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17 Best Tourist Places in Daman

Daman's tiny city is located between the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and the Arabian Sea. Daman and Diu are other names for it. In addition to its stunning natural surroundings, the region is also known for its extensive historical context. It has existed for two thousand years. Daman, Goa, and Diu were all a part of one Union Territory until 1987. Daman and Diu remained a union even after Goa was made a state. Around 10 kilometres separate Diu and Daman. Daman is a colourful city that stands for joy, love, and peace. Because of the calm water, green settings, breathtaking landscape, and availability of cheap alcohol, Daman is a popular tourist destination. The city stretches 12.5 km along the Arabian Sea and is split into Moti Daman and Nani Daman by the Damanganga River.

Tourist Places in Daman

Many kingdoms, at one point, ruled the city. Daman was led by the Mughals initially in the sixteenth century and then by the Portuguese. Given that both the Mughals and the Portuguese controlled this area, both cultures are reflected in the architecture. The majestic forts and churches that are found here demonstrate its uniqueness. It's noteworthy that, despite Gujarat's prohibition on alcohol, Daman is a notable exception since it is readily available and reasonably priced here. Tourists are attracted to this place as a result of this too. In this article, you will learn about numerous exciting sites to visit in Daman, so read it from beginning to end.

1. Church Basilica of Bom Jesus in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

UNESCO has designated the Bom Jesus Basilica as a World Heritage Monument. The remains of Saint Francis Xavier are housed here, even though its unplastered outside construction gives the impression that it is lower than buildings with shining facades like the Se Cathedral. Still, this little Basilica is rich in art, structure, and tradition. This 450-year-old cathedral showcases magnificent Portuguese construction quality. It is impossible to determine the church's age by glancing at the artistry. You can see the superb beauty of the church while entering it through its entryway. The altars are exquisitely made of wood and painted in blue, red, and gold hues, adding to the church's splendour and showcasing the expertise of Portuguese artists. If you enjoy visiting religious sites and old buildings, go here. The happiness you feel inside after examining these constructions is certain.

2. Mirasol Lake Resort in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

A well-known tourist destination in the neighbourhood, Mirasol Lake Garden is an artificial garden. This location, enclosed by a lovely lake and two islands linked by a bridge, is charming. This beautiful garden's attractiveness is enhanced with cascades and boat excursions. The garden is a favoured picnic site since it provides areas for various hobbies, including computer gaming and toy trains. Right adjacent to it is a water park, and the lovely lake garden has been used as the scene for several movies.

3. Jampore Beach in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Jampore Beach is a popular vacation spot in Daman. The beach, roughly 5 kilometres from Moti Daman Jetty, is well-known for its black mud water. Is. If you want to see the ocean and be by yourself, this is the ideal place. Tourists can also build mud castles or go shell-hunting. Bring your family here for a weekend getaway; it's the perfect location. At this beach, you may unwind and take in the day's tranquillity. So, if you are a nature lover and love to explore the Beaches, this is the place you should not miss out.

4. Cathedral Of Bom Jesus Church in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Due to its Portuguese heritage, Daman enjoys a close bond with Catholics, for whom the Cathedral of Bom Jesus is the most significant religious structure. The Cathedral of Bom Jesus is the most well-known of the several holy sites. Built-in 1603, the building still has a brand-new appearance. Portuguese architects and artisans created this church with great devotion, as seen by the gorgeous designs, excellent architecture, and superb artistry. If you enjoy visiting religious sites and old buildings, go here. The happiness you feel inside after examining these constructions is certain.

5. Lighthouse in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

If you want to learn more about Daman's lighting and navigational system, this Lighthouse is one of the greatest sites to visit. It provides guests with a captivating view of the coastlines and the travelling ships. From here, visitors may enjoy a breathtaking view of the sun setting and even learn about how the Lighthouse communicates safety signals to ships and other boats. For those who love photography, this is a photographic paradise.

6. Moti Daman Fort in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

The Moti Daman Fort, one of Daman's most well-known tourist destinations, was constructed by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century. It has a magnificent Colonial-style structure and is noted for housing an Iberian Church where people may pray for divine benefits. Ten forts, two entrances, and massive walls are present. This fort has suffered damage from natural disasters multiple times, and it currently appears to be torn out. But despite these environmental aggressors, it continues to be one of Daman's top tourist destinations.

