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16 Best Tourist Places in Orissa

Orissa is a state that has rich history and culture. Orissa is a must-see destination due to its expansive range of beaches, nature reserves, shrines, and museums. Orissa is home to the forts and temples that are architectural marvels. It also has beautiful sun-kissed beaches and serene lakes. The top locations to visit in Orissa are listed below.

1. Bhubaneswar

Tourist Places in Orissa

Bhubaneswar is also known as the 'Temple City of India'. This place is a wonderful mixture of old and new cultures. From historic caves and temples built in the Kalinga architectural style to gorgeous parks and lakes, there are many places to visit in Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar's ancient temples:

Lingaraja Temple, Ananta Vasudeva Temple, rajarani temple, chausathi jogini temple, parashurameshwar temple, brahmeshwar temple, Konark sun temple, mukteshwar temple, bhaskareshwar temple, baitala deula, and Jagannath temple.

Bhubaneswar's other major attractions:

Bindu sarovar, biju patnaik park , hirakud dam, ekamra kanan, Indira Gandhi park , Odisha state museum, ramachandi beach, nicco park, and deras dam.

Bhubaneswar's famous dishes:

Dishes of Bhubaneswar that visitors must have to try are pakhala bhata, dahibara, aloodum, gupchup, bara, khicede, chhena podo, Dalma with rice, and rasabali.

Places to stay:

Fortune Park Sishmo, Paradise, Atithi, Hotel Priya, and Paradise Convention.

Best months to visit : October to March

The railway station closest to Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar

2. Puri

Tourist Places in Orissa

It is a sacred site in Orissa. Jagannath temple is situated in the puri. This temple is one dham from the char dhams. Puri is known as a beach city also. A beautiful rath yatra is organized every year. At that time, this shrine attracts a large crowd. Along with attractive areas to visit, the city has excellent artisans' work to view and purchase in local shops.

Puri's major attractions:

Lakshmi temple, puri beach, nalbana bird sanctuary, swargadwar beach, chilika lake, Narendra tank, markandeshwar temple, astaranga beach, khandagiri caves, gundicha temple, atharnala bridge, raghurajpur artist village, sonar gouranga mandir, lokanath temple, balighai beach, blue splash water park, mausima temple, pipili, pratyush ocean world, alarnatha temple, Ganesh temple, baleshwar beach, Sudarshan crafts museum, baliharachandi beach, daya river, golden beach, and Sakshi Gopal temple.

Puri's famous dishes:

Dishes of Puri that visitors must have to try are khechadi, malpua, abadha, khaja, Dalma, chungdi malai, chhenapoda, prawn fry, Odia thali ukudha, santula, pitha, and rasabali.

Places to stay:

Pride Ananya Resorts, Hotel Sun City, Hotel Niladri, Hotel Holiday Resort, and Desert Villa.

The railway station closest to Puri: Puri

3. Cuttack

Tourist Places in Orissa

Silver City and Millennium city are the monikers of Cuttack. This city is the cultural capital of Odisha. Cuttack has a rich history, and this city is known for its silver, brass, and ivory filigree creations. There are numerous old pilgrim centers, lakes, forts, islands, and museums in this city.

Cuttack's major attractions:

Netaji Museum, Odisha maritime museum, Cuttack Chandi temple, qadam e Rasool, dhabaleswar island, barabati stadium, anantashayana Vishnu, naraj, deer park, ansupa, lalitgiri, Cuttack Chandi mandir, banki, satkosia, bhattarika, Mahanadi barrage, and paradeep beach.

Cuttack's famous dishes:

Dishes of Cuttack that visitors must have to try are chhena jalebi, bhindi bhaja, crab kalia, rasmalai, dahibara, jeera pakhala, aloo dum, rasabali, ghuguni, and aalu palak.

Places to stay:

Shree Ram Residency, SD VILLA GIRLS HOSTEL, Hotel Seetal, Pramod Convention & Club Resort, and Blue Lagoon Hotel Premium.

Best months to visit : October to March

The railway station closest to Cuttack: Cuttack Junction

4. Konark

Tourist Places in Orissa

One of the nicest sites to visit in Orissa is this historic town. The city's primary attraction is the Konark sun temple. Aside from the temples, tourists can visit serene beaches and archaeological museums. The clean Chandrabhaga beach is also a famous destination of the Konark. This beach is known for its soft powdery sand, clear waters, and tree-lined beaches.

Konark major attractions:

Archaeological museum, sun temple, chandrabhaga beach, astranga, ramchandi beach, sun temple museum, ASI Museum, kuruma, ramachandi temple, and Vishnu temple.

Places to stay:

Labanya Lodge, Goroomgo VIP Lodge Konark, Goroomgo Sun Plaza Lodge Konark, Lotus Resort, and Hotel Blue Ocean.

