighbourhood. It is a well-liked morning walk among locals and visitors alike because of the excellent roadways. A gate has been built as an entrance at a distance of 1 km from the hill. Visitors arriving by automobile must pull up to the entrance, park, and purchase a ticket before entering Nripatunga Betta. Adults must pay Rs. 10 to enter, while kids must pay Rs. 5.

3. Nuggikeri Hanuman Mandir in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

It is also recommended for visitors to Hubli to stop at the Lord Hanuman-dedicated Nuggikeri Hanuman Temple. One of the most revered pilgrimage sites in the area is this temple. Tourists may view the deity's historical statue, which Saint Shri Vyasraj repaired when they visit the temple. Currently, the Desai family looks after this idol. This temple is highly packed on Saturdays since it is Lord Hanuman's special day. The renovation of the temple tower and its surroundings is now under development.

4. Gayatri Tapovan in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

Visitors to Hubli are also encouraged to stop by Gayatri Tapovan, renowned for its spiritual and cultural offerings. This location was formerly known as Navkalyan Math but was subsequently renamed Tapovan. It was started by the well-known orator Shri Kumar Swamiji, whose adherents gathered from all over the nation. His devotees from many groups used to gather and listen to his sermons together. Kumar Swamiji's pupils have carried out this custom even after his passing.

5. Siddarudh Math in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

It is recommended to visit Siddharudh Math for all those looking for Hubli. Sri Siddharudha Swami (1837-1929), who entered Samadhi in 1929, is honoured by the construction of this Math. Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi, two well-known historical leaders, visited this location in 1929 and 1924, respectively. This religious organization is regarded as Siddarudh Math. Additionally, this Math serves as the focal point for the spread of Swami Siddarudh Ji's teachings, which are the foundation for his Advaita philosophy. When the Math hosts its annual Car Festival in honour of Mahashivratri, many Swami Devotees come here for the blessing.

6. Water Park in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

Tourists are advised to visit Maruti Water Park and Water World, two of Hubli's most well-liked water parks, for recreation and fun. On Karwar Road in Hubli, next to the ESI Hospital, lies the Maruti Water Park. The park's water activities are what draw visitors. Water World, a property of the Country Club, is well-liked by visitors, particularly children, for its exciting water attractions.

7. Banashankari Temple in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

Banashankari Temple, a historic temple in Amargol close to Hubli, is located 9 kilometres from Hubli Junction Railway Station. It is a historical temple and a well-liked tourist destination in Hubli. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, the temple is a protected monument.

The Chalukyas constructed the Banashankari Temple at Amargol in the 13th century. The formidable demon Durgamasura was slain by goddess Parvathi, who allegedly descended to earth to save humanity from him. The goddess Banashankari, a manifestation of Parvathi, is the object of the temple's devotion. She was given the name Vana Shankari, which translates to "Goddess of the Forest," Over time, she became known as Banashankari.

The Banashankari Temple in Amargol is a magnificent example of Chalukyan architecture. It has two temples and is a Dvikuta temple and the Banashankari temple in Amargol. While one shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva, the other is to the goddess Banashankari. This temple contains two shrines with vimanas on top, one in the Dravida style and the other in the Nagara style, both having stepped diamond shapes. Beautiful pillars of this temple's Navaranga Mandapa are adorned with images of the Gods Brahma, Ganapathi, Narasimha, Shiva, Parvati, and others.

8. Unkal Lake in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

Tourists must visit the 110-year-old Unkal Lake, well-known for its calm and gorgeous surroundings. This lake, which covers an area of 200 acres, is the tourist destination that gets the most visitors in Hubli. Along with fun activities, visitors may enjoy stunning sunsets here in the evening. The monument of Swami Vivekananda in the centre of the lake is the primary draw of this location. As the Karmabhoomi of Shri Siddappaja, born here in 1859, this location is well-known. At 14, he fled his house in quest of a guru and moved inside the Unkal Malalaringa temple. Since Shri Siddappaja's passing in 1921, Jatra has been held at this location. The adjacent cities rely heavily on Unkal Lake as a drinking water supply. Visitors who come here in quest of tranquillity and relaxation are mesmerized by the lake complex's beautiful green landscape. In addition to this, he takes pleasure in boating on the lake.

