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Tourist Places in Kannur

You'll fall in love with Kannur at first sight, thanks to the area's stunning natural and cultural attractions. As a country with clean beaches, visitors can enjoy the ocean in all its aspects.

Kannur is a city in India between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. It has many sandy beaches that are lined with green coconut palms. The history of the city is made more beautiful by the huge forts. Payyambalam Beach and Mobile Bay are two of Kannur's most popular beaches.

Kannur has a lot of small, beautiful old shrines spread out in different parts of the city. These are elegant and set in a peaceful area with coconut and banana trees. They are simple, small buildings made of bricks and wood. Kannur has a lot of places to see, like temples, trekking trips, and exciting things to do. We've compiled a list of the best places to see in Kannur that you shouldn't miss. Scroll down to find out which ones these are!

1. Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Temple

Tourist Places in Kannur

The Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Temple is a beautiful building on the River Valapattanam. It is devoted to Sree Muthappan, a Hindu deity who likes toddy and grilled fish. Muthappan is often worshipped in Kannur. He is an avatar of Maha Vishnu and the son of Shiva. Muthappan is different from other Hindu temples because it doesn't obey the Sattvic (Brahminical) style of worship. At the Parassinikadavu temple, a ritual performance of Muthappan is performed daily. This is the main way that people worship.

Fish is a gift that is given to Muthappan. This temple was built because of a kid who showed up in the area and caused a series of interesting events before disappearing. The things that happened until he disappeared later made the people feel like Muthappan (Siva) was there, so they built a temple immediately.

People now call this place the Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple. The temple is a great example of how religious groups can work together harmoniously. It spreads the idea of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam," meaning "the world is one family,". Anyone from any caste, religion, or country can go into the temple and participate in the worship. Travellers and pilgrims come to the temple to enjoy the beauty of Theyyam, a daily ceremony that shows how good wins in the end over evil.

2. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

Tourist Places in Kannur

The Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is a unique place to visit and one of the best places to see in Kannur. This one-of-a-kind park is home to highly toxic and non-poisonous snakes and endangered, exotic, and other types. You can see them through the glass cases that hold them. There are also other snakes and birds in the park. The Park also has a lot of information about the birds and animals that are kept there.

There are details about where they came from, what they are like, and fun facts like how they feel and what they do. This is a fantastic spot to go with kids and other family members.

3. Payyambalam Beach

Tourist Places in Kannur

Payyambalam Beach makes you feel like the world is just getting started! It is a beach that hasn't been touched by people and looks beautiful. It has gorgeous golden sand that looks like pearls when the sun shines. It mixes white water with foamy water. Spending every night of your trip on this quiet beach won't be strange. You can switch to adventure mode when you're done calming on this beach. You can swim, do boating, ski, parasail, and do other fun things in its inviting currents.

4. Arakkal Museum

Tourist Places in Kannur

Arakkal Kettu is located 3 kilometres from Kannur. This is where the Arakkal family lives. They are the only Muslim royal family in Kerala. They were in charge of the coast and the island of Lakshadweep. The Archaeological department says that this palace, which is 200 years old, is a guarded monument.

The Arakkal Kettu is made up of the palace, the administrative block, the mosques, and the homes. The clock tower near the gate has a large bronze bell hanging. It also includes the Arakkal Museum. The museum used to be the durbar hall, and in 2005, it was changed into a museum. This museum is on two floors and has a lot of things on display.

The main things on showcase here are a string instrument called a Shehnai, old-style fans, telephones, an old GPS device, royal furniture, a vase, bronze cooking tools, a wooden box, and hunting tools like a dagger, spear, etc.

5. Angelo's Fort

Tourist Places in Kannur

St. Angelo's Fort, also known as Kannur Fort, is an enormous laterite fort in the shape of a triangle that is spectacularly set against the sea. This ancient fort was the site of several battles fought to gain control of the fort.

When the year 1663 rolled around, the Dutch were in charge of the fort; they had eventually sold it to the Ali Raja of Kannur. After seizing possession of the fort in 1790, the British completely restored and outfitted it so that it could serve as their most important military post in Malabar. The Archaeological Survey of India has done a good job of preserving the fort throughout the years. It's considered a national historic landmark.

You will be able to take in an amazing panorama of Mappila Bay and Dharmadam island from the vantage point of the fort. Mappila Bay is a natural fishing bay. The boats and other small watercraft anchored in the harbour provide a fantastic picture environment. The fort has a sea wall that projects into the water to provide a barrier between the ocean and the inland water. Cashew trees should have been planted inside the enclosure by the Portuguese, who was credited with bringing the cashew plant to India in the first place.

6. Mappila Bay

Tourist Places in Kannur

The natural harbour Mappila Bay can be found near the town of Kannur, and it is used as a significant port. On one side of the harbour is where you'll find Fort St. Angelo, characterized by architecture from the colonial era; on the other side is where you'll find the Arakkal Palace and Museum. Mappila Bay is mostly used as a port for fishing. There are boat facilities nearby, and you can use them to go on a boat trip that will provide you with a tour of the port.

7. Dharmadam Island

Tourist Places in Kannur

This part of Kannur has not been developed at all. You have to go to Dharmadam island to escape the noise and chaos of the city and enjoy some peace all to yourself. If you are going to Kannur to vacation from your hectic life, you can decide to do nothing except laze about on the island the whole time you are there.

The island is bordered on three sides by rivers, while the fourth is by the Arabian Sea. Take pleasure in the sight of the Anjarakandy and Thalassery Rivers merging into one another, the tall coconut trees and bushes that line the beach, and the location's overall attractive and calming atmosphere.

8. Meenkunnu Beach

Tourist Places in Kannur

Meenkunnu Beach is widely regarded as one of the most photogenic beaches in all of Kannur. In addition to being a location popular for fishing, it radiates a chill atmosphere and is an excellent choice for unwinding. The beach is in the shape of a sandy crescent that is framed by rocky cliffs and boulders that are covered with vegetation. When the tide is low, it is possible to swim in the ocean from the beach. The peace of the beach is the ideal setting for some introspection. In addition, the beach bars offered tasty snacks with a spicy flavour.

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