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Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

The picturesque gateway town of Thodupuzha is situated in Kerala's Idukki region. It is located 200 kilometers from Trivandrum, the state's capital. Thodupuzha, which went from a modest riverside community to a thriving industrial and tourism center, is frequently recognized as the town in central Kerala with the highest population growth because the town has served as the backdrop for many South Indian films; it is known as the "Hollywood of Kerala." Another name for it is "Mini Kochi of the East."

Thodupuzha is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts who want to get lost in the surrounding wildness and wooded hillocks. This Keralan town's natural beauty is enhanced by a lovely stream running directly through the town's mainland. For fans of the mountains, thrill-seekers, and anybody wishing to unwind amid nature, Thodupuzha is a must-visit destination.

The name Thodupuzha, which refers to the creek that rushes through the middle of the town, means "a tiny river." In recent years, this town with a vibrant industrial core has developed. It is a Kochi satellite town that is rapidly growing and whose economy is based on commerce and agriculture. The main crop grown in this area is rubber, followed by coconut, rice, pepper, bananas, ginger, cocoa, turmeric, etc. Any environmental enthusiast would be captivated by Thodupuzha's breathtaking waterfalls and fascinating wildlife.

Additionally, various thrilling activities, like boat tours, waterfall hikes, and rock climbing, are readily available. In the neighboring forested areas, nature lovers can search for uncommon species of flora and fauna. Thodupuzha has a large number of plantations, which improve its aesthetic appeal and economic value. Some best places to visit in Thodupuzha are:-

1. Thommankuthu Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

Thommankuthu, a picturesque location with several waterfalls, various caverns, and spectacular perspectives, is only 20 kilometers from Thodupuzha city. There is a 12-kilometer trail that leads from the bottom of the hill to the enticing green forests, making it the ideal location for hikers. The spectacular vistas, lush meadows, and lovely waterfalls keep the hikers enthralled and eager for more. Don't forget to take advantage of the neighboring lake's boating and fishing opportunities.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls is one of the top tourist destinations in Thodupuzha due to its natural beauty and adventures in the lush green meadows. One is fascinated as the flowing water flows down seven stone stairs. You will be thrilled to witness nature at its finest whether you go all the way up or choose to take a short walk in its place.

2. Uravappara

Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

A must-see natural attraction, Uravapaara mountain is renowned for its unusual rock formation. A tiny mound called Uravappara can be seen in Olamattom, close to Thodupuzha. Tourists from many locations have been drawn to this location by its picturesque vistas. The "Sree Subramanya Swami Temple," located on this hilltop 500 feet above sea level, is its primary draw. Lord Murugan, the principal deity, rules over this area as "Bala Subramanya," making it a popular destination for pilgrims. The temple celebrates its yearly celebration in the Malayalam month of Makaram (January/February). The two most significant offerings to the god are salt and pepper.

This location has cultural relevance as well. According to history, during their exile, the illustrious heroes of the Mahabharata, the Pandavas, spent some time here. On top of the rocks, three enormous boulders can be seen; it is thought that they used these for cooking.

3. Aanachadikuthu Waterfalls

Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

The waterfall in Aanachadikuthu lies in Kerala's Idukki district, around 20 kilometers from Thodupuzha. The scene of a freshwater stream surrounded by little cliffs and trees is serene and mesmerizingly lovely. Near the Thommankuthu waterfalls, this lovely waterfall is found. The waterfall in Aanachadikuth is less popular and less busy. Nearby are two little stores, and tea and snacks will be offered. There are also dress change areas provided. The biggest benefit of this waterfall is that you may bathe in it with your friends or family without worrying about safety because the waterfall bed is level and free of issues like potholes. The best time to come is during the start of the monsoon because the falls are dry during the summer (April and May).

4. Malankara Dam

Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

A gravity dam called the Malankara Dam was built over the Thodupuzha river for agricultural purposes. The dam was built to utilize the tailwater from the Moolamattom Hydroelectric plant. The artificial lake occupies an area of around 11 square kilometers. The Muvattupuzha Valley Irrigation Project and KSEB are in charge of overseeing the project.

Unlike the Idukki and Cheruthoni dams, the Malankara dam is always accessible to tourists. Malankara Dam is a picnic area with an artificial lake close to the Thodupuzha-Moolamattom Road and about 7 kilometers from Thodupuzha (State Highway 33), perfect for fishing and boating in the reservoir. Additionally, a 15-acre island adjacent to the reservoir is transformed into a park. The mild climate and picturesque reservoir attract numerous tourists to the Muttam-Kanjar-Malankara regions. At the front of the dam's gateway, the eatery serves hot kanji (rice porridge) with fresh buttermilk. Here, you can also get fish curry and boiled tapioca.

5. Irukallummudi

Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

Near Thodupuzha in Kerala, India, lies a lesser-known but equally stunning cliff called Irukallummudi. From here, one may observe the reservoir of the Muttom Dam and Ilaveezha Poonchira from another side. Irukallummudi is located near Cheppukulam, 20 kilometers from Thodupuzha.

6. Ilaveezhapoonchira

Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

A peculiar tiny hill town called Ilaveezhapoonchira is situated between the three Mankunnu, Thonippara, and Kudayathoormala hillocks. The location is appropriately called to imply "where no leaves fall," spanning acres of the arid desert where no trees grow. The monsoon is the ideal time to explore this magnificent valley because it fills with water and creates a stunning freshwater lake.

7. Nedummala Caves

Tourist Places in Thodupuzha

The Nedummala Caves are near Piralimattom, about 10 kilometers from Thodupuzha. Neolithic-era artificial granite caverns may be seen at this archaeological site. At Piralimattom, there are a lot of concave cupules, which are merely shallow grinding surfaces and artificial indents on rock surfaces. Many visitors and history buffs come to this location to see and learn about the amazing homes of our ancestors.

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