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Tourist Places in Kashmir

It is impossible to put Kashmir's beautiful ambiance into words. Snow-capped mountains, clean lakes, vast grasslands, and breathtaking orchards welcome guests to this paradise. If you are planning to visit here, we have a list of tourist attractions in Kashmir that are described below.

1. Srinagar

Tourist Places in Kashmir

It serves as J&K's summer capital. This city is blessed with a serenely beautiful environment. It is divided into two parts by the Jhelum River. The gorgeous Dal Lake is this place's main attraction. Shikaras means gondola-style rowboats on Dal Lake, and the stable houseboats are very famous here. Shikara rides are available during the day. The peaceful Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake adorn this area. This is an ideal location for a honeymoon and family vacation. Shikaras are used by visitors to see destinations like the Mir Bahris and floating vegetable market. There are many houseboats on the lake which offer a lovely and distinctive vacation.

The most beautiful Mughal-era gardens in India are located in Srinagar, which includes Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashm-E-Shahi Garden, which are the primary attractions of Srinagar. The largest tulip garden in Asia is located here as well.

Wazwan is the dish of Kashmir and is well-known worldwide. Whenever you visit Srinagar, taste the local food that is rich in special fragrance spices. Kashmiri apples, Kashmiri shawls, and dried fruits from the Lal Chowk market are other things that are well-known about Srinagar. During the winter, from December to February, Srinagar's connection is impacted by heavy snowfall. Curfews are frequently enforced in various areas of the city as a result of communal tensions.

2. Nishat Bagh

Tourist Places in Kashmir

The Nishat Bagh is a 12 terraced garden that is situated close to Dal Lake. This garden is commonly referred to as the "Garden of Bliss". The first terrace of this garden has a water reservoir connected to the garden's primary inflow. The second terrace has more than five fountains and an entrance. There is a water channel on terrace eight. Every terrace of this garden has a unique feature.

3. Shankaracharya Temple

Tourist Places in Kashmir

This temple is situated atop Shankaracharya hill. It is devoted to Lord Shiva, and it is one of Kashmir's oldest shrines. Jyesteshwara Temple is another name for it. The temple honors Shankaracharya, a famous philosopher who is thought to have traveled to Srinagar around ten centuries ago. It is thought that Adi Shankaracharya acquired spiritual enlightenment here. A grand view of the valley is available from the temple's top.

4. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

Tourist Places in Kashmir

This garden is in Srinagar. It is located in the Zabarwan mountain range's foothills. Previously, it was known as the Model Floriculture Center. It is Asia's largest tulip garden. The highlight that draws visitors to this area is the Tulip festival. It is constructed on a sloped surface. There are 7 terraces in this garden.

Entry Fees :

Adult: INR 50

Child: INR 25

5. Shalimar Bagh

Tourist Places in Kashmir

It is a gorgeously designed Mughal garden. The Mughal monarch Jahangir constructed this beautiful garden in 1619 for his wife, Nur Jahan. It is generally referred to as the "Crown of Srinagar". The garden is split into a private and public areas. The name of the private terrace is Diwan-e-Khas, and the name of the public terrace Diwan-e-Aam. The "Chini Khanas" is one of the notable features of this garden.

Entry Fee: INR 10 per head

6. Dal lake

Tourist Places in Kashmir

It is Jammu & Kashmir's second-largest lake. It is a major tourist attraction in Srinagar. The snow-covered peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains are reflected in the mirror-like Dal Lake while the colorful shikaras float around. There is a floating market on this lake, and it is called Raad. The vendors have personal shikaras and aren't shy to approach visitors with their beautiful handmade items, ice-creams in tow, edibles, and saffron. The frozen Dal Lake is a popular destination for ice skating during the winter.

The Island of Char Chinar, Shankaracharya Temple, Nagin Lake, Chashme Shahi, Hazratbal Shrine, Hari Parbat, and Mazar-e-Shura Cemetsery are a few of the famous places in and surrounding Dal Lake. The lake market offers a distinctive shopping experience. This includes a variety of stores situated just in the lake's midst.

