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Tourist Places in Idukki

Idukki tourist attractions introduce those stranded in the concrete jungle to the beauty of nature and God's incredible creation. There are several well-known tourist sites in Idukki, one of Kerala's most lovely districts. The district is known for its rocky topography and variety of greenery and is situated in Kerala's the Western Ghats. Idukki is rich in cliffs, lush flora, lagoons, quiet rivers, and tumbling waterfalls that attract travellers and leave them with unforgettable memories. With names like Painavu, Arch Dam, and Ponchira, Idukki offers a wide range of attractions. Idukki remains green thanks to the three rivers Thodupuzhayar, Periyar, and Thalaya and their tributaries. They contribute to the beauty of the Idukki by offering a habitat for a variety of flora and fauna in addition to being a source of irrigation and power generation. The locations to visit in Idukki include prominent hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful waterfalls, dams, and historical places.

1. Idukki Arch Dam:

Tourist Places in Idukki

In Kerala, the Periyar River is covered by the Idukki dam, which is situated in a valley between the Kuravan and Kurathi hills. One of Asia's tallest arch dams, the beautiful structure has a height of 167.68 meters (550 feet). The dam, one of the Idukki tourist attractions, was built in 1975 by the Kerala government and supported a 780 MW hydroelectric power facility that pulls energy from it. The sheer size of the construction, the mountains, lush foliage, and 60 square kilometres of the tranquil lake produced by the three dams, Idukki, Cheruthoni, and Kulamavu, enchant tourists.

  • Distance: 33 kilometres from Idukki Dist.
  • Public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Adults pay Rs 25 while youngsters pay Rs 5.
  • A 15-minute boat excursion for five people costs 600.

2. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary:

Tourist Places in Idukki

In the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki, far from the bustle of the city, Idukki Wildlife is situated at the height of 450-750 feet above sea level. Idukki Lake's tranquil waters encircle the sanctuary on three sides. It is surrounded by beautiful deciduous trees, meadows, and tropical evergreen and moderately forests. Wild elephants may be found in vast numbers at the Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the attractions of Idukki. Among the other animal species are tigers, wild boars, bison, sambar, deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, and Malabar Giant Squirrels. The tourist will be confused by reptiles like the cobra, viper, and krait, but he will be delighted by bird species like the Malabar grey hornbill, Purple Sunbird, Golden Oriole, and Black Bulbul. Best time to visit: December to April is the best time to visit Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Painavu P.O. Idukki-685603 is 40 kilometers from Thodupuzha, Idukki.
  • Timings: Throughout the day.
  • There is no entry cost.

3. Ilaveezha Poonchira:

Tourist Places in Idukki

Ilaveezha Poonchira, often known as Kerala's Shangri-La, is one of the attractions in Idukki and is situated in the village of Melukavu in the Kottayam district. The stunning valley, which covers hundreds of acres, is situated close to Kanjar in the foothills of the three flower-covered hillocks known as Mankunnu, Kudayathur, and Thonippara Hills.

"Ila-veezha Poonchira," which means "the pond of flowers where the leaves do not fall," is a reference from the Mahabharata." During the monsoon season, the rains transform the valley, creating an exciting and mesmerizing impact on visitors. The beauty of the dance of hues on the horizon at Sunrise and Sunset is difficult to express in words. Ilaveezha Poonchira is also a great place to go hiking.

  • Idukki is 36 kilometres away.
  • Timings: Throughout the day.
  • There is no entry cost.

4. Keezharkuthu Falls:

Tourist Places in Idukki

The falling waters, which fall from a height of 1500 meters amidst lush flora, illuminate the heavens with rainbows, taking tourists' breath away. The Keezharkuthu falls, commonly known as rainbow falls, are a popular picture destination. They envelop tourists in an unfathomable sensation. The adjoining forests are thought to be rich in medicinal plants and herbs, which indigenous people have utilized for ages. It also has vast wildlife. The mountainous nature of Keezharkuthu, a popular tourist destination in Idukki, is famous for its adventure activities, including rock climbing, mountaineering, camping, and hiking. The Thommankuthu waterfalls, Kalvari Mount, and Ramakkalmedu Peak are nearby, as are other popular tourist destinations.

