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Tourist Places in Mirzapur

Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state, has the city Mirzapur which serves as the district's workplace. When it refers to tourism, Mirzapur is thought to be a highly significant district. Barbas is captivated by this area because of its natural beauty and spiritual atmosphere.

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

One of India's most important Hindu pilgrimage places is Vindhyachal Dham in Mirzapur. It is renowned for the Sita Kund, Lal Bhairav Temple, Tanda Waterfall, Wyndham Waterfall, Tarakeshwar Mahadev, Shiv Pur, Maha Triangle, Chunar Fort, Gurudwara Guru Da Bagh, and Rameshwar, among other attractions.

The districts of Varanasi to the north, Sonbhadra to the south, and Allahabad to the west surround Mirzapur. The location of Naini in the Allahabad district has been used to calculate India's international standard time.

"Lalaston" is a reasonably well-known site in Mirzapur. Buddhist Stupa and Ashok Pillar surround this Maurya Vansh King Samrat Ashok Stone. Some tourist places are referred to here.

1. Vindhyavasini Devi Temple

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

One of India's most recognized Shakti Peeths is this one. The Kajala Devi is another name for the Vindhyavasini Devi. Large groups visited the temple, notably during Navratri in the Hindu months of Chaitra and Ashwin. The period of weddings at this time drew a lot of worshippers to the temple, and the marriage of a couple in Durga's presence is seen as fortunate.

Maa Vindhyavasini is the feature of Vindhyachal, and the temple has significant spiritual importance and faith for its worshippers. People take a bath in the sacred river Ganga, believing that doing so will wash away their sins and allow them to begin a new life.

2. Lakhaniya Dari

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

In Uttar Pradesh's Mirzapur district, close to Ahraura, lies the magnificent waterfall known as Lakhaniya Dari. It is among the top places to visit in Mirzapur and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Uttar Pradesh.

At around 150 metres, the Lakhaniya Dari waterfall drops into a pool. When the monsoon is most potent, the falls appear more stunning and lovely. The Ahraura Dam, used to irrigate the fields and farms around the community, holds the water from this fall. Families may picnic there, and hikers can go on a short adventure.

The Main waterfall is 2 to 3 kilometres from the entry gate. Visitors cross enormous rocks, brooks, jungles, and about one and a half hours. It is a desolate location, and very few people go to the main waterfall; they prefer to travel in groups. Consider visiting this location only during the day. There aren't any restaurants around, so bring your meals.

The rocks are strange, and the water is so deep. There are incidents where persons enter the water and never return. To enter the water, go a distance downstream before engaging in your desired activity.

  • Entry fee: 50 rupees per person, at least 50 rupees for parking

3. Sita Kund

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

One of the sacred sites in the area having ties to the ancient Ramayana narrative is Sita Kund. The story goes that when Goddess Sita was thirsty on her journey from Lanka, Lakshman broke an arrow in the ground to provide water, and the water developed into a never-ending spring.

Due to the water's universal importance, many tourists frequent the famous spring known as Sita Kund. After 48 stages of difficulty from the beginning, may reach Sita Kund. There is a Durga Devi Temple on the hillside next to the divine location.

4. Chunar Fort

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

Uttar Pradesh's Mirzapur district is where you will find Chunargarh Fort. Maharaja Vikramaditya, the ruler of Ujjain, erected the Chunargarh Fort in memory of Raja Bharthari, his brother. Additionally known as Chandrakanta Chunargarh and Charanadri, Chunar Fort is a well-known landmark.

On the banks of the Ganges, that fort is situated. It is located in the Uttar Pradesh Vindhya Range at 28 metres above sea level. Several notable leaders have ruled the fort since it was built.

The British, Nawabs of Awadh, Mughals, Suris, and Mughals, took control of the fort. Up to independence, the fort was ruled by the British. Several myths surround the fort, and Raja Vikramaditya of Ujjain is said to have built it around 56 BC.

5. Ashtabhuja Devi temple

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

In Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, the Ashtabhuja Devi temple is found at the peak of Vindhya Mountain. According to Hindu mythology, Vasudev and Devaki had eight children, including Lord Krishna, and the couple's previous six children had all been murdered by King Kansa.

Vasudev had left Krishna in Brindavan as Yashoda's son on the night of Krishna's birth and had returned with Yashoda's girl child, who was a reincarnation of Devi Durga. When Kansa attempted to murder the female child, she unexpectedly slipped from his grasp and landed directly in front of the location of the Vindhyashini temple.

About 3 kilometres from the Vindhyashini temple lies the Ashtabhuj Devi temple, housed inside a hill cave. This temple's idol is housed within a cave around 12 feet wide.

The tranquilly and quiet of the temple's surroundings give visitors a unique experience. The deity "Ashtabhuja," a manifestation of Goddess Mahasaraswati, is the source of the temple's name.

6. Wyndham Falls

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

Uttar Pradesh, particularly Mirzapur, is home to many beautiful locations. One such natural wonder is Wyndham Falls, near Mirzapur and renowned as one of the most picturesque vacation destinations. The Wyndham waterfall, around 15 kilometres from Mirzapur, is frequently crowded with visitors.

The waterfall that falls against the rocky surface has quite a flowing down. In honour of the British hunters, Wyndham gave it the name Wyndham Falls. There is a viewpoint nearby where you may get a magnificent view of the entire valley, providing you with a fascinating moment to prepare.

It sometimes looks like the surrounding valley is covered in greenery since there is an excellent place for tourists to enjoy its beauty. In addition, there is a small but fascinating zoo next to the Wyndham waterfall. It also features a picnic area frequently used by big crowds of nearby and faraway people.

Due to its popularity as a picnic location, the site is overflowing with visitors on weekends and public holidays. It is a fantastic spot to visit and is easily reachable by car.

