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10 Best Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the census town of Narsipatnam serves as a gateway to the agency and is located in the Visakhapatnam district. The name Narsipatnam is derived from nurse Amma Kama who was the first woman to settle permanently in this location to work as a dhobi for the French government.

The revolutionary Indian freedom fighter Alluri Seetharama Rajus final resting place is in Narsipatnam village of Krishna Devi Peta. There are numerous stunning tourist destinations in Narsipatnam villages, such as Andhra Kashmir Lamma Singi.

1. Annavaram Tourism

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

A little hamlet on the banks of the Pumpa River; Annavaram is situated in the Andhra Pradesh State, East Godavari District. It is almost 142 kilometers away from the Hyderabad and 87 Kms from Narispatnam. Moreover, it is located on the Ratnagiri Hills.

Visitors throng to the temple village all year long to visit the Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy shrine, a manifestation of the lord Hindu Deity Vishnu. Every month, thousands of pilgrims flock to the holy site of Annavaram Devasthanam, the majority of them are there to offer a special prayer, also known as vrat, in order to appease the deity they have come to worship.

2. Paderu

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Paderu is a beautiful hill station that is located near Narsipatnam, and it is surrounded by lush green forest and has a picturesque landscapes that will indeed make your Instagram pictures a perfect one.

It is an ideal spot for nature lovers and trackers. Paderu, a village in the Visakhapatnam District, is well known for its mild climate and beautiful surroundings. It has excellent natural beauty. Only roads are connected to Paderu, there is no other way through which you can visit the place. This little highland station has a railway connectivity in contrast to Araku.

3. Kotturu

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Kotturu Dhanadibalu, is situated around 15 kilometers from Narsipatnam. Kotturu is a place of architectural significance with ancient Buddhist excavations. Locally, Bhamadibanu refers to an ancient Buddhist site that includes a Maharashtra vihara remains, and a small piece of rock cut cave utilized by the Buddhist monks between the first and the second century AD.

The viharas and the little edicts are located at this site, which is still under excavation. Near Maharashtra, which is at the base of the hill rock, there are a few small rock systems, and further away are the brick strewn mounts of the vihara. The little, almost 5 portions of the rock-cut caverns, known locally as the Pandavulu Guha because of the similarity to the number of accommodations in the cave, are accessible from the location itself.

4. Tatipudi Reservoir

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

This reservoir is located around 25 kilometers from Narsipatnam. Tatipudi Reservoir is a cinematic spot where you can enjoy boating and spend some leisure time amongst the nature and beautiful forest.

The Tatipudi Reservoir is close to Srungavarapukoda, which is also popularly known as Kota, a town in the Vizanagaram district that is situated between Vizag and Araku Valley at a distance of 65 kilometers from Vizag, 55 kilometers from Araku and 630 kilometers away from Hyderabad.

For the purpose of providing Vizag city with drinking water, a reservoir was constructed over the river Gosthani in 1963. The surrounding mountains are very lush and green, making this place quite picturesque. Boating facilities are also offered at this place so that the families can enjoy and have some fun time at the location. This reservoir serves as a stopover for a number of majority of birds throughout the month of April and May.

This place can be visited while going to Araku or during return to Vizag with one to 2 hours additional efforts. It is a must visit place if you want to enjoy some leisure and comfortable time with your loved ones.

5. Rampa Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Rampa Waterfalls are located around 30 kilometers away from Narsipatnam. Rampa Waterfall is a beautiful cascading waterfall that attracts visitors looking for a serene and refreshing escape to have some leisure time.

Rampa Waterfalls is a magnificent waterfall in Andhra Pradesh's east Godavari District, located 4 kilometers away from Rimpac Hodavarm hamlet and 29 kilometers away from Maredumilli. It is one of Maredmulli's most visited attractions and one of Andhra Pradesh's top waterfalls.

The waterfall, also called Rampachodavaram falls, cascades storm from a height of roughly 50 feet which is quite huge. This is Andhra Pradesh's soul coast, and it is located close to the villages of Rampachodavaram. It is located incredibly reviving to swim in this waterfall that is surrounded by dense vegetation. This waterfall and the one below it have water all year long.

6. Nandigam Village in Narsipatnam

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Nandigam is a small village known for the Panchardala Someswara Temple which is dedicated to the Hindu Deity Lord Shiva. The temple's architecture and serene surroundings make it worth a visit.

Welcome to Nandigam Village, which is situated in the Ranga Redd district of Telangana, India's Nandigama Taluka. Nandigama village is 287 kilometers away from Nandigama taluka and is located almost 83 kilometers from Ranga Reddy district.

The distance between Nandigam village and New Delhi, the capital of India, is 1286 kilometers and 101 kilometers, respectively. Explore the satellite map of the area and learn everything you need to know about this hamlet, including its population, pincode, neighboring healthcare facilities, educational institutions, bus stations, temples, and movie theatres. You can plan your trip to Nandigam and make the most of it with the said of your thorough guide.

