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14 Best Tourist Places in Kumarakom

Kerala's Kumarakom, a beautiful tourist destination noted for its paddy fields, backwaters, delicious regional food, traditional kettuvallums, and secluded resorts, is 16 kilometers from Kottayam. A stunning view of the backwaters packed with breathtaking natural beauty can be seen in Kumarakom, a collection of several small islands created by the Vembanad Lake. Kumarakom is where you can engage in all the activities necessary for a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, or a journey with friends, including spending quality time with family, visiting holy sites, going on amazing trips with friends, and visiting romantic monuments.

Top Tourist Places in Kumarakom

1. Kumarakom Backwaters

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

One of the top attractions of Kumarakom, where thousands of Indian and international visitors are regularly seen, is the Backwaters of Kumarakom. The Kumarakom backwaters, known for their calm atmosphere, clear water, and surrounding coconut plantations, are responsible for 60 to 70 percent of the town's tourism.

Make sure you get to Kumarakom Backwaters if you are traveling to Kumarakom with your family or wife because there isn't a spot that can compare to Kumarakom Backwaters for spending quality time with your loved ones. It is undoubtedly no less than a dream to experience the cold wind via a boat while in a serene and enjoyable setting and to take in the beauty of the lakeside. This is one of the explanations why Kumarakom Backwaters is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Kumarakom.

2. Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

Along with Kumarakom, Vembanad Lake is a well-known tourist destination in South India, providing insight into the beauty and notoriety of the lake. The largest lake in the state of Kerala and the pride of the city of Kumarakom, Vembanad Lake draws thousands of visitors annually. In Kerala, this lake is referred to by various names. Such as Punnamada Lake in Kuttanad, Vembanad in Kottayam, and Kochi Lake in Kochi, among others. While the locals also call this lake Vembanad Kol or Vembanad Kayal.

The most romantic and beautiful moment of your life with your wife or girlfriend may be had at this lovely lake, which is the ideal location for a romantic getaway. Whenever you visit this location with your someone special, hire a houseboat and spend a pleasant time with each other while enjoying the lake's beauty.

3. Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

The Aruvikkuzhi Falls, which are near Kumarakom, are renowned for their beautiful landscapes. It is conveniently situated 18 kilometers from the metropolis of Kottayam. On the road to Kumarakom, you may stop at this well-known tourist attraction, which is great for sightseeing and nature hikes. Tourists are mesmerized by the breathtaking sight of dropping through enormous boulders from a height of 100 feet to the lake. The waterfall is ideal for family picnics and vacations since natural rubber trees surround it. Photographers and those who enjoy the outdoors will be delighted by the location's splendor. Despite being close to Kumarakom town, Aruvikkuzhi Falls may be heard from kilometers away due to its thundering sound.

4. Jama Masjid in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

Thazhathangadi Masjid is the more well-known name in Kumarakom. It is one of the most notable religious sites in the area and is 12 kilometers from Kumarakom town. Pilgrims travel to this mosque on the Meenachil River's banks all year round. The mosque has a long history and is one of the nation's oldest mosques. The traditional architectural design of Jama Masjid is exceptional. The mosque's exquisite carvings are evidence of the previous century's cultural splendor. The mosque's bathing section and inside the courtyard (nalukettu) have a beautiful architectural design. Habib Dinar, the son of Malik Dinar, is credited with introducing Islam to Kerala and building the mosque. Government officials have designated the mosque as a protected monument.

5. Pathiramannal in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

Ananda Padmanabhan Thoppu and Pathira Thoppu are other names for Pathiramannal, a lovely island close to Kumarakom. This beautiful location is spread out across 10 acres and is located on Vembanad Lake. The island is reachable by boat from Kumarakom and is situated on the boundary of the districts of Kottayam and Alleppey. It is a pleasant route to get to this location through the flooded areas of Kumarakom. The island is home to a large diversity of birds, including 91 species of native birds and 50 species of migratory birds. White beaches, stunning beauty, and a tranquil ambiance draw tourists to the island. This tiny, isolated place is the best location to unwind and take in the beauty of nature. This beautiful location, surrounded by water, will quickly capture the hearts of those who enjoy taking photographs.

