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20 Best Tourist Places in Bali

One of Indonesia's top tourist destinations, famed for its stunning landscapes, is the island of Bali. Bali is known worldwide for its exquisite cuisine, fragrant rice, beautiful beaches, and unique art and cultural traditions. Bali, situated east of the island of Java, draws visitors with its seaside water sports. Bali's natural beauty entices visitors to return time and time. In addition, visitors to Bali can view the Sunrise and Sunset Points as well as picturesque temples, attractive waterfalls, and retreats. Please read this entire article if you want to learn more about the island of Bali and its top tourist attractions.

1. Bali Safari and Marine Park

Tourist Places in Bali

If seeing natural landmarks and temples has grown tiresome for you, visit Bali Safari and Marine Park, where you will have plenty of opportunities to have fun. It has a 40-hectare area and is home to more than 60 animal species, making it Bali's biggest animal theme park. Sitting on the safari bus lets, you view the wildlife and the elephants' talent display. You may also have fun at the nearby water park and amusement park.

2. Tanah Lot Temple

Tourist Places in Bali

The Tanah Lot is the most well-known and beloved temple in Bali. It is surrounded by seawater and constructed on a very tall temple mountain. This natural scene is so lovely in and of itself that once you've seen it, you'll always remember it. Another fantastic view is the sunset from here. Tanah Lot, one of Bali's most significant temples, was constructed as an act of respect for the sea gods' souls. People visiting Bali must visit this temple, located 20 miles from Kuta.

3. Kintamani Mount Batur

Tourist Places in Bali

How is it possible to visit Bali and not see the volcano? A well-known tourist place is climbing up the Kintamani Volcano, sometimes referred to as Mount Batur. A glimpse of this magnificent volcano may be had from Penelokan, a well-known rest area that acts as the mountain's mouth. The 13 square kilometers surrounding Batur caldera lake also contains the lake. Additionally, there are several hot springs close by.

4. Ubud Monkey Forest

Tourist Places in Bali

The Ubud Monkey Forest, where Bali's long-tailed grey monkeys are found, is located on the outskirts of the Ubud Main Center. It is among the most well-known sights in Ubud. The Natural Forest Sanctuary is located here. Near the center of Ubud, there are resorts and guesthouses within walking distance of this forest. You may also view a lot of old temples here in addition to the monkeys' antics. Just ten minutes away, you may also go to the nearby Ubud Art Market and Ubud Royal Palace.

5. Besakih Temple

Tourist Places in Bali

The Besakih Temple is the biggest temple in Bali. Built on the slopes of Mount Agung, this 1,000-year-old temple, located at the height of 1000 meters above sea level, is referred to as the Mother Temple of Bali. This temple also benefits from the natural splendor of the surrounding rice fields, mountains, and waterfalls. In addition to the three primary temples honoring Lords Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, there are 18 other sanctuaries.

6. Seminyak

Tourist Places in Bali

On Bali's southwest coast sits the popular tourist resort of Seminyak. Seminyak, a popular Bali tourist resort, is well-known for its incredible nightlife and shopping. Luxurious eateries and chic hotels are serving delectable cuisine line the streets of Seminyak. Beautiful parties, surfing, hanging out on the beach, and drinking beer are all enjoyable activities in and of themselves. Seminyak is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors instantly.

7. Surfing in Bali

Tourist Places in Bali

Bali is one of the best surfing destination in the world, attracting millions of surfers to its blue waves every year. Along with a cultural spectacle, The Island of the Gods has various surf locations for surfers of varying skill levels and financial abilities. Bali is one of the world's greatest places to learn surf because of its abundance of surf schools, professional surfers, and rich surfing culture. The beaches of Bali have it all for you, whether you are a beginner looking for great instruction or a seasoned surfer looking for a challenge. The best time to surf is during the dry season, which runs from April to August.

8. Tegenungan Waterfall

Tourist Places in Bali

Tegenungan Waterfall, one of the most well-liked picnic sites in the area, is in Tegenungan village, midway between Ubud and Bali's capital Denpasar. The area, which is remote and outside of Bali, is perfect for wildlife photographers. It is surrounded by thick vegetation in a small swimming area, and cafés and restaurants border it.