  • The monsoon season is the finest time to see the Keezharkuthu Waterfalls. However, they are open all year.
  • Idukki is 30 kilometres away.
  • Timings: Throughout the day.
  • There is no entry cost.

5. Hill View Park:

Tourist Places in Idukki

Two kilometres from the Idukki Bus Station lies the lovely and well-kept Hill View Park, one of the city's top tourist destinations. Visitors to the 8-acre park are fascinated by the countless varieties of crotons, flowers, medicinal herbs, and other woodlands. At Hill View Park, visitors may take boat rides near a natural water source. One is taken aback by the view of both dams, Idukki and Cheruthoni, from the watchtowers, as well as by the surrounding hills on all four sides and the lush greenery. The park is open all year and may be reached through mild slopes, despite its location 350 feet above the dam water level. Hill View Park is enhanced by an herbal garden and a children's play area.

  • Idukki is 2 kilometres away.
  • Adults are charged Rs. 10, and children are charged Rs. 5.

6. Valara Waterfalls:

Tourist Places in Idukki

One of the top attractions in Idukki is the Valara Waterfalls, which is situated on the Munnar-Kochi Highway. The flowing waters of a succession of waterfalls, which descend from 1000 meters, provide an amazing scene. It is a wonderful site for nature enthusiasts and bird watchers, nestled in green flora with various types of forests and various animal worlds.

Adventure activities like rock climbing and trekking are popular on the region's rocky hills. The outstanding panoramic beauty of the falls and surrounding greenery attracts many tourists throughout the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons. It's a popular destination for photographers, honeymooners, and romantics.

  • Munnar is 42 kilometres away.

7. Vandanmedu:

Tourist Places in Idukki

On the Thekkady-Munnar Highway, Vandanmedu lies 25 kilometres north of Kumily. The location is known for rich spices such as cardamom, which is claimed to be one of the largest cardamom auction hubs in the world. The perfume of cardamom wafts through the air as people walk through the farms.

The area is also a booming business hub recognized for its old colonial-era structures. The original post office in Idukki was located at the anchel office, built by the British in the early twentieth century.

  • It's 45 kilometres from Munnar.

8. Nadukani Pavilion:

Tourist Places in Idukki

One of the tourist destinations in Idukki is Nadukani, which is situated at Kulamavu between Thodupuzha and Idukki. The State Electricity Board constructed and is in charge of the two-story Nadukani Pavilion, situated atop a hill and flanked by extensive expanses of hayfields and big boulders.

Its elevation of 3000 feet provides a bird's-eye view over the Idukki and Ernakulam districts. The scenic scenery encompassing the glittering waters of the Muvattupuzha River, the Moolamattam town, Malankara Reservoir, the majestic sky-high mountains, and the green flora can be seen from atop the Nadukani Pavilion. Picnics are a popular activity here. Adventurers are attracted to this destination because it offers endless hiking opportunities in the nearby highland forests.

  • Best time to go: The best time to go to Naukani is in October and January.
  • Thodupuzha is 70 kilometres away, while Idukki is 25 kilometres away.
  • Entry Fees: There is a nominal entrance cost.

9. Gavi:

Tourist Places in Idukki

Gavi, an eco-tourist destination, provides tourists with a fascinating natural beauty unaffected by present humankind's unethical reach. The flora of Gavi is unique.

The Gavi forest region is home to India's only Gopher trees. Nageia Wallichinia, an indigenous Gymnosperm variation, grows there as well. It is home to wildlife populations, including the Nilgiri Tahr and wanderoo. The swarms of Kerala's majestic elephants strolling around the countryside surprise and scare visitors. Gaurs, sambar deer, barking deer, mouse deer, wild dogs, tigers, and various snake species may be found in the area. More than 260 birds, including Great pied hornbills, mynas, cuckoos, bulbuls, woodpeckers, kingfishers, and others, provide a feast for bird lovers.