7. Tanda Falls

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

One of the most picturesque picnic areas in the area is Tanda Falls near Mirzapur. Due to their tranquil atmosphere and variety of beauty, the natural water stream and water reservoir are popular tourist destinations.

Situated around 14 km south of Mirzapur's central city, the waterfall is reachable by road. The natural plants and wildlife are at their most plentiful during wet seasons. In contrast to the city's busyness, the falls provide a relaxing change of atmosphere.

8. Rameshwar Mahadev Temple

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

In the Uttar Pradesh district of Mirzapur, in Vindhyachal, is where you may find the Rameshwar Mahadev Temple. It is situated on Ram Gaya Ghat, a kilometre from Vindhyavasini Devi Temple and around 8 kilometres from Mirzapur. According to mythology, a Shivaling is claimed to have been erected here by Lord Ram, offering it throughout in honour of his ancestors.

9. Agori Fort

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

Agori Fort is a fort found in Uttar Pradesh, India, around 10 km from Chopan, close to Obra, along the Son River, in the district of Mirzapur, which is 35 kilometres from Robertsganj. Kali's temple is located there and is a sacred site for Agori Baba. The Kharwar and Chandel empires lived in Agori Fort as their royal palace.

10. Sirsi Dam

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

The distance from Mirzapur to Sirsi Dam or Sirsi Waterfall is roughly 45 kilometres. The Tanda Falls are not far from the dam; Sirsi Dam was skillfully constructed as a water storage facility. The water falls from a tremendous height at this location, making it magnificent. A visit is highlighted by the beautiful greenery and surrounding natural beauty.

11. Kalikoh Temple

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

A well-known Mahakali temple is Kalhikoh Temple. It is situated in the Vindhya range of mountains and contains a statue of Goddess Kali at the top of the hill. It is set amid little streams and dense, lush forests that offer more than just a Hindu pilgrimage; it also provides a tranquil, calm, and peaceful sight.

Along with being a location of spiritual devotion, it is also a place of tranquil beauty. The area is a treat for a nature lover due to its grassy valleys, flowing waterfalls, and wandering rivers. Any dreams are claimed to be fulfilled by the numerous shrines honouring the goddess. Mirzapur exhibits the ideal combination of religious tradition and scenic beauty.

12. Kal Bhairav Temple

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

The Kal Bhairav Temple, an ancient temple, is located southwest of Vindhyachal City. The temple is devoted to Shri Kaal Bhairav, also known as Kshetrapal.

During the holy holidays, the locations draw thousands of worshippers. The pond, Bhairav Kund, next to the temple, is respected. Visitors who like natural treatments increasingly seek out the water since it is also said to have medicinal qualities.

13. Meja Dam

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

Famous for its varied greenery is the Meja Dam near Mirzapur. The location is also well-liked by birdwatchers who come here in large numbers to observe the many species of resident and migratory birds. The reservoir, about 50 miles from Mirzapur, is the ideal location for a weekend camping trip.

14. Pakka Ghat

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

A stunning sandstone building with wonderful carvings is the Pakka Ghat. The ghat is beautiful, and the nearby temple gives the place a mysterious feel. Monks and temple worshipers frequently visit the magnificent construction, which features a vast staircase that descends to the water.

15. Jhoolanotsava

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

The Shree Dwarkadheesh Temple, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati Temple, and Kunj Bhuwan are the three principal Hindu temples in the area. They all participate in the Jhoolanotsava or swing festival, which is devoted to the Hindu Gods. At this time, many worshipers crowd the locations of these three temples, often in the summer.

16. Narghat

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

On the riverside of the city of Mirzapur, Narghat is located. According to historical records, there formerly was a tank there by the name of Narain; however, the river eventually consumed it.

After that, the current Narghat served as a breakwater for transport boats laden with various goods for neighbouring cities. It still has historical inscriptions and sales prices in English, Persian, and Hindi on its ancient stone pillars from when used for sale.

17. Kantit Mela

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

One of the well-known special events that both residents and visitors participate in is the Kantit Mela. The mela is a representation of the idea of brotherhood throughout the world. People of many backgrounds attend the celebration to honour the spirit of pleasure and happiness.

18. Sidhnath Ki Dari

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

Siddhnath Baba, who formerly practised meditation here, gave this natural waterfall its name. Both residents and visitors like visiting the location as a vacation, and the ancient rock carvings and paintings are another reason people visit this location.

Since the beginning of time, there have been a waterfall and an old rock formation. Siddhnath Baba's Samadhi is located on the other side of the waterfall.

19. Shiva Temple

Tourist Places in Mirzapur

This significant temple for the people is devoted to Lord Shiva and is situated in the Mahant Shivala region of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, approximately 4. 5 kilometres from the railway station.

The temple is open from five until noon and from four until eight. In this region, Shivratri is celebrated, and Mondays are blessed days. The temple is reachable by vehicle or cycle rickshaw from any location inside the city.

How to Reach

1. By Air

The Varanasi airport is the nearest one to Mirzapur in terms of accessibility by air, and only 60 kilometres separate them. The next most practical step would be to board a bus or call a taxi and travel to Mirzapur.

2. By Rail

Many trains run from the Mirzapur railway station, a convenient mode of transportation. Bagmati Express, Kolkata Mail, Chambal Express, Kalka Mail, Puri Express, Magadh Express, and Shipra Express are a few trains that run to Mirzapur.

3. By Road

A bus service will always be accessible to Mirzapur from all of Uttar Pradesh's major cities, including Varanasi, Sarnath, and Lucknow.

Best Time to Visit

The best months to visit Mirzapur are November to April, when the weather is at its most excellent.

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