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12 Best Tourist Places in Thalassery

Thalassery, in the Kannur district, is one of the most vibrant cities in North Kerala. The city, also known as Tellicherry, is renowned for its rich heritage and breathtaking natural beauty on the Malabar Coast. In Indian cultural history, the name of this dynamic location is noted as the origin of the circus, cricket, and cake. In 1682, the British arrived in Thalassery intending to develop trade. Due to its closeness to the shore, the city developed into a significant commercial hub. The city is regarded as Malabar's cultural hub since it is the site of several political and literary events. The first Malayalam newspaper and novel were also printed in this modern city.

1. Uday Kalari Sangam

Tourist Places in Thalassery

Uday Kalari Sangam is an organization for those who like and engage in Kalaripayattu. An old fighting style from South India is called kalarippayattu. This martial art has been Kerala's most well-known for many centuries because of its distinctive techniques. Anyone interested in learning more about this 2000-year-old martial art, known for its extreme power and dexterous mobility, should visit Uday Kalari Sangam. The Chamwol beach, some distance from Mahe, is where Uday Kalari Sangam may be found.

The ceiling and massive walls of the Kalari Sangam structure are awe-inspiring. The hallways of this structure have basic displays of traditional Kalari weapons. History claims that although Kalari was forbidden to be practiced during the colonial era, its devotees managed to keep it alive and continue to do so in secret organizations. Uday Kalari Sangam has played a significant role in creating and disseminating South Indian traditional art. The beautiful Kalaripayattu will captivate visitors who spend the evening observing.

2. Tagore Park

Tourist Places in Thalassery

Tagore Park, a wonderful retreat in a stunning environment, is another thing to do in Thalassery. Mahe, a tiny city ruled by the Pondicherry Union Territory, is where the park is located. The park is loacted in Mahe. In every nook and cranny of the city, Mahe bears the scars of a long history of French colonization. Mahe welcomes visitors with a pleasant experience and complete information due to its unique culture and extensive history.

A statue in the park honors Marianna, a well-known French rebel commander whose image later served as the nation's symbol. Tagore Park is also located in Mahe, which is 15 km from Thalassery. Inside Tagore Park, there is a memorial dedicated to the independence fighters. The well-connected Government House is next to this park.

3. Vamil Temple

Tourist Places in Thalassery

The Vamil Temple is a holy site that draws followers and tourists due to the exceptional ceremonies held here. Tourists may access this temple on the route between Thalassery town and Kannur city. The dance known as Theyyam, performed at Malabar temples, is what makes this temple famous. Every day in the Vamil temple, this festival dance is presented.

This dancing performance begins at 12:30 every day in the Vamil temple and lasts 30 minutes. In order to fully experience this exciting and joyful form of holy art, visitors are encouraged to tour the temple while the dance is being performed. A trip to the Vamil temple will provide great enjoyment to anybody who wants to see the heavenly arts up close and participate in the vibrant celebration of the Malabar temple.

4. Catholic Rosary Church

Tourist Places in Thalassery

The Catholic Rosary Church is a historic building and prayer site for Kerala's Catholics. This church, beside the Thalassery Fort, is popular with travelers because of its historical significance and magnificent architecture. The architectural design of this church, which includes exquisite glasswork, is its outstanding feature. This glassware was imported from London. One of the oldest churches in Kerala is the Catholic Rosary Church, which dates back to the sixteenth century.

During the colonial era, it was necessary for its own right. The church's organisational structure has experienced significant alterations since its founding. In actuality, the Archbishop of Goa, who ruled over this cathedral from his dominion until 1609, was in charge. Following this, the Kodungallur Head Bishop took over the church's leadership, and the Kannur Head Bishop is currently in charge of it. Tourists and history lovers frequent the church's cemetery, home to notable colonial-era officials' remains.