Best months to visit : September to March

The railway station closest to Konark: Puri

5. Rourkela

Tourist Places in Orissa

The moniker of the Rourkela is "Steel City of Odisha". This city is a wonderful destination to visit with your family. Rourkela is a nature lover's paradise, as this place has wide forests, hilly terrain, and stunning waterfalls. Rourkela has a number of excellent markets, each with its own set of products. Ambagan market, VIP market, and Supermarket are top marketplaces to visit for locals and tourists also.

Rourkela's major attractions:

Hanuman Vatika, Vaishno Devi temple, badaghagra falls, Mandira dam, vedavyas temple, pitamahal dam, Darjeeling, Nehru traffic park, deer park, Indira Gandhi park, and khandadhar falls.

Rourkela's famous dishes:

Dishes of Rourkela that visitors must have to try are dahi machha, Dali, mandia jau, dahi bindi pakhala, and dahi bajigana.

Places to stay:

Hotel AV dormitory, Hotel Rainbow Regency, Hotel Comfort, and Hotel Anurag

Best months to visit : October to March

The railway station closest to Rourkela: Rourkela Junction

6. Chandipur

Tourist Places in Orissa

The one-of-a-kind phenomenon occurs at Chandipur beach, that is, sea receding or disappearing. The seafood in Chandipur is well-known. Visitors can play on the beach, enjoy the stunning scenery of the sunrise and sunset and also enjoy delicious fresh seafood. Chandipur is known as the home to sea turtles. Chandipur is a small seashore village in the Baleshwar district.

Chandipur's major attractions:

Simlipal national park, chandipur beach, nilagiri, panchalingeswar shrine, remuna, and sajanagarh.

Places to stay:

Hotel Asha Nivas, International Tourism Resort, Hotel Chandipur, and Shanti Guest House.

Best months to visit : October to March

The railway station closest to Chandipur: Balasore

7. Baripada

Tourist Places in Orissa

It is known as Odisha's cultural capital. It is a sacred site in Orissa, and this city is also known as 'Dwitiya Srikhetra.' A beautiful rath yatra is organized every year. The Chhau event is organized every year in April. This is an art event, and for art lovers is a good event to attend. Visitors purchase the Bangripori tusser fabric to take with them.

Baripada's major attractions:

Maa Ambika temple, Shri Jagannath temple, mayurbhanj palace, similipal national park, kutaitundi temple, kichakagarh fort, kichakeswari temple, jubilee library, jaranda falls and jwalamukhi temple.

Baripada's famous dishes:

The dishes of Baripada that visitors must have to try are mudhi and pakhala bhaat.

Places to stay:

The Belgadia Palace

Best months to visit : October to June

The railway station closest to Baripada: Baripada

8. Gopalpur

Tourist Places in Orissa

This city is known as a port town. This city is one of the nicest places to visit in Orissa, and it is situated on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is a different but relaxing place. This port town has the lovely and peaceful Gopalpur beach, where visitors also take part in seaside activities.

Gopalpur's major attractions:

Bala Kumari temple, Haripur sea beach, maa tara tarini hill shrine, Gopalpur beach, chilika lake, and dhabaleshwar beach.

Gopalpur's famous dishes:

Dishes of Gopalpur that visitors must have to try are grilled fish, channa chat, and jhalmurhi.

Places to stay:

Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Pipul Sea view Resort, Mahaveer Service Apartment, and Hotel Kavin's Inn.

Best months to visit : November to February

The railway station closest to Gopalpur: Berhampur

9. Sambalpur

Tourist Places in Orissa

Sambalpur is well-known for its natural beauty and cultural attractions. The district's topography and wildlife attract nature lovers and photographers. This place has countless waterfalls and forests that attract adventurous seekers.

Sambalpur's major attractions:

Hirakud dam, debrigarh & ushakothi wildlife sanctuaries, cattle island, Samaleswari temple, chiplima, maa pataneswari temple, Huma, vikramkhol, and hatibari.

Sambalpur's famous dishes:

Dishes of Sambalpur that visitors must have to try are pakhala bhat, bhaja or fried fish, alu baingan jhol, panasa tarkari, and aamisa jhol.

Places to stay:

Hotel Royal Retreat, Hotel Sai Krupa, The Welcome Resorts, Hotel Olive, and Shree Shyam Lodge.

Best months to visit : September to March

The railway station closest to Sambalpur: Sambalpur

10. Balangir

Tourist Places in Orissa

This city has a vast cultural heritage. Balangir is recognized for its historic temples, lovely parks, and indigenous tribes. The visitors seek blessings at Someswar Shiva temple and Maa Pataneswari temple, as it is a sacred sites for visitors.

Balangir's major attractions:

Bhima dunguri , kumuda pahad ,harishankar, saintala chandi temple, turekela jungle , gaikhai M.I.P , ranipur jharial, jogeswar temple , jogisarada, and pataneswari temple.

Balangir's famous dishes:

Dishes of Balangir that visitors must have to try are chaula bara, tol bhaja, Arisa pitha, Letha/ambila, maccha karadi, hendua patal ghanta, and jhuri purga.

