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25 Best Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) is a state in southern India based near the Godavari and Krishna rivers. This gorgeous Indian state is known for its religious holy sites, ancient monuments, beautiful scenery, and coastlines. This well-known state is the host to some of the World's most admired shrines, with Tirupati Balaji Temple serving as the state's big attraction. Go through this article if you're looking for fascinating knowledge concerning Andhra Pradesh. You'll learn about the state's history and its tourist spots. Here are the tourist places available in this state that are highly admired and can be explored.

1. Visakhapatnam

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam, located on the shores of the sea, is Andhra Pradesh's biggest city, and it is entirely feasible that it will be proclaimed the state's capital shortly. Visakhapatnam is known as Andhra Pradesh's Goa because its beaches are similar to Goa. Several such sites are present in Visakhapatnam that you will not want to leave after exploring. In Visakhapatnam, you should visit the Araku Valley, Indira Gandhi Zoo, and Katiki Waterfall. You will also enjoy Rishikonda Beach and R.K. Beach. The Simhachalam temple is located in the heart of Visakhapatnam, and it is said that Lord Narasimha has taken his divinity here.

2. Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Tirupati (A Holy Place in A.P.) is located in the southern region of Andhra Pradesh, on the Eastern Ghats. The Tirupati Balaji temple is well-known around the World. Tirupati Balaji Temple is among the wealthiest temples in the world as around billions of rupees are offered here as a donation every year, and the entire globe enjoys the ladoos made here with eagerness. Several more shrines are present in this holy city of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Govindarajaswamy Temple is the major among them. Don't forget to see the Talkona Waterfalls if you come here.


Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

The temples developed in the 17th and 18th centuries are well-known in Ongole. It's one of Andhra Pradesh's ancient cities, and individuals spend their time relaxing on the seashore. Gentlemen, whenever you come here, you can fully blend in with the environment. Nearly every single street has remains of a fort, demonstrating Ongole's rich past. Visitors who come to Ongole must go to Vodarevu Beach, Kothapatnam Beach, and Kashi Visveswara Temple. So, overall there are many things that you can explore and enjoy with your fellow mates.

4. Kadapa

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

In the Telugu language, the door is called Kadapa. The building here is well-known across South India. The forts of Siddhavatan and Gandikota are notable in this area. You would be stunned to discover that Kadapa is one of the World's top 20 cities with a nuclear fuel repository. When you visit Kadapa, you can take a walk through the tunnels of Kadapa, where you will find a perfect blend of cultural and natural heritage. The Government Museum, Bhagwan Mahavir, and the Sri Venkateswara Native Wildlife Preservation Area are among the other attractions of Kadapa.

5. Nellore

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Nellore is a town in Andhra Pradesh's south. Nellore's society is as diversified as its technology. There are several tiny forts on Nellore due to the dominance of empires in the past such as the Chola, Maurya, Pallavas, and Vijaya Nagar. The forts of Wavenkatgiri and Udayagiri are well-known across South India. Sri Harikota is also known as Andhra Pradesh's Technological City since it is home to the ISRO's main headquarters.

6. Aru Valley

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Let us inform you that travellers may view Araku Valley's natural beauty. Its tranquil atmosphere draws both locals and visitors. Araku Valley is a vacation spot with many interesting sites to explore. However, it is a favourite filming location in Tollywood. Apart from being a tourist attraction, the air here tastes like freshly ground homegrown organic coffee beans. There are several coffee plantations in the valley, which contribute greatly to the valley's economic growth. The Araku Valley's native handicrafts and culture may be seen. It is the valley's main source of employment.

7. Vijaywada

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is home to Vijayawada, a city rich in natural beauty with several old structures and philosophical places. Also known as Bezwada, Vijayawada is a city in India. You will observe many different styles of Indian architecture here. Aside from that, Vijayawada is a must-see for history lovers, spiritual searchers, and environment lovers.

8. Shrisailam

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh attracts thousands of domestic and international visitors every day. Because of its coastline, Andhra Pradesh is a popular tourist destination. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with visitors coming in all seasons. If someone comes here for a walk along the beach, they are also here to visit the historical sites.

Srisailam, on the banks of the Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh, is also a popular tourist destination. There are several spots here where other South Indian states would be forgotten after visiting.

9. Kurnool

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

This lovely state of India is particularly famous for its religious temples, historical structures, natural locations, and beaches along the Krishna and Godavari River in India in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Kurnool is located on the southern bank of the Hathiri and Tungabhadra rivers. The lovely location is regarded as one of Sri Salem's entrances.

