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17 Best Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur is a tiny, charming town situated 220 kilometres from Bangalore. It has breathtaking vistas and is located in the Malnad region at the base of the Western Ghats. The beautiful vegetation of this magnificent city is home to several spices, coffee, and pepper plantations, making it the perfect location for a gastronomic masterpiece. There are several attractions in Sakleshpur. This little highland village provides excellent hiking routes and an enjoyable experience for naturalists. Sakleshpur is one of the most popular tourist sites in the area because of its abundance of exquisite temples, intimidating forts, spectacular waterfalls, gorgeous mountain climbs, and ecological hotspots. Organize a trip to Sakleshpur tourist attractions if you will soon be visiting Bangalore for an exciting journey. Also, we are here to guide you to some of the fantastic tourist places to explore in the area.

Here is a list of the top attractions in Sakleshpur, along with pictures of each location you should take advantage of.

1. Bisle Ghat Viewpoint in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

The site is encircled by forested areas, rivers, and cascades, making it a hiker's dream place. The Giri River and the three mountain ranges, Pushpagiri, Kumara Parvat, and Doddabetta-Jenukallu Betta, with their stunning landscapes, draw tourists. One of Sakleshpur's most well-known tourist attractions, the Bisle View Point, offers a lovely haven for those who enjoy the outdoors. The forest department built a shelter on the overlook since it is a restricted area with no human population so that people may see the beauty. Trekking to the viewpoint is enjoyable, and you may explore the breathtaking environment. You could also see a variety of exotic species while travelling through the protected forest, like elephants, squirrels, peacocks, and musk deer.

2. Ambattur Gudda Peak in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

Ambattu Gudda, which translates to "Nine Hill," is one of the Western Ghats' most fascinating treks, and it is a highly advised destination for all adrenaline seekers out there.The route comprises an exciting blend of lovely streams that wander through Ombattu Gudda's lush vegetation. At Kabinhole Reserve Forest, where the trip starts, you may see various animals and birds living in the overgrown jungles.

3. Magajahalli Abbi Falls in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

Manjehalli Falls, with its rushing water and lush foliage, is one of Sakleshpur's best places to visit. Local individuals used to go for picnics at this location. The most significant time to explore this 20-foot-tall waterfall is while it is raining. On the one-kilometre journey from the Manjehalli hamlet to the waterfall, you can engage with the people as you travel through coffee plantations. For a memorable trip in Sakleshpur, camp overnight at Manjehalli Waterfalls with your buddies and family.

4. Manjarabad Fort in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

Tipu Sultan, a former king of Mysore, built this great fort in 1792 to store his weaponry there. The Sultan's soldiers were shielded from the British by its octagonal shape, offering a stunning view of the massive mountain peaks. Discover this star-shaped fort to discover the rich history hidden in Manjarabad's foggy setting. Cannon installations and rifle holes may be seen in the mud and granite buildings that have deteriorated through time. Several chambers and passages exist within this Sakleshpur fort that is supposed to link to the Srirangapatna fort.

5. Sakleshwar Temple in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

One of Sakleshpur's most tranquil tourist attractions, Shri Sakleshwara Swamy Temple is a tribute to the exquisite craftsmanship of the building. The enormous Shiva portrait in the temple, which is well-known for its annual Rath Yatra in February, grabs everyone's focus and provides a stunning view from its location on the banks of the Hemvati River. Sri Sakleshwara Swamy Temple is one of Karnataka's oldest temples. The temple, constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries, bears the city's name. The temple is relatively smaller than the traditional South Indian temple, yet thousands of believers converge during the Rath Yatra to take part in the celebration.

6. Kukke Subramanya Temple in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

It is a well-known spiritual site in Sakleshpur that attracts pilgrims annually. This location offers a calm and tranquil mood while surrounded by picturesque sights. The temple is referred to as the serpents' home. There, Lord Subrahmanya is worshipped. According to legend, Lord Subrahmanya provided Vasuki, the celestial serpent, with a place to hide when Garuda attacked him. The temple offers a remarkable view and a vital role in Indian mythology.

