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24 Best Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of both Haryana and Punjab and is a union territory. The city is known as 'the city beautiful' because it seems like it came straight out of a splendid landscape painting, filled with spacious gardens and quiet waterways. The town was planned as people-oriented in the 1950s by Swiss architect Le Corbusier. He carried on the duty of creating the city's famous buildings, municipal centers, and parks, all of which have lasted well and look magnificent today.

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a stunningly attractive city to the eyes, particularly its natural views and magnificent architectural buildings. For nature enthusiasts, there are gorgeous gardens, a gallery for history enthusiasts, and many other interesting attractions for all kinds of visitors. So, if you're planning a trip to the metropolises and aren't sure what to do in Chandigarh, here's a selection of tourist destinations in Chandigarh to add to your schedule.

1. Sukhna Lake

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

There are many more lakes available in Chandigarh that one can explore, but Sukhna Lake is the first choice if you are looking for lakes in Chandigarh for lovers. It is commonly known as "one of India's gorgeous artificial lakes," You will believe it if you have witnessed it personally. It was constructed in 1958. After that, the beautiful body of water became one of Chandigarh's most popular tourist attractions. If you have the chance, make sure you travel to Sukhna Lake either at night or in the early morning to enjoy the most beautiful sunrises or sunsets. It's also a center for various activities, the most popular boating.

2. Nek Chand's Rock Garden

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

If you are visiting Chandigarh, you should include this city's renowned tourist attraction Rock Garden. Take enough time to see this unique destination if you're visiting the city with family and friends or on a business trip. It's an artificial lake with hundreds of stunning sculptures made completely of rock and other recyclables. Every inch of this park is a piece of artwork, and whether you're a fan of art or not, this location will convert you into one by the time you finish.

3. Government Museum and Art Gallery

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

The Government Museum and Art Gallery might be Chandigarh's most underestimated museum due to the availability of many other more well-known tourist attractions in the city. The separation of India and Pakistan in 1947 was the foundation for establishing this location. The majority of the artifacts at the museum were originally housed at the Central Museum in Lahore, Punjab's capital. After the partition, all these amazing collections were moved to India, and the Government Museum and Art Gallery were built to hold them.

4. International Dolls Museum

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

If you are looking for unique tourist hotspots in Chandigarh, visit the International Dolls Museum for entertainment. As the name implies, the area is home to dolls and houses a big collection of thousands of wonderful puppets and dolls. Adults find it fascinating, even though it is unquestionably famous among kids. Korea, Germany, Denmark, Russia, and Spain are just a few countries from where most of these collections are brought to the museum.

5. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Chandigarh's Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is a wonderful area that leads your feelings on a delightful journey. It is positioned in Sector 16 on 30 acres, allowing you to explore over 1600 types of flowers and other inhabitants of the plant world. A big celebration referred to as the Rose Festival takes place every year in February or March, at the same time the spring season used to come in the region. Many people go to Chandigarh for this occasion to enjoy the great collection of roses on display. People who love flowers and Garden like this tourist attraction very much. Thus, the visitor should not miss out on this beautiful tourist destination to explore.

6. Chhatbir Zoo

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Whenever people think about Chandigarh, animals would not on the list that usually comes to mind. However, the city has a lovely zoo where you may witness various animals. This zoo is expanded to a total area of 505-acre, commonly known as Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, and is residence to species acquired from all around the nation. It is residence to over twelve hundred creatures from more than thousands of distinct species. There are many animals to observe here, including the Royal Bengal tiger, blackbuck, lion, leopard cat, common leopard, and white tiger. Furthermore, the park allows visitors to witness various bird species, including doves, falcons, and pheasants..

7. Japanese Garden

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Japanese Garden is a great addition to the popular tourist locations in Chandigarh with family and friends. It is well known for its aesthetically beautiful buildings and green grass. It got constructed in two different phases and got fully finished in 2016. Phase 1 of the project was completed in 2014, while Phase 2 was completed in 2016. The two are joined by an underpass filled with beautiful Japanese artwork, and it is a sight to see. It's quite gorgeous, and if you're ever in the Chandigarh region, stop by and spend a few hours resting in the Garden.