7. Devka Beach in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

This calm beach has a lengthy shoreline, a vast expanse of sand, and a turquoise blue ocean. It appears to be a piece of heaven on Earth. It is one of Daman's most gorgeous beaches, where you may best take advantage of the sand, waves, and sun. Due to the large pebbles present beneath, swimming at this beach is not recommended, but you may undoubtedly enjoy sunbathing and fishing along its shoreline.

It also features a playground along the seashore where all the festivities come together. Additionally, there are several beach huts there where you may eat exquisite meals and drink cool drinks. A musical fountain is created close to the beach in the evenings for your enjoyment.

8. Somnath Mahadev Temple in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Somnath Mahadev Temple is a fine example of a religious building, with the meditative sound of chanting and breathtaking surroundings. It is devoted to Lord Shiva and provides guests with spiritual comfort. This temple's shivling, considered the primary focus of spiritual offerings in the complex, is said to have been constructed sometime in the late 19th century. The temple is one of the top locations to visit in Daman since it is adorned with complex designs, bright colours, and magnificent statues. Every year, a sizable fair is held on the temple grounds, and thousands of visitors come to the temple during this time.

9. Church Of Our Lady Of Sea in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

This is one of the top locations to visit in Daman and is recognized for its elegant structure and lovely interior paintings. Numerous Christian adherents travel to this church, one of Daman's most revered places of worship, in search of heavenly pleasure. It was constructed inside St. Jerome Fort, which is magnificent on its own and, when seen combined, appears to be a splendid sight. Every morning and evening, the church does healing prayers, which are believed to address even the most significant concerns and issues.

10. Dominican Monastery in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

The earliest historical ruins may be seen in the Dominican Monastery, which tells the stories of its prehistoric era and rich history. Originally a Catholic monastery, this structure is in a disastrous state with broken ceilings and walls. Religious research is being extensively conducted in this monastery by intellectuals from throughout the world. The main altar's inscriptions are a beautiful masterpiece, and this monastery's walls are also embellished with other stunning artwork. Because it narrates the tale of its downfall and destruction and is currently haunted, it is hailed as one of Daman's top tourist attractions.

11. St. Jerome Fort in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

For visitors who want to immerse themselves in Daman's rich Colonial past, St. Jerome Fort is among the most important tourist destinations in the city. The Portuguese colonists built it in the 17th century, and another name for it is Nani Daman Fort. For visitors who want to immerse themselves in Daman's rich Colonial past, St. Jerome Fort is among the most important tourist destinations in the city. The Portuguese colonists built it in the 17th century, and another name for it is Nani Daman Fort. It includes a sizable garden and an arched doorway with lovely sculptures. The majestic statue of St. Jerome, who is regarded as the founding father of the Catholic churches, is kept in the fort. A Jain Temple and Lady of the Sea are other landmarks within the fort's compound. Below the fort, there is a fish market where you may purchase different kinds of fish.

12. Vaibhav Water World in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Vaibhav Water Park is situated on Kanta Vapi road, about 1 km from Daman, and spans a 20-acre area. Coconut, Mango, and chikoo tree plantations surround the magnificent water park. The amusement park provides a variety of fun and exciting amenities with a variety of 36 water rides. The park attracts large crowds of individuals from 3 to 80 years old on weekends and holidays due to its pleasant setting. Since the park's major attraction is water activity, extra care is taken to keep the water clear. School children and representatives of the corporate bodies are among the visitors.

Thirty-six water rides provide a challenging workout likely to spark tourists' desires. Splash and Fun and Food is a fast food employment agency in the park. It provides a vast array of cuisine choices to satisfy many appetites. Delicious pizzas, French fries, South Indian food, ice cream, and Punjabi food are mouthwatering menu items.

13. Chapel Of Our Lady of Angustias in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Near the football field and immediately outside the Moti Daman Fort, you'll find the Chapel of Our Lady of Angustias. The Portuguese erected the earliest church in Daman, which is this one. Its beginnings may be traced to 1510 when Portuguese general Alfonso de Albuquerque overcame the Sultan of Bijapur. It was constructed in the 17th century by the Portuguese administrator of the time on the tomb of Agostinho Xavier de Silva Vidigal, who was born in Lisbon and died in Daman, where the First World War troops were interred. The church's gold-plated woodwork and the elaborate decorations on the paintings of Jesus Christ and his disciples witness the Portuguese people's remarkable creativity.