9. Chandramouleshwara Temple in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

Hindu god Shiva is the subject of the 900-year-old Chandramouleshwara Temple in Hubli. The temple was constructed in the 11th and 12th centuries by the Western Chalukya dynasty (Badami Chalukyas). It is filled with unique sculptures that will surprise any visitor who appreciates seeing ancient artefacts maintained, outlasting time! The temple has a stunning location, close to the peaceful Unkal Lake.

The Chandramouleshwara Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest temples in Karnataka. Anyone interested in Hindu architecture must visit the temple with its complex carvings and sculptures. The Chandramouleshwara Temple is free to enter and is open from sunrise to sunset.

10. Amruteshwara Temple in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

Amruteshwara Temple is a historic temple located in Annigeri, Karnataka, 24 kilometres from Gadag and 44 km from Hubli. It is a well-known heritage temple in Karnataka and one of the most well-liked tourist destinations close to Hubli.

A beautiful example of Kalyani Chalukyan architecture is the temple. The Amruteshwara Temple at Annigeri, dedicated to Lord Shiva, was the first soapstone temple constructed in 1050 CE by the Kalyani Chalukyas. The temple, built in Dravidian architecture, features a roof supported by 76 pillars. The temple's walls are decorated with sculptures of legendary characters. The Amruteshwara Temple was designed to model subsequent, more complex buildings like the Mahadeva Temple in Itagi.

11. Sathodi waterfall in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

The distance of Sathodi Waterfall from Hubli is 75 kilometres. It is recognized as one of Karnataka's largest and most magnificent waterfalls. Sathodi is renowned for its comfortable atmosphere and beautiful views. This waterfall comprises several streams that come together to form one stunning waterfall. On the Kali River, a lovely dam called Kodasalli was constructed. Here, water cascades from a 50-foot height. The waterfall's currents arrive at their destination and enter the Kodasalli barrier. From mid-November to mid-April is the ideal time to travel here. Here, you may make plans for a fantastic trip.

How to Reach Hubli

By Flight

Hubli has an airport that connects to cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. However, Bangalore must stop before reaching destinations like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Frequent bus services and taxis are available to get to your destination in the city from the airport.

By Train

Hubli has good connectivity to the railway from major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. After reaching there, take a bus or a cab from the Hubli Railway Station to go to the preferred destination.

By Bus

Bus services connect Hubli with Mangalore, Pune, Mysore, Bangalore, Goa, and Mumbai. From these locations, frequent bus service to Hubli is provided by state-owned NWKRTC (North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation), private buses, and Volvo buses.

Famous Food in Hubli

Tourist places in Hubli

The most popular dish in Hubli and a must-have in the city is "Girmit". Made from puffed rice, also known locally as "Churmuri." Hubli's most well-liked street cuisine is, without a doubt, girmit.

Best Time to Visit Hubli

Winter, from October to February, is the best season to visit Hubli. Since the city experiences hot summers and muggy monsoons, the weather is suitable for sightseeing and adventurous activities that are not advised during other seasons. Light warm clothing will be enough; the average temperature this season is approximately 16 C. Attending events like Dharwad Utsav, held in November, will also give you a taste of the local culture.


The city of Hubli is regarded as the administrative centre of northern Karnataka. The city has a bustling commercial area that is expanding daily. People have begun their businesses, and to prepare for a bright future, businesspeople establish several large-scale enterprises. Due to growth and industrialization, many Indian cities have lost their beauty. Hubli yet maintains a remarkable balance between industries, culture, and environment. This is why you must go there while planning your next holiday.

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