8. Capitol Complex

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Secretariat, the Vidhan Sabha, and High Court are all located at the Capitol Complex, which is shared by both the states of Haryana and Punjab. These three buildings were built in the 1950s and possess a traditional design and architecture. The Open Hand sculpture by Le Corbusier, which might be considered the national symbol of Chandigarh, is the place's attraction. The Capitol Complex is among Chandigarh's most well-known attractions; thus, do not miss out on this tourist attraction when you are in Chandigarh.

9. Nada Sahib Gurudwara

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

This tourist place is the center of religion and spirituality. Here, the residents and tourists from different states can relax over their hectic lives and enjoy a few breaths of calmness in the presence of the almighty. Visit the site for its magnificent architecture. It is a well-known Sikh religious site. After the Battle of Bhangani in 1688, Guru Gobind Singh stayed here from Paonta Sahib to Anandpur Sahib.

10. Terraced Garden

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

The Terraced Garden, located in Chandigarh, is a well-known attraction with flowers and beautiful green plants. The park was founded in 1979 and covered 10 acres of land. Since its establishment, new and various kinds of plants, bushes, and wildflowers have been planted in the area, establishing this Garden as one of Chandigarh's most beautiful tourist destinations. Tourists and nature lovers go here to breathe in the pure air and wonder at the terraced gardens.

11. Pinjore Garden

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

This lovely park, located approximately 22 kilometers from Chandigarh, was originally established in the seventeenth century by Raja Yadwinder Singh of the Punjabi Family. That's why it is commonly referred to as Yadavindra Garden. However, it is known as Pinjore Garden because of its presence in Pinjore. Along with the Garden, guests may witness gorgeous fountains, blooming plants, shrines, open museums, and a wildlife park.

12. Fateh Burj

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

This is India's highest building, standing roughly 328 feet tall in Chapparchidi, Mohali. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, a Sikh soldier, is honored with a historical landmark. In 1710, the Mughal leader Fazir Khan was defeated by Baba Banda Singh Bahadur. The first story of this tower is 67 feet tall, the second is 117 feet tall, and the third is 220 feet tall. This three-story structure represents success in the battle at the time. This place is of Chandigarh's most well-known attractions; thus, do not miss out on this tourist attraction when you are in Chandigarh.

13. Iskcon Temple

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

ISKCON Temple is one of the top tourist destinations and a well-known temple frequently visited by devotees all year. If you're visiting Chandigarh with your friend and family, take a little time to visit this temple, which is deeply committed to Lord Krishna and Radha. It is one of the best sites to see in Chandigarh, and therefore it will add to the pleasure of your vacation.

14. Leisure Valley

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Leisure Valley is Chandigarh's most beautiful tourist destination and spreads over 8 kilometers. This site, also referred to as the 'lungs of Chandigarh city,' boosts the city's attractiveness as it is a pollution-free area that makes it a clean city. Every year, nearby people celebrate a three-day festival that contributes to the fun. So if you are planning to visit Chandigarh, be sure to include this tourist place on your schedule.

15. Garden of Fragrance

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

If you are looking for a place to relax after exploring some crowded and noisy destinations in Chandigarh, there's no better spot than the Garden of Fragrance, which will delight your nose and eyes. Rose, a flower called Queen of the night, jasmine, and many other beautiful and aromatic flowers and plants may be found in the Garden. The nicest thing is that this location is open to the public. You must visit this site in Chandigarh, whether traveling with friends, family, a partner, or children.

16. Garden Of Silence

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

If you're searching for a peaceful location to visit in Chandigarh, the Garden of Stillness is a popular destination. In the center of the Garden, there is a large statue of Lord Buddha, which contributes to the site's attractiveness. This park, one of the greatest things to do in Chandigarh, gives a peaceful place to contemplate for some time and settle your thoughts, with the background of the Shivalik hills and lush green surrounds.

17. Sector 17 Market

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

It is the city's most famous and oldest market, and it attracts both children and young people. This market has it all, from huge to local brands, children's clothing, and bridal shops. You can find all things that you're looking for, if not only take a trip to the area and enjoy the moment. The best time to visit this place is 11 A.M to 10 P.M. It would be a better option to buy something from the place you visit to make the trip memorable.