14. Daman Ganga Tourist Complex in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

A complex explicitly created for entertainment purposes in the form of a complex is one of Daman's most popular tourist destinations. The Daman Ganga Tourist Complex is the ideal location to experience Daman's historical elegance, go canoeing, wander by the lake, and shop. When you enjoy a wonderful picnic with your family, light fountains in a garden section of the complex will illuminate at night. Islands, artificial waterfalls, cafeterias, meeting rooms, and open conditions are a few other delights. That was very entertaining.

15. Jetty Garden in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Jetty Garden, hidden away on the Ganga River's bank, has captured the attention of several observers with its exquisite patterns and incredible fountain setup. After seeing every tourist attraction in Daman, you may head to Jetty Garden to walk around or unwind among the greenery. Your eyes will undoubtedly feel better seeing the neighbouring river and the vegetation. A few rides also keep youngsters occupied and active.

16. Hanuman Temple in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

This temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman, as the name implies. If you're seeking religious sites to visit while on your Daman trip, it's one of the top spots to go in Daman. Visitors come to this temple in search of forgiveness, prosperity, wisdom, and health alleviation. This temple, which is in a beautiful atmosphere, draws a lot of spiritual searchers who come here to meditate.

17. Jain Temple in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Several temples are located all across the city of Daman, with the Jain temple being one of the most well-known. Get a stop at this temple on your Daman sightseeing trip to gain insight into the religion's culture and religious practices. In addition to its distinctive design, this temple is renowned for its paintings from the 18th century representing Lord Mahavira's life, the founding Jainism member.

Shopping in Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Shopping is another enjoyable experience in Daman. The local street market offers a wide variety of goods for purchase. Daman is renowned for its leather items, by the way. You may get leather shoes, bags, handbags, sandals, and many other things from here. Tourists are drawn to the area because of the lovely handicrafts, and these handmade items might serve as treasures in your house. In addition, you may discover other styles of jewellery fashioned from sea shells here, including necklaces, lockets, and jhumkas.

Local Food of Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Daman offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. There are several eating alternatives here. Daman's cuisine also includes a flavour of Gujarati and Parsi cuisines because it is closer to Gujarat than other cities. There is excellent seafood served here, including lobster. On the islands, there is a tradition of street food. Additionally, there are several restaurants where you can eat everything from Tandoori Chicken to South Indian fare.

Best Time to Visit Daman

Tourist Places in Daman

Daman is a location that is accessible all year long. However, October and May is the ideal time to visit Daman. However, Daman is most stunning during the monsoon, when the Nariyal Poornima festival, which marks the start of the fishing season, is celebrated.

Way to Reach Daman

Daman is wholly cut off from the rest of India. Only 13.2 kilometres from Daman, in Gujarat, lies Vapi, the closest station for both trains and vehicles, and the nearest airport for air passengers is Surat. Via NH 48, Diamond City in Gujarat is around 123.2 kilometres from Daman.

  1. By Air
    Tourist Places in Daman
    The Daman airport is not like a regular commercial airport; instead, it serves primarily as a military airbase and is located 3 kilometres from the centre of Daman. However, it offers daily flights to and from Baroda and Mumbai, and 170-190 kilometres away lies the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Several frequent flights to and from Mumbai are operated by all big providers, including Air Deccan, Spice Jet, Jet Airways, and Kingfisher Airlines. Additionally, flights from Porbandar and Mumbai carry tourists to Daman and Diu. The second-best way to get to Daman and Diu is to fly to Bhavnagar or Porbandar and then take a road trip in a bus, vehicle, or taxi to your destination.
  2. By Train
    Tourist Places in Daman
    The closest railway station is located 12 kilometres from Daman in Vapi. The two western railway stations closest to Daman are in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The country's main cities include Ernakulam, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Jammu, and Kalka, which are well linked to Daman. These railway stations are used by express and passenger trains travelling quickly to Daman.
  3. By Road
    Tourist Places in Daman
    Several state-owned and privately-owned buses operate from Daman, located 110 kilometres away in the neighbouring city of Surat. The 180-kilometre trip from Mumbai to Daman may be made simply by bus. Daman and Diu are well-connected to other regions of India by an excellent road system. Among other Indian cities, Daman is connected by highway roads to Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai through National Highway number 8.

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