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12 Best Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

Krishnagiri is the 30th district of Tamil Nadu, sometimes referred to as the "land of the black hills". Black granite is widely distributed in this area, and 5143 sq km make up the whole area of this location. The popularity of Krishnagiri as a tourist destination is undeniable, and the KRP Dam is this location's principal tourist attraction. In addition, Krishnagiri is home to many historical monuments, temples, parks, forts, and wild places.

The mango is considered the "king of fruits," and Krishnagiri is a central mango-producing region. In the local town of Santhur, there are anywhere from 100 and 150 mango groves. The highest amount of mangoes are produced in Tamil Nadu in Krishnagiri, where it has been done for years.

Top Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

1. Mallachandram in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

The Archaeological Survey of India has designated Tamil Nadu's Mallachandram as a protected site. At this location, there are hundreds of dolmens. A prominent stone structure is frequently constructed out of a type of stone called a dolman. These stones, similar to the dolmans found at Mallachandram, may also be found near Malayur in Kerala. Mallachandram's specialty includes a variety of stone paintings, stupa chakras, and sculpted household items in addition to this Doleman. History lovers can find enough interest in Mallachandram. It is a rare site that thinks humans can transcend time and space and connect the ancient and current eras of the world.

2. Rayakottah in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

One of the forts under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India is Rayakottah, also known as Rayakottai. On Rayakottah hill, remnants of the Palghat plateau's border may be observed. This fort is relatively ancient and has seen many conflicts, but it is in ruins now. This fort can only be accessed by foot as it is located a little distance above the ground and cannot be approached by road. As ancient as the old fort, the Rayakottah cave temple is halfway up the hill. A brick building like a stable may be found after passing the cave temple. On the fort, there is a huge light source that illuminates the surroundings.

This light is only turned on during the event to provide light for city residents. From this fort, one can see the entire city in its entirety. From here, it's also possible to see the city's water features. Although Rayakottah is not a well-known tourist destination in this area, those who want to see stunning and tranquil vistas can come here to make their vacations perfect.

3. Thali in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

Little England is the nickname given to Thali, a sleepy little settlement. This location is particularly gorgeous due to the numerous lakes, hills, and lovely valleys that are located there. Thali is 25 kilometers from Hosur and conveniently reachable from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In Thali, hiking and trekking are the most well-known. In Thali, the summers are enjoyable, and the weather is consistently excellent. Thali is a short distance from Bangalore and Krishnagiri. Visitors are drawn here by the area's cool temperature.

In addition to the natural beauty, it is also the location of the Denkanikottai Fort, which was constructed in 1530 by Palayakar Bacon. This fort is still a testimony to history, with much of it being in ruins.

4. Government Museum in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

The Government Museum, situated on Gandhi Road in Krishnagiri, is a popular destination for young and older people. Established in 1993, the Government Museum has an excellent collection that is growing yearly. The State Museum has a variety of traditional objects, works of art, and a rich cultural heritage.

Coming here allows you to receive knowledge as well as enjoy the surroundings. This state museum may have a vivid view of history and culture. At this location, one may also see a hint of globalization. This museum includes sections on anthropology, geography, botany, zoology, archaeology, children's gallery, etc. Every day, save the second Saturday and national holidays, the State Museum is open. 9:30 am to 5:00 pm is when you may come here. This location does not allow photography.

5. Arulmigu Maragathai Chandra Chadeshwar Temple in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

National Highway 7 runs by the Arulmigu Maragathai Chandra Chadeshwar Temple, close to Hosur. It is perched on a hill and encircled by greenery on all sides. The Tamil Nadu government has also constructed a park here for kids. People visit this location for tourism as well as for its religious significance. Visitors regularly visit this temple because of its location on the National Highway. This temple is next to a park, which adds to the comfort of the visit. Hosur may be seen beautifully from this temple. There is also an observatory nearby where visitors can learn much about astronomy.

The observatory and the temple are in opposition to one another, with one speaking on opposing reasoning and the other speaking according to faith. There is something unique for everyone in the Arulmigu Maragathai Chandra Chadeshwarar Temple.

6. Venugopala Swamy Temple in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

One of South India's significant temples is this one. The Venugopala Swamy Temple in Tali attracts visitors from all around South India. The statue of Lord Krishna in this temple is said to be an incarnation of Venugopal Swamy. Tamil's word for flute is "Venu," and this temple is constantly filled with the lilting sound of Lord Krishna's flute. The pillars in this temple still reflect India's illustrious history, even though a considerable percentage of it has been destroyed. Even after many years, this temple still has a lot of beauty. Every year, numerous devotees gather at this location. In May, there is a Rath Yatra organized here. The weather does not at all hamper this temple's trip. Visit Venugopal Swamy Temple if you'd want to experience the area's peaceful and vibrant culture.

7. Shri Parshva Padmavati Shaktipeeth Temple in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

Ideals, peace, and tolerance are preached at this temple. The several festivals observed there are significant for the pilgrims that come to the temple. Its creator, Sri Sri Sri Vasant Gurudev ji, is active in several international peace conferences and supports those in need. The followers of this temple receive meals as part of a program called Anna Dhan that is regularly arranged. You'll get a lovely sense of peace when you visit this temple.

