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18 Best Tourist Places in Nagpur

Nagpur, located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a fascinating place to visit with your family or friends if you are in Maharashtra or near Nagpur. There are many such beautiful places in Nagpur where you can spend time with your family and friends and enjoy the holiday. Today in this article, we will discuss some best places to visit in Nagpur.

1. Dhamma Chakra Stupa or Deeksha Bhoomi

Tourist Places in Nagpur

Deeksha Bhoomi, which is frequently referred to as "the most peaceful place in Nagpur," is one of the best Tourist Places in Nagpur. It is situated five kilometers southwest of Nagpur City. It is a monument with a massive whitewashed dome, the biggest stupa in Asia, and it is a relatively modern construction that was completed in 2001. It was built in honor of Dr. B.R Ambedkar and the occasion of his accepting Buddhism, during which he was joined by 60000 other people who had also converted to Buddhism.

Here is a statue of a bronze Buddha and a holy tree located; its stupa was designed by the renowned architect Sheo Dan Mal, and it is a little bit similar to the Sanchi Stupa in Nepal. Deeksha Bhoomi is one of the "calmest locations in the world,". Due to all this, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nagpur.

2. Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Nagpur

Umred Karhandla is a popular tourist destination, particularly for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Umred Karhandla is home to "Jai," one of the largest tigers in the sanctuary and the only male in the whole sanctuary.

Beyond tigers, visitors to this sanctuary are likely to see creatures such as gaur, wild dogs, and other uncommon species such as pangolins and flying squirrels. Due to all this, many tourists like to visit this sanctuary. It is an excellent choice for a one-day excursion.

3. Ambazari Lake & Garden

Tourist Places in Nagpur

As we know, Nagpur is the land of many lakes, and Ambazari Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions, mostly because it is the biggest lake in the city. This lake, one of the most beautiful locations to visit in Nagpur for couples, is also one of the biggest 11 lakes in the city.

The name of this lake is Ambazari because it is surrounded by a large number of mango trees (the word "Amba" means "mango" in Marathi). Near the lake, there is a garden, which spans 25 acres of land. If you are a nature enthusiast, you will not want to miss out on the abundance of flora and animals found in this area. You must spend some quality time with your loved one at this place, and this is one of the top locations to visit in Nagpur if you wish to do so.

4. Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground

Tourist Places in Nagpur

This stadium, situated in the city of Nagpur and has been the site of several memorable matches since it was built. According to official statistics, one important detail about the Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground is that it is considered one of India's biggest stadiums in terms of field space. All types of matches like a test, t20, ODI series, and international cricket matches are played on this field.

5. Krazy Castle Aqua Park

Tourist Places in Nagpur

Krazy Castle Aqua Park, one of the most entertaining locations to visit in Nagpur, allows you to enjoy yourself with your family. It also attracts visitors from surrounding towns and states. Like any other water park, Krazy Castle Aqua Park has drawn many tourists due to the variety of exciting rides. Additionally, it provides mind-blowing packages for college students, business workplaces, and educational institutions. Furthermore, the most pleasant time to visit this location is during the hot and humid summer months.

6. Khindsi Lake

Tourist Places in Nagpur

Khindsi Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nagpur because of the natural beauty and water activities available. It is, located 40 kilometers far from the city center, is one of the most romantic spots to visit in Nagpur for couples. Furthermore, it is one of the most important boating destinations in central India and draws many visitors throughout the year.

It may be considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nagpur because it offers a wide range of amenities to visitors, including everything from accommodations to a resort, restaurants to an amusement park, and other things. During the summer months, Khindsi Lake is the most popular destination.

7. Raman Science Center

Tourist Places in Nagpur

This interactive science center, which is affiliated with Mumbai's Nehru Science Center, is located in the city of Nagpur. On the 7th of March in 1992, this Center was opened for the first time and became fully operational on the 5th of January in 1997. A variety of exhibits are held here to demonstrate the advancement of science and technology throughout the world. Furthermore, the name of this center is derived from the well-known Nobel Prize recipient, Mr. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. The services provided by the Raman Science Center to the visitors are awesome. In addition, there is a gallery in this Science Center showcasing information and technology and inventions and breakthroughs from across the globe.

The planetarium 3D performances, the ancient animal park, and the sky observation programs are just some of the enthralling and exciting activities offered by the Raman Science Center. Furthermore, this location is suitable for both adults and children due to the abundance of amenities available, making it one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Nagpur.

Enthusiasts should visit this place in Nagpur since exhibits are regularly held here. Compared to other attractions to visit in Nagpur, this science center stands out for its distinctiveness in delivering services such as an information gallery, a gallery showing the most recent innovations from across the globe, and a scientific park that spans six acres of land.

8. Japanese Rose Garden

Tourist Places in Nagpur

This rose garden is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nagpur. This garden's name comes from the style and layout of Japan. This garden, which is similar to the rose garden in Japan, is situated in the city of Nagpur and is open to the public. You can enjoy it by strolling around the garden, watching and admiring the many different varieties of roses. Visiting this Japanese rose garden may get mental and physical peace.

