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15 Best Tourist Places in Philippines

The Philippines' more than 7,000 islands make it simple to travel there more than once. Making a selection about which locations to visit first is the most challenging aspect of travelling. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the three major island groups to make up the Philippines, each represents a unique part of this country. The Philippines offers some of the nicest beaches in Asia. Using this list of the top destinations in the Philippines, you can organize your vacation around this tropical island nation.

1. Boracay

Tourist Places in Philippines

This is the best place to visit in the Philippines. Boracay Island has more than 12 beaches, which is why it is known as the beach capital of the Philippines. This little island in the west Visayas area is perfect for people on the beach looking to relax in the sun or engage in water sports. One of the nicest beaches in the Philippines is White Beach, which lies on the island's west side. Shell collectors like to visit Puka Shell Beach, near the island's tip. Cagban Beach is a peaceful area with surrounding caverns that are said to have hidden treasure still. A place to stay is simple to find on this island because many resorts are there. Take a day excursion to the island's highest peak, Mount Luho, for a panoramic view.

2. Bohol

Tourist Places in Philippines

The island of Bohol, located in the middle Visayas area of the Philippines, is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning natural surroundings. The Chocolate Hills near Carmen is one of the most distinctive natural attractions on the island. The 1,200 geological formations that make up this UNESCO-protected monument become dark during the dry season and resemble a panorama of chocolate candies kisses.

Bohol's beaches are the main attraction here. Some of the nicest beaches in Bohol may be found on Panglao Island, including Alona beach, Danao beach, Bolod beach, Dao beach, Bingag beach and Doljo beach. Alona beach, Danao beach, is famous for diving. Dao beach and Bingag beach have popular resort areas. Bolod beach has a long stretch of beachfront, and Doljo beach is very secluded but great for discovering seashells.

3. Cebu

Tourist Places in Philippines

One of the Philippines' top destinations for diving and snorkelling is the island of Cebu, located in the Visayas region's centre. If you enjoy diving, Cebu is a great place to go on an adventure to see sea turtles, coral reefs, and whale sharks.

The sea caverns in Cebu offer some of the most breathtaking views of the ocean, drawing photographers and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for unusual diving and snorkelling locations. The Sudlon National Area is a stunning park to explore and trek in, and it's only an hour from Cebu City. The main attraction of Cebu is its water, but the city is a bustling metropolis with historical sites like cathedrals and museums.

4. Banaue

Tourist Places in Philippines

This is yet another excellent location in the Philippines. The Banaue rice terraces are among the most impressive sights to visit in the Philippines. The terraces in this region are emerald green, a miracle of agriculture. It is thought that more than 2,000 years ago, some of the terraces were manually cut into the rock. UNESCO has designated the Batad and Bangaan rice terraces as World Heritage Sites. Take a trip around the Banaue Ethnic village or the Hiwang village to interact with the Indigenous people who farm the rice terraces. Sunrise offers the best view of the terraces since mists and fog are lifted from the mountain, revealing the terraces' unique topography.

5. Vigan

Tourist Places in Philippines

One of the most lovely cities to visit in the Luzon area is the ancient city of Vigan in the northern Philippines. Chinese and Spanish influences from local settlers have blended into its culture. You can admire the colonial architecture built by the Spanish, who occupied the region in the 18th century, as you go around the streets in a horse-drawn kalesa. Vigan is a city with various aspects to discover.

The Bantay Bell tower is a well-known landmark in the region and provides the area's greatest views. You may easily walk through the old Calle Crisologo neighbourhood, where you will come across many local artisans and historical buildings. Visits the stunning St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral, which offers you an ideal opportunity to sit back and observe the locals.

6. Manila

Tourist Places in Philippines

This is yet another excellent location in the Philippines. On the island of Luzon, the capital city of the Philippines is Manila. While visiting Manila's major attractions, take a ride on the vibrant jeepneys, which is the primary mode of public transportation, to experience local life. Here you can visit the city's biggest park, that is, Rizal park and the 16th-century San Agustin church. You can purchase fresh produce and handcrafted items at the Quiapo church public market, where you can expect to see thousands of worshippers every Friday.

