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11 Best Tourist Places in Asansol

In the Indian state of West Bengal, the city of Asansol is a popular travel destination. After Kolkata, Asansol is the second-largest city in West Bengal. Asansol is called the City of Brotherhood and the Land of Black Diamond. One of the most populated cities in West Bengal is Asansol, which is also one of the region's most prominent business hubs. Asansol City's economy is mainly based on the steel industry, coal mining, and railroads. Important Indian religious sites, lovely parks, and historical heritage temples are all present in Asansol. On the banks of the Damodar River, Asansol is renowned for the critical tree species that flourish there. Among the Indian cities with the quickest growth, Asansol has climbed to the 11th rank. We should point out that Asansol is located between the Damodar and Ajay rivers, for your knowledge.

Asansol tourism may be the best choice if you want to witness actual living examples of natural and cultural beauty. Since Asansol is a popular tourist destination, you can go to attractions like historic temples, modern amusement parks, theaters, and water storage dams. Please read this article in its entirety if you want to learn more about Asansol, a popular tourist location in West Bengal.

1. Kalyaneshwari Temple in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

A well-known Hindu temple is Kalyaneshwari Temple. The Kalyaneshwari Temple is situated along the Barakar River in the Indian state of West Bengal in Kalyaneshwari in the Asansol subdivision of the Passim Bardhaman district. About 5 km is downstream of the Maithon dam of the Damodar Valley Corporation; the ruler of Panchkot constructed this temple in the 3rd century. The Grand Trunk Road and the West Bengal-Jharkhand border are 7 km from Barakar, while the Barakar River is 1 km from the recently built NH 2 by-pass. This "Lyaneshwari" temple is a well-known shrine in West Bengal and Jharkhand states. One who worships the Lord in the image of the Goddess Kali Shakti at "Ma Kalyaneshwari" Temple believes that the Lord's idol is an actual living deity. Initially constructed by Maharaja Hari Gupta, this Hindu temple was built five years after Panchkota.

Worship time

Monday to Sunday

Morning- 06:00 to Evening - 08:00

2. The Sacred Heart Church in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

It is also one of Asansol's most popular tourist destinations. To think about it, it is one of a family of churches spread out across India and the entire world. In terms of mechanical design, it is fundamentally British because all the components are British-made. White crosses perched atop the spires, and the distinctive reddish-orange color gives the structure a burnt-brick appearance. It provides the design with a polished yet rustic appearance. Sacred Heart Church appeals to both devoted Christians and aesthetic tourists. The roadway system makes it easily accessible, and shopping districts are nearby.

3. Satabdi Park in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

Satabdi Park is a town park area and recreational area in Asansol that is renowned for giving families reviving quality time. Popular with tourists for nearby movie theatres or shopping areas. This park is conveniently located on the GT road and offers entertainment options like kid-friendly carousels and other amusement park rides. Artificial temples and buildings are sometimes created for the festival's purpose, enhancing the park's beauty. People typically spend more than a few hours here.

4. Churuliya in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

Asansol's Churuliya tourist destination is the best site to visit in Asansol and is located in the Jamuriya Tehsil of Asansol. Asansol is about 17 kilometers separate from the tourist attractions in Churuliya. Kazi Nazrul Islam, a Bengali poet and independence fighter born in the village of Churuliya, is well-known. The Nazrul Academy in Churuliya village has several medals, manuscripts, and others to preserve the famous poet. Churuliya is one of the top tourist attractions in Asansol, according to the tourism industry.

5. Nehru Park in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

In Burnpur, Asansol, along the banks of the enormous river Damodar, is where you'll find Nehru Park. Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, has inspired the park's new name, Nehru Park. A German general manager of IISCO created it by F.W.A. Lahmeyer, hence got the name Lahmeyer Park/Riverside Park.

But it was given a new name in 1989-the late Jawaharlal Nehru's centenary year. He is represented in the park by a life-size Iron idol that stands at the entrance and greets all guests.

6. Ghagar Buri Chandi Temple in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

The Ghagar Buri Chandi or Ma Ghagurburi Temple is 3 KM from the city center near National Highway 2. The temple, located on the banks of the Nunia River, is considered the residence of the goddess Ghagarburi, a reflection of Maa Chandi. Hundreds of followers congregate at the temple every morning to offer prayers, and it is open from dusk till dawn. Every day of the year, pilgrims come to the temple, and winter weather is the ideal season to visit the temple. This location is a representation of tranquility and religious convictions.