Tegenungan Waterfall has numerous levels, each of which may be accessed by a set of steps. Swimming in the shallow pool bed is one of the main things to do here. Due to its popularity and ease of access, this waterfall is crowded, but it is still a pleasant drive and quick picnic from Bali.

9. Adventure Sports

Tourist Places in Bali

For most people, Bali is a little piece of paradise where they can let go, and unwind for a few days in its peace. There is another side to Bali, too, and this is ideal for anyone who wants to participate in the thrilling adventure sports that this location offers. Adventure sports in Bali are not for the faint of heart, whether flying through the air or plunging into the ocean's depths, hiking along the rim of an erupting volcano, or white river rafting.

10. Ayung River Rafting

Tourist Places in Bali

Bali's longest river, the Ayung River, is around 75 kilometers long. One of the most well-known rivers for rafting originates in the northern highlands and runs till the Badung Strait in Sanur. The surrounding gorgeous backdrop of rice fields, waterfalls, jungles, and wall sculptures enhances the adventurous experience, while the white waters are ideal for novices.

Bali's top tourist attractions may be reached within two hours after the Ayung River Rafting trip. It is conveniently accessible from Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Kuta, and the Ubud Village via Kedewatan in Ubud.

11. Ulu Watu Temple

Tourist Places in Bali

Uluwatu is a popular surfing destination in Bali that draws surfers of all skill levels to its thrilling beachfront. Uluwatu is located near the southwestern point of Bukit. Five top-notch surf breaks make up the waves, and the hotels and eateries that front out into the Indian Ocean provide stunning views. A significant attraction nearby is the Pura Luru Uluwatu temple.

The little stretch of beach known as Uluwatu, located at the southwest edge of Bukit in Bali, draws surfers of all skill levels to its exhilarating beachfront. Uluwatu is made up of the terms "ulu," which means "Land's End," and "Watu," which means "rock." Five top-notch surf breaks make up the waves in this area, and the hotels and eateries that face out over the Indian Ocean offer stunning views.

12. Lovina

Tourist Places in Bali

One of Bali's popular tourist destinations, Lovina, is renowned for its stunning beaches. You may enjoy yourself the most at Lovina's sea beach while sipping beer. Let us inform you that Lovina, a tourist destination in the northern part of Bali, is well known for its opulent resorts, black sand beaches, dolphin watching, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Tourists visit Banjar for its hot springs, Buddhist monasteries, and dawn and sunset views.

13. Goa Gajah Gianyar

Tourist Places in Bali

Goa Gajah is a Hindu temple and one of the top tourist destinations in Bali with significant religious, historical, and archaeological significance. The cave temple is said to have been erected in the ninth century and was intended to be a sanctuary or a place of meditation. Tourists more commonly refer to it as Elephant Cave.

The cave's entrance features several carvings on the rock, the most noticeable of which is a huge face in the center, directly above the entrance. The temple's courtyard is littered with various antiquated Buddhist and Hindu artefacts. Besides, there are additional features of the temple worth noting, such as sculptures on the rock walls, fountains, and swimming pools.

14. Nusa Penida

Tourist Places in Bali

Nusa Penida can be the ideal location in Bali if you seek a beautiful place. Nusa Penida, an incomparably gorgeous island divided from Bali by the Badung Strait, is one of the top destinations in Bali to visit whether you are a photographer, an adventurer, or someone searching for a quiet beach escape. This island, home to various Hindu temples and boasts many lagoons and limestone formations, is alive tranquilly.

In addition, the tall cliffs covered in lush vegetation and bordered by azure seas are stunning. The island has few lodging and dining alternatives away from the hustle and bustle of tourists, making it perfect for an undisturbed encounter with nature.

15. Sekumpul Waterfall

Tourist Places in Bali

The picturesque path leads to a bizarre waterfall in the town of Sekumpul over hundreds of steps, a gravel road, and rice fields. A sight that should not be missed is a waterfall surrounded by beautiful vegetation and falling from extremely high rocks. Sekumpul waterfall is made up of a total of seven falls.

