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Tourist Places in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world's best places to visit because of its amazing natural beauty, cultural and historic landmarks, and delicious cuisine. It is located on the boundary of Asia and Europe. This country has some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. Turkey's best places to visit are described below.

1. Ankara

Tourist Places in Turkey

Turkey's most populous city is Ankara. This town is among the most developed, and it is also regarded as one of the world's greenest cities. This location has a long history that reaches back to the second millennium BC. One of the most well-known places in the world to purchase exquisite carpets and finely crafted goods is Ankara Castle.

Places to visit in Ankara

1) Altinpark:

The largest public park in Ankara is Altinpark. It features lovely green grass with a man-made pond. A science center, buffets, restaurants, playgrounds, lakeside lecture spaces, a fair and convention center, a kindergarten, and a summer school are located inside the park. For the kids, there are a small excursion train, electric excursion cars, skating rinks, and rashing boats present in the park. Visitors can go horseback riding there, and kids can choose the safer option of a pony horse ride.

2) Aqua Vega Aquarium:

It is the longest aquarium in Turkey, which houses almost 12,000 sea species in themed freshwater and saltwater tanks. Sharks are among the supernatural species that have been brought into this aquarium from rivers and oceans around the world. There is one contact pool in this aquarium; in that pool, visitors can feed the fish with bottles. There are excellent restaurants, photography spots, and a gift shop inside the aquarium. The aquarium also features a salt cave, coral reefs, a seashells museum, and an antique WWII plane.

3) Haci Bayram Mosque:

The most historically important mosque in Ankara is the Haci Bayram Mosque. This site also has a Roman Shrine of Augustus where the Roman era appearance is depicted on the walls. Ornamental wood ceilings, Kutahya tiles, stained-glass windows, and floral and plant motifs increase the beauty of the mosque. There are cafes, restaurants, and religious book shops near this location.

4) Melike Hatun Cami:

This mosque is very well-liked by the people because of its modern features and exhibition halls. At a time, the mosque can accommodate about 7,000 people. The mosque showcases a distinctive design that combines Ottoman, Seljuk, and modern architecture. The mosque complex also includes a congress center, a museum of civilizations, and a parking garage.

5) Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo:

This is the best park to visit in Ankara. It has greenhouses, a dairy farm, restaurants, a brewery, and many small agricultural farms. Big cats, monkeys, apes, ungulates, snakes, different species of birds, and an aquarium are found in this zoological garden. Visitors are allowed to taste the farm's traditional beer, fresh dairy products, ice cream, and charcoal-grilled meat rolls and kebabs. Angora cats are bred and sold by the zoo. The farm features lovely orchards, playgrounds, and areas where people of all ages relax by enjoying outdoor games. Locals enjoy Kokorec, a Turkish dish offered at the farm's restaurant at a fair price.

6) Kecioren Falls:

It is a man-made waterfall that provides a magnificent view. Over the falls, there is a glass bridge. There are numerous hotels situated near Kecioren Falls. Around the waterfall, there are a lot of ponds and fountains. It is a serene location to visit.

7) Rahmi M. Koç Museum:

It is Ankara's first industrial and transport museum. It is located in the old quarters of 2-story caravanserais and faces the Ankara Citadel.

8) Atakule Tower:

It is the tallest building in the city, which offers a panoramic view of the entire Ankara. Numerous retail stores and a movie theatre are located inside this tower.

9) Eymir Lake:

It is a well-known picnic destination. This lake is located inside a natural park. Locals come here for walking, jogging, or cycling. Lake is also well-known for bird watching. The mallard duck, elmaba? patka, and bahrid are the three most frequent bird species seen at the lake.

2. Antalya

Tourist Places in Turkey

Antalya is Turkey's oldest city. For anyone who enjoys clear sunsets and gorgeous beaches, then it is a paradise for them. This location is regarded as one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Turkey. Throughout the year, hundreds of people visit its shore, attracted by its stunning beaches and tranquil atmosphere.

Places to visit in Antalya

1) Antalya Aquarium:

The largest tunnel aquarium is the Antalya Aquarium, which is situated in the heart of Antalya. There are about 40 different themed areas in this aquarium where the many seas and oceans of the world are shown. The well-known Snow World Ice Museum is situated inside igloos house. You will see a wide variety of underwater wildlife, such as octopuses, sharks, and enormous moray eels, as well as living coral and seahorses. Visitors can take photos with some well-known figures from the underwater world at the Face2Face Wax Museum. The Sea Gift shop features a fantastic collection of mementos products with a sea and underwater theme that are appropriate for all age groups.

2) Kaputas Beach:

One of the most stunning beaches in the nation is Kaputas Beach. This beach is famous for its meter-high cliff, golden & fine sand, and clear waters of the Mediterranean. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available on the beach, and if you want umbrellas and sunbeds, then you have to pay for them. There are also toilets, dressing rooms, and snack bars available.

