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12 Best Tourist Places In Dhanbad

About Dhanbad

Dhanbad is located in eastern India, on the border between Jharkhand and West Bengal. Dhanbad was once part of Bihar, but when Bihar was split into Jharkhand and Bihar, it became part of Jharkhand. The area encompasses 2052 square Km (15 miles by 10 miles) and has about 2 million people. Men make up 53% of the population, and women make up 47%. Dhanbad has a literacy rate of 75.71%, higher than the national average of 59.5% in India: - male literacy is 85.78 percent, and female literacy is 60.74 percent. 10.57 % of Dhanbad's population is under the age of five.

Dhanbad's culture is traditional, with inhabitants from all over India but primarily from the neighboring states of Bihar and West Bengal. According to popular mythology, Manbhum district got its name from Raja Man Singh (the general of Mughal emperor Akbar's army). He was given a land by Emperor Akbar after winning certain battles. It was a small town in the former district of Manbhum, with its headquarters at Purulia (now in West Bengal). Since the district was so large and spread out, it was quickly separated into Birbhum, Manbhum, and Singhbhum for administrative considerations. Early history also indicates that from the seventh century AD, King Shasanka ruled the area.

Dhanbad is famous for its natural beauty, including lakes, dams, rivers, mountains, and wildlife. For instance, one can do boating in Maithon Lake or enjoy exploring natural beauty in the wildlife sanctuary and park near Maiton. Tourists can even visit Bhatinda Falls, Panchet Dam, etc. Furthermore, the place has religious sites rich in histories, such as Kalyaneshwari Temple, Panra, and Bhuiphor Temple.

So let us have a look at some of the most well-known tourist attractions places in Dhanbad: -

1. Bhatinda Falls

Tourist Places In Dhanbad

Bhatinda Falls is a beautiful waterfall that cascades over dramatic rock formations. Located 14 km from Dhanbad Station, it is also known as the Moonidi Waterfall. Surrounded by rich flora and steep hills, the falls are a compelling sight for viewers. It's a great picnic area for groups seeking a refreshing break. Nature lovers frequently come here to immerse themselves in the area's beauty and peacefulness.

The mesmerizing natural beauty of Bhatinda Falls draws many visitors all year. Surrounded by lush nature, it has a relaxing atmosphere. The falls are surrounded by massive stones and are awe-inspiring to see. They have charm and convey a sense of peace and tranquillity.

The waterfall provides an ideal setting for a picnic, allowing tourists to find tranquillity in the mesmerizing surroundings. There are several food vendors in this place's neighbourhoods that can satisfy tourists' hunger pangs. The place is majestic and attracts tourists throughout the year. However, winter is the perfect time to visit the place. Also, during the monsoon season, a lot of water rushes down the falls. So, the area's engulfing foliage and visual beauty reach their peak at this time.

2. Hazaribagh

Tourist Places In Dhanbad

Hazaribagh, located in the Chhota Nagpur plateau 93 Kms from Ranchi, it is a picturesque place with dense woods and natural structures such as rock formations and lakes. Hazaribagh's forests are primarily undiscovered and lush with flora.

Hazaribagh is 2000 meters above sea level in the Central Highlands (one of the three compartments of the Chotanagpur Plateau). Jilinjia (3057 m) and Chandra (2816 m) are the two central mountains. Rock-solid adamant hills are lush green with a touch of muck and rocks.

The Hazaribagh national park, which spans 135 Kms, provides the best sightseeing experience, with lovely and distinct birds welcoming the visitors with enchanting chirping sounds.

Hazaribagh, located in Jharkhand on the Chotanagpur plateau, is an ideal health resort due to its dense woods and scenic splendor. A National Park is located in 'Hazaribagh,' and is a region of gardens rich in thousands of exotic flora and animals. The place attracts many trekkers and rock climbers because of its mild year-round climate and beautiful green slopes.