6. Bird Sanctuary in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

Vimbanad Bird Sanctuary and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary are both bird sanctuaries. Visit Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary at least once if you enjoy spending time outdoors and getting up close to various animals. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a haven for lovers of the natural world and animals, and it is located on the shores of Vembanad Lake in Kerala's backwaters. Alfred George Baker also created this refuge, which spans 14 km.

A waterfall, teal, cuckoo, egret, heron, owl, brahminy kite, flycatcher, lark, parrot, and Siberian stork are just a few bird species you may observe here whenever you visit. The peaceful sanctuary's lush splendor and loving atmosphere will give you a unique sensation when you hear birds flying, which might be among the most lovely and memorable experiences of your life.

7. Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, an important religious site near Kumarakom, is around 2 kilometers from Kottayam town. Thekkumkur, a 16th-century monarch, was the temple's architect, which has a long history. Due to its stunning architecture, the temple draws hundreds of tourists. During holidays, many devotees frequently visit the temple to worship Lord Shiva, who serves as its presiding deity. This temple annually celebrates the major festival, the ten-day Phalgun Utsavam. The audience is captivated by various traditional dances performed throughout this event, including Velakali and Kathakali. This temple's mural paintings draw art lovers in addition to the conventional Keralan structure. The temple complex also had a sub-temple of Lord Ganesha and a koothambalam (the stage where the show was placed).

8. Kumarakom Waterlogging

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

A popular tourist destination, Kumarakom Waterlogging draws millions of visitors from around the globe. The calm of the lagoon and the beautiful vegetation add to the watershed's attraction, increasing demand for this location. Visitors may see the natural treasures of the lake and lagoon through a complicated system of canals. By hiring a houseboat, you may experience the Kumarakom backwaters to their fullest. These luxurious houseboats are offered at different prices for various occasions, including corporate gatherings, newly married couples, adventurous young people, and family picnics.

Several private organizations offer houseboat accommodation for the day, overnight, or by the hour. The houseboats' amenities include living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, entertainment areas, and eating options, and passengers may take advantage of them. On board, travelers can get assistance from trained workers.

9. Bay Island Driftwood Museum in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

The only museum in India with a collection of driftwood items is Bay Island Driftwood Museum. The museum's collection and kind are unparalleled since it includes artwork created by both man and nature. The sculptures constructed of roots are the museum's most stunning collection. The museum's relics were initially crafted from beach sand, which staff members collected, polished, and altered over time. Mrs. Raji Punnoose, the current custodian of the museum, deserves credit for creating this exceptional and one-of-a-kind museum.

The museum received the most recent Kerala Tourism Project Award (2004) for its outstanding artistic merit and distinctiveness. The Limca Book of Records lists the Bay Island Driftwood Museum as founded in 2001. Both art lovers and regular visitors to the museum are entertained by the items on display there.

10. Vaikom Mahadev Temple in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

One of Kerala's most ancient and historic temples, Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, attracts attention from all across the nation. You'll find the temple on the shores of Vembanad Lake in the town of Vaikom. Since it is one of the rare Shiva temples where both Shaivas and Vaishnavas worship equally, this temple is special. Due to the significant Vaikom Satyagraha episode, which involved a fight against untouchability, occurring here in 1924, the temple's name is inscribed in gold in Kerala's modern history. Lord Shiva is the temple's main deity, and the complex's eight acres are devoted to worship.

The Vaikom Ashtami festival, which takes place in November and December, is the biggest festival performed at the temple. The Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is conveniently located near a major road 22 kilometers from Kumarakom and 32 kilometers from Kottayam town. On the temple grounds is a statue of Lord Ganesha and a Nandi idol.