3. Istanbul

Tourist Places in Turkey

It is the biggest and most populous city in Turkey. This city serves as the political, cultural, and social center of the nation. The city is the most attractive location to visit in Turkey because of its imperial legacy and vibrancy.

Places to visit in Istanbul

1) Hagia Sophia:

It is a magnificent example of Byzantine architecture. Hagia Sophia has served as a mosque and nowadays is a museum and one of the main tourist destinations in the nation. When you enter the museum, you will be amazed by seeing all the spectacular marble pillars and mosaics.

2) Grand Bazaar:

One of the oldest and biggest bazaars in the world is the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The bazaar has 64 streets, 4000 stores, restaurants, and banks, making it practically a little city itself. It is widely mentioned as one of the very 1st shopping malls ever built. It is frequently called the world's 1st shopping mall. The bazaar's walls are decorated with exquisite details. The stores provide everything you need. In the Bazar, there is a specific area for leather, jewelry, carpets, and other items. The bazaar has 64 streets, 4000 stores, restaurants, and banks, making it practically a little city itself.

3) Topkapi Palace:

The magnificent Topkapi Palace served as the Ottoman emperors' primary residence almost for 400 years. It is now one of Istanbul's most significant museums. Some of the world's most unique things are kept in this museum. There are several hundred rooms, hallways, and chambers in this huge complex.

4) Bosphorus Strait:

Europe and Asia are separated geographically by the Bosphorus Strait. It is the perfect cruise for gorgeous views of most of Istanbul's sights. One of the nicest and most picturesque attractions of Istanbul is the Bosphorus Strait cruise.

5) Gulhane Park:

Gulhane Park is Istanbul's largest and most stunning park. For relaxation and picnics, it is well-liked by locals. Previously, Gulhane Park served as a royal park. This magnificent park offers spectacular views of the Bosphorus.

6) Sultanahmet Square:

It is the focal point of the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul. It leads to some of the most amazing sights in the city, such as the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Ibrahim Pasa Palace. Hotels, restaurants, and other lodging and entertainment facilities are available in the Sultanahmet Square area. It served as the focal point for numerous social and cultural gatherings in Constantinople.

7) Miniaturk:

It is a wonderful tiny model park of Turkish architecture. It is a depiction of several of Turkey's most significant structures. Miniaturk comprises 122 models. Among the models in the park, 58 are from Istanbul, 52 are from Anatolia, and 12 are from former Ottoman territories that are currently located outside of Turkey. The park also features Turkish pools and waterfalls.

8) Vialand:

It is Turkey's first giant theme park with thrilling rides and retail stores. Istanbul Theme Park is another name for Vialand. This theme park also has a hotel, shopping center, restaurants, and exhibition center. The Viking, Justice Tower, Crazy River, Carousel, and Crowd Express are among the park's most well-known rides.

4. Kas

Tourist Places in Turkey

Kas is a very beautiful small town. It is one of the destinations that visitors seek out the most due to its charming atmosphere. This is one of the locations where you may participate in a variety of water sports and underwater diving. This location provides wonderful beaches, delicious food, shopping, and much more. The famous spot in Kas is Antiphellos Theatre, Tugra Art Gallery, Cyaneae, Retro Bistro, Kral Mezari, Uzun Bazaar, Saklikent Canyon, Aperlai Ancient City, Merkez Camii, Hellenistic Theatre, Akcagerme Beach, Kalekoy Harbour, etc.

5. Cappadocia

Tourist Places in Turkey

This location is regarded as one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Turkey. It is well-known for its caves carved out of rocks, astounding range of churches, fairy chimneys, and many unique underground cities, each decorated with stunning rock paintings. Other noteworthy locations include troglodyte-carved Bronze age houses in valley walls that early Christians eventually utilized as safe places.

Places to visit in Cappadocia

1) Love Valley:

It is an architecturally beautiful masterpiece with vast natural structures. This is caused by volcanic eruptions. Hiking, riding, and hot air balloon rides are very popular here. In addition to having one of the most stunning sunset sights, the Cappadocia Love Valley is a favorite place for couples to propose.

2) Aladağlar National Park:

Cappadocia's Aladaglar National Park is renowned for its magnificent mountain range. It is frequently called the "Alps of Turkey". It is a great site for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and bird viewing. It is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, including bearded vultures, wild goats, bears, wolves, butterflies, red pine, singing birds, and black pine. The Kapuzba? waterfall is well-known here, and that is made up of 7 waterfalls.

3) Pigeon Valley:

Guvercinlik Valley is another name for it. Pigeon Valley is a well-liked trekking location in Cappadocia. The valley is well-known for its route as well as for its earth pillars, ancient artwork, and cave dwellings. Churches are also scattered around the area. Pigeon Valley is a great location for capturing artistic photos and for viewing the sunset. A hot air balloon tour is another option to experience the area's beauty from a higher vantage point.

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