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15 Best Tourist Places in Puri

Puri is a seaside city and administrative division in the Indian state of Odisha. It is located on the Bay of Bengal and serves as the district administrative center for the Puri district. Nearly 80% of Puri's economy depends on the significance of the Jagannath Temple in terms of religion. The 24 annual festivals held in the temple complex, including 13 main ones, help the local economy. For the Government of India's Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) program, Puri has been selected as one of the heritage cities.

Here are some of the top Tourist places in Puri.

1. Sri Jagannath Puri Temple

Tourist Places in Puri

The temple is situated in the hallowed town of Puri. This wonderful temple is the home of Lord Jagannath who is one of the many incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It is the most adored journey site for Hindus and is remembered for the devout Char Dham Yatra with Badrinath, Dwarka, and Rameshwaram. Aside from the primary sanctuary that ascents high, numerous minor sanctuaries inside the perplexing will cause you to feel like you have entered God's home itself.

The Jagannath Puri Temple's incredible Oriya engineering is incomparable to all others. The four entryways are perfectly planned with unpredictable carvings. The tasty Mahaprasad of the sanctuary is something not to be missed at any cost. Delicious food is continuously produced in earthen pots for thousands of people and offered to lovers in one of India's largest kitchens. The lively strict celebrations of the town appeal to tourists on a huge scale. The vivid feeling, intriguing customs, and irrepressible energy of the travellers are worth seeing. Be it the sacredness, the flavourful food, the serenity, or the extravagance towards God, Jagannath Puri sanctuary appears to mark every one of the containers and thus, is a put worth remembering for your list of must-dos.

The temple opens all days of the week from 5.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Suitable time to visit the temple is before 10 a.m. Entry is free.

2. Mausi Maa Temple

Tourist Places in Puri

The Mausi Maa sanctuary is arranged at the mid-method of the Bada danda or Grand Street of Puri. It is a little sanctuary committed to Goddess Ardhashini. According to Jagannath folklore, when Goddess Lakshmi Devi left Shri Mandira, as a result of that Jagannath and Balabhadra become poverty-stricken and needed to go out for asking.

Mausi Maa is likewise named Ardhashosini. It has been referenced in the Vaisanava Kanda of the Skanda Purana that Goddess Ardhashosini drank half of the ocean water that overflowed Puri and saved the residence of Shri Jagannath. Goddess Ardhashosini with Kapalamochana Shiva, go about as the watchmen of the Shree Kshetra. During the Ratha yatra celebration's return journey (Bahuda yatra), Shri Jagannath's chariot stops at the Mausi Maa sanctuary, where the deity is given their favourite Poda Pitha, a warm cake composed of rice and lentils.

3. Sonar Gouranga Mandir

Tourist Places in Puri

One of the most important places of worship is Sonar Gouranga Mandir in Puri. It is close to the coast and three kilometres from the Puri Jagannath Temple. Along with other Lord Vishnu incarnations, the temple houses shrines to Shri Rama, Lord Jagannatha, Balaram, and Subhadra. The temple, which is situated on the Chakratritha Road, forbids photography within.

4. Lokanath Temple

Tourist Places in Puri

Loknath Temple is a significant tourist destination in Odisha and is situated 1.5 kilometers from Jagannath Temple in Puri. Lord Shiva is the center of worship in the temple and has been for a very long time. Old stories about Indian mythology have referred to this temple's existence, and they frequently connect it to Lord Ram, who stopped at Puri on his way to see Lord Shiva. A sizable crowd may be seen in this temple during Maha Shivratri. Pilgrims go there by plane from throughout the world to catch sight of Lord Loknath.

This temple has drawn a lot of visitors because of its steadfast belief that doing so will lead to redemption and the removal of all problems. People who still come here for help think Loknath Temple is a location where true serendipity and tranquility can be found. Even though there is always a large crowd in the temple throughout the year, not one pilgrim has ever been prevented from seeing the lingam.

5. Gundicha Temple

Tourist Places in Puri

In the Indian state of Odisha, the temple town of Puri, sits the Gundicha Temple, a Hindu temple. Being the final stop of the renowned yearly Rath Yatra of Puri gives it significance. During the yearly Rath Yatra festival, the temple, which is usually empty most of the year, is inhabited by statues of Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra for seven full days (totaling nine days if you count the beginning and end of Ratha Yatra). The Garden House of Jagannath is another name for it. A lovely garden surrounds the Gundicha temple, which is enclosed by complex walls on all sides. It is located around 3 kilometers away from Shrimandira, Jagannath's principal temple. The two temples are situated at either end of the Rath Yatra route known as Bada Danda (Grand Avenue).