Hazaribagh is a famous destination for nature enthusiasts, and its beauty is enhanced by marvels such as the Hazaribagh Jheel. Overall, Hazaribagh is a visual, mental, and spiritual delight that is sure to revitalize and energize a visitor.

3. Maithon Dam

Maithon Dam, built-in 1957, is one of Jharkhand's largest dams. Damodar Valley Corporation built the dam. Moreover, it is one of the world's most important underground power stations. Since the dam is nearly 165 feet tall and 15,712 feet long, it can be seen considerably. The Maithon dam is the primary appeal to visitors visiting it while exploring Dhanbad.

Tourists have an amazing time boating there. Moreover, tourists can ride not only a pedal boat but also a high-speed boat on the Barakor river. The dam's surroundings scenery is gorgeous. Many visitors aim to arrive before sunset because the dam's backdrop is spectacular at that time. Another powerplant hydel is also nearby to the Maithon Dam. Tourists can also visit the Hydel power plant. It is one of Asia's most efficient hydel power plants, producing more than 60,000 kW of electricity. After touring the dam, tourists can also visit the nearby deer park if they have time. The garden is peaceful and attractive, and one can have a fantastic fun time with their families.

4. Birsa Munda Park

Birsa Munda Park, which opened in 2009, is one of Dhanbad's most popular tourist attractions. Apart from tourists, Dhanbad inhabitants (Residents) also visit the park on weekends. The park spans over 21 acres. Most folks and elderly individuals visit there for morning or evening walks. The trails and walkways surrounding the entire park are well maintained and ideal for exploring the area or the places.

The park is still under construction, although it has recently grown in popularity. Tourists will be astonished to learn that this park was built on a barren plot. By looking at it now, tourists won't realize there was no foliage in the entire area. The park also includes several activities that children enjoy. There is a toy train to explore Birsa Munda Park, and the park also has a beautifully planted garden and a children's playground. If tourists are hungry, they may always have their lunch or snacks at the park's canteen. In the last decade, the park has been of economic significance, as it has been a vital source of employment for the town's citizens.

5. Panchet Dam

Tourist Places In Dhanbad

Panchet Dam, which opened in 1959, is another notable dam in Dhanbad. DVC built this multi-purpose dam and is named after the beautiful Panchet Hills. The scenery around the dam is breathtaking while the dam is built across the Damodar River. The Panchet Dam was built primarily for power generation, flood control, and irrigation purposes. However, it soon became one of the most popular tourist destinations.

The dam and the walk leading up to it are both breathtakingly gorgeous. Many bikers travel to experience the thrills and excitement of the difficult road. Tourists can enjoy the ambiance of the dam after the monsoon season since the gates remain locked during the monsoon season. The dam's southern bank is in Purulia, while its northern bank is in Dhanbad.

As a result, one of the fascinating aspects of Panchet Dam is in West Bengal and Jharkhand. So, several travellers from West Bengal also visit the Panchet dam. It's a terrific area to find peace.

6. Dhanbad Coal Mines

Dhanbad is India's largest coal producer, and Jharkhand's principal source of income is likewise mineral mining. The city has so many iron, mica, and coal enterprises. As a tourist, it is ideal to visit some of the coal mines in Dhanbad, since more than 112 coal mines surround the town. In India, these coalfields produce approximately 27 million tonnes of coal. Dhanbad contributes more than 7000 million rupees to the development of Jharkhand.

While traversing the city, tourists must also view some of the coal washeries. Central Coalfields Limited is an excellent spot to see coal mine operations. Tourists can also go to Jharia to witness the exciting procedure. Jharia is responsible for a large percentage of bituminous coal production in India. The coal mines that cover the entire region of Jharia will astound you.

7. Lillori Sthan Mandir

Lilli Sthan Mandir, located on the banks of the Katri River, is one of the most sacred destinations in Dhanbad for Hindu devotees. The local king assisted in the construction of the temple over 800 years ago, as the Goddess Lillori was the king's ancestral deity. Since the temple is 18 Km from Dhanbad, tourists can take a cab or an autorickshaw to get there. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kali, who is considered the guardian or the protector of the area. The best time to visit the temple is the Diwali Festival, when the Kali puja is held. Thousands of believers gather in the temple to pray, get blessings, and worship the goddess.

