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9 Best Tourist Places in Megamalai

Megamalai is a small yet stunning area found in the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu state. It is frequently referred to as the "High Wavy Mountains." At 1500 metres above sea level, this location is ideal for escaping the heat and unwinding peacefully amid nature. The area is surrounded by an evergreen forest and is infused with the fragrant fresh scent of cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper. The verdant green tea farms will allow you to savour hot, freshly brewed tea while a stroll through flora and fauna-rich surroundings.

A hidden paradise called Megamalai can be found in the Theni neighbourhood. It also goes by the name Paccha Kumachi (Green Peak). Many people consider Megamalai a tourist destination, although it is a tea estate. However, tourists can take advantage of the nearby wildlife, climate, dams, waterfalls, and mountain views.

Despite navigating 18 hairpin curves and passing through tea and cardamom farms on both sides of the twisting road, the drive to Megamalai can only be breathtaking. A walk in the middle of nature to take in the grandeur of the undulating hills covered in mist and the tea estates shrouded in fog is unquestionably extraordinary. When it comes to the splendour of nature and the nice environment, the well-known hill station of Munnar in Kerala would be dwarfed by this alluring village.

Megamalai's vast tea plantations are a popular tourist destination, and a cup of steaming hot tea will help you appreciate their allure. One can see rural life firsthand and get to know the locals there. Additionally, if your friends and family are joining you, relax by the bonfire and take in the atmosphere of the evening. Additionally, Megamalai offers fantastic off-road experiences if you enjoy adventure sports. So, here is the list of tourist places in Megamalai.

1. Highway Dam

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Highway Dam, an artificial dam in Megamalai, is positioned 1 km away from the Megamalai Bus Station. It is one of the best Megamalai tourism attractions. Six dams and numerous year-round waterfalls can be found in the little hill village of Megamalai. The most popular dams to visit as part of the Megamalai trip are the Iravangalar Dam, Manalar Dam, and Highway Dam. The Highway Dam, surrounded by tea and coffee farms, is a tranquil location to explore with your family and friends.

In 1978 CE, the Highways dam was constructed. It can hold 2.4 million m3 of water. Among the nicest places in Megamalai to spend time alone with your loved ones are the calm lake and the enticing mountain ranges. One may see the magnificent river flow that draws so many tourists yearly during the rainy season. Visitors will also fall in love with this location due to the picturesque mountains huddled on either side of the road to the Dam.

2. Manalar Dam

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Manalar Dam is an artificial dam located in Megamalai and is about 4 kilometers from Megamalai Bus Station. It is one of the well-known tourist destinations in Megamalai that may be visited.

The Manalar Dam, bordered by tea plantations, is a tranquil location to spend some time alone in the great outdoors. The Manalar Dam, built in 1978 CE, barred access to the Suruli River, also known as the Manalar River. There is enough for 13.5 million m3 of water storage. The serene lake and the attractive mountain ranges are two of Megamalai's key draws. During the rainy season, one may witness the amazing river flow that attracts many tourists yearly. The Dam makes it possible to see the Cumbum ravines and the settlements of the Theni district from above. Apart from that, it's a fantastic setting for pre-wedding photo sessions and photos.

3. Megamalai Viewpoint

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Megamalai Viewpoint is a gorgeous location in Megamalai, Tamil Nadu, situated 11 km from Megamalai Bus Station. One of Megamalai's most beautiful and best spots to visit. The Megamalai viewpoint is a must-see location if you're looking for an adventurous encounter. You will be in awe of this spectacular vista, surrounded by a tranquil environment and lush vegetation. Additionally, in the right direction, one can engage in activities like campfires and enjoy a special evening with their loved ones.

To get to the location, tourists must do a short hike. One needs to bring enough snacks, water, a first-aid kit, and other necessities because there are no stores nearby. From this viewpoint, one can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of plains, lakes, huge tea gardens, and mist-covered mountains.

4. Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected reserve located near Megamalai in Tamil Nadu, 3 km from the Megamalai Bus Station. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Megamalai and one of the most well-known wildlife areas in Tamil Nadu. The 63,000-hectare Megamalai Animals Sanctuary is a paradise for wildlife lovers and the outdoors. This wildlife sanctuary serves as a buffer zone for Kerala's Periyar Tiger Reserve because it is situated on the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. For lovers of the outdoors and wildlife, this place is a haven.

The Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary in the Theni district has been proposed as a potential tiger reserve. It is home to a wide variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, shrubs, evergreen forests, and numerous plant and animal species. The sanctuary is surrounded by the Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel Sanctuary and Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala, and its inhabitants include elephants, tigers, leopards, Nilgiri tahr, gaurs, spotted deer, barking deer, sambar deer, wild boars, porcupines, Nilgiri langurs, lion-tailed macaques, common langurs, bonnet macaques, sloth.

Numerous bird species may be found in the Megamalai forest area, such as the red-whiskered bulbul, common iora, White-browed wagtail, grey wagtail, pied bush chat, Blyth's reed warbler, barn swallow, spotted dove, Asian paradise flycatcher, and long-tailed shrike. In addition, the Wood snake is "point endemic" to the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which implies it is unique to this location.