5. Overbury's Folly

Tourist Places in Thalassery

Overbury's Folly, an incomplete building, is an example of architectural Folly. This recreation area is located close to Thalassery Court and Municipal Stadium on top of a hill. The park is named after E N Overbury, the sub-collector for the site. He began building this park in 1879 to turn it into a picnic area. Unfortunately, he could not finish the project, so Overbury's Folly was given to the location. After being rebuilt, this park is now a popular tourist destination in Thalassery. Travellers stop at this location to spend evenings admiring the Arabian Sea's magnificence. The park, next to the Sub Collector's Bungalow, has an open-air coffee shop and a viewing platform.

6. English Church

Tourist Places in Thalassery

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Thalassery is the English Church, also known as St. John's Anglican Church. This church, which has a history spanning more than 140 years, is recognized as one of the first churches in the Malabar region. Visitors are drawn in by the church's architecture because of its magnificence and age. Visitors may enjoy a beautiful view from the church, situated not far from the Thalassery Fort.

Numerous notable Malabar colonial administrators rest at a cemetery next to this church. History buffs are interested in visiting Edward Brennen's burial, an Anglican philanthropist who contributed his riches and worked hard for Thalassery's welfare. The beautiful glasswork in the church is a reminder of the former English splendor made in London. The Archaeology Department has refurbished the English Church, which is now accessible to tourists.

7. Fisherfolk Temple

Tourist Places in Thalassery

Along the stretch of coastline from Kannur to Thalassery and from Thalassery to Mahe, there is a beautiful temple called Fisherfolk Temple. The temple is a prime destination for tourists because of its strategic placement. The temple is situated on a long stretch of serene coastline full of natural beauty. The temple serves as a visual representation of how significant the sea is to the community's fishermen. This temple is mentioned in a plethora of myths and stories.

The shrine is widely thought to have been constructed by fishermen to thank the sea for its generosity and kindness. The renowned venue where cricket was played for the first time in India is close to the temple. The Fisherfolk Temple is conveniently located in Thalassery town and is reachable by bus or rickshaw. It is the perfect location for everyone who wants to take in the peace of nature and the comfort of spirituality.

8. Juma Masjid

Tourist Places in Thalassery

The Juma Masjid, one of Thalassery's most well-known places of worship, is situated not far from the Arabian Sea. The Islamic Renaissance that took place in the area had its origins in this 1,000-year-old mosque. An Arab businessman who came to Kerala to propagate Islam, Malik Ibin Dinar, built the mosque. The mosque is renowned for its Indo-Saracenic architecture, exhibiting both splendor and antiquity. Many devotees congregate on the mosque's grounds during Eid-Ul-Fitr to offer Eid prayers. Kunjayan Musallyar, a significant contributor to the Arabic-Malayalam literary canon, is buried at the Masjid. This century-old holy site serves as a showcase of Thalassery's history and culture. Juma Masjid is conveniently close to where Thalassery's main business district.

9. Thalassery Fort

Tourist Places in Thalassery

The British East India Company established the historical landmark Thalassery Fort (also known as Tellicherry Fort) in 1708. It was crucial to the British military and commercial endeavors during the colonial era. This fort, perched on a cliff next to Muzhapilangad Beach, is filled with tales of colonial control and the Mysore Invasion. Hyder Ali, the King of Mysore, reportedly attempted to seize it in 1781 but was unsuccessful.

The fort's construction consists of massive walls and ornately carved entrances. There are hidden passageways inside that go to the Arabian Sea. Huge Laterite stones serve as the fort's foundation, and exquisite mural paintings from the 18th century adorn the entryway. One of the rare structures that the Archaeological Survey of India has conserved is Thalassery Fort. Inside the fort, there is an information gallery with excellent displays of images of monuments, old murals, and burial caverns.

10. Wellesley's Bungalow

Tourist Places in Thalassery

Thalassery's Wellesley's Bungalow is a stunning colonial house with tranquil settings and a well-liked tourist destination. Lord Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, is responsible for giving the bungalow its name. Cricket was first played in the Thalassery region in the 18th century, thanks to the then Viceroy Lord Wellesley.