You can also visit the nearby villages that share the same pincode with Nandigam-

Aled, Amsanpalle, Angadi Raichur, Batla Chandraram, Challapur, Chandravancha, Chilmalmailwar, Chinna Nandigam, Chitlapalle, Chowdarpalle, Chowdarpalli, Dudiyal, Dudyal, Ejipoor, Erlapalle, Erupumalla, Gokafasalwad, Gouraram, Hakeempet, Hakimpeta, Husnabad, Imdapur, Kondaipalle, Kothapalle, Kudirmalla, Kudrimalla, Lagcherla, Lakcherla, Machanpalle, Nacharam, Nandigam, Nazkhanpalle, Neetur, Peddanandigam, Polepalle, Polepally, Pyalamaddi, Sangayapalli, Thogapur, Yamki.

7. Kondarkala Ava

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Kondarkala Ava is a freshwater lake located about 40 kilometers away from Narsipatnam. It is known for its scenic beauty, and the variety of birds species that can be spotted here are beautiful.

Fifty kilometers from Visakhapatanam, towards the south, Kondarkala is a natural lake and bird sanctuary. This freshwater natural lake is a popular location for bird photographers and is home to a large number of birds.

Enjoy Boating in the Lake

Local fishermen and villagers construct their boats by connecting two palm tree logs and creating a seating area by draping a wooden plank or bed over it. In water, this configuration is quite stable. You can gather lotus blooms from the water while boating. There are no set fares or special ticket arrangements in place here. Demand and season have an impact on prices.

For a one and a half hour boat ride to the other side of the lake during our visit, the boatman requests rupees 300. On the opposite side of the hill, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. The only reason to climb a hill is to see the view from the top.

Local fishermen and villagers construct their boats by connecting two palm tree logs and creating a seating area by draping a wooden plank or bed over it. In water, this configuration is quite stable. You can gather lotus blooms from the water while boating. There are no set fares or special ticket arrangements in place here. Demand and season have an impact on prices. For a one and a half hour boat ride to the other side of the lake during our visit, the boatman requests 300 rupees. On the opposite side of the hill, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. The only reason to climb a hill is to see the view from the top.

How to reach the location- From Visakhapatnam, drive NH5 South for about 40 Kilometers to Anakapalle, then turn left onto Haripalem Road to head towards Atchutapuram. The village road will be on our left after traveling six kilometers on Haripalem Road. The distance to Lake is 2 Kilometers via Kondakarla village.

The other parallel route leaves the NH5 near Gajuwaka, and travels past the Steel Plant Township, Kanithi Route, Des Pathrunipalem, Parwada, and Atchutapuram Junction before turning right into Haripalem Road and traveling towards Anakapalle.

After 4 kilometers from the Atchutapuram Junction, the village road to Kondakarla is on the right. Straight from Gajuwaka, this route travels to Elamanchili and connects to NH5. It is 21 Km from Atchutapuram to the NH5 junction near Elamanchili.

8. Simhachalam Temple

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Situated approximately 55 kilometers from Narsipatnam, the Simhachalam Temple is a famous Hindu Temple dedicated to the Hindu Deity Lord Varsha Lakshmi Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple's architecture and religious significance attract numerous devotees and tourists.

On Simhachalam Hill, 300 meters above sea level, is the Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, also known as Simhachalam Temple of Vizag. The temple's design combines elements from the Kalinga or Odishan, Chola, and Chalukya periods. Unlike most temples, which face east, this one face west. The Gangadhara Tank is at the base of the hill, while the Swami Pushkarini Tank is close to the temple.

Temple of Simhachalam Lord Varha Narasimha, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, is the patron saint of Vizag. The thirty-two chapters of the mythology claim that Lord Vishnu manifested as something other than a human being. When he saved his devotee, Prahlad, he possessed a lion's tail, a human body, and a boar's head. Hiranyakashipu, the father of Prahlad, was invincible thanks to the blessing he had been given; no human form could kill him.

Timings to Visit the Temple- 4:00 Am to 9:00 Pm (On public holidays, time may differ)

Proper Address of the Temple- Simhachalam Road, Simhachalam, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530028

9. Borra Caves

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Borra Caves are located around 60 kilometers away from Narsipatnam and are natural limestone formations that have evolved over a million of years ago. The caves are known for their stunning stalactites and stalagmites, making them a popular destination for spelunking enthusiasts and tourists alike.

The Borra Caves, situated about 92 kilometers North of Visakhapatnam and approximately 150 kilometers North of Narsipatnam, have a horizontal opening of 100 meters and a vertical opening of around 75 kilometers. Covering an area of one square kilometer, these caves serve as the source of the river Gosthani, which flows through the district. A must-visit location when in ARaku Valley or Visakhapatnam, these caves are located at an elevation ranging from 800 to 1300 meters above the sea level.

Discovered by the British Geologists William King in 1807, this million year old cave offers breathtaking hill landscapes, picturesque scenery, semi-evergreen moist deciduous forests, and a diverse range of wildlife, making it a visual delight. It holds the distinction of being the largest cave in India in terms of its geographical spread.

Embark on a mesmerizing train journey to Araku, where you will be treated to breathtaking vistas of lush green landscapes, majestic peaks, and enchanting valleys. As the train chugs along, you will pass through an incredible experience of traversing 42 tunnels before arriving at the Borra Guhalu Railway Station.