5. Iravangalar Dam

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Iravangalar Dam is an artificial reservoir located at Iravangalar close to Megamalai, 18 kilometers away from Megamalai Bus Stop. It is a well-known Megamalai tourist destination and one of Tamil Nadu's picturesque dams. The Iravangalar Dam, surrounded by tea plantations and misty hills, is the ideal location to spend some time alone in the great outdoors.

Iravangalar Dam is a must-see tourist destination on your upcoming vacation to Tamilnadu since it is an undiscovered eco-paradise. Numerous tourists are drawn to the tranquil lake and the gorgeous, picturesque surroundings every year. The Tamilnadu Electricity Board is responsible for maintaining the Dam. It's the ideal weekend escape to unwind in the pleasant weather and take in the splendor of the misty, green valleys.

6. Chinna Suruli Falls

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Chinna Suruli Falls is a beautiful waterfall situated at Kombai Thozhu hamlet close to Theni, 3 km from Kombai Thozu, 44 km from Theni, and 69 km from Megamalai. It is one of the stunning waterfalls close to Madurai and one of the best sites to visit in Megamalai, located between Megamalai and Theni.

The Chinna Suruli Falls are situated in the Megamalai range's slopes amidst lush, green forests. Since it rises in the Megamalai Hills and is known as Cloudland Falls, it is referred to as the younger Suruli Falls and is distinct from Suruli Falls, located close to Cumbum town. In the local language, Chinna means little or younger.

The flowing water produces a lovely sound reverberating across the area as it cascades from 190 feet. This place is ideal for taking a seat and relaxing while taking in the beauty and music of nature.

7. Maharaja Mettu

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Maharaja Mettu is a well-liked vantage point in Megamalai, located 1 km from Iravangalar Dam and 17 kilometers from Megamalai Bus Stop. As part of the Megamalai trip, it is one of the must-see locations in Megamalai and is situated near the Vennial Tea estate. You must visit Maharajamettu View Point to experience the area's breathtaking splendor all at once. You can get a birds-ey perspective of the entire area from here, and you'll be astounded to see how beautifully the jagged mountains complement the seemingly unending greenery.

Maharaja Mettu provides a stunning view of the Cumbum Valley, luscious tea plantations, and the entire Varusanadu Hills mountain range. One might be astounded to observe limitless greenery from the vantage point, well complemented by the granite mountains.

The viewpoint can be reached by traveling about 400 meters from the road. One must pay an entrance charge to enter the viewpoint because the Tamil Nadu Forest Department manages the viewpoint. The view from the point was breathtaking, showing the plains with clouds and mist strewed about. If you're lucky, you might be able to see some wild elephants in the nearby bush.

8. Cinnamon, Cardamom, Coffee, and Tea Estates

Tourist Places in Megamalai

Plantations that grow tea, coffee, cinnamon, and cardamom are abundant in Megamalai. The fragrant freshness of these harvests will fill your lungs as you stroll through these fields. You will have the chance to discover and broaden your understanding on a guided tour of these estates.

9. Vellimalai

Tourist Places in Megamalai

It is regarded as Megamalai's center point. Vellimalai offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere to observe the wild animals and the scientifically designed tea gardens. Megamalai is a fantastic location for unrestricted exploration. The never-ending tea hills and the numerous animals' cries only enhance the lovely experience in store for you. You may unwind there without having to think about anything.

Things to Do in Megamalai

1. Trekking

Megamalai is surrounded by the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, making it the perfect location for hiking, bird viewing, or just getting away from it all. Megamalai's woodlands are ideal for hiking and discovering hidden treasures, including trees, birds, and other animals. The walks are short, easy, and beautiful.

2. Bird Watching

A frequent visitor to Megamalai is a migratory bird. At least 100 different bird species, including some of the rarest and most endangered ones, can be found among Megamalai's trees. Enjoy some bird watching and let yourself be mesmerized by their beauty.

Megamalai is a charming location where you may escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. The location and the steaming cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee you will receive here are worthwhile stops. You'll experience living in some enchanted location between the clouds.

3. Stroll in Plantations

Take a trip through the verdant tea, coffee, cinnamon, and cardamom plantations to learn about their growing methods and see the vast fields. Even some fresh vegetables can be purchased and taken home.

How to Reach, Accommodation, and Weather at Megamalai

You can travel through Chinnamanur, which offers beautiful scenery, to get to Megamalai from Theni. Megamalai and Theni are separated by 120 kilometers and 76 km, respectively. Buses departing from Dindigul are available.

Bangalore and Megamalai are separated by 578 kilometers via Thekkady and approximately 501 km via the Kodai route; the train station and the closest airport are in Madurai. You have to go through some fairly terrible roads to get to Megamalai.

There are very few places to stay in the area, although Cloud Mountain Bungalow and Sand River Cottage, both of which are in the Manalar Estate, are highly recommended. Additionally, it is closer to the bus stop. Booking the accommodations in advance is also highly recommended.

The best time of year to travel is during the winter, and the best months to go are October through May. It's advisable to avoid the summer months because the summers are usually very hot in Megamalai.

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