Sekumpul waterfall is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bali. After making the walk down to the fall, head to the pool and cool down. The stunning view might make you tempted to dive into the swimming pool.

16. WaterBom Waterpark

Tourist Places in Bali

There aren't many places in Bali that can provide your family with a day of pure enjoyment, like Waterbom Waterpark. This waterpark boasts a vibrant atmosphere and a vast selection of rides and attractions appropriate for all age groups that will brighten your day and add some enjoyable highlights to your vacation.

As your excitement rises, twist down the lengthy slides and scream at the top of your lungs before diving into the enormous pools. There is a wide selection of activities here, from exhilarating coasters and slides like Python and Boomerang to simpler attractions like Lazy River. In addition, the expansive park has tropical plants and a wide variety of eating establishments to provide tourists with a comprehensive bundle of joy.

17. Garuda Wishnu

Tourist Places in Bali

Add Garuda Wisnu to your schedule right now and dedicate one day to spirituality, nature, culture, and calm while in Bali. It is a sizable cultural park that is one of Bali's main tourist destinations, thanks to various artificial attractions. The park is well known for holding a variety of sculptures and serving as a venue for several important cultural events and performances.

Additionally, it is a great location for engaging in enjoyable activities and gastronomic expeditions. However, the park's most recognisable feature is a 120-meter-tall monument of Lord Vishnu riding the fabled bird Garuda. The elaborately carved rock figure is a masterpiece of artistic craftsmanship and symbolises the region's ideals and prevalent beliefs.

18. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tourist Places in Bali

When you visit Bali and see the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, you will understand why waterfalls may appear to be a place from other world. Being here is similar to seeing an inside plunge since sheer canyons surround the waterfall.

This location will captivate you with its distinctive features if you are interested in photography. The waterfall and pool below are illuminated during certain times of the day by sunlight that passes through the rocks, making the area appear even more inviting. Visit this natural wonder early in the morning to avoid crowds and experience exclusivity.

19. Jatiluwih Green Land

Tourist Places in Bali

The rice fields of Bali, which from a distance are like magnificent green sheets of velvet, are among the most well-known sights to witness. Bring your friends along as you walk around these verdant fields, taking in the beauty and learning more about this kind of farming. And Jatiluwih Green Land, one of Bali's most popular tourist destinations, is the best venue to watch this show.

You will also have plenty of chances to take stunning photos of your loved ones posing in the vast green fields or of field workers going about their daily tasks. Overall, spending some time in Jatiluwih Green Land is an enjoyable and educational experience that you shouldn't pass up.

20. Finns beach club in Bali

Tourist Places in Bali

Finns Beach Club is one of the top locations to visit in Bali and is a great hangout where you can unwind with your friends without being disturbed. The beach club's success may be attributed to its beachfront setting, which allows guests to take in the expansive views of the azure sea. Spend the day relaxing and sampling the restaurant's wonderful offerings.

Take a plunge in the infinity pool as dusk falls and wait for the breathtaking sunset vista this location is well known for. With a nice beer in hand, take in Bali's beauty and breathtaking surroundings as you watch the orange sky turn a rich blue. Your vacation will undoubtedly feel rejuvenated after a day at Finns Beach Club.

Best Time to Visit Bali

April through October is ideal for visiting Bali's tourist destinations. During this season, visitors may participate in water sports in Bali and have fun.

Famous Food in Bali

Tourist Places in Bali

Visitors to Bali are welcomed with a range of delectable native cuisine. Oyster Betutu, Roasted Chicken, Pepes Be Pasih, Lemongrass Sauce, Banana Wrapped Fish, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pasta, Chips, etc. are a few of the popular meals served here. Sanur is a great place to sample the delectable cuisine of Bali tourists.

How To Reach Bali from India

Travelling by flight is the most advantageous alternative for visiting Bali. Flights are available from the major cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. India is easily accessible from Indonesia's Ngurah Rai International Airport. The trip to Bali takes roughly 82 kilometres from the airport. Bali is easily accessible from the airport thanks to the local transportation options available.

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