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Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

In the Tamil Nadu state's Dindigul district sits the highland town of Kodaikanal. As the "Princess of Hill Stations," Kodaikanal has a long history of being a well-known vacation spot. It is among the most well-known honeymoon spots in India. The city of Kodai is renowned for its beautiful hills and lakes and its mild, pleasant climate. You'll notice a decrease in temperature and an increase in the splendour of nature as you approach the Kodaikanal boundary.

There are several lovely climbs that are in Kodaikanal. At the height of 7200 feet above sea level, Kodaikanal is tucked away in the Palani Hills. Once you reach this hill station, you'll discover that everything you envisioned regarding a place amidst nature's serenity is happening. The enormous lake, which covers an area of 60 acres, known as Kodai Lake, is one of the most well-renowned locations in Kodaikanal. You'll be shocked to learn that this sizable lake with a star appearance is an artificial lake surrounded by undulating hills. Visiting the city's several views, including Green Valley Vista, Pillar Rocks Viewpoint, and the well-known dolphin nose viewpoint is a significant component of the experience of visiting Kodaikanal.

1. Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Berijam Lake is a reservoir in Tamil Nadu's Dindigul district, 22 kilometres from Kodaikanal town. It is located in the upper Palani Hills on the former site of "Fort Hamilton." The lake offers several tourist attractions, including bird observation spots, vehicle safaris, and dam site views. The peaceful waters of the 59-acre Berijam Lake are so clean that Periyakulam, a small city in the valley below Kodaikanal, relies on it as its primary supply of drinkable water.

A dam was built along the sluice outflow to create Berijam Lake, a micro watershed development project component. Berijam Lake is a well-liked picnic location among residents and is accessible to everyone from October to May. It is among the top Kodaikanal tourist destinations.

2. Bryant Park in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

All visitors and people like visiting Bryant Park. It is among the top Kodaikanal tourist destinations. The exotic rose garden, located in a separate area of the park, takes pleasure in growing a variety of uncommon and unusual roses. The park serves as a demonstration centre and a training ground for ornamental horticulture students.

The iconic Bryant Park is only one of the numerous components contributing to Kodaikanal's tranquillity. This park, situated on the eastern shore of Kodai Lake, is ornamented with various plants and bushes. Bryant Park features a gardening display in May. The event's primary goal is to familiarise visitors with various plants, vegetables, and trees. Bryant Park is easiest to get there on foot.

3. Coakers walk in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal has an artificial pedestrian plaza called Coaker's Walk, one kilometre long and built on the hills. The Cokers Walk's excellent path, which wraps around the side of the stunning mountain, makes it the perfect location for morning and evening strolls in the beauty of nature. The Pambar River Valley and the city of Madurai are to the south and east, respectively, of Cokers Walk. To the south is the Dolphin's Nose.

This pedestrian plaza is older than a century and was constructed in the year 1872 by Lieutenant Coaker. People of all ages travel to the area, mostly known for its cold weather. The route starts close to Van Allen Hospital and joins the main road above St. Peter's Church. You might choose to ride a bicycle to explore the beautiful location. Adults pay INR 30 per hour, while kids pay INR 20 per hour.

4. Green Valley View in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Vaigai Dam's stunning scenery is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The plains, deep valleys, and hills are breathtakingly beautiful from The Green Valley View. It is about 5.5 kilometres from Kodaikanal Lake. Due to being the deadly valley that is more than 5000 feet deep, Green Valley View is also known as "Suicide Point." The valley is best viewed between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm; as the day wears on, the valley fills with mist and is difficult to see clearly.

Green Valley Vista provides more than just a stunning view. Another reason it is well-known is that it is surrounded by several stores that sell a variety of handmade chocolates, jewellery, and flowers. One can take a cab, an autorickshaw, or a bus to the Green Valley vista. The distance from Kodaikanal Bus Stand is only 5.5 kilometres.

5. Kodaikanal Lake in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

The town of Kodaikanal is in Tamil Nadu's Dindigul district, and Kodaikanal Lake is an artificial body of water there. Kodai Lake is another name for Kodaikanal Lake. The star-shaped lake is bordered by the verdant hills of the Palani Hills range in the northwest, which serves as the lake's primary watershed. The lake has an average depth of 3.0 m and is 2285 meters above sea level. The distance from Kodai Bus Stand to the lake is 3 kilometres. British and early American missionaries created the lake.

A boat club, boathouse, and boat service for tourists have developed through time, becoming fully operational and adding aesthetic value to tourism. During the summer, boat pageants and flower exhibits are common and well-liked events. At 64 kilometres, Kodai Road Railway Station is the rail station closest to Kodaikanal.

6. Dolphin's Nose in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris area, 12 kilometres from Coonoor, lies the Dolphin Nose Viewpoint, a popular tourist site. The flat, elevated rock in the shape of a dolphin's snout gives the location its name. However, its breathtaking beauty is more well-known than its size. More than 1,550 meters above sea level, 10 kilometres from Coonoor, lies Dolphin Nose, a fantastic viewing location. One of the top Kodaikanal tourist destinations is it.

A 3-kilometre moderately difficult climb across the Palani Hill range's deodar and rocks are necessary to get to this location. The Dolphin's Nose race ends at Echo Point. To reach Echo Point, you must make one more ascent up the rough road; this is not a trek for the weak of heart. For visiting this location in Kodaikanal, the months of October to March are ideal. You'll be able to take in the magnificent vista to the utmost because the weather will be nice and sunny.

7. Solar Observatory in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Palani Hills' Rose Garden is close to Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. The Kodaikanal Solar Observatory was built to make it useful for researching solar activity. Numerous national and international conferences are held there, and it is only open during the day. The Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is free to visit.

