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Tourist Places in Coonoor

When we seek the top places to visit in Coonoor, there are enough since Coonoor is a stunning place. Both natural and artificial beauty is available at Coonoor, the second-largest hill station in the Nilgiris.

You may either take a little train to Mettupalayam or Ooty, and you can choose to travel through the hill areas. Because Coonoor has good weather all year round, you may plan your trip there any time. The ideal months to visit this lovely hill station are from October to March, according to visitors. Within Coonoor, several ravines, valleys, hills, and waterfalls exist to explore. This list includes many of Coonoor's top tourist attractions.

1. Sim's Park

Tourist Places In Coonoor

Sim's Park is the best in the famous hill station of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, 4 km from Coonoor Railway Station. It is a popular tourist spot in Coonoor. Sim's Park was created by JD Sims and Major Murray in 1874 and is a unique park combined with a botanical garden. It was built using the land's natural features.

The Park, which spans 30 acres of land, began as a recreational area for locals and guests and later transformed into a garden. Sim's Park features lovely designed gardens and walks with gorgeous flowers spread throughout and a collection of flower types gathered throughout the nation. The Park contains a lake where boating is also available.

In this Park, there are nearly a thousand species of plants from 255 genera and 85 families, representing many diverse plant groups. In addition, a few naturally existing trees, bushes, creepers, and many odd types of plants have been imported from various locations worldwide. Along with some attractive trees like the Araucaria, Turpentine, Pine, Quercus, Phoenix, Magnolia, Tree ferns, and Camellia, the garden also has some uncommon economic species like the Rudraksha or bead tree, Cinnamomum, and Queensland Karry pine.

The Park has overlong walkways crossing the upper hills, which may be its essential characteristic. The Park also contains a glass house with various plants and flowers, and a lovely rose garden can also be seen on the Park's other side. Several beautiful terraces with flower gardens, grass, and rockeries are inside the Park.

  • Time: from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM
  • Entry fees: Rs. 30 for adults, Rs. 15 for children, and Rs. 50 for cameras and Rs. 100 for videos.

2. Droog Fort

Tourist Places In Coonoor

One of Coonoor's most incredible spots to go hiking is Droog Fort, which draws visitors with its remains. Here, a single wall and a watchtower stand with great dignity to attract people worldwide.

The Fort is surrounded by a variety of uncommon and unusual bird species. Therefore, there are several activities available here for bird watchers.

  • Location: Nilgiris foothills
  • Time:?From morning 6:00 am until evening 6:00 pm, the Fort's doors are open to guests.

3. St. George'S Church

Tourist Places In Coonoor

St. George's Church, a well-known gothic structure in Coonoor, is renowned for its art collections and rich interiors. At significant events, such as regional or national celebrations, this Church seems active and busy.

For people who appreciate stunning architecture and old buildings, this Church is a must-see attraction. You can have a spiritual connection with God due to the exceptionally tranquil surroundings and atmosphere of this Church. The ideal months to visit are between October and March.

  • The location is Wellington, Tamil Nadu, 643231.
  • Time: From morning at 9:00 am till evening at 6:00 pm. The duration of your visit here is typically approximately 30 minutes.

4. Law'S Falls

Tourist Places In Coonoor

The following on the list of popular tourist attractions in Coonoor is Law's Falls. The falls are breathtaking and draw tourists from all around the world. This waterfall is approximately 180 feet tall and has a water pool at its bottom.

This area promotes itself as a beautiful destination for naturalists. When it rains, the flow of this waterfall is breathtaking. Although the rocks here get slippery from water and moss growth, maintain your grip as you move across them.

  • The location is on the road to Mettupalayam.

5. Rallia Dam

Tourist Places In Coonoor

The Rallia Dam is a stunning, tranquil escape in the Nilgiris, near Coonoor, where you must hike for at least one kilometre. It provides a delightful and captivating view of the natural surroundings and is home to several fantastic bird species. The dense forest around you makes you fall in love with this location. Spend some time riding the Heritage Toy Train and seeing the Highfield Tree Factory.

The monsoon is, without a doubt, the most significant time of year to travel to this stunning region and get some quiet time in nature.

  • Location:?Kotagiri, Coonoor, and Rallia Dam are all close to one another.