It is thought that in those early days, Lord Wellesley and his associates utilized the house and the surrounding field for cricket practice. The home thus holds a significant place in Indian cricket history. Today, the structure houses the residence of the regional sub-collector. From everywhere in the town, it is simple to get to the bungalow. It is situated adjacent to the Thalassery Fort and other local landmarks, including the Juma Masjid and the English Church. The structure draws people all year round because of how its history is incorporated into its stunning architecture.

11. Randattara Cinnamon Estate

Tourist Places in Thalassery

The Randattara Cinnamon Estate shows how important Thalassery was to the ancient spice trade. The town's coastal location made it a commercial hub, and spices like black pepper, ginger, and turmeric were exported to other countries through the British-built seaport. Due to the battles with Tipu, Hyder, and Pazhassi Rajah in the 1790s, Thalassery's spice trade deteriorated. The British East India Company began establishing its plantation to grow spices directly. This plantation was situated in Randattara, the Randattara Cinnamon Estate. The plantations is stretched across 1000 acres, and according to William Logan, a famous colonial historian, specific items, including coffee, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cotton, were grown here. Travelers who wish to learn more about the local plant life should visit this area.

12. Odathil Palli

Tourist Places in Thalassery

At the heart of Thalassery lies the 200-year-old place of worship known as Odathil Palli (sometimes referred to as Odathil Mosque). In addition to drawing pilgrims from all across Malabar, the mosque is a well-liked tourist site. A man named Moosakaka, a contractor for the British East India Company, built the mosque in the early nineteenth century. The mosque's architecture is notable since it was constructed in the conventional Keralan style. The mosque's golden dome and copper plate top add to the structure's splendor from an architectural standpoint. The mosque's dome is a substantial towering edifice that can be seen for kilometers. The area where Odathil Palli is presently located was previously a Dutch sugarcane garden. The Dutch term "Odam," which means green, and the Malayalam word "Palli," which implies mosque, are where the mosque's name comes from.

How to Reach Thalassery

  • By Flight: Thalassery's closest airport is Calicut International Airport (also known as Karipur International Airport). There are frequent flights from this airport to all the main Indian cities and some international destinations. The distance to Thalassery town is 93 kilometers is distantly situated. Thalassery may be reached by bus or by hiring a cab for visitors who get here by flight.
  • By Train: There is a train station in Thalassery that provides good connections to inner and outer cities around Kerala. From this railway station, regular trains travel to several cities, including Kannur, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, and Palakkad. Additionally, Thalassery Railway Station has good access to significant cities, including Mangalore, Bangalore, and Chennai.
  • By Road: Thalassery's town and the adjacent cities are well connected by road. Regular bus service to Thalassery is provided by the Kerala State Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and private bus companies from Kannur, Kozhikode, Mangalore, Kochi, Mysore, and Thiruvananthapuram. Additionally, luxurious buses go to Thalassery from major cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

Food of Thalassery

Tourist Places in Thalassery

Due to the strong Arabian, Mughlai, and Malabari influences, Thalassery food is one of Kerela's most lively foods. When one hears the word Thalassery, the Thalassery Biriyani is the dish that first comes to mind. Consuming vast quantities of this particular biriyani is a must when visiting Thalassery. This biriyani differs from others since it is cooked using Kaima or Jeerakasala rice rather than traditional rice. Fried onions are also used to produce the masala for this recipe. The Mussel Biryani, cooked with marinated mussels, is another variation of the widely famous biryani here.

This lovely city is also known for other delicacies, including Falooda, Malabar Beef Roast, Kallumakkaya Nirachathu (another mussel dish), Unnakkaya (a sweetmeat snack), and (a Persian dessert made of fruits and dry fruits in rose milk and vanilla ice-cream). Thalassery is renowned for its beautiful bakeries, which Mampally Bakers helped establish as a cultural force.

Best time to visit Thalassery

Thalassery's summers are notoriously hot and miserable, especially for visitors. In the city, the monsoon season lasts from August to September. During this time, there is a lot of rain, which makes everything lush and green. The winter season is very pleasant and cool, making it the perfect time to explore the city.

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