The seventh most populated city is the most unusual. This city, which is more than 2000 years old, is believed to be the home of historical legacy and the greatest site for the people of the Hindu faith, which appears like a pretty huge administrative unit and nice countryside. Rayalaseema's gateway is another name for it. People that enjoy monuments will be interested in ancient architecture and historical monuments.

10. Guntur

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Guntur is a city in Andhra Pradesh, India, located in the Guntur district. Guntur is also recognized for its chilli, tobacco, cotton exports, education, agriculture, trade, and e-commerce. Telugu is the primary language spoken here. The climate of Guntur is tropical, with scorching summers, monsoons, and comfortable winters.

The city has excellent road connections. Vijayawada is the closest domestic airport, and Hyderabad is the closest international airport. Forts, parks, environmental conservation areas, and museums are among the various tourist attractions here. The prominent holidays observed here are Kartik Purnima, Diwali, Vinayaka - Chaiviti, Krishna Ashtami, Ugadi, Rama Navami, and Sankranti. Idli and dosa, two popular South Indian dishes, are served here.

11. Rajahmundry

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Rajahmundry, the district's major city, is located on the banks of the Godavari River. It dates back to King Narendra's rule in 1022 AD. Since then, the city has grown into a thriving hub of trade and activity. If you're coming to Rajahmundry, you should see a few items that add to the city's particular personality.

The Mahatma Gandhi Wholesale Textile Market is the largest in the Andhra Pradesh area, with over 500 vendors. It's known for its sarees for ladies and cooperative handloom, which creates high-quality items at low rates. You might feel it is necessary to purchase some gold or silver while there. The fort's entrance area is where all of these marketplaces and commerce are located.

12. Rishikonda Beach

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Rishikonda Beach is one of Visakhapatnam's top beaches, with blue seas running over a blanket of golden sand. This beachfront, which stretches close to the Bay of Bengal, draws visitors from the neighbouring districts. This location, nestled among the hills of the Eastern Ghats, provides travellers with a relaxing experience. Because of water availability, this location is great for swimming, water skiing, and windsurfing.

The Andhra Pradesh tourism department has also built cottages around the beach with restaurants and other useful facilities, making Rishikonda beach an excellent tourist stay. When a cold wind brushes your skin while strolling by the sea, the sensation is quite refreshing. Tourists can also enjoy morning and evening walks by the beach.

13. Amalapuram

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

The natural beauty of Amalapuram draws tourists. Amalapur, with its palm trees, canal beauty, dense coconut trees, and prominent temples like Amaleshwar, Sidheshwar, and Chandramouleshwar, are among the most visited sites in Andhra Pradesh. Amalapuram's main feature is the GMC Balayogi Memorial.

14. Srikalahasti

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

It is one of the most important religious sites in Andhra Pradesh and is well-known for the Gudimalam Temple. It is regarded as Lord Bholenath's holiest site in South India. It is well-known as one of Lord Shiva's Panchabhutas. A large population of devotees come here throughout the year to purify themselves by having the darshan of Lord Bholenath. Coming here brings a lot of peace; Lord Shiva holds a particular position in Hinduism, where he is known as the God of Gods, Mahadev, and hence this area holds a unique significance for Hindus.

15. Araku Valley

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley is a lovely tourist location in Madhya Pradesh, around 110 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. This mountain resort is well-known for its high mountains, waterfalls, parks, and caves. The view of Katic Waterfall from here is breathtaking, and it will fill you with adventure. Coming here is an experience in and of itself; you will be happy to witness the natural beauty here, and the memories of this area will stay with you. There is also a museum on the premises where you may view old and antique things maintained.

16. Chittoor

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Chittoor is a city in Andhra Pradesh famous for its beautiful hills on the river Punei. Chittoor is a natural wonderland with several rivers and lakes. The mountains and waterfalls in this area will thrill you with adventure and excitement. It is an old city. Thus, there are many amazing forts here, as well as several historic temples are known for their art and beliefs. People travel from all over the world to pay their respects to magnificent temples. You will feel fairly at ease as a result of this. Walking here is a wonderful experience with stunning views.

17. Srikakulam

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

It is located on the banks of the Krishna River. Srikakulam is situated relatively near Visakhapatnam. As Srikakulam was part of the Kalinga Empire, several temples were constructed here. The architecture of this temple is well-known across India. Khadi was produced in Srikakulam during the liberation movement, attracting Mahatma Gandhi's attention.