6. Dolphin'S Nose

Tourist Places In Coonoor

Among the major tourist attractions in Coonoor, Dolphin's Nose is the ideal location to get a 180-degree glimpse of the natural beauty around. You could quickly see Catherine Falls flowing out somewhere in between while you are focusing on the greenery spreading apart. Tea gardens in all shades of luxuriant green completely enclose the road to the Dolphin's Nose. As you advance to this step, the fragrance of fresh, sensitive tea leaves will surround you.

  • Location: The Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu's Coonoor.
  • Time:?Dolphin's Nose entrance is available every day of the week from morning 9:00 am to evening 6:00 pm.?
  • Price:?There is a little entry charge of around 15 INR per person, and if you want to take photos, be prepared to pay an extra 20 INR.

7. Lady Canning'S Seat

Tourist Places In Coonoor

Another stunning location for hiking, photography, and more, especially for all history lovers, is Lady Canning's Seat of Coonoor. It is a historic home in Coonoor and offers a captivating view of the mountains and beautiful green valley surrounding it.

A magnificent view of the plains and tea gardens in and around Nilgiris may be seen from this location. One of the top vacation spots for history lovers is Lady Canning's Seat. While travelling here, don't forget to bring your camera.

  • Location: 9 kilometres away from Coonoor
  • Time: Only from 8:00 am to the evening at 6:00 pm.

8. Ketti Valley

Tourist Places In Coonoor

The beautiful Ketti Valley is located on the Ooty-Coonoor route and is referred to as the Switzerland of South India. This valley, the second-largest populated valley in India, provides beautiful scenery of the lush, green surroundings and the surrounding blue mountains.

One of the best places to visit in Coonoor is this valley because of its fantastic atmosphere. It allows visitors to discover their inner calm between the wildlife and rushing waterfalls hidden in the forested area. Ketti Valley has identified itself as a photographer's paradise, making it the ideal location for enjoying a wonderful picnic with the family.

  • Ketty, Tamil Nadu, 643215 is the location.
  • Timing:?The valley is open 24 hours a day; however, the times for the various attractions differ.
  • Entry Fees:?Visitors must pay INR 5 for entry; INR 15 for binoculars.

9. Lamb's Rock

Tourist Places In Coonoor

Lamb's Rock is fully encircled by large mountain ranges and rises considerable distances above the level of the neighbouring sea. It would be best if you went on an adventurous hike through the spectacular scenery to get to Lamb's Rock from the bottom.

When the sky is crystal clear, you may enjoy the area with your friends and receive a stunning view of the surroundings. This location is better avoided during the winter since it is higher riskier.

Time: Between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm

10. Hidden Valley

Tourist Places In Coonoor

Most Coonoor travellers have not yet visited Hidden Valley, one of the untraveled routes. It is regarded as one of God's most exquisite creations, offering fantastic views.

Due to the abundance of activities available here for genuine hikers, bring the right hiking equipment. Many choose it as a vacation spot with their family to quickly remove from the pressures of every day. Along with tourism and hiking, this location is a photographer's fantasy.

  • Location: Tamil Nadu town of Coonoor
  • Time:?You are welcome to visit from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

11. Wellington

Tourist Places In Coonoor

If making a list of Coonoor's must-see attractions, don't forget to include Wellington. It is among the most lovely and tranquil locations in South India, and it is a military community with an army facility and many homes of British design.

Advertisements are fixed to walls, and the roads here are rarely maintained. Indian civil servants from specific departments are trained here.

  • Time:?You can stay in Wellington for as long as you choose. However, you must arrive between 9:00 am and 8:30 pm if you're going to Wellington Lake.
  • Entry fee:?Wellington Lake costs $10 per person; an extra $20 is charged for boats.?

12. Catherine Falls:

Tourist Places In Coonoor

In Tamilnadu's Nilgiris area, Catherine Falls is a stunning waterfall close to Kotagiri. It is one of the most splendid waterfalls close to Bangalore and the second-largest waterfall in the Nilgiris. It is also one of Coonoor's most popular attractions.

The magnificent Catherine Falls, the double waterfall in Aravenu, flows down from 250 feet. To create the Catherine Falls, the River Kallar flows as Geddhehaada Halla down the rocks.

Beautiful sights of the Mettupalayam plains, a forest, and tea plantations can be seen around Catherine Falls. The best time to see Catherine Falls is from October through May.

How To Reach Coonoor

  • By Air
    The Coimbatore airport, 45 kilometres from Coonoor, has good connections to the leading Indian cities.
  • By Train
    Trains from the main cities arrive at the Coimbatore railway station (75 kilometres away).
  • By Road
    All Southern cities are connected to Coonoor by both public and private transportation.

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