11. Kumarakom Beach

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

One of Kerala's most beautiful beaches, Kumarakom Beach, is a great spot to relax and enjoy some time. The vast sandy beach is a popular location for recreation, and the beach is situated in a serene coastal area far from busy streets. Swimming, volleyball, frisbee, water skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and water aerobics are among the beach activities. People may come here and enjoy the tranquility if they wish to spend a day or two away from the chaos of the cities. It is the perfect location for tourists to engage in leisurely activities like reading books, seeing the sunset, and sunbathing.

Ayurvedic massages and spa services are provided at many resorts and homestays close to the beach. Before returning to their busy schedules, visitors to this beach paradise feel relaxed.

12. St Mary's Church in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

St. Mary's Church is another well-known location among the top attractions in Kumarakom. Having been constructed in 1579, St. Mary's Church is one of the nation's oldest churches. A combination of Keralan and Persian architectural styles can be found in the church, and they have both been extremely well preserved. This is one of the reasons that individuals from all walks of life, including Christians, come to this church from around the country. Yes, St. Mary's Church should be your first stop if you plan a vacation to Kumarakom in late December because Christmas is celebrated here with great splendor.

13. Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

One of the well-known temples and pilgrimage sites in Kumarakom is the "Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple," located in the little town of Ettumanoor, close to Vaikom. This is a well-known temple for Lord Shiva that is constantly crowded with followers. Every day, visitors may observe lengthy lines of worshippers waiting to pour oil into the temple's central light, terracotta paintings on the walls, a well-known artwork of Nataraja, and other features. Visit Ettumanoor Mahadeva Temple to receive Lord Shiva's blessings if you plan a journey to the top tourist attractions in Kumarakom with your family or friends.

14. Kumarakom Craft Museum in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

There is no better site than Kumarakom Craft Museum for those interested in learning about Keralan culture and history. The Kumarakom Craft Museum is home to a magnificent collection of antiquities, including woodwork, household goods, paintings, and drawings. Here one may discover antiques or regionally specific traditional artifacts. The Kumarakom Craft Museum's shop also sells regional art and crafts. You may also stop by this location if you want historically and culturally significant souvenirs.

Famous food in Kumarakom

Tourist Places in Kumarakom

Some famous foods in Kumarakom include Fish Moilee, a fish curry cooked with coconut milk and spices. Karimeen Pollichathu, a dish made of freshwater fish marinated in spices and cooked in a banana leaf, and Appam, a soft and fluffy pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Another popular dish is Kappa and Meen Curry, made with mashed tapioca and fish curry. These dishes are typically served with steamed rice and are enjoyed by locals and tourists. Kumarakom is also famous for its traditional Sadya, a vegetarian feast on a banana leaf consisting of various dishes such as banana chips, pickles, curries, and desserts.

How to Reach Kumarakom

  • By Flight: You should know that there are no direct flights from anywhere to Kumarakom if you choose to travel there. Cochin International Airport, located 45 kilometers from Kumarakom, is the closest international airport to the village. You may fly to Kochi from any major city due to the airport's good connections to several other domestic and international cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Jaipur (National). You can take a bus, taxi, or cab to get to Kumarakom after leaving the port at the airport.
  • By Train: When visiting Kumarakom, a well-known tourist attraction, the rail network is one of the most popular ways of transportation. At a distance of 16 kilometers, Kottayam is the railroad station closest to Kumarakom. Numerous frequent trains from towns like Mangalore, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Hubli, Kanyakumari, Hazrat Nizamuddin, and New Delhi run to Kottayam for travelers going to Kumarakom. This railway station is also well-linked to other important cities in the state and throughout India. Remember to provide tourists with good travel options.
  • By Road: The major cities of Kerala have frequent bus services to Kumarakom, and Kumarakom is well connected by road to its neighboring cities. In addition to using buses, you may get to Kumarakom fast by hiring a vehicle or taking a cab from adjacent cities.

Best time to visit Kumarakom

In Kumarakom, the summers (April to June) are warm; occasionally, the temperature reaches 35 ??C or more. Because of this, it is said that visiting Kumarakom is best done between September and March.

The monsoon season is also a great time for tourists to travel to Kumarakom since it is ideal for bird watching at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. However, during the monsoon, backwater cruising is not allowed.

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