Before reaching the famed Borra Caves, make sure to indulge in a thrilling jeep ride to the stunning Katiki waterfall. The waterfall is a true natural wonder and is open for visitors from 10:00 AM to 50:00 PM, with a brief lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. The entry fees are at a reasonable price, with Rs.60 for adults, Rs.45 for children, and Rs.25 for mobiles with cameras, and Rs.100 for digital and video cameras.

For travelers arriving at the marketplace, taking a right turn will lead you towards the Railway station, while the left side road will guide you to the entrance of the magnificient Borra Caves. The only train that passes through this scenic route is the Vizag to Kirandul Passenger train, proving a unique experience to cherish.

Upon reaching the Railway station, weary travelers have the option to rest and refresh themselves at the available retiring rooms. There are two rooms, each with a capacity of 4 beds, and the charge for each room is Rs. 110 for 12 hour stay. The train departs around 10:00 AM from Visakhapatnam to Kirandul and returns at 5:00 PM from Kirandul to Visakhapatnam.

So, embark on this extraordinary train journey to Araku, and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, history, and adventure that await you along the way.

Discover the hidden gems near Borra Caves- the enchanting Katiki Waterfall!

As you approach towards Gatevalsa, just 1 Km away from Borra Caves, friendly Jeep drivers will approach you, offering an exciting and fun trip to this mesmerizing waterfall. A 7 km journey awaits you, where you will need to switch to a rugged jeep, ready to traverse the narrow, muddy road through the lush Jungle and alongside the meandering Gosthani river.

The Jeep will take you approximately 6 km, almost reaching the railway track from Gatevalsa. A half-kilometer trek awaits, followed by a slight climb after crossing the railway track. Your jeep driver will inform you to return within one and a half hours from the dropping point, so you have ample time to explore the beauty of Katiki Waterfalls.

Embrace the thrill as the last 15 minutes of the trek become steeper, leading you to the base of the waterfall. Don't worry; there are steps to ensure a safe climb. Once you reach the base, you will be rewarded with a refreshing experience, where you can take a rejuvenating bath under the cascading waters.

En route to the waterfall, you will find charming temporary shops set up by local tribes offering delightful treats. Don't miss the chance to savor the unique Bamboo Chicken marinated chicken cooked inside Bamboo trunks, creating a compelling Chicken Kabab experience. These shops also offer locally collected Honey in bottles, a delicious souvenir to take back home.

For a memorable adventure, hop on the Jeep, as the charge per member is Rs.100/-. Immerse yourself in nature's wonders and immerse in the delight of Katiki Waterfalls and the surrounding tribal culture, making your visit unforgettable!

Nested along the main Vizag to Araku road, Anantagiri is a charming village that beckons travelers seeking natural beauty and tranquility. Just 3 kilometers away from Borra Junction, this picturesque village holds a hidden gem, a stunning waterfall waiting to be discovered.

To reach the waterfall, start from Ananthagiri market and turn left onto the village road. As you venture through two delightful villages, you will find yourself captivated by the local charm and warmth of the people. The journey becomes an attraction, offering an authentic glimpse into the region's rural life.

After a leisurely 2-kilometer walk, you will arrive at the majestic waterfall, where the sound of cascading water and the lush green surroundings create a serene oasis. If you are staying at the Anatagiri resort, you are in for a treat, as a peaceful walk from the resort takes you directly to the falls.

For a nominal fee of Rs. 15/-, collected by the locals, you can explore the foot of the waterfall and immerse yourself in the refreshing waters flowing over rocks. It is an ideal spot for a rejuvenating bath, letting the natural currents wash away any stress or weariness.

The journey to the waterfall and the breathtaking scenery from the viewpoint on the main Vizag to Araku Road are popular among tourists. So, if you are a nature enthusiast looking for an enchanting experience, Anantagiri and its captivating waterfall are well worth adding to your travel itinerary.

10. Araku Valley

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

Around 70 Kilometers away from Narsipatnam, Araku Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful hill station known for its lush coffee plantations, waterfalls, and scenic landscapes. The journey to Araku Valley itself, particularly if you take the Araku Valley Railway, is an unforgettable experience.

Araku Valley, nestled in the Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, offers a rejuvenating retreat amidst the majestic Eastern Ghats, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. This picturesque valley is renowned for its rich biodiversity, encompassing verdant tea and coffee plantations that paint the landscape with lush greens.

For those planning a visit, the ideal duration to explore the beauty of Araku Valley ranges from 1 to 2 days, providing ample time to soak in its natural charm. The nearest city to this enchanting destination is Vizag or Visakhapatnam, located approximately 112 kilometers away. The best time to experience the Valley's allure is during the peak seasons, which span from September to May.

With its scenic vistas and serene ambiance, Araku Valley is an inviting escape, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of Andhra Pradesh's Eastern Ghats region.

Tourist Places in Narsipatnam

These places offer a mix of religious, natural, and cultural experiences, providing visitors with a diverse range of attractions to explore around Narsipatnam. Remember to verify the current status and accessibility of these places, and make sure you check the weather conditions before packing your clothes! Have a happy journey!

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