8. Thalaiyar Falls in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Rat Tail Falls, also known as Thalaiyar Falls, is situated on the Manjalar River. It is the sixth-highest waterfall in India and the tallest in Tamil Nadu at 975 feet. At Dum Dum Rock, the park features a viewing tower from where you may enjoy stunning views of the waterfalls and Manjalar Dam. The waterfall is close to a hiking track. The settlement of Perumal Malai lies 9 kilometres upstream of the river water spring.

One of Kodaikanal's most stunning waterfalls, Thalaiyar Falls, is located in the Dindigul district on the forested slopes of the Palani Hills range. Only hiking is allowed at the base of the falls and during the dry season. The climb begins at the Manjalar Dam and proceeds via the mango groves around the Manjalar reservoir before following the watercourse to the modest shrine dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi. There is no road leading to Thalaiyar Falls, making it an inaccessible tourist destination for the general public. Hiking is the only method to get to the top.

9. Bear Shola Falls in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Bear Shola Falls is a well-loved picnic location in the area and is about 2 kilometres away from Kodaikanal Lake. Its unique moniker comes from the fact that it is thought to have been the bear's favourite watering spot. However, nowadays, couples, nature lovers, and adventure seekers all like Kodaikanal's beautiful and tranquil waterfall.

Bear Shola Falls is the ideal location for a hiking trip since it is slanting and continuous. The Western Ghats forest region close to the falls is a biodiversity hotspot where you may mix with creatures like monkeys and deer in the jungle. You will come upon a mountainous road where a car can take you. From there, a short hike of roughly a kilometre into the forest is available by a concrete route. It is among the top Kodaikanal tourist destinations.

10. Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

The Pillar Rocks is near Kodaikanal. The location is so named because it contains three vertically positioned boulders that rise 400 feet above the ground, making it a lovely picnic area for couples and families with young children. On these rocks previously stood the "White Cross," David Gayle's magnificent love song. Proof of a wonderful love tale.

People looking for calm will fall in love with this location. This location won't let you down whether you're here on a date or with your family. These pillars make an ideal location for a picnic in the shadow of the rocks. The closest bus stop to Pillar Rocks is at Kodaikanal. It is 7.5 kilometres away from Pillar Rocks. The ideal time to visit Pillar Rocks is generally said to be during the summer, which lasts from April through June. During the monsoon, it gets slicker.

11. Devils Kitchen in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

The Devil's Kitchen is a natural heritage site and cave network in Kodaikanal. Before becoming popular, only pedestrians came to this location. It rose to fame after being used as the location for the 1992 Tamil film "Guna." Even in the summer and winter, this valley is covered in a heavy layer of clouds. Tourists must walk 400 meters from the main entrance to the summit.

B.S. Ward discovered this location in 1821 with the assistance of an English officer. The area is accessible only 1.5 km from Pillar Rocks and 8.5 km from Kodaikanal Bus Station. The elevation of the caverns is 2230 meters. April through June are the ideal months to visit the cave. Try to avoid going there from October to March because the weather is still chilly and damp at that time.

12. Pine Forest in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

The Kodaikanal Pine Forest is a lovely location to see in Kodaikanal, which resembles a painting. The entire environment is apparent due to its appealing hues. It feels as though you have travelled to another planet after arriving here. There is no entry fee, and the Kodaikanal Pine Forest is available every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

13. Perumal Peak in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Among the Kodaikanal tourist attractions, Perumal Peak has an undiscovered past. Locals here think that although this peak has been inert for a thousand years, it was once an active volcano. Because it is the mountain's highest summit, tourists also like visiting it. People who love adventure travel come to this location and enjoy motorcycling.

14. Shembaganur Museum in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal tourism destination one of the sites to see in this area is the Shembaganur Museum. Here, you may observe more than 300 animals, butterflies, plants, and more. Its broad past includes ethnography, handicrafts, flora, and animals. It also contains a large garden with a variety of flower species. About 6 kilometres separate this tourist destination from Kodaikanal Lake. Except on Thursdays, it is open every day from 10 to 11:30 and 3 to 5 pm.

15. Kukkal Caves in Kodaikanal

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

The Paliar tribes were said to have found refuge in the Kodaikanal Kukkal Caves. The many artworks that decorate the cave's interior walls prove that the tribalists formerly lived there. This location is on the mountain range's highest summit. Tourists can visit from 10 am to 5 pm.

How to Reach Kodaikanal

By taking a flight, train, or bus, you may get to Kodaikanal easily.

  • By Flight: If you have decided to fly to Kodaikanal, let us inform you that Madurai Airport is the closest airport. That is situated roughly 79 kilometres apart. You can use other transportation options to get to Kodaikanal from the airport.
  • By Train: Let us inform you that Kodaikanal Road Station and Palani Station is the closest train station to Kodaikanal if you have chosen to get there by rail. It may be found roughly 100 kilometres away. You may take a bus or a cab from the station.
  • By Bus: You may take normal buses or private taxis from Dindigul, Chennai, Pondicherry, Palani, and Coimbatore to Kodaikanal if you get their vehicle.

Best Local Street Food

Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

Visitors to Kodaikanal Hill Station may enjoy really tasty meals. The renowned local food is something you must try once. The most popular dishes in Kodaikanal's local dishes include sandwiches, chocolates, brownies, and hot. In addition to these, there are other dishes like Biryani, South Indian Thali, Upma, Parota, Sambar, Dosa, Idli, Kesari, Meetha Pongal, and Rasam.

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal

Depending on the season, tourists may pick the place they wish to visit. The ideal months to visit Kodaikanal are from October through June. However, December and January still have a bit of a chill to them. Hill stations are best visited throughout the summer.

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