7. Asansol Red Light Area

Tourist Places in Asansol

Lachhipur, also known as the Red Light District. If you ask anybody about the Asansol red light district, he will tell you about Lachhipur. Asansol and Lachhipur are separated by around 48 kilometers. People of such thinking turn in the direction of Lachhipur. The passive and unthinking find this place to be a perfect vacation spot. The sex industry is booming all over India, even though the government does not permit this kind of activity.

8. Bishnupur in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

Bishnupur is a town in the Bankura district of West Bengal, 68 kilometers from Asansol. Bishnupur is known for providing a long history of art, music, and architecture. Because there weren't enough stones available to carve out the statues of Lord Krishna, it is stated that the Malla kings chose to construct temples out of terracotta. These clay temples' design also draws inspiration from the nearby neighborhoods. Interestingly, the building combines vaults and multi-lobed curves, which were more typical in Muslim homes, with bending rooftops, which are popular in Bengal. In addition to temples, massive tanks, or "bandhs," are popular with tourists. The best times to visit Bishnupur are often between November and February.

9. Karo hills and Amarkanan in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

This location is quite close to Asansol, West Bengal's climbing heaven. The peaceful and lovely community of Amarkanan is growing every day. The Karo Hills, a 400-foot-tall hill covered by forested areas, are located here. It is a less well-known hill station in West Bengal that is not yet very well-known. Going there at sunset will allow you to take in the fascinating beauty of the hills' shadows. If you want to visit the location, you may stay at one of the many lodges and hotels in Bankura. Still, camping in the forest or at the Amarkanan village would be a better option if you're feeling adventurous.

10. Spandan Recreation Park in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

The category of Tourist Attraction in Asansol has Spandan Recreation Park as one of the top competitors. This well-known business serves as a one-stop store for local and out-of-town consumers in Asansol. This company has developed a solid reputation in its field during its development. This business has amassed a sizable client base that is still expanding daily thanks to the conviction that customer happiness is just as vital as their goods and services. The people that work for this organization are passionate about their jobs and work hard to realize the company's overall objectives and shared vision.

11. Sentrum Mall in Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

Asansol Sentrum Mall is one of the most popular places to go shopping and chill out. It is the largest retail center in the area and is conveniently located in New Asansol. The mall opened its doors in 2016. In its first year of operation, it won the coveted Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India award for "The Best Designed Retail Space." Although it initially got off to a rocky start, effective marketing strategies helped it grow into Asansol's most popular retail center. According to the administration, 5000 people visited them on average daily in 2019. The large parking space, a significant fault in other malls in Asansol, is one of the unique attributes.

How to Reach Asansol

To travel to Asansol, you can take a plane, a train, or a bus. Here we have explained in detail below how we can travel to Asansol by plane, train, and base:

  • By Flight: We regret to inform you that there are no direct flights from your location to Asansol if you have chosen to get there by air. In Kolkata, about 213 kilometers from Asansol, lies the closest airport, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. Using local transportation, you can get to the tourist attractions in Asansol from the airport with convenience.
  • By Train: Let us inform you that Asansol is close to the rail route if you have decided to take the rail route to get to Asansol. To all nearby railroad stations, Asansol Railway Junction has good transportation options.
  • By Bus: Asansol is well connected to the nearby cities by road, so if you've decided to travel by car to get there, it is okay. Therefore, getting to Asansol by bus will also be simple.

Local Food Asansol

Tourist Places in Asansol

We can enjoy the delectable and well-known West Bengali food when we are in Asansol. Fish curry served with white rice, moong, masoor, chana or kali dal, fried vegetables, aloo bhaji, sui ki chutney, curd, and pickle with veggies are just a few of the mouthwatering meals available here. In addition, you may find a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and other foods here.

Best time to visit Asansol

When the weather is at its nicest, September and March is the ideal time to visit Asansol. Winter lasts from December through February in Asansol. The winters are mildly chilly and suitable for tourism, and the maximum temperatures during the hot summer months frequently reach 40 degrees Celsius. In Asansol, the monsoon season begins in June and lasts through September. The month of July experiences the most rainfall; thus, tourists stay away.

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