18. Butterfly park

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Butterfly Park, a magnificent park with groomed shrubs, is one of the most attractive spots to visit in Chandigarh. It is home to 35 various butterflies since the area provides the ideal nesting habitat. A fascinating aspect of this location is its designated quiet zone, where loud and unpleasant noises are restricted. This is a great site to explore if you want to view some stunning and colorful butterflies in Chandigarh. Entry is free to this park, and you can visit it between 8:30 A.M to 5 P.M.

19. Gandhi Museum

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

It is regarded as one of Chandigarh's most important tourist attractions. As the name implies, the museum is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. Here in this museum, we can see the numerous works, writings, and materials representing his life. This museum is located in the center of a pond and is among its most remarkable features. Entry is free to this park, and you can visit it between 9:00 A.M to 5 P.M.

20. Water Park Thunder Zone

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is famed for its ability to surprise tourists, and thus Thunder Zone is among the city's most well-known attractions. This is another fantastic thrill park where you can enjoy a broad range of activities and spend a fun day with your friends and relatives. This water park, located 13 kilometers from the city center, occupies 11 acres and has a variety of thrilling rides and four huge pools.

21. Fun City

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

This spectacular and entertaining adventure park, situated in Ramgarh and expanding to nearly 43 acres, is the largest in North India. Three landing pools, wave pools, and various water rides in all forms and sizes provide a wonderful family outing for both children and adults.

22. National Gallery of Portraits

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

How could anyone be unfamiliar with Le Corbusier, the renowned Swiss-French architect who designed this city? A center has been established to honor him and his contributions to city development, conveyed here. Here, you will not only come to know about blueprints of Chandigarh city but also for some other developed cities of other countries. His workplace, where he worked, was transformed into a museum in 2008. So, remember to honor Chandigarh's creator by visiting this center and adding it to your list of sites to see in Chandigarh.

23. Mohali Cricket Stadium

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

The Punjab Cricket Association is headquartered in Mohali Cricket Stadium, which was built in 1993, and took three years to finish. It is home to the IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab. The stadium has hosted several domestic and international games and is a popular destination for cricket fans.

24. Elante Mall

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

One of Chandigarh's main shopping malls and one of India's largest shopping malls. Showrooms, play zones, flood zones, and theaters from various companies may be found here. This magnificent mall, which covers 20 acres, is the most popular shopping destination for visitors to Chandigarh.

Best Time To Visit

If you're planning a trip to Chandigarh and want to know when the ideal time to go is, keep in mind that the city is located on the slopes of the Shivalik hills, which means it offers pleasant weather all year. The best times to visit are August through November when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot.

Food In Chandigarh

Tourist Places in Chandigarh

Chandigarh's cuisine is renowned for its excellent flavor and high-quality standards across the field. Their varied range of delightful foods provides a satisfying taste and texture. The eateries are generally well-decorated and have a clean environment. There are family eateries and venues to meet up with friends in Chandigarh. Some restaurants serve only lunch and dinner. If you're searching for something to eat in between meals, visit one of Chandigarh's snack stores.

In terms of Chandigarh cuisine, there is nothing particularly unique. When it comes to eating in Chandigarh, genuine north Indian meals are the first thing that springs to mind. The primary element of Chandigarh's cuisine is usually authentic Punjabi food, which is well-known across the city.

Way To Reach Chandigarh

Chandigarh has its railway station, which is called Chandigarh. Aside from that, an international airport is well interconnected to domestic and foreign destinations. The city is also well interconnected to Northern India's major cities via road. Let's discuss all these three mediums to reach Chandigarh in brief.

1. By Road

Chandigarh has several bus options from Delhi and other adjacent cities. Chandigarh is well interconnected to the country's major cities via road. You may also order taxis/cabs for touring in the city, although it will be more expensive.

2. By Train

If you wish to reach Chandigarh by train, You may take a train to Chandigarh Railway Station, which is well connected to the country's major railway station. You may hire public transport to get to the main city from the railway station, which will be accessible from outside the station.

3. By Flight

Chandigarh has its airport, about 10-12 kilometers away from the town. You may take a cab or taxi to get into the main city after arriving at the airport. Because it is an international airport, all large or small airlines are well connected.

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