7. Sri Bettada Bhairaveshwara Temple in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

A 600-year-old ancient temple with mountains on all sides is called Betta Bairaveshwara Temple. It is one of the most popular attractions in Sakleshpur and is situated in the Western Ghats. People travel in large numbers to this temple as a favourite vacation spot to relax and have fun. Some think that the escaped Pandavas from "Mahabharata" briefly resided here.

8. Belur and Halebid in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

The Hoysala Empire spent three centuries living in the twin cities of Belur and Halebid (11th to mid-14th century). At the temples in Belur and Halebid, you can observe the spectacular Hoysala dynasty architecture.The diverse stone ensembles have a unified and distinguishable quality because of the inventive assembly techniques utilized to join the individually cut parts in the temple walls. The walls of these Sakleshpur temples are decorated with inscriptions that depict gods, war scenes, musical performances, hunting scenes, dancing scenes, and ordinary human and animal life.

9. Jenukal Gudda Hill in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

One of Sakleshpur's most well-known tourist destinations is Jenukal Gudda, also known as "honey stone mountain" or Hodachalli. Perspectives of the Arabian Sea, coffee plantations, verdant woods, and peaks like Sheshparvata, Etna Bhuja, and Kumara Parvat may be seen during an 8 km hike to Jenukal, Karnataka's second-highest mountain. You may see and photograph the most stunning sunsets in Sakleshpur tourist attractions to take home a remembrance of your trip. You may travel to Jenukallu summit from Pandavar Gudda or Betta Byraveswara temple for a spectacular view of several hills. However, these Sakleshpur location's paths must be avoided when it rains.

10. Rakshidi Estate in Sakleshpur

Ten kilometres from Sakleshpur, on the Rakshidi Estate, coffee and various spices are farmed. Raksiddi Estate, one of Sakleshpur's most popular tourist destinations, offers breathtaking vistas of fragrant coffee fields, making it the ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts to recharge. Another lifestyle choice is available in Sakleshpur. This little community will provide you with a fascinating glimpse into rural life if you come.

11. Agni Gudda Hill in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

Since a pristine, lovely environment surrounds it, Agni Gudda hill is one of the best spots to visit in Sakleshpur for a quick and calm break.This location is excellent for day outings and is renowned as a trekker's heaven. The tremendous volcanic activity on the slope is whence the mountain gets its name, which translates to "fiery mountain." You may be sure that being there will stimulate your enthusiasm for adventure and wanderlust. Hassan Junction is the railroad station closest to this summit, and you may go there via bus or cab from there. To get to the hill and start the journey, one may alternatively use a bus. If not a bus, a taxi is another option for transportation. The closest airport to the hill is Mangalore, and one can take a bus or a cab to the mountain from the airport.

12. Gorur Hemavathi Reservoir in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

The Gorur Dam, popularly known as the Hemavathi Reservoir, was built on the Hemavathi River in 1979 and offers breathtaking views of the Western Ghats, Manjarabad Fort, coffee fields, Shettyhalli Church, and other landmarks. When the dam's gates are open, the 8501-hectare reservoir is submerged, giving the 58-meter-high structure an impressive appearance. A branch of the Kaveri River called the Hemavathi is well-known for kayaking, swimming, canoeing, banana boat rides, rope crossings, and even quiet picnics in the garden that spans along its banks and is encircled by a forest. Early in the morning, you may see various unusual birds in one of Sakleshpur's most popular tourist destinations.

13. Shravanbela Gola in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

There are various historical sites in Shravanabelagola, many of which are Jain temples. The most well-known landmark in the city is located in Granite. The tallest monument ever constructed, the massive Bahubali statue (58 feet), is housed at the Gomateshwara Temple. The idol was built during King Rajamalla's reign between 982 and 983 CE. This area is one of the most famous Jain pilgrimage areas in South India.

14. Ayappa Swamy Temple in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

The well-known Ayyappa Swami Temple in Sakleshpur provides a place of spiritual tranquillity and breathtaking views of the region's woods and river basins. In Sakleshpur Lake Park, you can stroll in stunning sunrises and sunsets. This is one of Sakleshpur's fabulous tourist destinations that is appropriate for a trip with family members and friends.

