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8 Best Tourist Places In Talcher

Talcher is one of the Angul district's subdivisions in the Indian state of Odisha. The following is a list of Talcher locations that are popular with tourists. The Talcher Palace and the Anantsayana Vishnu statue are the two most well-known tourist destinations in Talcher.

1. Talcher Palace

Talcher Palace is a significant attraction in Talcher. It was formerly Raja Rajendra Chandra Deb's residence. Its two lion sculptures in the entrance gate and the giant round wheel are its principal attractions. An elevated section of Talcher town provides a view of the Brahmini River.

Tourist Places In Talcher

A park and an observation point are part of the new development. Due to the municipality's excellent maintenance, the Brahmini River is visible from all angles. One can sit on one of the chairs at the lookout and enjoy the riverbed of the Brahmini River.

2. Ashtashambhu Temple

Ashtashambhu Temple in Dhenkanal, an Odisha district, is located near Kualo, which is not far from Talcher. However, the journey to Talcher Palace is approximately 14 kilometers from this temple.

Tourist Places In Talcher

Sanskrit's word for "eight" is "ashta," whereas another name for Shiva is "shambhu." The Ashtashambhu Temples are a collection of eight Shiva temples as a result. Two of these temples are located in Sambalpur, and the remaining six are dispersed between Talcher and Bhubaneshwar. It was built in the tenth century AD using Kalinga architectural features.

3. Anantsayana Vishnu

In Talcher's Sarang village, Anantsayana Vishnu is located on the banks of the Brahmini River. It's the largest of its kind in India and is 15.4 meters long. It was built during the ninth century. Its height above sea level is 61 meters.

Tourist Places In Talcher

The universe and Lord Brahma are said to have been generated from Lord Vishnu's navel while he was in this comfortable and relaxed position. Lord Brahma was created by Vishnu, who also serves as the universe's protector. In order to preserve this historic landmark and the giant statue of Lord Vishnu in the reclining position, which is a gift from nature, the Indian government is taking the most significant precautions.

4. Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

The Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary, which occupies an area of 795.52 square kilometers, continues to amaze tourists with its spectacular beauty, lush surroundings, the ever-cherished streaming of the River Mahanadi, and the well-known Satkosia gorge. The numerous species of wild birds, animals, and plants can be observed here.

Tourist Places In Talcher

In addition to tigers, leopards, gaurs, sambal, spotted deer, four-horned antelopes, sloths, and gharials, it is home to a wide variety of other wildlife. Both camping and hiking are available in the animal sanctuary. Anybody who enjoys the great outdoors, wildlife, and adventure will find this the perfect setting.

5. Satkosia Tiger Reserve And Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary

Since 1976, the lovely town of Satkosia has been home to a wildlife sanctuary known as the Satkosia Tiger Reserve. The sanctuary is home to tigers, which are found in the humid, deciduous forests of the Eastern Ghats. Elephants, birds, and numerous other animals live there.

Tourist Places In Talcher

On a boat, one can view the Gharials, an Indian fish-eating crocodile, in the river.

Tourist Places In Talcher

The Mahanadi River created the Satkosia Gorge in eastern Odisha, India. It is a United Nations-protected region situated in the Satkosia Tiger Reserve. In 2021, it was also designated a Ramsar site.

6. Ansupa Lake

Any nature lover should put Ansupa Lake on their trip wish list. It is a breathtaking freshwater lake in Odisha's Cuttack district.

Tourist Places In Talcher

This stunning lake is surrounded by lush greenery hills and wooded areas, providing a relaxing and quiet setting perfect for a soothing hideaway from the rush of city life.

7. The Mandua

A little community in Kaniha's rural parts called Mandua is 35 kilometers away from Talcher Place. It is a popular picnic spot for everyone in this region and is situated on the shallow riverbank of the Tikira tributary of the Brahmini River.

Even though there are mountains all around this tiny riverbed, it nonetheless provides an escape for those who enjoy the outdoors. Many migratory species pass through here in the winter, with Brahmini ducks and stilts being two of the most frequent.

Although the small riverbed initially seems dirty, the lovely flora that surrounds it provides a serene ambiance, making it the most incredible place for picnics.

8. Sanaghagara Waterfall

In the Kendujhar district of the Indian state of Odisha, there is a waterfall known as the Sanaghagara Waterfall. Because of the area's beautiful beauty and pleasant environment, it is a well-known tourist destination.

Tourist Places In Talcher

The waterfall, which rises to a stunning height of roughly 40 meters, is situated at the edge of Sanaghagara Hill. The waterfall's falling waters form an incredibly captivating view, and the sound of the rushing water can be heard from a great distance. Along with the waterfall, the nearby hills can be visited for a fantastic panoramic view.

Overall, these places are lush with greenery and a pleasure for individuals who love the outdoors. Despite the fact that some of them are located in different neighborhoods, tourists always travel to these places.

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