  • 28 kilometers distance Kumily from Thekkady.
  • Fees are Rs. 25 per adult and Rs. 50 per car. Cameras and video cameras will be fined Rs 25 and Rs 100, respectively.

10. Thommankuthu Waterfalls:

Tourist Places in Idukki

The Thommankuthu Waterfalls are a sequence of 12 falls, or kuthus (as they are known locally), that cover a 5-kilometre radius and fall from a height of 40 meters. The 12 different falls, which vary in height and run through lush evergreen forests, provide a spectacular picture. Thommachan Kuruvinakunnel, the waterfall's originator, is credited with introducing this gorgeous waterfall to the world. Visitors are mesmerized by the variety of animals or plants surrounding the waterfall. It's an attractive hiking destination since it takes you past caverns and tranquil tribal towns. During the summer, tourists can take a bath at the falls, but not during the monsoon when the water level rises.

  • It's 20 kilometres from Thodupuzha.
  • Adult admission is 10; children are Rs. 5.

11. Pothamedu Plantations:

Tourist Places in Idukki

The beautiful greenery of Pothamedu Plantations, one of the attractions in Idukki, dazzles tourists. The beautiful green coffee estates, tea gardens, and wood-shaded cardamom plantations leave an indelible impression on tourists. Nature enthusiasts lose sight of time staring at the stunning surroundings of cloud-covered mountains and gorges covered in greenery. The panoramic splendour of the surroundings soothes and refreshes trekkers, hikers, and walkers. If the weather is clear and there is no mist, tourists may observe the Muthirapuzha River and the Idukki arch dam from the Pothamedu viewpoint. It's a fantastic vacation for photographers who want to capture stunning images of this dreamland.

  • Munnar is 6 kilometres away.
  • Timings: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • There are no entry costs.

12. Malankara Dam:

Tourist Places in Idukki

An irrigation project called the Malankara Dam was built on the Thodupuzha River, a tributary of the Muvattupuzha River. Malankara Lake, an artificial lake measuring 11 square kilometres, was built due to the Muvattupuzha Valley irrigation project. At the lake, guests may go boating and fishing. The Malankara Dam is available to visitors all year round. In the area adjacent to the reservoir, a 15-acre park is underbuilt.

  • Kottayam is 52 kilometres away.

13. Ramakkalmedu:

Tourist Places in Idukki

Ramakkalmedu, at 3500 feet above sea level, offers a bird's eye view of the countryside of Tamil Nadu State to the south. The historical monument of Kuravan and Kurathi, a massive statue depicting Kerala's Sangam period, is the most remarkable aspect of the Ramakkalmedu.

Rama-Kal-menu translates to "Land of Rama's Stone" or "Land of Lord Rama's Holy Foot." Regardless of the season, the prevailing wind conditions are another unique feature of Ramakkalmedu, and it provides good trekking opportunities for adventurers. Frog-rock, Turtle-Rock, and more attractions are available.

  • Thekkady is 40 kilometres away.

14. Sita Devi Lake:

Tourist Places in Idukki

Sita Devi Lake, another Idukki tourist attraction, is located at 1800 meters (5900 feet) above sea level. The epic Ramayana is said to have some connection to the lake, also known as Devikulam (Lake of the Goddess). According to mythology, Goddess Sita Devi, the spouse of Lord Rama, is said to have taken a bath in these waters. Tourists choose to dip in this lake's waters not only because of its religious significance but also because of the reputed healing properties of its mineral waters. The tourists are mesmerized by the distant cloud-capped Blue Mountains, silky undulating evergreen slopes, and natural greenery of slender red, blue, and yellow gum trees. Hence, it's a great location for a picnic. Its clear waterways make it an ideal location for trout fishing.

  • Devikulam is a trekking paradise.
  • Munnar is 5 kilometres away.
  • Timings: Throughout the day.
  • There is no entry cost.

