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18 Best Tourist Places in Purulia

The region of Purulia is known for its picturesque scenery, grassy hills, and lush green surroundings. It is the ideal vacation spot because of the tranquil surroundings and unique combination of history and culture.

Tourist Places in Purulia

Due to its geography and accessibility, Purulia has become one of West Bengal's most popular tourist destinations. The majority of the nation is easily accessible from Purulia via various travel options.

The highlights in Purulia make it the ideal vacation location for taking a break from everyday life and spending a few days in beautiful surroundings. You will undoubtedly feel relaxed because of the fresh air and stunning surroundings.

The Purulia area is surrounded by temples, ponds, tall hills, and other captivating and picturesque tourist attractions. In addition to enjoying this location's fascinating scenery and spectacular beauty, tourists may engage in various exciting activities such as boating, rock climbing, and more.

1. Joychandi Pahar

Tourist Places in Purulia

Joychandi Pahar, one of the main attractions in the area, is a paradise for skilled rock climbers. The Goddess Chandi is the inspiration behind the name of the Pahar, or hill, and her shrine may be seen at its top.

There are 400 stairs to climb to the Jai Chandi temple and pray to the Goddess. The beautiful scenery makes the ascent to the top enjoyable. The Joychandi Pahar Paryatan Utsav is a yearly event held in the foothills of the Joychandi Pahar, attracting visitors from across the nation.

2. Ajodhya Hills

Tourist Places in Purulia

The Ajodhya hills are another well-liked Purulia destination. The hills, a part of the Dalma mountain range, have legendary importance. It is said that Lord Rama and Sita resided here when they were in exile.

The picturesque and native animals of Ajodhya Hills provide an excellent hiking location. A heaven for bird lovers, the area is bordered by dense forests and lakes. Nearby must-see locations are Gorshabru and Mayur Hills.

3. Saheb Bandh

Tourist Places in Purulia

This significant tourist attraction in Purulia is a large lake that occupies a 50-acre area. Migratory birds gather at the sparkling lake in large numbers, and Birds go to this lovely location during the winter from as far away as Siberia and Baluchistan. Saheb Bandh is thus an excellent spot for someone who enjoys bird watching.

This magnificent lake, created in the 19th century, has been recognized as a national lake. Additionally, Shikara rides at the lake have begun to improve your visit. Like Kashmir, you may hire clothes here and pose while riding a shikara.

4. Gajaburu Hills

Tourist Places in Purulia

Gajaburu hills, located around 59 kilometres from the Purulia district, are another excellent location for adventure seekers. The Gajaburu hills' rocky and rugged slopes make it a thrilling adventure location where visitors may engage in rock climbing, hiking, camping, or relaxing. You will be fascinated by the attractive environment and alluring beauty.

5. Doldanga

Tourist Places in Purulia

On the banks of Kangsabati, there sits this lovely pool of water. In recent years, this location has become a tourist destination because of its beautiful surroundings and healthy atmosphere.

Visitors may join in enjoyable activities like camping and boating in this location. This magical location is ideal for individuals seeking rest, refreshments, and exciting activities.

6. Branti Reservoir or Muradi Lake

Tourist Places in Purulia

The Branti reservoir is an excellent choice if you wish for serenity in nature. This location offers a lovely view and a peaceful setting and is a favourite among local tourists.

It is a private place with fewer crowds and more tranquilly. If you choose to camp in this beautiful area, you can do a lot of engaging activities. You may leisurely wander beside the deep trees, relax and take in the beauty of nature.

7. Cheliama

Tourist Places in Purulia

Cheliama, a village with a long and rich history, is one of Purulia's most well-liked tourist spots, and this region is home to many temples, which are 17th-century architectural masterpieces.

Cheliama reveals the culture and creativity of ancient periods through the sculptures and objects found in the temples. The Radha-Govinda temple is among them, and it draws visitors from all across the nation all year long. Cheliama is a haven for history lovers and archaeologists because of its significant past.

8. Surulia

Tourist Places in Purulia

Surulia is a well-known eco-park that is only 6 kilometres away from the main town. One of the most popular destinations in the area is this eco-park, located on the banks of the river Kangsabati. Due to the several kinds of deer that are kept and protected here, this eco-park is also known as a "deer park."

Visitors may see many birds and other creatures in this area besides the deer. Numerous visitors come here every day. If you are an enthusiast of both nature and wildlife, Surulia is the best place to visit.

9. Murugama Dam

Tourist Places in Purulia

Stunning sunrises and fascinating sunsets may be seen at Muruguma Dam, a popular tourist site. It might be an unforgettable experience to spend an evening here amidst the stunning scenery and refreshing air. Other options include hiking to the top of the hills or wandering around the local communities.