8. Krishnagiri Reservoir (KRP Dam)

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

The flow of the Thenpennai river is controlled by Krishnagiri Reservoir (KRP Dam), located 7 kilometres outside Krishnagiri town. KRP Dam, situated halfway between Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri, irrigates thousands of acres of nearby agriculture and provides water for Krishnagiri. Since the KRP Dam's construction, it has been a haven of glossily planted gardens. The gardens provide a calm respite from the bustle of daily life.

Locals and visitors to the area frequently visit the dam for this reason. Between November and March is the ideal time to visit the dam, particularly after the monsoon when the river is at its most entire volume due to rainfall. One may hear the roar of water flowing beneath your feet when standing on the dam during the post-monsoon season when the floodgates are often opened. The airport and railroad station closest to the dam are located in Bangalore, with good road connections (5 km).

9. Rajaji Memorial in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

The residence where Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari (10 December 1878-25 December 1972) was born and raised till he was 11 years old is known as Rajaji Memorial in Thorapalli. C. Rajagopalachari, or Rajaji as he is known locally, was a leader of the distinction and a liberation fighter. In addition to serving as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, C. Rajagopalachari also held the positions of West Bengal governor, premier of the Madras Presidency, head of the Indian National Congress, and minister for home affairs for the Indian Union.

As India's final governor general and first ruler, C. Rajagopalachari served as both. The recipient of the Bharath Ratna award was Rajaji, known locally as the Mango of Salem. Rajaji was a kind and excellent leader who fully merited every title he held. From Rajaji's life, we can draw many truths that still exist today. His legacy is preserved through the monument, which includes his possessions and a picture account of his life. While keeping Rajaji's principles and worldviews, the memorial also helps to preserve a part of him long after his death.

10. Kelavarapalli Reservoir in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

Irrigation projects like the Sathanur and Kelavarapalli dams have been built over the Ponniar River, which rises on the eastern slopes of the Chennakesava hills. The dam maintains nearby agricultural endeavors and supplies Hosur with potable water. The river Ponniar supports towns throughout its 331 km trip by providing bottled water and supporting agriculture, vegetation, and fauna. Due to its 13.5-meter height, the dam offers magnificent views of the river and its beautiful gardens. The dam is well recognized for being a haven for birds and a haven of calm and nature.

Kelavarapalli Reservoir and the neighborhood are home to many birds and insects. As migratory and resident birds gather on the river and the surrounding region, a trip to the Kelavarapalli Reservoir is a treat unlike any other. Avid birdwatchers claim that Kelavarapalli Reservoir is the only site to sight birds and that there is no sound like a bird's call. The Kelavarapalli Reservoir is a fun location for both kids and adults. While the grownups savor the serenity of nature, children delight in a lovely park with play equipment set up.

11. Hanumantha Theertham in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

In the tourist destinations close to Krishnagiri, visitors may arrange a trip to Hanumantha Theertham. The location, which sits on the Pannier River's banks, has historically been linked to Tirtamalai. It is thought that the water at this location is sacred, which brings about a sense of calm and spirituality. July and August are the busiest months for tourists to visit this location. When you visit Krishnagiri, be sure to stop by this place.

12. Chandra Chudeshwar Temple in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

In addition to the natural areas, this region is home to well-known religious sites. Near National Highway 7 in Hosur, a temple called Chandra Chudeshwar Temple has perched on top of a tiny hill. Among the revered locations close to Krishnagiri is this temple. In addition to this temple, the tourism office developed two more tourist destinations: the planetarium and the "Children's Park."

Famous food in Krishnagiri

Tourist Places in Krishnagiri

Banana leaves are typically used to serve food in Krishnagiri. The most well-known sweets from Krishnagiri include Payasam, Sweet Pongal, and Kesari. Dosa, Upma, Sambhar, Pongal, Idli, Parota, Sambhar, and Rasam are well-known cuisines from Tamil Nadu. Another specialty of Tamil Nadu cuisine is filter coffee, created by roasting coffee beans.

How to Reach Krishnagiri

  • By Road: Most significant cities and towns between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are well accessible by road to Krishnagiri. At Krishnagiri, national highways, including NH 7, NH 46, NH 66, NH 207, and NH 219, intersect. The Bangalore - Chennai route is one of the busiest routes connecting Krishnagiri. Regularly, the route is traveled by several public and private buses. Also readily available are taxis. Numerous visitors drive the beautiful and convenient road between Bangalore and Chennai and stop at the towns and cities.
  • By Air: The closest airport to Krishnagiri is the international airport in Bangalore. Bangalore Airport, 92 kilometers from Krishnagiri, is the nearest airport to that city. However, if traveling to Chennai International Airport (256 kilometers) is more convenient, one can do so before continuing to Krishnagiri by road or rail.
  • By Train: Krishnagiri is also well connected to the Indian Southern Railway network. Hosur railway station is the one that is most convenient to Krishnagiri. Hosur is a well-connected station since it is used by trains from Bangalore and Chennai. In addition to Hosur, Jolarpet station is a good choice, and Hosur has better connectivity than Jolarpet between the two stations. There are many taxi options from the railway terminals to Krishnagiri.

Best time to visit Krishnagiri

The ideal time to travel to Krishnagiri is from October to February during the winter when the weather is slightly more relaxed, and the state's attractions are worth seeing. The best time to visit hill stations is during the summer. According to the season, travelers may select the area they wish to visit.

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