Tourists can enjoy the divine atmosphere of the temple. The celebration and dedication of believers give tourists a different perspective on religion.

8. Bekar Bandh

Bekar Bandh is a lovely Dhanbad pond that promises visitors a fun getaway. People can go boating here and enjoy the surrounding beautiful scenery. Many people can be seen fishing early in the morning. There is also a Surya Shiva Hanuman Mandir here. It is adjacent to National Highway 32, the polytechnic road, or the Dhanbad mandir road.

9. Parasnath Temple

Tourist Places In Dhanbad

The Temple of Parasnath in Jharkhand is one of the most famous Jain temples in India. It is located 63 Km north of Dhanbad, and the area is well-served by public transportation. Also, the name of the Parasnath Temple was kept here in honor of Parsvanath, the 23rd Tirthankara of the Jain that attained Nirvana here.

The Madhuban Parasnath temple is located at the top of the highest peak in the Giridh district, popularly known as the Parasnath hills. The hill on which Bihar's Parasnath Temple lies is approximately 4480 feet tall, and Hazaribagh is only 90 Km away from the temple. To get to Parasnath Temple, tourists can use any local transportation from Hazaribagh, such as a bus or a cab.

Through its primary architecture, the Parasnath temple in Madhuban admirably embodies the lessons of Jain saints or munis. The temple is entirely made of marble, and its walls carry some texts from Jain teaching. Though the Bihar Parasnath Temple is not particularly old, the deity housed in the main temple is quite ancient.

Hundreds of Jain pilgrims visit this site every year, and the Parasnath temple appears to be a crowded fair on the festival of Mahavir Jayanti. Apart from the Parasnath temple, there are more Jain temples belonging to the Digambers and Svetambers that draw many tourists yearly to Dhanbad.

10. Kalyaneshwari Temple

Tourist Places In Dhanbad

A shrine of Lady of Fulfilment is another name for this temple. The temple's principal goddess is Maa Kalyaneshwari, and the followers believe she is present as Shakti or Goddess Kali. It is primarily visited by barren ladies who come to pray for children, and many human sacrifices were allegedly offered here many years ago.

This 500-year-old shrine is located about 20 Km from Asansol. On the other hand, the current temple tower was built lately by Panchakot Raj.

11. Topchanchi Lake

Tourist Places In Dhanbad

Topchanchi Lake is a popular tourist destination in Jharkhand's Dhanbad district. It is located at the Golden Quadrilateral on National Highway 2. The lake is 37 Km from Dhanbad Railway Station and 41 Km from Bokaro. Though the lake is artificial, its green setting among forests and hills makes it an ideal picnic spot.

It is also popular for peaceful and relaxing vacations. It has a total land area of 214 acres. The proximity of the Parasnath Hills to the lake encourages tourists to visit both. Topchanchi Lake is the stream that has been dammed to serve as a reservoir for the district and its surrounding areas. Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 8.75 square Km. The area is small enough with a harmless animals living there. Religious people, especially Jains and Hindus, frequently visit the area surrounding the lake.

12. Shakti Mandir of Dhanbad

Shakti Mandir is Dhanbad's pride and attracts many tourists every year. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is located in the center of the city on Thorapathak Road. Shakti Mandir owns the Akhand Jyoti or Eternal Flame, that was brought from Vaishno Devi. Thus, making it a nationally renowned temple, distinguishing it from other temples in the area. Therefore, the holy temple is crowded on every tuesday and friday and on major festivals such as Diwali, Dussehra. These festivals are unique to the devotees of the Goddess.


Dhanbad is one of India's most beautiful tourist places. You will be able to view enormous natural beauty and rich history here. In this article, we mentioned some of the best places to visit in Dhanbad, but apart from these, there are many other tourist attractions too.

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