18. Ahobilam Temple

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Ahobilam is a small village well-known for its Lord Narasimha Swamy Temple. Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy is worshipped in Ahobilam Temple. There are two temples dedicated to Adi Lakshmi Devi and Chenchu Lakshmi Devi in the temple complex. The holy Ahobilam temple was established on Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy's 5-foot 3-inch footprint. This temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams and is where the Lord killed Hiranyakashipu. Couples who marry at this temple are said to have a happy life.

19. Anantapur

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Anantapur is one of Andhra Pradesh's major cities. Friends, you would be amazed to find that not 1, 2 ,3 but 6 rivers run through this place. It was once a part of the Vijayanagara Empire. Hence numerous historical sites and temples may be found here. The renowned Lepakshi temple of Visva is present here. It is said about the temple that Jatao battled here while Ravana abducted Lord Rama's wife, Mata Sita. This location is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Raidurgam Fort, Aluru Fort, and Ratnadurga Fort are among the other attractions in Anantapur.

20. Puttaparthi Temple

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Puttaparthi is a religious town in Andhra Pradesh famous for its Sai Baba temple. Puttaparthi, the most populous city in Andhra Pradesh, is regarded as Sai Baba's residence. This holy shrine is situated on the banks of the river Chitravati. Chaitanya Jyoti Museum is one of the primary attractions here.

21. Amaravati

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh's projected capital and most beautiful city, is located in the Guntur district. Let us inform you that Amaravati is well-known as a magnificent pilgrimage place for Hindus and Buddhists. In Amravati, there is also a beautiful Shiva temple. Amaravati, a symbol of beautiful architecture, is also the Satavahanas capital.

22. Ananthagiri Pahadi

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Ananthagiri Hill is one of Andhra Pradesh's most unique and beautiful hill stations. The waterfalls and rich green forests surrounding these hills make this location unique. This location is very popular among couples. Every year, many local and foreign couples come to visit. Especially during monsoon a little more.

23. Yaganti Temple

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Sri Yaganti Uma Maheshwara Temple is located in the Andhra Pradesh district of Kurnool, filled with mysteries. This is an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva's Ardhanarishvara form, where Lord Shiva is adorned in the form of a stone idol rather than a Shivling. It is said that the deity of Nandi housed in this temple created by the godlike sage Agastya is constantly growing, requiring the removal of several temple pillars.

24. Annavaram

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Annavaram is a village situated on the banks of the Pampa River in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. There is a very famous temple in this village. There is a very renowned and old temple of Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Bhagwan in the area. Veera Venkata Satyanarayana is regarded as a representation of Lord Vishnu. On the Ratnagiri hill, we discover one such holy and famous temple.

25. Lepakshi

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Lepakshi, a little village in Andhra Pradesh, is not a famous tourist destination. Still, the stunning vista of the temple here really showcases the artwork and is full of many secrets, from the massive monolithic Nandi monument to the floating pillars in the breeze. Many beautiful views of Lepakshi temple will surprise you.

Local Food of Andhra Pradesh

Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is recognized for its spicy food across the country. Rice is the main dish here, and it is always served with sambar. Andhra Pradesh's popular food includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Seafood is only popular in coastal parts of Andhra Pradesh. The most common forms of seafood consumed here are prawns and fish. These meals have a spicy flavour and are typically served with rice.

Here are some delicious foods that you must try at least once:

  • Medu Vada
  • curd and rice
  • Punugulu
  • Andhra Chicken Biryani
  • Pulihora
  • Uppindi

Best time to visit Andhra Pradesh

The months of October to March are excellent for visiting the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Because in this season, travellers may visit the key tourist destinations of Andhra Pradesh state without any problem.

How to Reach Andhra Pradesh

All three ways are open to us by which we can reach Andhra Pradesh. Depending upon the amount we can afford, we can select the medium by which we want to travel. Let's look at all the ways.

  1. By Road: If you are heading to Andhra Pradesh via highway, you should know that the state is well interconnected to its neighbouring states.
  2. By Train: If you want to go to Andhra Pradesh by train, be aware that the state has several railway stations, several of which are situated in the state's large cities and are well accessible to other Indian states.
  3. By Flight: When you are flying to Andhra, you should know that the state has several airports, the most important of which are Tirupati Airport, Hyderabad Airport, and Visakhapatnam Airport, from where you can select depending entirely on your vacation spot.

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