6. Vimala Temple

Tourist Places in Puri

In the Puri area of the Indian state of Odisha, there is a Hindu temple called the Vimala Temple or Bimala Temple that is devoted to the goddess Vimala (also known as Bimala). Most people consider it to be a Shakti Pitha, one of the most sacred temples devoted to the Hindu goddess. The temple is situated close to the revered pond Rohini kunda in the southwest corner of the internal circle of the Jagannath main temple and on the western side of the tower of Jagannath. The temple is made of laterite and sandstone and faces east.

The Vimala temple, despite being a little shrine within the larger temple complex, is significant to Deity Shakta and Tantric worshipers, who hold it in higher regard than the main Jagannath shrine. As a protector of the temple complex, Vimala is regarded as Jagannath's sister. Before worshipping Jagannath in the main temple, devotees pay respect to Vimala. Before being served to Vimala, foods served to Jagannath become sanctified as Mahaprasad. In the Hindu month of Ashvin (October), the goddess-centered celebration of Durga Puja is observed at Vimala for sixteen days, concluding with Vijayadashami.

7. Sakshi Gopal Temple

Tourist Places in Puri

On the Puri-Bhubaneshwar highway at Sakhigopal, Odisha, there is a medieval temple to Lord Gopinatha known as Sakshigopal Temple, formerly known as Satyabadi Gopinatha Temple. The temple was constructed using Kalinga architectural design. The temple is well-known for hosting the Anla Navami Festival every year (Anla is the name of gooseberry, and Navami is the ninth day of the lunar cycle).

The custom of touching Radha's feet is connected to the celebration. Hindu pilgrims are now welcome within the temple to touch the deity's feet, and Anla Navami is celebrated ever since. On this holy day, the temple is crowded with hundreds and thousands of worshippers. Instead of rice, wheat is used to make the food offerings at the Sakshigopala temple. This is one of the outstanding offerings, or prasada, made during the worship rituals at Vishnu temples all around the world.

8. Markandeswara Temple

Tourist Places in Puri

The sage Markandeya pondered on Lord Shiva in the Markandeshwar Temple. He was puzzled when he noticed a young youngster floating on a banyan leaf in the water. Lord Vishnu finally gave him peace of mind. In Puri, Odisha, India, north of the Jagannath temple, on Markandeswar Street, by the Markandeswar Tank, is the historic Markandeswar Shiva Temple.

On the right side of Markandeswar Road, which connects Markandeswar Chowk to Puri-Brahmagiri Road, is where this location may be found. A stone wall constructed of dressed laterite stones encloses the open Markandeya tank. The southern side of the tank has bathing ghats for visitors. In addition to regular washing, rituals are performed in the tank. On the steps leading up to the tank, rites like Pinda Dana and Mundan Kriya are performed.

The Markandeswar tank and temple are both believed to have existed in the 12th century. By the 12th century, Puri had developed into a significant site of pilgrimage. Sri Ramanuja visited Puri between 1107 and 1117, according to Puri's history.

9. Jagannath Rath Yatra

Tourist Places in Puri

It is a must-visit. Ratha Jatra is a Hindu celebration related to Lord Jagannath held at Shri Kshetra Puri Dham in the province of Odisha, India. It is the most seasoned Ratha Yatra, whose portrayals can be tracked down in Brahma Purana, Padma Purana, Skanda Purana and Kapila Samhita.

The festival of Lord Jagannath, who is regarded as the Lord of the Universe's journey to his aunt's house, is known as Rath Yatra or Jatra. The celebration remembers Jagannath's yearly visit to Gundicha Temple through Mausi Maa Temple (maternal auntie's home) close to Saradha Bali, Puri. This yearly celebration is praised on Ashadha Shukla Paksha Dwitiya (the second day in a brilliant fortnight of Ashadha month). It is a multi-day celebration.

10. Swargadwar Beach

Tourist Places in Puri

The popular beach of Puri is the pulsing heartbeat of the city, stretching all along the main Marine Drive of Puri, and in front of the Swargadwar Crematorium. The Swargadwar Beach is crowded with tourists all year long, and it is lined with kiosks offering jewellery, seashells, and locally created goods. While the nights are reserved for taking in the ocean view while sipping tea and picking up munchies from the numerous shops, the mornings are spent splashing and swimming on the safe, sandy beach.