Best months to visit : October to February

The railway station closest to Balangir: Balangir

11. Dhauli

Tourist Places in Orissa

Dhauli is a small town near Bhubaneshwar. This town is located on the shores of the Daya river. This town is known as the "Land of Peace Pagoda". Dhauli is a sacred site for Lord Gautam Buddha's devotees. It is said that the Kalinga war, which happened on Dhauli hill, has given historical importance to this place. This town has Shanti Stupa, which attracts visitors from all around the world.

Dhauli's major attractions:

Dhabaleswar, Shanti stupa, CIFA aquarium, and Kalinga war battlefield.

Dhauli's famous dishes:

Dishes of Dhauli that visitors must have to try are macha Jolo, rice and fish curry, rasabali, gupchup, roshogulla, dahi bada, bara ghuguni, and aaloo dum.

Places to stay:

Treebo trend king's court, dhauli palace, Rajani house, and campeners Odisha.

Best months to visit : July to February

The railway station closest to Dhauli: Bhubaneswar

12. Jeypore

Tourist Places in Orissa

Jeypore is one of Odisha's most beautiful tourist destinations for nature lovers. It is famous for lush forests, waterfalls, and mysterious valleys. This city has palaces, ancient limestone caves, and temples. Devmali is a famous picnic spot in Orissa that is situated near Jeypore. This is the highest hill in Orissa.

Jeypore's major attractions:

Gupteshwar caves, bagara waterfalls, sunabeda, hatipathar, duduma falls, jeypore palace, Jagannath Sagar, deomali, and Kolab falls.

Jeypore's famous dishes:

Dishes of Jeypore that visitors must have to try are vada, Dahi bara aloo dum, chenna poda, and samosa.

Places to stay:

Zabeer Hotel International and Hotel City Plaza International.

Best months to visit : October to February

The railway station closest to Jeypore: Jeypore

13. Daringbadi

Tourist Places in Orissa

This tranquil mountainous station is called "Kashmir of Odisha". Colorful meadows, milky white waterfalls, pine forests, colorful meadows, and undulating hills make Daringbadi a famous tourist destination.

Daringbadi's major attractions:

Belghar wildlife sanctuary, balaskumpa, kotagarh, daringbadi waterfalls, Kalinga ghat, putudi, hill park view, Badangia waterfalls, puruna katak, Duluri picnic ground, lovers point, padmatala, chakapada, coffee garden, dungi, taptapani, herbal garden, charisambhu, boudh and spice gardens.

Places to stay:

Utopia Resort

Best months to visit : September to May

The railway station closest to Daringbadi: Berhampur

14. Rayagada

Tourist Places in Orissa

This is the best place to visit for history lovers. The Rayagada has many historical monuments and temples. The city is also recognized for its handmade items, handicrafts, wonderful cuisine, and indigenous tribal population. This location's history dates back to the Mauryan Empire, making it one of Orissa's most popular tourist destinations.

Rayagada's major attractions:

Maa majhighariani temple, laxminarayan temple, hanging bridge in chekaguda , hatipathar , minajhola, chatikona falls ,gudari , and kenduguda dam

Places to stay:

Hotel Ashok and Hotel Sai International.

Best months to visit : October to February

The railway station closest to Rayagada: Rayagada

Famous Dish: Chicken Bharta is a famous dish in Rayagada that visitors must try.

15. Barbil

Tourist Places in Orissa

Barbil is situated on the banks of the Karo River. This city is in Keonjhar. This is a lesser-known vacation spot. This tranquil place is surrounded by lush green hills, and it is home to a variety of man-made and natural attractions. A variety of festivals are celebrated in the Barbil that are organized with great energy and enthusiasm. Important festivals that are held in the Barbil are Makar Sakranti, Durga Puja, Ramzan, Ganesh Puja, Muharram , and Guru Nanak Day. This location is surrounded by lush forests and provides spectacular scenery as well as a respite from the hectic city crowds.

Barbil's major attractions:

Thakurani hills, Hawa mahal, deogaon, badaghagara waterfall, murga Mahadev waterfalls, gonasika, temples of Hanuman & Shiva, kirriburu, maa tarini temple, Sana ghagara waterfall, kanjhari dam and uliburu reserved forest.

Places to stay:

Lucky India, The World Barbil Hotel, and Hotel Aadhar.

Best months to visit : October to March

The railway station closest to Barbil: Barbil

Barbil's famous dishes:

Dishes of Barbil that visitors must have to try are khichdi, Dalma, dahi vada, pakhala bhata, aloo dum, kadali Manja rai, and aloo Potala rasa.

16. Bhadrak

Tourist Places in Orissa

Bhadrak is a great destination for worshippers. Bhadrak has many Buddhist shrines, Hindu temples, and dargahs. The two major attractions in the city are Bhadrakali temple and Akhandalamani temple. The city has an ancient Dhamra port, which is another tourist attraction in the Bhadrak.

Bhadrak's tourist attraction:

ISKON temple, kali puja, bal gopal temple , dhamra port, dhamara temple, mujahid-e-millat, and lokenath temple.

Best months to visit : October to February

The railway station closest to Bhadrak: Bhadrak

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