This garden, located in a pollution-free environment, allows you to properly appreciate the beauty and purity of nature. When you visit this garden, you may learn many things about roses. A simple walk around the garden, watching and admiring the many different varieties of roses, is an unforgettable experience in and of itself. Furthermore, there are several hotels and tourist attractions in the nearby region.

9. Jama Masjid

Tourist Places in Nagpur

Nagpur's Jama Mosque is the largest mosque in the city. It features a dome in the middle and is encircled by four minarets on each of its four sides, much like the majority of the other Masjids. The fine features and elaborate motifs that go into its manufacture are stunning. There is a garden next to the Masjid where tourists and visitors can relax. This garden also contributes to the overall beauty of the Masjid. It would be best if you enjoyed this place with your family and friends in Nagpur.

10. Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden

Tourist Places in Nagpur

There are several interesting spots to visit in Nagpur at night, and one of them is Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden. This garden, which is located 7.5 kilometers east of Nagpur in Surya Nagar, is operated under the administration of Nagpur. Under the supervision of Jaiprakash Gupta, a trustee of NIT, this place has become a popular holiday destination.

As a result of its expansive layout, soothing songs, and music offered by the artists, the Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden has gained widespread acclaim and a stellar reputation. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Nagpur, Maharashtra, according to travelers.

Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden has a capacity of 2,500 people, and this thing makes this place even more popular. Melodic songs, relaxing tones, and music are all present in this place, and if you are a music lover and fan of Lata Mangeshkar, you must visit this place in your life.

11. Ramtek Temple

Tourist Places in Nagpur

The Ramtek Temple, located on the top of a hill inside a fort on the outskirts of Nagpur, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This makes it a relaxing location suitable for a day picnic with family and friends.

It is claimed that Lord Rama had stopped here for a short period before embarking on his expedition to conquer Lanka, and as a result, he has retained his position as the temple's primary god. As a result, the fort is steeped in mythology and has significant historical significance.

12. Balaji Temple

Tourist Places in Nagpur

This well-known temple is devoted to the Hindu deity Lord Balaji. The building of this temple is very attractive as it incorporates a wonderful combination of northern and southern construction styles. Different cultural events and festivals are held here, attracting people from all over the country to participate.

What distinguishes it from other temples is that it is the only Vishnu-Shiva temple in the whole state of Maharashtra. In addition, there is a library inside the temple campus and living quarters for temple priests.

13. Narrow Gauge Rail Museum

Tourist Places in Nagpur

The Narrow Gauge Rail Museum is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in trains. This museum displays vintage railway equipment and information on the railroad revolution and other related topics. Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, presided at the museum's opening ceremony in 2002.

It is highly recommended that you take a trip on the toy train that will transport you throughout the museum. Also, don't forget to bring your camera so that you may catch some stunning images when visiting this museum. Don't miss out on this opportunity while you are in Nagpur.

14. Waki Woods

Tourist Places in Nagpur

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend quality time with your friends and family, then Waki Woods is the ideal location for you to do so. Everyone who enjoys picnicking and camping here finds this spot a delight.

Waki Woods is a wonderful location in Nagpur that should not be missed at any cost if you are in Nagpur. A variety of adventure sports, such as trekking, hiking, rock climbing, camping, boating, and others, may be enjoyed in this location.

15. Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple

Tourist Places in Nagpur

A must-see place in Nagpur is the Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple, also known as the Lotus Temple of Nagpur, considered one of the city's top attractions. This temple was built in 1999 using monies contributed by the Ogawa Society of Japan.

The temple is surrounded by lovely gardens, a stunning outlook, and a tranquil environment. An enormous sandalwood statue of Lord Buddha stands in the center of the room. Many devotees may be seen here singing Buddhist prayers and meditating in a tranquil environment.

16. Sitabuldi Fort

Tourist Places in Nagpur

The fort of Sitabuldi is one of the most prominent historical tourist sites in Nagpur. Sitabuldi Fort was the battleground of the Battle of Sitabuldi in 1817.

This fort is one of the oldest in Maharashtra. This fort was constructed in 1702 by Raja Bhakth Buland Shah, who was the region's ruler at the time. The fort is presently under the jurisdiction of the Indian army, and visitors are only permitted to enter on official occasions such as Republic Day and Independence Day.

17. Seminary Hill

Tourist Places in Nagpur

Seminary Hill is one of the most beautiful sites in Nagpur, and it is a must-see place for everyone who loves nature. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. The Seminary Hill is a great spot for anybody looking to relax and feel rejuvenated with windy and pleasant weather.

Peace seekers, environment lovers, and photographers come to the hill to meditate and take photographs. This is an excellent location for those who want to enjoy nature. One may even camp on the hill and spend quality time with their family and friends beneath the stars. The Japanese garden and Satpura Botanical Garden are some other spots for tourists near Seminary Hill.

18. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Nagpur

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you should visit this wildlife sanctuary while you are in Nagpur for a vacation. This wildlife sanctuary is home to over 166 bird species and 35 different reptile species.

It is estimated that between 40,000 and 50,000 visitors come to this sanctuary every year. Large creatures such as the tiger, wild boar, deer, wild dog, leopard, elephant, and Indian gaur all be found. If you are planning a trip to Nagpur, include this destination on your list of places to visit.

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