11. Puri Beach

Tourist Places in Puri

Puri Beach is one of East India's most beautiful beaches that border the Bay of Bengal. It is located 35 kilometers away from the Sun Temple. For vacationers seeking some peace, the beach's crystal-clear waters and the setting sun make it the perfect location.

Devotees who travel to Puri to show their appreciation to Lord Jagannath frequently flock there to take a purification dip on the seashore. The beach is particularly well-known for the sand sculptures created by Sudarshan Patnaik, a well-known international sand artist. The sculptures are frequently influenced by the murals that decorate the temple wall or another mythological figure or story.

Puri Beach, which is adorned with excellent golden sand and pouring waves, is well known for its tranquil settings. Since it is a local favorite for the locals in this location, you can also experience local life in Puri. The local fisherman may be easily identified by tourists because of their triangular hats and clothes like dhotis. These fishermen take people out on their boats to view the captivating sunset while simultaneously acting as the beach's lifeguards. Long walks may be enjoyed along the Chakratirtha side of the length, or if you're feeling particularly daring, you can even go swimming there.

12. Sudarshan Crafts Museum

Tourist Places in Puri

Puri's Sudarshan Craft Museum is located on Station Road. It is located 2 kilometers from Puri Junction. For those who enjoy art, it is among the top destinations in Puri. Shri Sudarhsan Sahoo established the Sudarshan Craft Museum in 1977. The museum features an impressive collection of Sudarshan Sahoo's artistic creations, including exquisite paintings, sculptures in wood, stone, fiberglass, and handicrafts. A Buddhist temple constructed in Japanese style, a library, and a workshop is all located on the museum's grounds.

For those who like art, this museum is a must-visit location since it offers guests an extremely educational and engaging experience. Rare works of art that are treasures of national tradition and culture are preserved on display. The museum also offers stone sculptures and metal figurines for sale. Young artists can utilize the museum as a stage to share their gifts with the world. The opening hour of the museum is 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 8 p.m., with Saturdays and Sundays off. The entry fee is 5 INR for Indians and 50 INR for foreigners.

13. Raghurajpur Artist Village

Tourist Places in Puri

In the Puri district, Raghurajpur is a heritage crafts village famous for its Gotipua dance troupes, the forerunner of the Indian classical dance style of Odissi, and its expert Pattachitra painters, a tradition that dates back to 5 BC in the area. It is also recognized as the birthplace of two legendary dancers of the gotipua style, Padma Shri Guru Maguni Charan Das and Padma Vibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.

Shilp Guru Dr. Jagannath Mahapatra, a well-known Pattachitra artist who has made a significant contribution to the growth of Pattachitra art and Raghurajpur village, was also born there. In addition, the community produces artwork such as Tussar paintings, engravings on palm leaves, stone and wood carvings, toys made from cow dung, and masks.

14. Baleshwar Beach

Tourist Places in Puri

Baleswar Beach is a peaceful beach located in Orissa's Puri district. It is 17 kilometers from Puri and 25 kilometers from Konark away. This location, also known as Baleshwar Beach, is one of the most amazing beaches in Odisha and a well-liked tourist destination in Puri. The beach is situated at the Nuanai River's mouth, and the view of the river flowing into the Bay of Bengal is breathtaking. An excellent spot to unwind is the beach and the woodland that runs the length of the beach.

Popular beach activities include swimming, water sports, and tanning. Common tourist activity is to observe the dawn and sunset. The Shaivite shrine at the Baleshwar Beach is well-known, and it also has religious significance for devotees of Lord Shiva. Thousands of devotees attend the temple for the Mahashivaratri festival, which is celebrated there with tremendous passion.

15. Balighai Beach

Tourist Places in Puri

The Puri-Konark Marine Drive is where the expansive Balighai beach is located. This undeveloped beach is located 8 kilometers from Puri and is considerably more remote from the population. For your utmost comfort, Toshali has chosen villas, remote retreats, eco-resorts, and opulent amenities.

You will feel like an outcast (a person who is left alone) while still enjoying the conveniences of a relaxing beach vacation at this undeveloped beach because of its ideal solitude. Balighai is a special beach that offers a distinctive experience from the other beaches in Puri. The center is completely isolated from the crowd, which draws many tourists yearning for some peaceful relaxation time.

Boat rides on the sea, thick jungle-like surroundings created by Causarina, Alaska, and Eucalyptus trees, and many more spots that truly surprise you. Away from the Puri city craziness, it is a calm location with tidy and clean surroundings. The Sea Turtle Research Facility, where one can see the enormous turtles flying about in their aquariums, is another unique attraction at the beach.

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