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12 Best Tourist Places in South Korea

South Korea has a rich cultural history. The cultural and artistic attractions in South Korea include the Seoul Fortress, a museum of art, and numerous ancient tombs. South Korea not only has abundant lakes, forests, mountains, and sanctuaries, but it also has the biggest market for cutting-edge cosmetics. Korea is renowned for being excellent in cosmetic surgery. For shoppers, South Korea is the best place to buy Korean artwork, traditional arts & crafts, antiques, clothes, and accessories. The friendliest people on earth are said to live in South Korea. Some of the famous places in South Korea are described below.

1. N Seoul Tower

Tourist Places in South Korea

The N Seoul Tower is a very well-liked site in Seoul. This tower is the tallest structure in Seoul, and it is a well-known feature of the cityscape. The tower serves as a transmitting tower for radio and television broadcasts. The N Lobby, N Plaza, and N Tower are the three primary components of the tower. The N Plaza and the N Tower contain many attractions. There are four observation decks in the N Tower, each providing breathtaking panoramas of the city. There are two gift stores, 1 in the plaza and 1 in the lobby; visitors purchase sentimental items from these stores. Adults will have to pay KRW 9000 as the entry fee, and children will have to pay KRW 7000 as the entry fee.

2. Namsan Park

Tourist Places in South Korea

This beautiful and well-liked park is located on Mount Namsan. It offers some beautiful views of Seoul and is a famous picnic spot for locals. The park has many different types of plants and animals. The park is beautiful and features a magnificent avenue of cherry trees. Adults will have to pay KRW 9000 as the entry fee, and children will have to pay KRW 7000 as the entry fee.

3. Bukhansan National Park

Tourist Places in South Korea

This national park is based on Mount Bukhansan. This is a favourite location in Seoul for a gorgeous and serene day trip. Because of its trails, it is particularly well-known among hikers and trekkers. The park is in a densely forested area, and there are numerous temples around the park. Another unique feature of the park is Bukhansanseong Fortress. The Bukhansan National Park is a beautiful park with green valleys, rivers, and rocky mountains.

4. Bonguensa

Tourist Places in South Korea

Samseong-dong is home to the well-known Buddhist shrine Bonguensa. The temple has many Buddhist scriptures; about 3,500 of them are written in 13 different scriptures. The temple offers tourists a chance to gain knowledge of Buddhist culture and a tranquil setting for relaxation. The most well-liked activity here is the temple stay program, which allows tourists to enjoy Buddhist practices, including Dado, Korean Zen meditation, and Balwoogongyang e.

5. War Memorial of Korea

Tourist Places in South Korea

The War Memorial of Korea is a large museum and exhibition dedicated to the country's military past. The museum is home to some fascinating objects, including armour, equipment, and previously used weapons and gear. The museum has six indoor exhibition halls and one outdoor exhibition centre, making it very large. This exhibition focus on particular aspects of Korea's military history, such as the war history, defence industry, expeditionary forces, Korean war, rok armed forces, memorial hall, and large military equipment. The museum also offers more than 20 educational programs that teach fascinating knowledge on various topics.

6. National Museum of Korea

Tourist Places in South Korea

It is Korea's biggest museum. This is dedicated to displaying the nation's past in various sectors such as art, culture, history, and archaeology. This museum preserves Korea's history from antiquity to the present.

More than 300,000 objects are in its collection that are spread across three levels. The ground floor has natural history-related goods like native plants, several parks, and ponds. Ancient times items are located on the first floor. The calligraphy, painting, and donation galleries are on the second floor. The crafts gallery, sculpture, and Asian art gallery are on the third floor.

Opening Time:

  • The museum is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • The museum is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • The museum is open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Sunday.

7. Jogyesa Temple

Tourist Places in South Korea

This temple is the main temple of the Jogye order & Korea's primary centre for Buddhist education. The temple has played a significant role in Korean Buddhism's history and was the focal point of the Buddhist uprising against Japanese colonial rule. There are rows of baeksong trees around the shrine, serving as a lovely green backdrop. The temple itself is gorgeous, with a ceiling covered in countless lanterns and walls decorated in different colours.

The Amitabha Buddha's shrine and the Beomjongnu, a small structure with a bell, are located in the Geuknakjeon. Many small stores fill the streets near the temple, which offer a variety of Buddhist-related trinkets, including incense, prayer beads, miniature Buddha statues, and other items.

8. Upo Marsh

Tourist Places in South Korea

A popular tourist destination in South Korea is Upo Marsh, and the best thing is that it is a free tourist destination in Korea. The Upo Marsh is Korea's largest inland wetland, and it has 1500 different plant and animal species, but certain animal species are also in peril. This location is great for bird viewing because you can see some migratory birds here. The Upo Marsh is open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM.

9. Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Tourist Places in South Korea

This is the ideal location to view if you like to view early sunshine. Hydrovolcanic eruptions produced this peak, and Seongsan has a wide variety of uncommon plant species. It is one of the top sites in South Korea because of the beautiful surroundings, especially to see the breathtaking morning views. It is around 80 minutes from Jeju City. The Seongsan sunrise peak is open in summer from 7:10 AM to 7 PM, and in winter, it is open from 7:30 AM to 6 PM. Adults will have to pay 2000 won as the entry fee, and children will have to pay 1000 won as the entry fee.

10. Gyeongbokgung Palace

Tourist Places in South Korea

Unquestionably, this palace is Seoul's biggest and most gorgeous palace. It is among the most well-known historical locations and conveys information about Seoul's cultural and architectural development. That makes it a must-see place on everyone's list of Seoul's top attractions. Parking spaces and restrooms are available at the palace. The Gyeongbokgung palace is open daily from 9:00 - 17:00.

11. Itaewon

Tourist Places in South Korea

Itaewon is also known as the special tourist zone. It is renowned for having a lively nightlife & welcoming cultural diversity of foreigners. This area is a centre for shopping and recreation as it has thousands of stores, eateries, hotels, and other establishments. In this district, you can taste a variety of cuisines. The area's antique furniture street is also a well-known feature, which gained importance because of its involvement in the conflict with America.

12. Gwangalli Beach

Tourist Places in South Korea

This beach has a half-moon shape. Its other name is Gwangan Beach, and it is renowned for its fine sand. This half-moon shape beach is ideal for those who enjoy getting a nice tan, take a stroll by the sea. There are many eateries, coffee shops, and nightclubs on the nearby street of Gwangan Beach.

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