10. Garpanchkot

Tourist Places in Purulia

It is located in the northeastern portion of the Purulia District, near the border with the districts of Burdwan and Jharkhand, at the bottom of Panchakot (Panchet Hill).

The hilltop provides a scenic and panoramic view of the Panchet Dam and its reservoir on the Damodar River. Visual pleasure is viewing the birds at Panchet Dam.

11. Para

Tourist Places in Purulia

The town of Para is a beautiful tourist destination and serves as a reminder of the arrival of Muslims in the east. The location has two pre-Muslim deuls.

They are superb examples of the elaborate construction and excellent aesthetic used earlier. These artefacts are still beautiful despite being over a century old. The heritage structures would unquestionably transport visitors to a bygone era.

12. Deulghat

Tourist Places in Purulia

Deulghat is a place where temples are found, according to their name. There are roughly 15 temples in the area surrounding the Kansai River. One of the main factors making Deulghat one of the most popular tourist destinations in Purulia is the temple's outstanding architecture, which is complemented by its elegant decorations.

The temple displays the traditional way of life of the community nowadays. Deulghat is still a significant tourist destination even if the temple is little more than ruins.

13. Matha

Tourist Places in Purulia

The Matha Buru is a slope with a reputation for elegant beauty. On the hill, there is a "Mela" by tribal people. The particular association often conducts rock climbing classes and runs camps during the winter, and there were 31 camps with over 2000 high school and college students. People from the Forest Protection Committee provide food for the camp, and some serve as neighbourhood helpers.

14. Baranti

Tourist Places in Purulia

Baranti is a tiny, peaceful, and beautiful place. Between two little hilltops, Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill there lies a 2 km long irrigation project dam. The Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project is close to Baranti, and Baranti offers a magnificent view of the reservoir.

It is a location where one may remove the routine of everyday life and refresh their mind and spirit. Baranti is a popular destination for daylong picnics among locals from surrounding villages.

15. Tugga And Bramni Falls

Tourist Places in Purulia

Popular picnic locations include Tugga and Bramni Falls, which are close to Baghmundi. These dams are located in beautiful areas. Tall Sal trees across the region provide evidence of the area's rich past. There are several species of birds that live in the various trees. It is the ideal location for spending a relaxing day with loved ones.

16. Duarsini

Tourist Places in Purulia

Duarsini is a little tribal community located in the Puruliya area. The Dalma Hills' scenic environment, complete with rolling hills and green vegetation, gives this community its whole charm.

Since the Dalma Forest is home to various animals, including bears, wolves, boars, and several known and unidentified bird species, nature lovers will particularly like this location. Elephants will occasionally be seen moving into Duarsini from the jungle.

17. Pakhi Pahar

Tourist Places in Purulia

Rock climbers are attracted to The Bird's Hill, also known as "Pakhi Pahar." Visit the hill, which features roughly 65 birds that a group of artisans skillfully crafted. The Pardi Dam, which is around 12 kilometres from Charida, is another place where one may enjoy the natural beauty.

18. Durga Bera

Tourist Places in Purulia

Durga Bera is a manufactured water body that is 40 feet deep. It produces stunning colouring when the sky is clear, and the water turns blue and seems clear, clean, and fresh. As a result, this location is also known as "Nil Jal".

There are several fish that live there. Therefore, visitors can try fishing in its waters. Durga Bera has a diverse range of flora and animals, and the gardens around the lake are covered with various vibrant flowers.

This lake-shaped body of water is encircled by gorgeous mountains and willow, poplar, and chinar woods. Additionally, Durga Bera is a haven for birds. Visitors on the Durga Bera trip can go boating and explore the clear water.

How to Reach

The closeness of Purulia to the state of West Bengal and its capital, Kolkata, makes it an ideal vacation destination. This location, 312 kilometres from Kolkata, is easily reachable by various transportation options.

By Air

Kolkata's Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport is the closest international airport, and the Birsa Munda airport in Ranchi is another airport near Purulia. Visitors may quickly board a bus or a private vehicle to travel to the city from here.

By Road

The bus services are provided from the central West Bengal cities. To travel between these cities, either privately operated buses or buses owned by the government are an option for tourists.

By Train

Purulia Railway Station has good connections to the nation's other main cities and towns, including Howrah, Kolkata, and other large cities. The station represents one of the most direct ways to get here because it is only 1.5 kilometres from the city.

Best Time to Visit

Purulia's weather is humid and hot for nearly half of the year. The lovely weather and excellent environment make winter the most outstanding season to visit. The best months to visit are from October until March, when the temperature is comfortable.

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