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Tourist Places in Attapadi

Attapadi is a tribal region in the state of Kerela. It spanned an area of 735 square kilometers. It is comfortably settled below the Nilgiri Hills of the western ghats and is bordered by the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu on the east. In 2021, it was carved out from Mannarkkad taluk, which is a part of the Palakkad district. The western parts of Attapadi are covered in forest and are a protected region. Attapadi valley, along with Chaliyar valley (Malappuram district), is famous for its rich deposits of gold. Bhavani river flows in this area. The lowest elevation of Attapadi is 750 meters, while the highest peak is Malleswaran peak at an elevation of 1664 meters.

It is a beautiful mountain valley with greenery all around it. You can relish both the riverside and the mountains. The best months for visiting are either between February to May or between October to December. Here's a collection of places you can visit in Attapadi-

1. Silent Valley National Park

Tourist Places in Attapadi

Silent Valley National Park is conveniently settled in the Nilgiri Hills. It has an area spanning over 34.56 square miles and is surrounded by a buffer zone measuring 57 square miles. It is the natural habitat of many rare species of flora and fauna. Robert Wright, a botanist, explored this area in 1847. This national park incorporates the South Western Ghats Mountain rain forests and tropical moist evergreen forests of Southern India.

2. Virgin Valley

Tourist Places in Attapadi

Attapadi's best feature is its isolation from bustling tourists. Virgin Valley is no exception. The Mannarkkad region is home to a beautiful valley that can be seen from 35 kilometers away from the hill station. If you are looking for a place to relax in Nature, this is the ideal one for you. Rocks resembling white pearls are common in higher barriers. Their beauty is one of a kind. The water is chilled and fresh. It is part of the Silent Valley chains, and its source is the Kunthi River.

3. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Tourist Places in Attapadi

The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is an international biosphere reserve located in South India's Western Ghats. The Nilgiri Sub-Cluster, a region of the Western Ghats, was designated a World Heritage Site in 2012 by UNESCO. It includes the Aralam, Mudumalai, Mukurthi, Bandipur, and Silent Valley national parks, as well as Wayanad, Karimpuzha, and Sathyamangalam animal sanctuaries.

4. Oxy Valley Garden

Tourist Places in Attapadi

The Oxy Valley Garden, a lush green oasis near the Agali region of Attapadi, is less than 45 minutes from the center. The garden boasts exotic plants and flowers, acting as a luxurious escape from the city. Oxy is derived from Oxygen that maintains balance in Nature. Agali is a great place for tourists. There are many places where you can hike and even set up your camp to spend the night under a starry sky. You can also enjoy the tranquility of Attapadi's nearby streams of water.

5. Velliangiri Hills

Tourist Places in Attapadi

The Velliangiri Hills form part of the Western Ghats in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The seven hills, whose altitudes range from 520 m to 1840 m, are bordered by the Coimbatore district in the east and the Palakad district in Kerala in the west.

There are a variety of annual precipitation levels in the hills, ranging from 500 mm to 7000 mm. Temperatures range from 0 degrees Celsius to 41 degrees Celsius in summer. The months from January to May and October to December are the ideal time for visiting.

6. Avalanche Lake

Tourist Places in Attapadi

Avalanche Lake is a popular tourist destination in the Nilgiri region. The lake's landscape is always blossoming with beautiful flowers like magnolias and orchids. You can walk alongside the lake on winding paths that run around it. Tourists can also do trout fishing in the lake. There is a trout hatchery by the lake, where tourists can purchase fishing rods and other accessories for trout fishing. It is indeed a serene spot.

7. Attapadi Reserve Forest

Tourist Places in Attapadi

It is a lush, green forest with rich fauna and flora near Attapadi. The Attapadi Reserve Forest is a wonderful place to plan a vacation. It is an ideal spot for a stay-cation because the place has abundant tranquillity amidst Nature and its natural vibes perfectly depict Kerela.

This is a great spot to flaunt your trekking ability. There are muddy tracks within proper frames that you can tame, as well as beautiful streams of water flowing over glowing stones that are just the right size for your camera. Avoid going into the woods during monsoons, as it can cause problems. A little drizzle is a good signal to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature and the birds chirping.

8. Meenvallam Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Attapadi

Meenvallam Waterfalls is a hidden treasure in the Palakkad district. It cascades up to 45 meters to the Thuppanadu River, which originates from the Kalladikodan Hills. Thuppanadu River then joins the Thoothapuzha, which, in turn, flows into the Bharathapuzha River. It is located 8 km in the forest located near Thuppanad Junction on the Palakkad Manarkkad Route on NH 213. The waterfalls draw the attention of many tourists.

A tiny hydel plant that has an installed capacity of three megawatts is being built through the Palakkad District Panchayat at Meenvallam. The waterfalls and surrounding area are maintained and protected by Thudikkode Vana Samrakshana Samathi of the Olavakkode Range in Palakkad Forest Division. The forests that surround the waterfalls extend from the Silent Valley National Park to the waterfall. The waterfall is situated at a distance of 34 kilometers from Palakkad and 26 kilometers from Mannarkkad.

Entry Fee: Rs. 20/-

9. Siruvani Reservoir

Tourist Places in Attapadi

Siruvani Dam and reservoir are one of the most popular picnic spots in the Kalladikodan hills in the Palakkad district. The Kerala Government built Siruvani Reservoir with the purpose of meeting the water needs of the town of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

In the Siruvani Dam, one is presented with two gateways that are located on either side of the road that spans the dam. They're representative of Kerala and Tamil styles of architecture. Climate, views, and lush greenery surrounding it add to the appeal of the area. Its water has a refreshing effervescence, and the forest surrounding it has a variety of amazing trekking trails. Pattiyar Bungalow is among the top and most stunning Inspection Bungalows of Kerala's Forest Department and is located on the banks of the reservoir.

How To Reach Attapadi-

Attapadi is a region inhabited by a tribal population, so you won't find any railway station or airport here. But if you plan to travel by road, then the place is easily accessible. In case you wish to take a flight, then the nearest airport is the Coimbatore International Airport in Coimbatore, which is around 43 kilometers from Attapadi, and this distance can be easily covered by road in around 2 hours. The nearest railway station is Palakkad, and again you can travel from there to Attapadi by road in around 2 hours (60.4 kilometers).

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