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Tourist Places in Beawar


Beawar, located in the middle of the huge sand desert of Ajmer. It astounds you with its carefully planned streets flanked by humming old mills and lively street markets, all neatly put out within its walled boundary. The city also has attractive new residences and contemporary shopping centers.

Beawar stands out as a distinct and pleasant contrast to the rest of Rajasthan's old, regal cities. The city, which served as the colonial headquarters of the former Merwara region, was founded in the 19th century as a military cantonment by British officer Colonel Charles George Dixon. The city has evolved through time into a significant trading hub with a lovely cultural atmosphere.

Beawar provides an excellent range of Rajasthani handicrafts at reasonable costs. The city's local markets are packed with shops selling bright ethnic handicrafts such as Rajasthani puppets and other ornamental goods. The shop sells Beawar's famed til patti, a type of gajak or crispy sweet food made from sugar and sesame seeds, at Halwai Gali. The greatest time to visit Beawar is during the yearly Tejaji Fair and the Gair Festival, when the city's cultural riches are on display.

Some of the Famous Tourist Places in Beawar:

1) Ashapura Mata Mandir

Ashapura Mata is an aspect devi and a main deity in Kutch. As her name suggests, she is the Goddess who grants the wishes and aspirations of anyone who has faith in and believes in her.

Tourist Places in Beawar

The majority of Ashapura Mata's idols are distinguished by the presence of seven pairs of eyes. Her temples can mostly be found in Gujarat. Some people in Rajasthan and Gujarat believe she is a manifestation (avatar) of the Goddess Annapoorna.

2) Badnore Fort

Badnore, formerly Vardhanpur, is a charming tiny village in Rajasthan's Bhilwara District. Badnore Fort is a fine example of medieval Indian military architecture. This seven-story fort on a hill offers amazing views all around.

Tourist Places in Beawar

There are numerous tiny monuments and temples within and surrounding Badnore Fort. The structures in Badnore Fort Bhilwara are all constructed in the traditional Rajputana style of architecture, a regional version of the widespread Hindu style of architecture. It is a seven-story fort located 70 kilometers from Bhilwara.

3) Bichadli Talaab

Bichadli Talaab is a lovely and peaceful lake in Rajasthan, India. This artificial lake is located near Bundi and is a major tourist attraction. Lush green trees surround the lake, making it the ideal location for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and people looking for some peace away from the bustle of the city.

Tourist Places in Beawar

The Chauhan dynasty rulers created the lake in the 12th century. According to legend, the lake was built to provide water to the people of Bundi and the neighbouring villages. Today, the lake is a major tourist attraction used for irrigation.

Ajmeri Gate, Dadi Dham, Hala Jain Mandir, and Surajpol Gate are other tourist places.

How to Reach Beawar

Air India is a well-known airline with frequent flights to the Jodhpur airport. Aside from flying, you can also take the train to Beawar. Beawaris is one of the busiest railroad stations in Beawar. Some of the most common routes to Beawar are Marwar Junction to Beawar, Ajmer to Beawar, and Palanpur to Beawar.

By road, Beawar is surrounded by Balara, Ajmer, and Sojat, respectively 20.64 kilometers, 32.37 km, and 41.77 km away. These locations are great for anyone planning a short weekend getaway.


Visit the lovely surroundings of Beawar's walled inner city to discover the colonial character of the city. The verdant Subhash Udyan and the lovely domed Mahadev ji ki Chhatri pavilion are two of the most prominent sights here. At the Panch Batti public circle, you can immerse yourself in local culture. Beawar's cultural splendor is displayed during the yearly Tejaji Fair and the Gair Festival. Beawar's local markets are well worth a visit as a major trading center for rural arts and crafts.

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