7. Pari Mahal

Tourist Places in Kashmir

Pari Mahal is a seven-terraced garden. Usually, this garden is regarded as the "home of angels" or "home of fairies". The many colorful flowers and exotic fruit trees are the garden's major draws. The mahal was formerly a Buddhist monastery, according to legend. This garden architecture is a classic example of Islamic design, and the adjacent gardens are extremely well maintained.

Entry Fee: INR 20

8. Chashme Shahi

Tourist Places in Kashmir

It is a terraced garden, and it has walkways, water pools, and plants. The Chashme Shahi garden takes inspiration from Persian gardens and exhibits excellent Mughal architecture. It is constructed around a freshwater spring that Rupa Bhawani discovered.

9. Badamwari Garden

Tourist Places in Kashmir

This garden is located at the foothills of Hari Parbat. The beautiful mountain that looks over Srinagar is known as Hari Parbat. This garden is famous for its magnificent almond flower bloom. Around March, these flowers begin to blossom, signaling the start of spring. Badamwari garden is a piece of paradise in Srinagar. It is spreading over Koh-e-Maran hills. It features a spectacular dome in the center and walking paths for visitors.

10. Yusmarg

Tourist Places in Kashmir

The name Yusmarg is often spelled Yousmarg, which means "Meadows of Jesus,". It is a fantastic alternative to the other well-known hill stations in the country. It is thought that Lord Jesus spent a brief period of time here. For people who prefer taking long treks through rural areas, this location is great. Trekkers are advised to bring tents and other essential food for the trip.

11. Baramulla

Tourist Places in Kashmir

It is a small town in J&K. This place is blessed with stunning scenery. Gulmarg, Khilanmarg, and Wular Lake are a few of the picturesque sights in this city, and the city is home to historic structures like Buddhist stupas. This place also has religious buildings, including mosques, monasteries, and temples that attract visitors from far and wide. The climate is perfect here, and since not many tourists are aware of it.

12. Gulmarg

Tourist Places in Kashmir

Gulmarg is a stunning location in Kashmir. Popular skiing spot Gulmarg is situated in the Pir Panjal range. It is surrounded by the snow-capped, steep Himalayas, flower-filled meadows, deep ravines, and valleys covered with green forests. The second-highest Gondola ride in the world is located in Gulmarg.

It is one of the most popular honeymoon spots in India, and Gulmarg also prides itself on being a picturesque town free from tourists like Manali and Shimla. For a culturally diverse experience, visit this location during the three-day winter festival, which is annually organized by the Indian Army and Tourism Ministry.

13. Drung Waterfall

Tourist Places in Kashmir

A very well-liked tourist destination in the Tangmarg tehsil is the Drung Waterfall. A magnificent mountain range is a home to a cascading waterfall. During the winter, this waterfall entirely freezes. In a pleasant summer, visitors can spend here day admiring the waterfall, lakes, streams, and surrounding greenery while also exploring the caverns.

14. Pahalgam

Tourist Places in Kashmir

Pahalgam offers beautiful scenery with its lush greenery, huge Himalayan high mountains, and beautiful mountain rivers. Pahalgam is a stunning hill station and a well-liked tourist destination. Pahalgam is situated on the Liddar River's banks. It is renowned for outdoor adventures like climbing, trekking, and fishing.

It is the starting point for well-liked trekking trips to Kohaloi Glacier, Amarnath, Aru Valley, and other high-altitude locations. The Betaab valleys and Aru valley are two of the well-known sights in Pahalgam. Visitors can take a pony ride to explore the Pahalgam. Aru valley's natural beauty is similar to a wallpaper picture of windows. Aru valley turns into a snowy wonderland in the wintertime; as far as the eye can see, it is completely covered with snow. This makes it the ideal location for skiing.

Tips for Traveling to Aru Valley

  1. Horse owners would swarm to you and offer you a premium price for the horses, saying that they were in the film "Bajarangi Bhaijaan." Be careful not to be duped and correctly bargain before starting the ride.
  2. When choosing an activity, such as skiing, be sure to check the cost in advance.
  3. To travel in this area, the visitor must have to book a cab from the Pahalgam marketplace as outside taxis are not permitted here.

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