15. Chikkamagaluru in Saleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

One of the most stunning tourist spots in Sakleshpur is Chikmagalur, the highest peak in Karnataka. This summit, surrounded by foggy clouds, offers visitors and travellers spectacular views. It is said that the area known as "Chikmagalur," which lies on the Deccan plateau and means "Land of the Younger Daughter," was given as a dowry to Rukmangada's younger daughter. The weather is only one more element that adds to the pleasure of visiting the several Chikamagalur locations. Dussehra, Deepavali, Ganesh Chaturthi, and other festivals are among the many festivals observed here.

16. Shettihalli Rosary Church in Saleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

French missionaries constructed Shettihalli Church in 1860 for an affluent British family with an estate in Shettihalli hamlet. Since the completion of the Hemavathi Dam and Reservoir in 1960, the church has been commonly referred to as the "Floating Church" because, during the rainy season, it is buried underwater. You may view the Gothic style of this old church by using a coracle or by going there in the summer when the reservoir's water level is dropping. Shettihalli Church is a great site to take pictures of birds if you enjoy nature or are a bird watcher.

17. Hadlu falls in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

One of Sakleshpur's most famous destinations is this waterfall, a well-known trekking location. After a delightful trek through beautiful coffee plantations and woods, the cold springs, with their enormous biodiversity, are reachable. A fun activity where you may escape the crowds and the hectic city is a summer vacation to Hadlu Waterfalls with friends and family. One of the leisure activities in Sakleshpur is swimming in the refreshing water of Hadlu Falls. Bring your camera to capture this Sakleshpur location's fascinating features.

Way to Reach Sakleshpur

The state of Karnataka's Sakleshpur is a treasure that provides exceptional experiences for all kinds of tours. This hidden gem is stored away in the Western Ghats and is surrounded by coffee farms, waterfalls, and several gorgeous hikes. Sakleshpur is an excellent place to unwind, go on an adventure, connect spiritually, and get a peep into the past. No big surprise! One of the best places to go on vacation in Karnataka is here. By Road, air, and train, Sakleshpur has vital access to important cities and towns. Below, we have provided many transit options to go to Sakleshpur.

1. By Air

The closest airport to his town, which is 138 kilometres away, is Mangalore International Airport because his town lacks an airport. Major cities across the nation, including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, and many more, are well connected to the airport. Bangalore, 242 kilometres from Sakleshpur, is home to the second-closest airport. You may take a bus or a cab to Sakleshpur when you land at the airport.

2. By Rail

A train station at Sakleshpur connects the significant Karnataka cities. Daily train schedules allow travellers from many places to get to Sakleshpur. You can take a taxi or cab from the train station to your selected location in Sakleshpur.

3. By Road

The Road well connects Sakleshpur to the significant Karnataka cities.Several cities are connected to Sakleshpur by Road, including Mysore, Mangalore, Bangalore, and Hassan. You may take an outstanding selection of premium buses from the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) to reach Sakleshpur from adjacent cities. You could also drive to Sakleshpur and enjoy the area's natural beauty.

Best Food to Try Out in Sakleshpur

Tourist Places in Sakleshpur

You might be surprised to learn that one of the oldest still-evolving cuisines, Karnataka cuisine, is widely recognized for its fiery curries and seafood specialities. The neighbouring states and coastal regions have influenced it. When it comes to Sakleshpur, Karnataka cuisine, masala dosa is the first dish that springs to mind. It is rich and delectable as you travel from area to region in Karnataka, the flavour and variety of the cuisine changes. The most excellent meat curries in the Kodagu region, while Mangalorean food has an intense coconut and regional spice flavour. While the cuisine of North Karnataka focuses mainly on vegetarian fare, the coastal location offers mouthwatering seafood.

Best Time to Visit Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur may be visited all year round, but February is the perfect time to go due to the favourable weather, low travel costs, and avoiding the busiest holiday times. The average maximum temperature in the summertime is 35°C (95°F). Around December, wintertime lows around 14°C (57°F) are not uncommon. The best time to obtain a tan in Sakleshpur is probably around May, when the days are the longest from sunrise to sunset. If you don't mind the possibility of getting wet, October has the most significant rainfall; thus, if you prefer to avoid getting wet, go in February.

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