7. Davao City

Tourist Places in Philippines

Davao city has a sizable metro area. Davao city is the largest city in the Mindanao area of the southern Philippines. Davao city has many natural features, such as the Eden nature park, the Philippine eagle centre, and the Davao Baywalk along the sea, despite its malls and large population. Mount Apo is the tallest peak in the Philippines and is one of the top locations to visit in Davao city. Due to numerous large malls, such as Abreeza mall and SM Lanang Premier mall, Davao city is a great place to go shopping. The small Davao Museum of History and Ethnography is worth a visit for a glimpse into the history and culture of Davao city.

8. Sagada

Tourist Places in Philippines

The northern tribal region of Sagada is one of the most distinctive places to visit in the Philippines. Tribes that welcome passing travellers can be nestled in the isolated Cordillera mountains. The expert outdoor enthusiast would love this place. High heights and steep mountains increase the difficulty and thrill of an outdoor experience. In Sagada, hiking is quite popular, especially Mount Ampaco, which is the highest mountain in the area. The hanging coffins hidden deep in the mountains in this part of the Philippines are among the greatest sites to visit. Since this is not a tourist destination but a true tribal location that provides a memorable experience, it is important to arrange a local guide to take you there.

9. Coron Island

Tourist Places in Philippines

Coron Island is one of the best diving locations in the world, and this is a tropical paradise with almost surreal electric blue and green water. The Philippines' westernmost group of islands, the Palawan island area, includes the mountainous island. Because there are so many wrecks on the island, diving is quite popular there. Many of the shipwrecks that have been preserved are found in waters. Due to their vastness, some of the wrecks take more than one dive to examine, but you may easily spend a week diving here. Visit Barracuda Lake, which is a former volcano with numerous interesting rock formations and fish.

10. Baguio

Tourist Places in Philippines

This is on the island of Luzon. A city called Baguio has nestled away in a mountainous area. Baguio feels small and cosy despite being a metropolis. Baguio is called the City of Pines because of its great pine woods and the surrounding weather.

You can explore the various nearby trekking and bike paths or play golf at resorts. Unlike other tourist attractions in the Philippines, Baguio is surrounded by trees rather than the sea. You can enjoy some of the unique flora and animals in this area at the parks like Mines View and Burnham. Spend some time on Session road, Baguio's main road, where you may observe aspects of local culture.

11. Puerto Princesa

Tourist Places in Philippines

The undiscovered paradise of the Philippines is the island of Palawan, with its rock islands, caverns, and natural parks. A fantastic starting point to visit a five-mile subterranean river and magnificent limestone caverns are the Subterranean River, National Park. You may take boat cruises through the national park. Honda Bay, where snorkelling is popular, and Ugong rock, where you can go ziplining and caving, are two more must-see locations in Puerto Princesa.

12. Samal

Tourist Places in Philippines

Hiking, snorkelling, and kayaking are common activities on Samal Island. Samal Island is also known as the garden city of Samal. Apart from relaxing on the beach, one of the best things to do on Samal Island is to visit the Monfort Bat Sanctuary, which is home to millions of bats in the caves. Visit Hagimit falls for a fun day excursion away from the beach, where you can stroll on nature paths and cool down in the pools below the tropical waterfalls. When you desire a more urban setting or a wider selection of eating, Samal Island is a great place.

13. Apo Island

Tourist Places in Philippines

The Philippines' Apo Island is a place where you can go swimming with sea turtles. You may go on organized excursions to meet sea turtles from close and snorkel in coral reefs at the Apo Island marine reserve. This island is an eco-paradise. Visit the Apo Island View Deck for fantastic views of the island and the water.

14. El Nido

Tourist Places in Philippines

The Philippines' El Nido is a beautiful destination because of its crystal-clear water, marine life, coral reefs, and limestone cliffs. Additionally, you may participate in cliff-climbing adventures or visit Taraw peak for a canopy walk with the greatest surroundings view. Along with being the starting point for island hopping excursions, El Nido is famous for its beautiful beaches, including Nacpan beach and Lio beach. A great way to enjoy El Nido is to participate in island hopping trips to El Nido Big Lagoon or Snake Island to see the cliffs and caverns from the water.

15. Siargao

Tourist Places in Philippines

This island is one of the most visited sites despite being quite small. Siargao Island is a good choice for travellers who like to create their itinerary. The main attraction in Siargao is surfing. Siargao is a renowned destination for sea fishing. White sandy beaches surround the entire island, and turquoise blue water flows at the coast. Here inland waterfalls and lagoons are present, which are excellent locations for unwinding and rejuvenation.

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