15. Kulamavu Dam:

Tourist Places in Idukki

For the purpose of regulating water flow into the Kallivally river, the Kulamavu Dam, one of the three dams of the Idukki reservoir project, was constructed in 1961. A 33-square-kilometre reservoir is created by a 100-foot gravity dam built of concrete or stone masonry that extends between the Rocky Mountains across the Periyar River. One of the places to visit in Idukki is the well-known hill station of Kulamavu. The 60-square-kilometre artificial lake created by the three dams adds aesthetic attraction to the harsh rocky landscape and lush greenery surrounding it. Tourists are attracted to the hill station by the beautiful surroundings and the nearby spice and rubber fields.

The birds in the hill station, such as the kingfisher, darter or snakebird, and others, fascinate the tourists. Hikers and trekkers will get the excitement about Kaulamavu's fantastic walking tracks and equally stunning surroundings.

  • Idukki is 5 kilometres from the Periyar river.
  • Timings: Throughout the day.
  • There is no entry cost.

16. Mangala Devi Temple:

Tourist Places in Idukki

Mangala Devi Temple is a medieval Hindu temple located in the deep forests of the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala's Idukki district, near the Tamil Nadu state boundary. According to local legend, Kannagi, a pious Tamil woman, cursed the Pandyan dynasty after unjustly killing her husband, Kovalan, in a theft case.

Kannagi is lauded as the embodiment of purity and elevated to goddess status. Chera Chenguttuvan, an ancient Tamilakam king, built this temple roughly 2000 years ago. As a result, the temple is recognized for its Pandiyan architecture.

Aside from Mangala Devi, the temple has idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Karuppuswamy, and a Ganesh sanctorium. The Chitrapournami festival, which takes place in the summer (April/May), is the only time devotees are permitted to come and offer prayers. Only Jeeps are allowed to travel the 12 km distance to the temple. The forest ranger needs special permission if they want to see Mangala Devi at other times.

  • Pazhiyankudi, Idukki, Pazhiyankudi, Pazhiyankudi, Pazhiyank
  • Timings: Throughout the day.
  • There is no entry cost.

17. Nedumkandam Hills:

Tourist Places in Idukki

One of the Idukki tourist attractions, Nedumkandam Hill, is located at 3200 feet above sea level near the taluk headquarters of Nedumkandam in the Idukki district. The region is recognized as the spice capital of the world, producing coffee, cardamom, and pepper.

The Hill provides a panoramic view of the landscape, including cloud-covered mountains, beautiful green rolling hills, cardamom and pepper crops, and clean air. Other nearby tourist attractions include Kailasapara, Kallumekallu, Neyyandimala, Ramakkalamedu, Thooval Falls, and others.

  • Thekkady is 40 kilometres away.

18. Painavu:

Tourist Places in Idukki

Painavu, one of the most popular destinations in Idukki, is located inside the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary at 3,900 feet above sea level. Painavu, surrounded by a dense forest and a steep range, is a popular destination for hikers. The trails carry hikers through lush forests, plantations, and charming villages. Painavu, a significant business town, is only accessible by road and is close to other Idukki tourist attractions like the Idukki Arch Dam, Cheruthoni Dam, and Kulamavu. During the cold and wet seasons, tourists will be surprised to see elephants strolling down the roadways. Painavu is best visited between September and May, immediately following the rainy season. Between Ernakulam Railway Station and Kottayam are 114 km and 98 km, respectively.

19. Kalvari Mount

Tourist Places in Idukki

Kalvari, also known as Calvary Mount, is a mountain 5 kilometres from Idukki and one of the city's top tourist destinations. The tranquil waters of the reservoir between the Kuravan and Kurathi Hills, as well as the Idukki dam, may be seen from the Kalyanathandu viewpoint on Calvary Mount in stunning beauty. Trekkers and visitors may rest at the neighbouring Tea Factory, which serves only the best tea. The walk from the Viewpoint to the Hilltop is extremely steep and windy, presenting a challenge to hikers. The Kalavary Mount gives breathtaking views of the attractive towns of Kamakshy and Mariyapuram on one side and the Idukki reservoir from Idukki to Ayyappanccovil on the other. Hikers will have an unusual experience thanks to low-lying clouds, gentle breezes, occasional singing birds, and groups of walking elephants.

  • It's five kilometres from Idukki.

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